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The level for Rigid body was slightly raised, but the weapon skill did not gain any experience points at all.

Despite the blessings of high-speed growth, it was clear that this method was the wrong way.

I was wondering if I could buy swordsmanship skills at the cash shop and learn them, but that wasn’t the case.

All combat skills had ability awakening attached to the purchase conditions.

(Note: I guess it’s like having to get Skill X up to Lv.05 before being able to buy and learn Skill Y.Lv 01.

Anyone who played Ragnarok will know it.)

[‘The Troubled Skyscraper Architect’ points out that Aura is a field that basically uses the body, and that the body has no choice but to train honestly.]

‘First of all, I don’t know how to train……’

I understand that I have to approach it as if I was exercising and when I first bought the Aura package, I was determined.

The problem is that I have no idea what to do on my own.

[‘The World-building God’ says that awakening aura is difficult without the help of experts, as it requires training in weapons that match your inclinations, mental methods that fit your constitution, and correct movements and footwork with pedagogical training.]

The advice from World God convinced me.


Self-learning is unreasonable I’ll need a teacher.”

What to do Should I attend a swordsmanship class like Frintz Or is there a home training video lecture at the Cash Shop

[‘The World-building God’ says you don’t need to worry too much.]

Huh What do you mean It was a puzzling thing to say.

“Oh, my!”

Surprised by the sudden voice, the cross necklace lit up.

Soon, the rays of light came together to form the shape of a certain blonde beauty.

[ The ego of a hero-class saint, ‘Agnes of the Whip Sword’ reappears.]

A saint’s ego Agnes

A ghostly translucent figure greeted me warmly.

(Note: Please read this! I’m dead.

I TLed Dungeon Burst wrong for 30 chapters.

The rightmost used term, is Dungeon Sink!! Dungeon Burst is when the monster gets out of the dungeon! YES I LOOKED IT UP ON A FORUM! So, whenever Eli and friends are dragged into a dungeon, is Dungeon Sink, and when monsters and demons came out in the human world, is a Dungeon Burst.

I will be revising the chapters bit by bit to change the actual terms.)

“Uh, um, maybe…are you Cardinal Cattleya’s friend…”

“Ah yes.

She’s healthy.”

Still, out of my mind, I answered in a daze and only nodded my head.

“What was your main job”



Suddenly, my shoulders trembled instinctively.

Agnes cheerfully continued the story.

“How did you know my potential”

My ransom seems to have gone up because of the ‘Legendary Saint’s Soul’, the divine power job-change package.

I didn’t bother to deny it.

“I’m Ellet Rodellaine.”

In an instant, the good-natured and bright expression on her face disappeared and with a creepy smile on her lips, she said.

Agnes loved it very much when she found out that this was Gillette’s estate. 

“Really That’s the first time I hear of it.”

The place I followed Agnes’s guidance, was a remote windbreak forest.

There really was a training ground in the middle of a place that looked like a dense forest.

It was an outdoor space the size of a small gym.

However, the facilities were densely packed.

There were log stepping stones, single rope bridges, iron rod overpasses, rock walls, zip tracks, etc.

All connected to form a single running track.

‘Is-Is this an obstacle arena for the Iron man challenge’

The Architect who was serious about physical training immediately denied my evaluation.

[‘The Troubled Skyscraper Architect’ judged it to be at the level of a kid’s cafe.]

I-I’m past the age to go to a kid’s cafe!

My body shuddered by itself, but it was impossible to refund the Aura package, and the trainer was full of motivation.

“Wait, the safety check…”


The figure of Agnes disappeared and the cross pendant dragged me by force. 

I accidentally departed.

It was all right from the start of jumping the stepping-stones until I crossed the rope bridge and the iron overpass.

‘It’s a child’s body, so it’s light and easy to hang!’

However, while crossing the log stepping stone bridge, I almost fell into muddy water five times, and when I finally climbed a steep rock and stood in front of the zip track, I burst into tears.

“I, there, this place is kind of high ……Whoa!”

I had to use all the muscles of my body from my fingertips to my toes while breaking through the various courses.

“Gasp, ha-ha-ha….”

The monumental first run took 42 minutes.

“Sniff, ugh.”

I got up again while listening to Agnes’ whipping voice.

But she wasn’t only yelling.

Every time I finished one course, I was cheered a lot by chants such as “Good!”, “Good job!” and “Great!” 

I don’t think I’ve ever received so many compliments in my life….

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ asks you to question yourself whether you’re really being trained.]

I-I am!

It was when I crossed the high bar and the iron overpass by hanging on an iron rod.

Agnes chattered, drenched in memories.

“Re-Re-Reakky! Gasp-ha-ha-gasp….”


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