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After Transmigration, the Male Lead and I Had a HE Chapter 198

On the second day, the school planned club exhibitions.

Su Qiuge felt that Wen Mingming and Peng Jianda had an abnormal relationship.

Their interests were even quite similar, they both enjoyed recording other people’s names during assemblies and had an interest in ACGN cosplay.

Both of them were members of the ACGN cosplay club.

Peng Jianda was super introverted, and he always shared ACGN media with her, which made sense, but Wen Mingming’s interest was just confusing.

After the performances that day, Wen Mingming kept crying about what she had seen, “Qiuer, you and the best boy in our school have a relationship together, keeping it from me is okay, but Su Yuanzhou—why didn’t you even tell me about him being your brother How long were you going to keep it from me Aren’t we best friends You don’t value our friendship at all!!”

Su Qiuge couldn’t say anything.

She had already explained that she hadn’t kept anything a secret on purpose—Wen Mingming just didn’t ask.

Su Qiuge felt that something was off, so she asked what Wen Mingming wanted straightforwardly.

Wen Mingming heh-ed and revealed her true plan—their club was missing helpers to help advertise for their club.

Su Qiuge could only agree to help her.

But, when she agreed, Su Qiuge thought it was just a simple job of handing out fliers.

Who knew…

Right now.

In the cosplay club room.

Wen Mingming rushed over with a catgirl maid costume in hand, and Su Qiuge was shocked in place.

She really didn’t think that…

Wen Mingming’s help…

Included making her wear a **ing maid costume

Su Qiuge’s looked at that embarrassing maid costume with disbelief etched into her features.

She balked.

Yesterday, she had seen Su Yuanzhou wear a similar costume and had felt a tinge of schadenfreude.

Who would have thought that this same fate would be held above her head

Wen Mingming explained, “Our club’s spending is super limited, and when the twelfth class bought costumes in bulk, we bought them together.

Our club’s costumes are better quality and nicer looking than the cheap trash they bought, though.”

Wen Mingming brought out a male coffee servant costume and made faces at her, “We’ll be wearing this couple set together!”

Su Qiuge rolled her eyes and asked, “Then how come you aren’t wearing a female servant costume”

Wen Mingming sighed, “Why wouldn’t I want to, but I don’t have the legs for it.

If I had a figure like yours, I would sway my hips with every step and bathe on the balcony!”

Su Qiuge: “...”

No need…

Su Qiuge glared at the maid costume, but she still gave in and brought the costume to the changing room.

Su Qiuge studied the costume as she walked.

At close look, the costume was designed maliciously.

For example, the headband was made of black lace, the black silk stockings were uneven in height, there was a garter on the shorter one, and there were even cat ears on the headband…

Although the design was a bit overboard, the quality was still really good.

After putting on the costume, Su Qiuge realized there was a zipper on the back that she couldn’t reach.

She poked her head out of the changing room.

“Mingming, can you come help me with the zipper Also, there’s this collar…”

But Wen Mingming’s voice didn’t come from behind, so Su Qiuge tiptoed out and peeked.

Then, she saw Xie Xinglin talking to Wen Mingming.

Hearing her voice, Xie Xinglin looked towards the source, and his calm gaze fell on her exposed back.

She had a graceful arch to the spine, her pale skin clear and glowing, and the zipper at the small of her back dangled, swaying to some unknown song.

His gaze was transfixed to that sight, and his lips thinned.

On the side, Wen Mingming seemed to realize something.

Xie Xinglin’s normally cold expression was completely different from the besotted yet struggling one on his face right now.

She wanted to back away from this couple and get out of their way.

She explained, “Uh, er, Su’er, he seems to have something to discuss with you, so I won’t interrupt.

I’ll be outside waiting for you! Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone else inside either!!”

This all came out as a babble, and before Su Qiuge could react, Wen Mingming had already slipped out.

Su Qiuge’s “Wait!” died in her throat, and she stood there in shock.

Wen Mingming seemed to have gotten something wrong

Did she really think that Su Qiuge and Xie Xinglin were together already

But, they hadn’t gotten to such an intimate level yet.


Realizing that they were the only people there, she didn’t dare look at Xie Xinglin.

Her hand came up to cover her zipper, and as if to tape over the awkwardness, she changed subjects and asked, “You… why are you here”

Xie Xinglin’s heated gaze fell on her body, and she could feel it.

After a while, he finally looked away and put some snacks on the table.

Su Qiuge looked at the selections and hurriedly said, “You didn’t need to buy me snacks.”

Xie Xinglin said logically, “This isn’t buying you snacks, its being attentive.”

Su Qiuge: “...”

This… was there a difference


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