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The waiter did not expect that this little girl would actually want to directly speak to the Boss. In fact, these jade slips have been unsalvageable for a period of time. They could be sold at a cheap price, but it would be best if they could be sold at a high price.

The waiter pretended to be helpless and said, “The Boss is not here.”

Dong Xi did not believe in these things. In her previous life, when she bought a phone, she could get a discount of a few hundred yuan after haggling. Now, a jade slip could naturally be cheaper.

Dong Xi said to the waiter, “You also have a communication jade slip, cant you just ask”

Ke Xin looked at Dong Xi in shock. She wanted to tell Dong Xi that she had some money, so they did not need to haggle. However, when she saw Dong Xi haggling with the waiter with a serious expression, Ke Xin could not say anything. In the end, the waiter gave in and asked, ” whats wrong How much do you want to buy it for”

Dong Xi had been observing the waiters every expression. She did not ask for any details. At this time, Dong Xi knew that the price could be lowered. She did not hesitate and said to the waiter, “Two low-grade spirit stones.”

When the waiter heard the price, he immediately fell silent. Ke Xin was even more shocked. She sneaked a glance at the waiters expression, afraid that they would be driven out. After all, the price was too low. Dong Xi, on the other hand, said this with a calm expression.

“Sell it to us. When we return, we will tell the other disciples to come and buy it from you.”

When the waiter heard this, he started to think. If they really went back and told the other disciples, the price would definitely attract a lot of people. At that time, they would not have to worry about not being able to sell these.

The waiter immediately said, “Alright, well do it according to your price.”

When Dong Xi heard the waiters words, she fell silent. She felt that the price could even be lowered to one spirit stone, but since things had already come to this, it was not good to say anything more. She looked at the dazed Ke Xin and patted her on the shoulder.

“Deal, here are the spirit stones.”

Only then did Ke Xin snap back to her senses and look at Dong Xi with adoration. She had thought that Dong Xi was introverted and did not like to talk, but she did not expect that every word she said would be used on the knifes edge. With just a few words, she had saved quite a few spirit stones. She was truly amazing.

Ke Xin immediately paid two Spirit stones and held the pink jade slip in her hand, her heart filled with joy. Seeing that Ke Xin had paid, Dong Xi turned around and walked out. Ke Xin looked at Dong Xi in surprise and asked in confusion, “Youre not going to buy one”

After negotiating the price for half a day, Dong Xi actually did not want to buy it. When they first came in, it could be seen that Dong Xi was also very tempted. Although Dong Xi really wanted to buy it, there were other uses for spirit stones, so she could only say, “No, Im going to use spirit stones to buy Fasting Pills.”

Ke Xin fell silent. They were both new disciples, but Dong Xi was working so hard. That was a little too much, right

In fact, Dong Xi also wanted a jade slip very much, but Fasting Pills were more important. If she bought more Fasting Pills, she replace the time spent for eating with cultivation. She would be able to cultivate to the second level of Qi Refinement a little earlier, and he could take on some missions outside the sect.

Ke Xin looked at the communication jade slip that she had just bought and instantly felt that it was not good anymore. She put away the jade slip and thought about how they were still young and that cultivation had to be done step by step. However, if they did not listen to the gossip in time, they would not be able to pass.

Furthermore, Ke Xins father had given her about seven or eight spirit stones when she left home. Ke Xin suddenly missed her father. She wondered how he was doing. If there were suitable Fasting Pills later, she would definitely buy some.

The two of them walked out of the shop and saw many small stalls on the side of the road. Some of them were even stalls set up by sect disciples. Dong Xi and the other man had never seen much of the world, so they were curious about everything they saw along the way. There were talking dolls, Immortal swords, cultivation techniques, and even medicinal pills. There was everything here.

Dong Xi finally stopped in front of a stall selling medicinal pills. The stall was not very big, and they only had a few porcelain bottles and a sign. The sign saidself-produced and self-sold. The price was not expensive.

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Dong Xi did not waste any words and directly asked, “Fasting Pill, do you have it”

The stall owner was wearing the uniform of the Ningtian Sect. He was also a disciple of the Ningtian Sect. When he heard the question, he raised his head and saw two young girls. They were obviously new disciples and Junior Sisters of the same sect.

The stall owner replied enthusiastically, “Of course. Six lower-grade spirit stones per bottle. There are ten pills in one bottle, one pill can last for two days.”

There were also different levels of Fasting Pills. A high level fasting pill could last for about a month. However, he did not have the ability to make such a high level Fasting Pill, and could only sell it for this price.



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