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If it wasn’t for the fact that Shen Liuchen hardly appeared in high society gatherings and lived a two-point and one-line life every day, she wouldn’t have come up with such a stupid way to approach him.

When she knew that Shen Liuchen ordered to focus on the development of the ‘Fox Demon’ game, she even used her family relations to ask the senior executives in Ximei to transfer her to the ‘Fox Demon’ project team.

It was also for the sake of that one day, if Shen Liuchen came to inspect their game team, she could get close to him.

Unexpectedly, all her efforts seemed to be in vain

Shen Liuchen is married

And his marriage partner is still Song Jinxi who has been fighting against her since she entered the company

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes and heard it with her own ears, she didn’t think she would have believed it.

However, that ‘wife’ was said by Shen Liuchen himself!

Her heart died.

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Xu Lili is blindly jealous and resentful, while Lin An’an over there is still making excuses for herself.

“But I was really careless just now.

If I intentionally spilled red wine on Madam Shen, the damage must be more than this…” Lin An’an’s eyes flashed with tears when she looked at Shen Liuchen, which made her seem so pitiful.

Halfway through her speech, she seemed to be waiting for Song Jinxi and Shen Liuchen to respond to it.

As long as Song Jinxi says anything that doubts her, she can continue to pretend to be pitiful.

If Shen Liuchen scolds Song Jinxi for this, then she would pretend to be magnanimous and take the blame on herself.

It’s just that she thinks too beautifully.

Shen Liuchen’s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly and he looked at her without the slightest emotion in his eyes.

“Don’t look at me like that.” He said coldly, then frowning and added: “It’s disgusting.”

Lin An’an: “…”

Xu Lili: “…”

Song Jinxi almost couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Lin Xiaoxiao thought that his cousin’s way of protecting his wife was really so handsome.

It was so shocking to hear that Lin An’an was unable to even reply a word to Shen Liuchen.

Then she added fuel to it and said: “Cousin, I asked them to apologize just now, but they asked me who do I think I am instead.”

Lin An’an: “……”

Xu Lili: “Don’t talk nonsense! When did I say that”

“Although our Shen family is nothing,” Shen Liujue on the side also said, “it just so happens that we can get your Lin family and Xu family out of X city.”

“No!” Lin An’an looked alarmed and looked at Shen Liujue with a pitiful appearance.

“Second Young Master Shen, President Shen, Madam Shen, I was wrong just now.

I shouldn’t stand up for Xu Lili.

It’s just that, the one who said that Madam Shen is a mistress was Xu Lili.

I just, wanted to say a few words to defend my friend…”

As soon as she said this, even Xu Lili, who had no brain, heard something wrong in it.

Xu Lili looked at her girl friend in front of her suspiciously.

“An’an, what are you talking about”

She did not know whether she had thought too much, but after listening to Lin An’an’s words, she always felt panicked in her heart.

“It’s all my fault for accidentally spilling red wine on Madam Shen.

If possible, I am willing to repay Madam Shen for ten dresses of such kind.

I just ask you all to forgive me.” Lin An’an said.

“Ten dresses of such kind” Lin Xiaoxia smiled and said, “The designer of this dress has been hired by my cousin.

In the future, he will only design the dresses for my Sister-in-law.

Where can you find someone to design this kind of dress and give it to my Sister-in-law”

Buying a designer just to design dresses for Song Jinxi alone

This setting of he who has wealth speaks louder than others and doting on wife as important as his own life…

Everyone in the audience took a deep breath.

“What’s more, is my cousin short of this money” Lin Xiaoxiao added, “Rather than letting you pay the dress back, I think it’s more interesting to let your Lin family get out of X city.”


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