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Villainous Movie Queen (11)


After the meeting, Zhao Qingyu, who is good at buying people's hearts, sent signed postcards to several of Song Xu Yi's roommates, who were overjoyed and immediately became Zhao Qingyu's die-hard fans, chanting Zhao Qingyu's name next to Song Xu Yi almost every day for the next half term.


It was also from this day that Song Xu Yi discovered that Zhao Qingyu had started calling her "kid" on WeChat.


Song Xu Yi protested against the title, after all, Zhao Qingyu was only three years older than her and it sounded too awkward, but her feeble protests were useless in front of Zhao Qingyu, the villainess was bent on doing things her own way and Song Xu Yi could not change her decision at all.


Song Xu Yi also calmed down afterwards.


During this period of time, Song Xu Yi has figured out the villainess' temperament: Zhao Qingyu is often deliberately teasing her, and the more she resists, the happier she will be, so it is better to calm down and let her do as she pleases, and when she loses interest, she will not make a fuss anymore.


As long as she doesn't face Zhao Qingyu's head-turning face, sending out WeChats or whatever, Song Xu Yi feels she is capable of handling it.


Now everything is only in the first half of the plot: Zhao Qingyu has made two films in a row this year, and her debut film has been submitted to a national award for "Best Actress", with a bright future.

The large number of fans in Super Talk have disclosed that there are numerous scripts sent to Zhao Qingyu, many of them by famous directors.


It's just that probably because she's filmed two movies in a row, Zhao Qingyu doesn't seem to have taken on any new movies lately, she's done a few commercials and participated in a variety show to keep up her exposure, but the rest of the time fans have no idea what she's doing.


Song Xu Yi made a sideways enquiry, but Zhao Qingyu turned the tables on her.


"Why are you asking about my schedule Did you want to see me"


Song Xu Yi was startled and hastily changed the subject.


But after all, there was a precedent, and in the days that followed Song Xu Yi was somewhat trembling, afraid that Zhao Qingyu would suddenly appear in front of her at the drop of a hat.


Song Xu Yi's fears proved to be somewhat unwarranted: she did not see Zhao Qingyu again until the start of the summer holidays.


And as the summer holidays approached, the number of messages Zhao Qingyu replied to became less and less, explaining that it was because the signal was not very good where she was now and the messages were not well received.


This explanation reveals a message: Zhao Qingyu should not have been abroad.


Song Xu Yi, who was worried about Zhao Qingyu sneaking out of the country to get in trouble with the male lead, completely put her mind at ease and began to concentrate on organizing her summer schedule.


Song Xu Yi intends to follow the old man of traditional medicine to go to the city and countryside for medical consultations and to collect medicinal herbs at the same time.


The old man came from a poor family and grew up eating a hundred different kinds of food.

Every year in July and August, he would go to the countryside for medical consultations.


People say that the old man loves money, for example, he often sees the powerful and the rich, and accepts the Song family's high tuition fees and Song Xu Yi as his disciple...

But Song Xu Yi knows that the old man has not even bothered to change his clothes for decades, and most of his money has been donated to the poor mountain villages.


In order to solve the problem of employment difficulties for farmers, the old man taught the mountain people to grow herbs and then bought them at the most affordable prices, and was a benefactor to the whole village.


This time, Song Xu Yi and the old man went to the countryside to visit the medicinal herb base sponsored by the old man for medical consultation and to buy medicinal herbs on the way.


At first, Song father and mother did not approve of Song Xu Yi's trip to the mountain village, but in the end, they could not resist Song Xu Yi's persuasion and sent two trustworthy bodyguards to Song Xu Yi, and brought a large pile of donated goods, before allowing Song Xu Yi to travel with the old man.


The destination of this trip is in the mountain villages situated in the north-west.


This village is located deep in the mountains, at a high altitude, and grows hardy herbs such as ginseng, codonopsis and Gastrodia elata, with access roads coming in just a few years ago.


Song Xu Yi entered the village on the tractor that was used to get to the market.

The road was bumpy and Song Xu Yi felt dizzy and wanted to vomit, but she did not want to cause trouble to others, so she could only desperately endure it, her face getting whiter and whiter.


"I'm sorry, most people are not used to this place for the first time, it will be fine after a few visits..."


The people next to her were watching Song Xu Yi's movements and naturally knew of Song Xu Yi's discomfort.


As a precaution, the old man took Song Xu Yi's pulse and told the two bodyguards that Song Xu Yi was not in any serious condition, after which, perhaps to distract Song Xu Yi, the old man began to tell a story:


"Don't look at the remoteness of this place, in ancient times there was an extremely famous person from here, guess who it was" The old man piqued the appetite of the crowd before speaking slowly, stroking his beard, "This is the hometown of Emperor Su Qing, a famous beauty nest that has produced many beauties over the years, but unfortunately this place is too remote ..."


Emperor Su Qing is almost a household name in this world, even the uneducated original has heard of her——she is the only female emperor in history.


The life of Emperor Su Qing is legendary: from a poor background, she joined the army in the place of her sickly brother, disguising herself as a man, and with her military prowess, she overthrew a corrupt and ignorant old dynasty, saving the people from the fire and creating a new generation of prosperity.


Song Xu Yi did not expect this place to be the hometown of Emperor Su Qing.


The old man then went on to tell a number of allusions, and after about two hours or so, towards nightfall, the group finally reached the village, and the climate was changing extremely quickly in the mountains, with the temperature dropping significantly by late afternoon.


The old man welcomed the group to put on the down jackets they had brought with them in their luggage and repeatedly warned them, "This is a high altitude area with a lot of climate change, so don't just run out of the village..."


The old man had long since arranged for accommodation and several people stayed at the village chief's house for the past month or so.


Most of the houses here are still old stone houses, and there are only a few red brick houses in the whole village.

Even so, the conditions in the village chief's house look a bit tough: the tables and chairs look old, the cupboards are decorated with colour TVs that were almost obsolete more than ten years ago, and the clothes worn by some of the children are patched...


But the village chief's family was extremely diligent, the house was cleaned and the smell of sunlight was still above the bedding, which had obviously just been washed and dried.


With limited rooms, the village chief only reserved a separate room upstairs for Song Xu Yi, and the rest of the group were crammed together.


"Originally, I was going to arrange for some people to stay at Shuan Zi's house," the village chief rubbed his hands with some embarrassment and glanced at the next door, "but Shuan Zi's house recently had some guests, and it seems that they are working on some big project that the town attaches great importance to, and the mayor accompanied them over..."


///Missing text


It tastes toothsome and surprisingly good.


After eating and washing up, Song Xu Yi went upstairs.


Perhaps because they were afraid that Song Xu Yi might not be used to the accommodation here, the village chief's family deliberately smoked some herbs in the room, and the smell in the house was a bit strong after a day of smoking, so Song Xu Yi pushed open the window to get some air, but she saw a figure wrapped in a down jacket standing in the yard of Shuang Zi's family next door.


This is the guest the village chief was talking about, right


Under the wavering porch light, Song Xu Yi could not see the person's description, only that the person was holding a mobile phone and changed several positions in the courtyard, seemingly searching for a mobile phone signal...


Song Xu Yi looked at the person again, and even though she could not see the other person's appearance in the night, Song Xu Yi had an inexplicable feeling in her heart: she seemed to have seen this person somewhere before.


However, after thinking for a long time, Song Xu Yi could not think of anyone she knew who would come to this poor countryside...


In a short while, the fragrance in the house dissipated.

The night breeze was chilly and Song Xu Yi could not help but shiver.

The moment she closed the window, the person in the yard next door seemed to be continuing their search for a signal in the yard...


What persistence.


Song Xu Yi yawned and took out her mobile phone, but there was only one bar of signal left, and the message she sent this morning, "I'm going to the mountains with my master for medical consultation, the signal is not good in the mountains, I may not be able to send a message", did not receive a reply either.


Song Xu Yi restrained her sleepiness and sent another one:


"Into the mountains, everything is fine and the villagers are very welcoming."


The sentence sent out was followed by a circle, and Song Xu Yi was not sure if it could be sent out, but she was so tired from running around all day that she simply put the phone on her bed and fell into a deep sleep.


Early the next morning, Song Xu Yi woke up to find that the message she had sent was followed by a stinging exclamation mark and had indeed not been sent successfully.


And shortly after she fell asleep she received a WeChat from Zhao Qingyu: "Where have you been"


How wicked!


Song Xu Yi's heart was in trouble: the two of them had been used to chatting on WeChat for nearly a year and had never remembered each other's numbers, and now that they had gone into the mountains where the signal was poor, communication between them had become a real problem.


Song Xu Yi had wanted to take this opportunity to break off contact between the two of them, after all, in order to maintain her status as a 'fan', Song Xu Yi was the one who mostly found topics to talk about.

However, when she thought of how Zhao Qingyu's side would react after she unilaterally broke contact, Song Xu Yi only felt her scalp tingling, and finally reluctantly called the old butler and asked him to help send Zhao Qingyu's phone number over.


The old butler was extremely efficient, texting Song Xu Yi with Zhao Qingyu's number within half an hour.


Song Xu Yi looked at the number but hesitated to dial it.


She dawdled slowly, brushing her teeth, washing her face, walking around the yard twice, finally taking a deep breath, flattening her lips and walking to the yard entrance with the intention of sticking her head out and make a call to ‘clock in’.


The door of Shuan Zi's house next door opened and it appeared that someone had stepped out.


Song Xu Yi didn't care, she crouched beside the yard gate with a frown on her face and pressed the phone with a bitter look on her face.


The sound of "beep, beep..." came from the phone, and Song Xu Yi's frown grew tighter and tighter.




A soft laugh came loudly from the side and the phone was connected at that instant.


The familiar female voice with a smile came from above her head and from the receiver, "Are you looking for me, Xu Yi"


Song Xu Yi looked up in amazement——Zhao Qingyu's pretty face, which makes heads turn, was above her, bending over with her mobile phone and looking at her with a smile!


What is she...

doing here


Song Xu Yi froze, seeing the other party's bright smile only to feel a chill at her back, subconsciously evading backwards, but forgetting her posture, her feet went weak...


—— "Boom!"


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