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Villainous Movie Queen (12)



Song Xu Yi has gone numb.


Every time she sees Zhao Qingyu she inevitably loses face.


The temperature was low in the morning and Song Xu Yi was dressed thickly, so she didn't hurt herself when she fell down, but when she was pulled up by Zhao Qingyu with suppressed laughter, Song Xu Yi's face still turned red involuntarily.


The smile on Zhao Qingyu's face looked so annoying!


"Xu Yi, what brings you here"


Zhao Qingyu was dressed in an extremely simple outfit, her hair tied back in a ponytail, and she was dressed in a sporty outfit.

After Song Xu Yi explained the purpose of her visit and heard the news that Song Xu Yi would also be staying in the village for a month or so, Zhao Qingyu smiled even more pleasantly.


"I've been here for some days now and I'm just about to go for a run, would you like to join me for a trip around the village..." inquired Zhao Qingyu on her lips, but she was already pulling Song Xu Yi into a run.


The two bodyguards said they had to follow along, so Song Xu Yi could only run with the bodyguards.

She had been obsessed with her studies for the past year and did not have much time to exercise, so naturally she could not run with the actress and professional bodyguards who had been working out all year round, and before long Song Xu Yi was a bit out of breath, while the other three looked as if nothing was wrong.


Song Xu Yi soon fell behind by a large margin, and she glanced around, intending to slip back halfway, but Zhao Qingyu stopped and turned to look at her, waiting ahead with a smirk: "Xu Yi, come quickly!"


Song Xu Yi clenched her teeth and reluctantly ran to Zhao Qingyu.


"Wipe your sweat."


Zhao Qingyu looked at Song Xu Yi who ran over with red cheeks in front of her, her eyes darkened as she took out a wet wipe from her coat pocket and slowly tore open the packet, lowering her head to wipe the sweat on Song Xu Yi's forehead meticulously.


——Song Xu Yi's hand froze in mid-air when she tried to take the wet wipes.


She hadn't thought that Zhao Qingyu would wipe her sweat.


The distance between them was too close, so close that Song Xu Yi could feel Zhao Qingyu's light breathing.

Zhao Qingyu's expression looked incomparably focused, her long eyelashes like butterfly wings, and there was a hint of eerie tenderness in the trance.


Song Xu Yi froze, and some inexplicable nervousness arose in her heart.

She pursed her lips, inclined her head, and spoke with a dry throat, "I...

I'll do it myself!"


"Don't move," the villainess but laughed out softly, her voice was so soft that no one but Song Xu Yi could hear it, her tone was still gentle, but the words that came out sounded bad to Song Xu Yi: "Are you sure you can do it yourself"


“A kid who needs two parents to keep an eye on her for a run..."


Song Xu Yi's eyes widened.


Previously, the villainess had at least disguised herself a bit, but now...

is she giving up her disguise in front of her


Even more annoying is the fact that she is the one who stirred up all this trouble and then has the nerve to throw the blame back at her!


Song Xu Yi's eyes widened, knowing full well that the villainess was deliberately trying to provoke her, yet she couldn't help but become angry in her heart——


So angry!


If Zhao Qingyu's face wasn't so beautiful, I'd really punch her hateful face!




However, the villainess didn't seem to notice Song Xu Yi's anger at all, and when she saw the two bodyguards turning to look over, she slowly dried the sweat on Song Xu Yi's forehead, stroked Song Xu Yi's head wrapped in her hat like a small animal, and returned to her considerate big sister look as she jogged forward after Song Xu Yi.


"Xu Yi, you're going to be a doctor in the future, how will this little body support an operation in the future..."


"Get more exercise..."


Song Xu Yi's face was wooden, not bothering to pay any more attention to the villainess's hypocritical advice, silently taking out a small Bluetooth headset and stuffing it into her ears, her chest gathering a breath of air and rushing forward...


Probably because she was angry, Song Xu Yi went overboard and soon finished a lap back to the entrance of the yard.


After denouncing the villainess along the way with the system, Song Xu Yi also calmed down: this is good, the villainess has exposed her disguise, so there is no need for her to pretend to be a fan in the future.


With a sigh of relief in her heart, Song Xu Yi was about to enter the yard when one of her headphones was taken off by Zhao Qingyu, who came after her with that same nasty smile on her face: "What song has got you so hooked Let me listen to it too..."


Before she could finish the word "listen", she heard the sound of the ancient bell and wooden fish of the Heart Sutra in the headphone, and the smile on Zhao Qingyu's face came to an abrupt halt, her expression showing a rare stiffness.


She turned her eyes to look at Song Xu Yi, whose lips were deflated as she glared at her, her whole face clearly written with anger.


"You, haha..."


Zhao Qingyu finally couldn't help but laugh out loud——


She laughed as freely as she had ever laughed before, until tears flowed from her eyes, until Song Xu Yi's eyes turned from condemnation to confusion when she looked at her...


She must think she's crazy, right


Zhao Qingyu, however, said nothing more as she slowly slipped the headphones back into Song Xu Yi's hands and abruptly gave her a gentle hug.


"Xu Yi, you're so cute."


Lovely as a persistent and innocent child, I can't help but want to get close to you, but I'm afraid to dirty you.


The villainess is so annoying!


Song Xu Yi felt that she had made a mistake coming on this trip.


She was like a poor rabbit, foolishly dizzy and jumping into the territory of the grey wolf.

With Zhao Qingyu here, Song Xu Yi was almost certain that she would have an extremely 'colourful' life for the rest of her time here.


As expected, in the evening, Zhao Qingyu's text message was sent to Song Xu Yi's mobile phone.


"You need to exercise, let's run together tomorrow morning at 7am!"


Song Xu Yi scowled, not wanting to pay attention to her, yet the next text message came immediately after.


"I'll be waiting for you downstairs on time, it's okay if you're sleeping in, I'll come upstairs and call you ^_^..."


Song Xu Yi picked up on Zhao Qingyu's subtext: don't think about running away.


This is a blatant threat!


Song Xu Yi gritted her teeth hard, but she knew all too well the virtues of a villainess who did what she said she would do, so she reluctantly set her alarm clock for 6:30am.


Song Xu Yi spent the night tossing and turning, ready to be teased by the villainess during the run, but to her surprise, Zhao Qingyu didn't tease her again during the run, and seemed to have changed back to the seemingly gentle and kind Zhao Qingyu, who actually rejects people.


The villainess' heart is a needle under the sea.


Song Xu Yi did not want to guess the reason for Zhao Qingyu's change of heart: it was just as well that Zhao Qingyu had stopped teasing her, and Song Xu Yi was happy to be at ease.


Apart from running with Zhao Qingyu in the morning, the rest of the day, Song Xu Yi followed the old man around the houses for medical consultations, and Song Xu Yi also figured out the reason why Zhao Qingyu came here.


Zhao Qingyu is here in connection with one of her upcoming drama: her previous two films were both for the big screen, and recently she wanted to take on the challenge of the small screen, so she took on a drama about the early years of Emperor Su Qing.


The legendary figure of Emperor Su Qing is naturally a popular subject for film and television, and there have been many related productions in recent decades, so it is extremely difficult to put new wine in old bottles and create something new on a subject that is already familiar to everyone, and if you are not careful, it will trigger a national trolling frenzy.


This is not a good option for the popular Zhao Qingyu at this time, and it is no wonder she has not announced her schedule.


And it wasn't just Zhao Qingyu who made this trip, the director and investors making the film were all here, they were planning to set up in this mountain village and shoot the first half of the TV series.


No wonder the mayor of the town attaches such importance to Zhao Qingyu's group.


Once the project is implemented, even if the crew leaves, the actual building set built by the crew will still be there, plus the village is the hometown of Emperor Su Qing, and with the natural landscape and food to add to it, tourism can be developed.


Zhao Qingyu and her group have been here for almost ten days now, and the investors are full of praise after staying here for a few days, and have already signed a contract with the town to build scenes here, and are interested in building a small film city.


However, even though she had confidence in Zhao Qingyu's choice of script, Song Xu Yi was still a bit puzzled, and always felt that Zhao Qingyu had some other purpose in choosing this drama, but unfortunately, Zhao Qingyu was now in her hypocritical mode again, and Song Xu Yi could not get anything out of her, but she could see from Zhao Qingyu's busy schedule of leaving early and returning late every day that she was indeed extremely dedicated to this project.


Song Xu Yi also stopped inquiring: it was after all a good thing for the local people.


Days pass by.


Soon it will be half a month since Song Xu Yi arrived here.


Song Xu Yi got a bit of a tan and the villagers affectionately began to call her 'Little Song' doctor.

Although she no longer clocked in with Zhao Qingyu on a daily basis, Song Xu Yi and Zhao Qingyu met daily for a run.


Most of the young people in this place have gone out to work, and most of the people left in the village are old and young women and children.

Although they know that Zhao Qingyu is a big star, probably because they have not seen the movies, they do not have any idea about Zhao Qingyu's occupation.

Zhao is extremely comfortable here, and Song Xu Yi is surprised to find out that Zhao Qingyu can actually understand the dialect of this place, and even sings the local folk songs in a decent manner.


When she heard Zhao Qingyu singing a folk song during the run, Song Xu Yi was almost stunned.

She knew that Zhao Qingyu was dedicated to her work and never filmed with her original voice, but she did not expect that Zhao Qingyu would even learn the local folk songs in the proper manner.


Song Xu Yi was not the only one who was stunned, an old grandmother in the vegetable field squinted at Zhao Qingyu who was singing a folk song and said something that she couldn't seem to believe, Song Xu Yi couldn't understand what she said, but Zhao Qingyu hung her head for a long time before shaking her head at the old grandmother.


"What did she ask"


Zhao Qingyu glanced at Song Xu Yi and smiled with a carefree expression, "Asking if you're my sister."


Song Xu Yi frowned, always feeling that Zhao Qingyu was fooling her, but at this moment Zhao Qingyu seemed to be in a somewhat low mood, so Song Xu Yi also had the sense not to pursue the matter further.


After a few more days, the second batch of supplies donated to the village by Song Xu Yi's parents arrived.

On this day, Song Xu Yi did not follow the old man's medical consultation and went out with her two bodyguards in the guide's tractor to pick up the supplies.


However, when the car was halfway through the journey, there was a sudden gust of wind and heavy rain and hail, and the temperature dropped by nearly 20 degrees Celsius, but fortunately there were down jackets in the supplies donated by Song parents, and they were able to get some relief after putting them on.


Because of the rain, it got dark very quickly and by the time they got back to the village it was dark.


The ground floor was in chaos, as many people had caught a cold because of the sudden bad weather, and many people came to ask the old man to see them.

Song Xu Yi had taken a hot bath and had just recovered from covering herself with two quilts when she suddenly heard a cry of alarm from next door, she didn't understand much of the local dialect, but she clearly heard the word 'Qingyu' in it, and subconsciously her heart trembled.



Zhao Qingyu didn’t come back!


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