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Villainous Movie Queen (13)



Song Xu Yi listened to the loud noises next door, the village seemed to have sent someone out to look for Zhao Qingyu, Song Xu Yi tried to call the police for help, however the extreme bad weather seemed to have cut off communication, Song Xu Yi's phone couldn't even make a call.


Outside, the rain was still "clattering", beating against the window pane, and Song Xu Yi covered her head with the blanket but could not sleep.


With the temperature plummeting and such heavy rain and hail, no matter how calculating Zhao Qingyu is, she may not be able to contend with natural disasters...


"System, how did you recognize Zhao Qingyu as a villain the first time you saw her"


Song Xu Yi thought about it and finally couldn't help but ask the system in her mind.


"Within fifty meters I can survey the location of where key characters in the plot are," the system was silent for a moment before speaking softly, "Xu Yi, do you want to go find her"


Song Xu Yi did not speak.


The system sighed, "Actually, to say the least, you don't have much of a deep friendship, she has nothing to do with you even if she had an accident like this, and you don't need to carry any guilt.

Besides, as long as she doesn't exist anymore, the odds are that your mission will be completed..."


Song Xu Yi knew that what the system said was not wrong.


Yet somehow, the image of Zhao Qingyu when she took her for a run in the morning kept popping up before her eyes, and Song Xu Yi suddenly remembered: Zhao Qingyu...

seemed to have only worn a skirt out in the morning.


"System, if I were to go find Zhao Qingyu, would you help me"


Song Xu Yi finally lifted the covers and got up to put on her clothes.


She does want to complete her mission and live well, but Song Xu Yi has her own principles: she has the help of the system to find the missing Zhao Qingyu faster when she is out of contact with the outside world...


Song Xu Yi could not stay in the house with peace of mind.


Even if it was just a stranger she had never met before at this point, Song Xu Yi felt that she would still go to the rescue.



the system is an aid to the tasker, and the first rule is not to go against the tasker’s whims." After a moment, the system spoke reluctantly, "You should be careful yourself."


"Thank you, system."


Song Xu Yi relaxed, hastily packed some things, left a note explaining where she was going and sneaked downstairs in the night.


The two bodyguards helped carry a lot of supplies throughout the day, and after seeing Song Xu Yi go upstairs, they went to bed to rest.

There were still a few families downstairs waiting for the old man to be seen, so no one noticed that Song Xu Yi had quietly left the door.


The night was still cold and Song Xu Yi shivered as soon as she left the house.


She went to Shuan Zi's house next door first.

At this time, the village chief was still gathering people to look for Zhao Qingyu, and the director and investor were repeating their experience during the day.

From what they said, Zhao Qingyu had originally gone with the director and investor to inspect the site of the film city and returned to the village before the bad weather came, only that after entering the village Zhao Qingyu went into the wilderness to pick flowers and separated from the crowd, the rest of the people thought Zhao Qingyu had returned long ago, and it was not until the evening that they found out that Zhao Qingyu had not returned home.


However the first people looking for her had already been to the wilderness, and she was long gone.


"I'm not afraid to tell everyone now," the director looked more anxious than anyone else, "Qingyu has also invested in the construction of the film city and is our biggest shareholder, for the sake of the future of the group, I hope everyone can do their best to find her..."


Zhao Qingyu also invested in this film city


Having heard the information she wanted to hear, Song Xu Yi stopped lingering and found a corner for shelter, quickly changed into her rain coat and rain boots and turned on her flashlight and walked into the night.


The night was dark, and the rain seemed to have subsided a little, but the temperature did not rise.

The cold wind blew incessantly against her face, and her fingers, which were holding the flashlight, were frozen stiff, and every now and then a hailstorm as big as a marble fell on her head, making Song Xu Yi suffer so much for the first time since she entered this body.


"She also gave me New Year's Eve money..." Song Xu Yi could only desperately try to recall the good things Zhao Qingyu had done for her and convince herself to move on, "Actually, she's not that bad now..."


The wilderness is right at the entrance to the village and soon Song Xu Yi arrived next to it.


The wild flowers in the field had been beaten by the rain and the field had been searched by the crowd many times, there were still some scattered flashlights looking for her in the field at this time, Zhao Qingyu was not there, where else would she go


Song Xu Yi looked at her mobile phone, it was already past 11pm...


She looked thoughtfully at the date of the lit-up phone screen and wavered.


The date indicates that this is the 15th day of the seventh month, the traditional ghost festival.

It is rumoured that on this day, the gates of ghosts open wide and the spirits return to earth to visit their loved ones, while people prepare flowers and tributes to visit graves in remembrance.


When Song Xu Yi went out in the morning, she saw many people picking flowers in the wilderness and wanted to visit the graves...


And the entire village cemetery is concentrated on a hill outside the village, a short walk away.


Could Zhao Qingyu have gone to the cemetery to visit


Lightning flashes across the sky, darkness surrounds the area, only a small flashlight illuminates what lies ahead, while further away, the trees are shaded, the wind is raging...


Song Xu Yi sneezed, gritted her teeth, and finally stepped into the endless night.


Song Xu Yi had already learnt anatomy and was not afraid of corpses, but to add insult to injury, the rain seemed to have gotten heavier halfway down the road, and the night was so bad that the rain mixed with the mud washed down the mountain road, making it incredibly difficult for Song Xu Yi to walk, and if she wasn't careful, she would be swept down by the mud and rocks...


"Why don't we just go back first!" Looking at Song Xu Yi who was climbing up from the mud and rocks, the system couldn't help but speak out, "The rain is getting heavier and heavier, you're in danger yourself like this, maybe Zhao Qingyu has already..."


"It all goes here."


Song Xu Yi wiped a handful of water from her face and gritted her teeth as she continued on her way, "I always ask for peace of mind..."


However, the sky was not willing to let anyone go, as the mountain torrent ahead was getting larger, blocking the way upwards, and it was definitely dangerous to go further up, Song Xu Yi had to deviate from the main path and find another way down, not knowing where she was going, when the system in her head finally exclaimed, "I sense it! There is a cave on the left, and Zhao Qingyu is in it——"




Song Xu Yi sighed with relief.


She trudged to the entrance of the cave, which was not large and could only accommodate maybe four or five people.

The advantage was that it was on a sheltered side and the ground was dry and sheltered from the rain.


Song Xu Yi caught a glimpse of Zhao Qingyu who was by a fire:


Zhao Qingyu was not in a good condition, dripping wet and frozen blue, huddled next to the fire with her arms wrapped around her, like a female ghost that had just been fished out of the river...


It was the first time that Song Xu Yi had seen Zhao Qingyu in such a mess, probably because she was happy in her heart, and even though she knew that she was in no better shape, Song Xu Yi could not help but laugh out loud.




Zhao Qingyu noticed the movement at the entrance of the cave and looked up.


Seeing that Zhao Qingyu was still conscious, Song Xu Yi also dropped the big stone in her heart.

Remembering this person's bad habit of teasing her, and remembering that it was because of this person that she had suffered so much along the way, she shone her flashlight on her face with bad intentions——


Zhao Qingyu inclined her head to avoid it, and immediately afterwards, Song Xu Yi heard Zhao Qingyu's somewhat restrained voice: "Song Xu Yi, stop it..."


Zhao Qingyu's voice was a little hoarse and she seemed to have a bit of a cold.


Song Xu Yi did not expect Zhao Qingyu to recognise her so quickly.

Remembering this person's shifty character, she did not dare to torment her any further and sat down on the rock next to Zhao Qingyu.


On the floor were candles, paper money and a bunch of half-wilted flowers...


Zhao Qingyu had indeed come to visit a grave.


Song Xu Yi withdrew her eyes and put down her backpack, her waterproof bag was of good quality, the things inside didn't get wet at all, Song Xu Yi handed the bag to Zhao Qingyu: "Drink water and take some medicine first, it's raining ping-pong ball size hail again outside, we can't probably leave now..."


"There are clothes in there, and some common medicines and food, so see what you can use..."


After saying this, Song Xu Yi shivered: she hadn't felt it just walking around outside, but now she realised that the temperature was really too cold, and Song Xu Yi unconsciously leaned towards the fire again.


Zhao Qingyu hangs her head next to the fire, but does not move.


The orange firelight cast a shadow over her entire being, and for the first time, Zhao Qingyu's face lost its polite smile.


Seemingly sensing Song Xu Yi's gaze, Zhao Qingyu raised her head to meet Song Xu Yi's gaze, her eyes sunken, with an emotion in them that Song Xu Yi could not read, her voice dry and hoarse: "Why are you here"


There is something strange about such a Zhao Qingyu.


Song Xu Yi pursed her lips and met Zhao Qingyu's gaze, unable to speak for a moment.


She actually had a ready-made excuse in mind, after all, a fan would naturally not witness the disappearance of her idol, but Song Xu Yi inexplicably felt that Zhao Qingyu did not want such an answer.


Song Xu Yi's hands unconsciously twisted together and she looked away, "I don't want to see you die."


This was Song Xu Yi's original intention: "Whether the missing person is you or not, I will come out to help."


After a few seconds of silence, Zhao Qingyu seemed to give a light laugh and finally did not speak again.


There was a rustling from behind, and the firelight cast shifting shadows in front of her.

Song Xu Yi inadvertently saw the beautiful and slender curves on the wall, and for a moment her jaw dropped, and she hurriedly closed her eyes, but the tantalizing image lingered in her mind, and her face unconsciously reddened again...


Song Xu Yi tried to ignore the movement behind her, listening to the sound of the wind and rain outside, Song Xu Yi felt the heat on her face seemed to spread a little bit to her whole body, the place where she had fallen before was burning hot and sore, and her mind started to become dizzy...


A sharp stab of pain came from her elbow, and Song Xu Yi opened her thick eyelids, only to find that Zhao Qingyu had already changed her clothes: the down jacket was so big that the back hem dragged on the floor, seemingly more than enough to fit two Zhao Qingyu.


Only then did Song Xu Yi remember that in her haste she seemed to have taken the largest male model.


——At this time, Zhao Qingyu was half kneeling in front of her, her good-looking brow furrowed tightly as she took a little bit of iodine and carefully wiped the wound on her finger.


"A small injury..." Song Xu Yi's sleepiness instantly disappeared and she subconsciously tried to retract her hand, only to be slapped by Zhao Qingyu not too gently, "Stop it!"


Song Xu Yi did not dare to move again, her eyes were closed and she let Zhao Qingyu apply the medicine, but her senses became more sensitive after closing her eyes, and everywhere Zhao Qingyu touched was densely heated.


Zhao Qing Yu carefully disinfected every wound on Song Xu Yi's hand, and finally rubbed a certain place on her wrist many times in succession, Song Xu Yi was stunned and retracted her hand again, glancing at Zhao Qingyu carefully, "This is a birthmark on my wrist..."


Zhao Qingyu finally put down the iodine.


Song Xu Yi was relieved, such a serious Zhao Qingyu was too strange, she was a little uncomfortable in her heart, and was about to tell Zhao Qingyu that the two of them would take turns on night duty tonight, when she saw Zhao Qingyu's eyes fall on her rain-drenched down jacket and pursed her lips.


Song Xu Yi did not know if it was her imagination, but Zhao Qingyu's porcelain white face also seemed to be flushed with a touch of red, however, before Song Xu Yi could take a closer look, the Zhao Qingyu in front of her had already spoken in a deep voice.


"Song Xu Yi, take off your wet clothes."




Song Xu Yi's eyes widened...


The author has something to say:


Don't get the wrong idea, go face the wall if you think otherwise~



Hm~ ╭(╯^╰)╮


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