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Villainous Movie Queen (14)



Song Xu Yi thought she was hallucinating, yet the Zhao Qingyu in front of her still looked serious.


Song Xu Yi gripped her collar, telling herself that she must not back down this time, staring at Zhao Qingyu, "I, my clothes are not wet inside, and I don't have a change of clothes with me..."




However, before she could finish speaking, Song Xu Yi couldn't help but sneeze...


Song Xu Yi was embarrassed.


Zhao Qingyu, however, frowned.


She reached out and touched Song Xu Yi's forehead, poured hot water with the lid of her thermos cup, took cold medicine and stuffed it into Song Xu Yi's hand, and spoke in a cold voice: "Dr.

Song can't fail to see that you have a cold, can you"


Naturally, Song Xu Yi knew she had a cold and, strictly speaking, she had actually brought some disposable underwear with her, which she had placed in the inner compartment of her bag...


But there was really no need for her to change her clothes, and...

if she changed her clothes, Zhao Qingyu would have seen the shadow on the wall at that time, and would have known that she had seen her change her clothes earlier...


It's embarrassing!


"I really didn't bring myself a change of clothes, you can go through my bag if you don't believe me..." Song Xu Yi continued to lie with a red face and a strained neck.


Zhao Qingyu did not go through the bag.


She stood in front of Song Xu Yi, looking at her thoughtfully, with something slowly emerging in her pitch-black eyes, and finally she sighed, her tone easing a little, and rubbed Song Xu Yi's head, "Drink the medicine first, the water is getting cold."


Song Xu Yi sighed with relief.


Fearing that Zhao Qingyu would bring up the matter of changing clothes again, Song Xu Yi quickly took the medicine.

As soon as the hot water entered her belly, her whole body was much warmer, and Song Xu Yi moved her stiff arms and legs, but a cold breeze blew in from outside, and Song Xu Yi sneezed once again.


Zhao Qingyu stood up.


She looked around, saw the rain coat that Song Xu Yi had taken off, got up and used a branch to prop it up and hang it over the entrance to the cave, to shield against the wind that was blowing in.


Afterwards, Zhao Qingyu took out the utility knife that Song Xu Yi had brought with her and dismantled the large waterproof bag that Song Xu Yi was carrying in a few seconds, making a mat and placing it flat on the ground...


In the process of unpacking, Zhao Qingyu seemed to have discovered the secret inside the bag, and her movements stalled for a moment, Song Xu Yi's heart was almost in her throat at that moment, yet Zhao Qingyu didn't say anything, and didn't even look up at Song Xu Yi.


Song Xu Yi sighed with relief and relaxed.


Then Zhao Qingyu moved the pile of half-dried branches next to her closer to the fire.


With this course of actions, the chilly cave was instantly warmed up.


I didn't expect Zhao Qingyu to have such a strong life skill!


Song Xu Yi watched all this from the sidelines and tsked in her heart.


It's just that...


Tonight, Zhao Qingyu is strangely silent and her face has lost its usual smile.




Song Xu Yi leaned against the wall, her thoughts somewhat scattered and disorganized, probably because the medicine had kicked in and her whole body was a bit drowsy.


"Xu Yi..."


Coldly, Song Xu Yi heard Zhao Qingyu's call.


"Xu Yi, come here."


Zhao Qingyu sat on the mat she had modified with a waterproof bag next to the fire, her eyes darting, suddenly smiling towards Song Xu Yi, her voice soft and gentle.


This smile was so beautiful, like the melting of snow and ice and the blossoming of a hundred flowers, that it made Song Xu Yi, who was already in a trance, dizzy.


Song Xu Yi slowly and dazedly moved next to Zhao Qingyu and just sat down...


"Rip" the sound of a zip being pulled down!


Song Xu Yi came to her senses instantly and looked down with wide eyes.


——Zhao Qingyu pulled down the zip of her down jacket!


Song Xu Yi was dumbfounded and looked at Zhao Qingyu stupidly: while the expression on Zhao Qingyu's face was extremely calm, probably because she found out that Song Xu Yi was not lying and that her clothes were not wet inside, Zhao Qingyu's tightened eyebrows finally relaxed.


How could she do this!


Song Xu Yi blushed with shame: she had come out in a hurry, wearing a set of bunny pyjamas underneath, and had haphazardly put on a jumper for fear of being cold outside, the hood of the bunny pyjamas did not fit into the collar, exposing a pair of ears on the outside, thinking of this sloppy and messy appearance being seen by Zhao Qingyu, Song Xu Yi just wanted to burrow into the ground.


She originally wanted to zip up her down jacket again, but when she met Zhao Qingyu's gradually cold eyes, Song Xu Yi inexplicably felt like a vole in Animal World being targeted by a snake, and her body stiffened and broke, and she eventually took off her down jacket with a red face...


Zhao Qingyu, however, did not even look at what she was wearing.


As soon as Song Xu Yi took off her down jacket, the sound of a zip "ripping" once again came from the side, followed by a warm embrace.


Zhao Qingyu wrapped Song Xu Yi in the large down jacket she was wearing, hugged her and sat on the mat, then picked up the down jacket Song Xu Yi had just taken off and covered her over it before speaking in a dry voice, "This way you won't get cold..."


Song Xu Yi no longer knows what to say.


All she could feel was that she was hot and stiff, her face was so hot it was threatening to drip blood, and she didn't even dare to move.


Only then did she remember that she hadn't told Zhao Qingyu that there were disposable underwear in the bag, so Zhao Qingyu probably didn't find them when she was changing, therefore Zhao Qingyu was only wearing the underwear she had brought over under the down jacket, and Song Xu Yi's head was buried in Zhao Qingyu's neck at the moment, and her arm was touching Zhao Qingyu's...


For a moment, Song Xu Yi just wanted to cry.


"Now you can sleep in peace!"


Overhead, Zhao Qingyu spoke in a soft voice and patted Song Xu Yi's back.


Yet how could Song Xu Yi sleep in such a situation


Smelling the fragrant scent of Zhao Qingyu's body, Song Xu Yi could only feel her body burning up, feeling like she was on the verge of a fever!


Song Xu Yi closed her eyes for a long time without a trace of sleep.


"I can't sleep, why don't you sleep first We'll both take turns keeping watch, and I'll wake you up in the latter part of the night..."


Song Xu Yi opened her eyes and looked up at Zhao Qingyu: perhaps when Zhao Qingyu was asleep, she could quietly move her body away so that it would be less embarrassing...


"Can't sleep"


Overhead, Zhao Qingyu was silent for a while, and Song Xu Yi didn't know if it was her imagination, but Zhao Qingyu's face seemed to be a little red as well.


Her voice became increasingly soft, as if she was suppressing something, then she took a deep breath and gently patted Song Xu Yi's back as if coaxing a small child, "...then let me tell you a story!"


Song Xu Yi did not want to hear any story, but Zhao Qingyu had already started:


"About twenty years ago, a woman was born in a small mountain village.

She was a posthumous child, her father died when she was born, and her mother died when she was eight years old, and she learned that most of the women in her family had 'sleeping sickness' and that many of them did not live past the age of thirty..."


"The people in the village didn't give up on her, feeding and clothing her, sending her to school, and when they heard she got into film school and was able to become the first high school student in the village, every family donated money and goods just to make sure she studied well..."


"She started out with the intention of becoming a big star and repaying the village well in her lifetime, however in her senior year she met a man who was born into a wealthy family and pursued her passionately, she fell in love and became pregnant with that man's child..."


"She thought she had found the right man, but to her surprise, the man's mother drove her away from him on the excuse of "sleeping sickness"..."




Song Xu Yi did not expect to hear such a story.


The story looks so real, so real that it seems to have actually happened.


Song Xu Yi's heart was a little sad.


The life of the woman in the story was too tragic, especially when Song Xu Yi heard that the woman was pregnant, she vaguely guessed something, but she did not dare to ask out loud, and could only hang her head in silence.


The medicine was so strong that Song Xu Yi herself didn't know when she fell asleep.


She didn't know for how long time passed, but in the haze, she heard a sigh, and it seemed that someone, tenderly but restrainedly, kissed Song Xu Yi on the forehead...




Zhao Qingyu doesn't know whether her luck is considered good or bad.


She had intended to sneak off to pay her respects to her grandparents, but halfway down the road she ran into extreme weather.


It was probably fate that soon after sensing the extreme weather she found a cave with some dead branches left by previous people, which barely kept her out of the cold.


However, the rain and hail was still falling, the temperature was getting colder, the wet clothes were sticking to her body, she was cold and hungry, and for the first time, Zhao Qingyu suspected that she might not last much longer.


Her mother made it past the age of thirty, but couldn't accept the fact that she didn't have "sleeping sickness" and eventually went mad.

In the days before Auntie Liu appeared, Zhao Qingyu had a very difficult time: she watched her crazy mother at home every day, endured her beatings and even went to the rubbish when she was hungry in search of food;


Meeting a fraudulent partner in the early stages of her business and almost losing her money, entering the bottom of the entertainment industry just to work on her acting skills and being slapped by a big-name actress;




Those sorrowful memories kept surfacing in her mind, and when Zhao Qingyu reflected on them, she found herself thinking of Song Xu Yi once again.


For the past month, the time she spent running with Song Xu Yi every morning was the happiest time for Zhao Qingyu.


Zhao Qingyu has actually discovered it recently: she seems to have fallen in love with Song Xu Yi.


So she deliberately stirs up trouble to force Song Xu Yi to talk to her every day and enjoys teasing her and watching her blush...


Zhao Qingyu never thought she would be so childish one day.


Yet Zhao Qingyu could only restrain herself from liking it: she carried too much darkness all over her body and was not worthy of the little sun-like Song Xu Yi.


What's more, even if her mother had escaped sleeping sickness, her genetic predisposition was such that she might not be able to escape it, and there was still a good chance that she would not live past the age of thirty.




Zhao Qingyu had previously been so intent on revenge against the man's family that she had never thought she would like someone.

She had originally planned to alienate herself from Song Xu Yi, and she had already made up her mind: when Song Xu Yi's summer vacation was over, she would break off contact with Song Xu Yi completely.


But she never thought Song Xu Yi would risk her life to find her!


She wanted to tell Song Xu Yi that she really, really liked her! She had never liked someone like this before, so much so that her heart hurts...


Yet Zhao Qingyu could not say it, and could only be careful even with hugs.


She told Song Xu Yi her mother's story just to remind herself that she is not in a position to love Song Xu Yi right now.


She vowed quietly to Song Xu Yi in the darkness of the night that she would do her best to be good to her every day from now on, so that she would not let Song Xu Yi know that her feelings were causing her trouble...



But she couldn't help but put her lips reverently on Song Xu Yi's forehead: if...

the heavens were merciful and she managed to live past thirty, she would definitely let Song Xu Yi know her feelings by then...


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