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Song Xu Yi had not expected that she would wake up the next day at dawn.


Probably due to a good night's sleep, her dizziness and swelling were greatly relieved.


The temperature outside seems to have picked up, and beside her is empty, Zhao Qingyu is not beside her.


The noisy rain outside the cave had stopped at some point, and she heard the sound of a phone call from outside——Zhao Qingyu had contacted someone to come to their rescue.


Song Xu Yi remembered the story she heard before she went to bed, and after a moment of silence, she raised her head and asked the system softly, "System, the child in her story, was it her"


"Yes," after a long time Song Xu Yi heard the system's voice, "I finished listening to the second half of the story, the male lead Song Jun is Zhao Qingyu's half-brother..."


Song Xu Yi pursed her lips.


She finally understood the reason why Zhao Qingyu wanted to take revenge on Song Jun——it was Song Jun's family that had caused Zhao Qingyu's mother and her to suffer all these years.


Zhao Qingyu became an actress because she wanted to fulfil her mother's unfulfilled wish.


She came to this village to invest in filming and also because she wanted to give back to the folks here for her mother, which is why she understands the dialect and can sing the folk songs here...


In fact, on closer examination, it all came together a long time ago:


The already demented Grandma Song Jun was horrified to see Zhao Qingyu's face and shouted "there's a ghost";


An extremely monotonous background when video calling with Zhao Qingyu, who appears to be in a hospital room;


And the way she’s so skilled at taking care of people...


For so many years, struggling to survive with the grudges of the previous generation on her back, how did Zhao Qingyu survive




After finishing Zhao Qingyu's "story", the system also paused, remembering how sad and cautious the villainess was when she treated Song Xu Yi last night, and finally did not tell Song Xu Yi about the kiss.


It just reminded Song Xu Yi once again, "Xu Yi, the first rule of the mission code is "no love" ——"




Song Xu Yi did not react at first and was still feeling sorry for Zhao Qingyu's mother, when she heard the system coldly say this, she half realized what the system was saying.


She turned red and stammered as she spoke, losing her composure for the first time in front of the system, "Anyway, yesterday...

it's true that there was some accident that made you automatically turn on your shield, but really everything was just an accident! Zhao Qingyu and I didn't develop any relationship beyond the boundaries..."


"This world is just a mission for me," after a pause, Song Xu Yi's voice lowered, "I know in my heart the importance of this, system..."


Yet remembering the villainess' reaction last night, the system always felt a little panicky inside.


They can only take one step at a time.


The system was silent for a long time, and finally sighed softly.




The rescuers soon arrived.


Song Xu Yi's two bodyguards stood at the front of the rescue party, their faces pale with fear.


Afraid that something might have happened to Song Xu Yi, the bodyguard had already called and reported everything to Song's parents.


When Song Xu Yi returned to the village, she was bombarded by a series of phone calls from her parents and brothers.

After Song Xu Yi made it clear that she did not want to go back, her parents sent a large pile of medicine and supplements, and sent two more bodyguards, who were on guard during the day and night, watching Song Xu Yi extremely closely.


Song Xu Yi's body was not injured except for a cold, so she quickly recuperated and started the clinic with the old man, but the situation at Zhao Qingyu's end was a little worse: she started to have a fever as soon as she got off the mountain and had been sick off and on for almost a week...


Song Xu Yi originally wanted to follow the old gentleman to visit Zhao Qingyu, but the old gentleman politely conveyed Zhao Qingyu's wishes: Zhao Qingyu was afraid of infecting her with her illness and did not want Song Xu Yi to visit her.


This is a blatant excuse.


Even though she didn't know what was in Zhao Qingyu's mind, Song Xu Yi was too embarrassed to force her way to the door, so she could only shove the large pile of supplements that Song's parents had sent over to Zhao Qingyu.


After another week, Zhao Qingyu recovered completely and started to send messages asking Song Xu Yi to go out for a run with her.


The moment she saw Song Xu Yi, Zhao Qingyu smiled.


Zhao Qingyu smiled so beautifully that Song Xu Yi could see that she really felt happy, her smile spreading from the corners of her eyes to the top of her eyebrows, her eyes as dark as obsidian, making the red mole at the end of her eyes even more vivid and delicate.


So happy to be recovered


Song Xu Yi was a little confused by Zhao Qingyu's sudden happiness and silently followed behind her.


As usual, Zhao Qingyu quickly left behind Song Xu Yi, who had long been accustomed to the reality of her own physical weakness and was in no hurry, thinking about the task she was at an impasse while running forward slowly and deliberately, not noticing Zhao Qingyu's occasional glances back...


On the way back, Zhao Qingyu ran beside Song Xu Yi.


"Song Xu Yi," Zhao Qingyu suddenly spoke, turning her head to look at Song Xu Yi seriously, "You kind of saved me once that night.

I promise you a wish, and as long as you want it, I will do my best to make it happen..."


Song Xu Yi froze in place.


If she hadn't known about Zhao Qingyu's life, she would have been extremely happy, yet now that she knew the reason why she hated Song Jun's family, and after so many years of accumulated resentment, did she really have that position to ask Zhao Qingyu to give up her hatred


Song Xu Yi pursed her lips.


She found herself unable to say it.


Zhao Qingyu's mother was deceived by a scumbag into conceiving a child and her career was ruined, but she was thrown out of the house after she became pregnant, and the scumbag recognized his son who was living in the streets and got married and lived happily... 


Her mother was so insane and sick that she had to be relocated...


After so many years of hard work and struggle, how strong did Zhao Qingyu have to be to get to her current position


Song Xu Yi knows that Song Jun is also innocent.

In the plot summary, Song Jun is unaware of the grudge of the previous generation and inexplicably bears the vengeance of Zhao Qingyu nearly destroying his family.


But Song Xu Yi understood the reason why Zhao Qingyu had approached Song Jun——the only way to get back at Song Jun's grandmother was to defeat him.


The most innocent person in the whole incident was in fact Zhao Qingyu.


How can one know how much suffering it took to survive such a grudge when onlookers knock their mouths up and down to persuade people to do good


Except for Zhao Qingyu herself, no one is in a position to persuade her to be good.




"System, I feel that I am really too happy compared to Zhao Qingyu..." Song Xu Yi sighed in her heart.


"Hmm." The system replied softly.


Recently, for some reason, the system has been much more silent than before.


Song Xu Yi thought long and hard about it.


"Can I owe it first" She finally bit her lip and looked cautiously at Zhao Qingyu, "I want to think about it again before I say anything."


Based on her past experience with Zhao Qingyu, Song Xu Yi originally thought that Zhao Qingyu would not agree, but to her surprise, Zhao Qingyu agreed with ease.




"But tell me within this year," Zhao Qingyu smiled and gave Song Xu Yi a glance, patting her shoulder, "You know, I'm on a tight schedule..."




In the days that followed, Song Xu Yi noticed that Zhao Qingyu seemed much more intimate with her.


In the past, Song Xu Yi contacted Zhao Qingyu most of the time and started the conversation one-sidedly, but in recent days it seems to be the other way around.

In addition to asking Song Xu Yi to run every day, Zhao Qingyu started to send messages and call Song Xu Yi on her own initiative, and occasionally brought Song Xu Yi wild fruits and beautiful wild flowers as gifts...


Song Xu Yi reacted with hindsight——this is how friends should get along with each other, and Zhao Qingyu began to think of her as a real friend.


If the old Song Xu Yi had found this out, she would have been particularly happy, yet at this moment Song Xu Yi felt confused: what if Zhao Qingyu still couldn't let go of her hatred and fight with Song Jun in the end, then what should she do then


After much consideration, Song Xu Yi could only deliberately pretend that she did not feel Zhao Qingyu's gesture of affection, and treated Zhao Qingyu in an indifferent manner.


She originally thought that according to Zhao Qingyu's pride, she would be distant after noticing her indifference, but to her surprise, Zhao Qingyu, as usual, did not seem to feel Song Xu Yi's distancing...


Did Zhao Qingyu think so highly of her saving her life


Song Xu Yi has extremely mixed feelings.


What was even more surprising to Song Xu Yi: Zhao Qingyu looked extremely happy every time she spent time with her, a starry light in her eyes.


After spending all this time together in the small mountain village, the once small-minded villainess who liked to tease her and act recklessly seemed to be an illusionary dream, and Song Xu Yi never imagined that this trip to a medical consultation would be so rewarding.


Soon, August is halfway over.


The days in the paradise came to an end, and after collecting the herbs and visiting several nearby villages, the old man took Song Xu Yi back to the city.


Zhao Qingyu's investment in the film city has already begun to be built, while shooting at the same time, Zhao Qingyu still needs to stay in the mountains for nearly half a year.


Not long after Song Xu Yi returned to the city, she received a dried flower scented bag from Zhao Qingyu.

The scented  bag was exquisitely shaped and the flowers had a pleasant fragrance, and Zhao Qingyu had left a note in the parcel, saying that she had made the scented bag herself, in a tone that begged for praise.


Only then did Song Xu Yi notice that Zhao Qingyu's writing was very good, with strong strokes and a strong brush.


Having shed her preconceived and harsh impression of the villainess, Song Xu Yi realises in a trance that Zhao Qingyu is actually extremely good.


It didn't take long for the new term to start again.

Song Xu Yi took the scented bag made by Zhao Qingyu to school, intending to put the bag together with the kitten Zhao Qingyu had given her before...


When Song Xu Yi first entered her dorm room, her roommates were discussing the face value of female celebrities in the entertainment industry and finally agreed that Zhao Qingyu's face value was the roof of the entertainment industry.


"If only Zhao Qingyu had done more dramas..." a roommate lamented, hugging a pillow.


The speaker had no intention of listening, and Song Xu Yi's hand was holding the scented bag...



——She thought of what she wanted Zhao Qingyu to promise her!


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