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Villainous Movie Queen (18)



At the beginning of the winter break, Song Xu Yi officially joined Huang Shuo's research institute as an intern.


The winter break was not very long, only about a month, and Song Xu Yi knew she could not help much at this stage, and spent more time studying silently following behind the researchers.


Song Xu Yi learned about Shuo Huang's research ideas.

Shuo Huang always believed that the existence of sleeping sickness and genetic defects are related, however, the genetic mechanism leading to the occurrence of the disease is complex and heterogeneous, to accurately screen whether sleeping sickness is a single gene disease, a polygenic disease or an acquired genetic disease or a mixture of multiple causes, a large amount of data research is needed, only when the cause of the disease is identified, is it possible to make the right solution for the disease.


This is a tremendous undertaking.


The people recruited by Huang Shuo's research institute this time are not as many as they are refined, and everyone in the institute are skilled in their own right, most of them are very old, and the youngest researcher is one generation older than Song Xu Yi.


But no matter how many distinguished titles these people have on the outside, in this institute they are all people who are constantly working to overcome medical challenges and for the benefit of all mankind.


It was only here that Song Xu Yi learnt about the gap between herself and the top researchers.


But she was not discouraged.


Knowing that she could not help for the time being, Song Xu Yi did not stay idle, staying at the Institute to take on tasks such as printing materials, sending and receiving deliveries, doing small research tasks as far as she could, preparing afternoon tea and massaging acupuncture points from time to time, and trying her best to create a comfortable environment for the researchers.


At the beginning, the rest of the researchers didn't pay much attention to this little girl who was always smiling, but after they became familiar with Song Xu Yi, the researchers would talk to her and, with Huang Shuo's permission, would occasionally reveal the progress of their current research to Song Xu Yi.


It was only after this interaction that the researchers discovered the value of this little girl:


She is only in her second year and already has a foundation that surpasses most undergraduates.

If there is a point in the conversation that she doesn't understand, the next time she talks about it she will have already studied it on her own...


In just half a month, Song Xu Yi has been recognised by everyone in and around the Institute, and Song Xu Yi feels that she has benefited greatly from the process.


An excellent team makes people motivated, and Song Xu Yi was like a sponge constantly absorbing knowledge, immersing herself in the atmosphere of the Institute and studying until her mother urged her to remember to come back for New Year's Eve dinner in the evening.


Song Xu Yi came home with a large pile of red envelopes in her arms.


On such a happy day for the family, the Institute also took two days off, and the elders of the Institute gave Song Xu Yi red envelopes in advance.


Even Huang Shuo gave Song Xu Yi a thick red envelope with a stern face, and held a pile of study materials for Song Xu Yi: "Although the wool comes from the sheep, and your parents have invested a lot of money in our institute, I will not give you less than what you deserve..."


However, looking at the smile on the girl's face, listening to the girl's "Happy New Year, Grandpa Huang!" Huang Shuo's face finally fell, and after reprimanding the girl with a "nonsense", then whispered back a "...

Happy New Year"...


Song Xu Yi went back home.


Song's mother, inspired from somewhere, bought some old-fashioned red cotton clothes with 'Fu Lu Shou' printed on them and forced the youngest members of the family to change into them on New Year's Eve, under the pretense that it would be a 'prosperous and flourishing New Year', Song Xu Yi originally thought that her steadfast father and brothers would not go along with this absurd suggestion, however, her father and brothers, without knowing what kind of wind they had, changed into these red cotton clothes one by one, and even the brothers' children were induced by snacks to run around happily wearing red cotton clothes with 'Fu' and 'Lu' written on them...


Song Xu Yi returned late, leaving Song Xu Yi with only a large red cotton coat with 'Shou' written on it.


Song's mother made it clear that she would only get the money if she wore the outfit.


For the sake of her mother's annual red envelope, Song Xu Yi had no choice but to put on this outfit and look at the children running around the hall with no hope of survival——


In this situation, she felt like an old lady on her 80th birthday...


It was also fortunate that Song's mother only forced everyone to wear it for one night.


Song Xu Yi finished her meal and retreated to the corner of the living room to minimise her presence, however the annual family photo session was inevitable and Song Xu Yi could only squeeze out a smile and was pushed into the middle by Song's parents for a family photo with a fake smiling girl.


After Song's mother finished handing out the red envelopes, Song Xu Yi was about to go upstairs to change out of her humiliating clothes when her little nephew came over with Song Xu Yi's mobile phone in his arms: "Auntie, pretty aunt is looking for you..."


As soon as Song Xu Yi picked up the phone, she saw Zhao Qingyu's face on the phone screen with a suppressed smile.


Why is it a video call!


As they grew closer, Song Xu Yi hadn't blushed at Zhao Qingyu for a long time, yet this time Song Xu Yi couldn't restrain herself from blushing and hung up the communication with a 'snap'!


"Don't panic, auntie," the young nephew tried to comfort the red-faced Song Xu Yi, leaning to her ear and whispering, "I just said that auntie was taking pictures, and pretty aunt said she wanted to see auntie taking pictures..."


"So you showed it to her" Song Xu Yi was instantly alert, an ominous feeling welling up in her heart.


The little nephew, however, didn't feel his aunt's impending breakdown and nodded happily, "Pretty aunt promised to buy me a whole set of planet lollipops! I'll share half of them with you..."




"Then thank you so much oh——"


Feeling hopeless, Song Xu Yi pinched her little nephew's bun face viciously and went upstairs to bury herself under the blanket, pondering for a long time between "running away from this world overnight" and "emigrating to Mars".


"Forget everything you just saw, you just didn't see anything!"


Remembering that the background of Zhao Qingyu's video call seemed to be in the ward again, and knowing that Zhao Qingyu would not accept the 'New Year's Eve money' she gave, Song Xu Yi sent Zhao Qingyu another red envelope: "Have some delicious food, Happy New Year's Eve..."


The other party quickly replied, "Is sending a red envelope a bribe to me"


"Xu Yi's dress just now...

haha, how chic..."


Song Xu Yi exploded at hearing that! Grinding her teeth.


"You! Still! Say it!"


"Do you enjoy watching your rescuer make a fool of herself so much"


At the mention of saving her life, the opposite Zhao Qingyu really subsided.


She sent an emoji covering her mouth in laughter, "Okay, okay, I'll stop, I've now forgotten what you just looked like..."


Song Xu Yi's anger passed at this point.


She felt bad for being like this, and seemed to be being unreasonable.

It was probably because Zhao Qingyu had been too friendly in the past six months, so she was getting more and more casual when facing Zhao Qingyu...


Thinking of this, Song Xu Yi again somewhat sheepishly sent a big red envelope to Zhao Qingyu.


"Did you promise to buy my nephew a lollipop, I can't let you go broke."


However, there was no more reply from Zhao Qingyu's end.


Song Xu Yi knew that Zhao Qingyu would probably not accept her red envelope again, and then took two videos of her little nephew being beaten by her little niece while riding on his back and the fireworks outside and sent them to Zhao Qingyu, perhaps sensing the hilarity on her side, Zhao Qingyu was able to smile and was not so lonely anymore...


But Song Xu Yi didn't know that in the corner of the ward, Zhao Qingyu was watching a secretly recorded video of Song Xu Yi taking family photos on her mobile phone and was on the verge of tears of laughter as she hugged her mother.


"Mom, is she cute"


The mad woman looked at the smile on her daughter's lips and followed it with a dazed curl of her lips.


"She said for me to forget her looking like this, but how could I forget such a cute girl" Zhao Qingyu sighed, "But I didn't lie to her, I did forget for a second just now, but now that I saw the video it came back to me..."


"Mom, I really like her," Zhao Qingyu didn't know how long she had been watching the video until the New Year's Eve fireworks rang out in succession outside her window, and only then did she wake up like a dream and hug her frightened mother again, gazing up at the radiance stretching across the sky, patting her mother's shoulder and whispering soothingly, "Happy New Year, Mom.



"Happy New Year, Song Xu Yi."


Zhao Qingyu took a picture of the brilliant fireworks outside the window and posted her first friend circle that was only visible to Song Xu Yi.


"There is no light in the darkness of the night, but there is always someone like a bright fireworks that lights up the path of solitude."


——You, on the other hand, are the most stunning firework that illuminates me.


Song Xu Yi realised that she had misunderstood Zhao Qingyu.


Zhao Qingyu's friend circle did not block her, and on the first day of the New Year, she posted fireworks on the friend circle.


After that, it was as if she had opened up her second chakra, as Zhao Qingyu began to share various moods and photos in her circle of friends.


Song Xu Yi sometimes browsed through them and occasionally liked them, until one day, Song Xu Yi found a selfie of Zhao Qingyu...


"Please pay attention to this beautiful face of yours!" Song Xu Yi never thought Zhao Qingyu's selfie would be so...

unique: the beautiful, thin face was like a cone, and it was almost impossible to recognise that this was Zhao Qingyu.


The moment Song Xu Yi saw it, she almost passed out.


Perhaps stimulated by Song Xu Yi's words, Zhao Qingyu began to post selfies in her friends circle regularly afterwards, and the photos gradually became so stiff and contrived at the beginning that Song Xu Yi couldn't help but secretly download and collect them...


Zhao Qingyu's photography skills began to refine and the films she appeared in exploded in acclaim one by one, and even the films made their way overseas...


Time flies, and Song Xu Yi has reached her 3rd year of university.



This year, Song Jun, the male lead who has been abroad for two years to take charge of the Song family's foreign business, suddenly returns home...



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