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Villainous Movie Queen (19)



True to his reputation as the male lead of the small world, Song Jun has not only completed the tasks assigned to him by the Song family extremely well, but has also gained extremely high praise within the Song family for his superb management skills over the past two years.


Song Jun returned to the country in secret.


Since Song Xu Yi had entered the Institute, she felt more and more inadequate and gave herself more and more scheduled courses, plus she expected that Song Jun would not return to China so early, so Song Xu Yi did not know at first that Song Jun had already returned to China.


But Zhao Qingyu is different.


Zhao Qingyu has been keeping an eye on Song Jun's movements, and it can even be said that no one in this world knows Song Jun better than Zhao Qingyu.


Song Jun has returned to China this time with his grandmother and his girlfriend Sun Wan, and he has brought most of his possessions back with him, seemingly with the intention of setting up a business in the country.


Zhao Qingyu knew that Song Jun had always been interested in robotics research and development, and that he would definitely invest in this area when he returned to China.

Zhao Qingyu has already bought and trained a group of talents to target Song Jun, and when Song Jun's company is founded, these talents will enter Song Jun's company and become her nails to be planted in Song Jun's company.


Then, she will let Song Jun get a taste of the sweetness first, and when Song Jun becomes complacent and the company starts to expand, she will see the opportunity to strike a thunderous blow, and Song Jun will definitely fall into the bottom and never turn back!


This is something that Zhao Qingyu has been planning for all these years.


She lurked day by day, quietly waiting for so many years for this opportunity to ruthlessly defeat Song Jun.


However things took a turn for the worse when Song Jun returned home.


Zhao Qingyu originally thought that according to Song Jun's ego, he would no longer live under the shelter of the Song family and would definitely create his own company after returning to China, but she did not expect that Song's father, who admired Song Jun so much, would decide to invest in his business...


In this way, with the Song family as backing, it will inevitably make it more difficult to bring down Song Jun.

What worries Zhao Qingyu even more is this: the Song family has invested in Song Jun's company , and now they are considered to be in the same camp.



she ends up crushing Song Jun, then the Song family's interests are bound to suffer, and then...

how would Song Xu Yi view her


Zhao Qingyu never imagined that after waiting for so many years, she would be faced with such a choice.


Zhao Qingyu does not want to be on the opposite side of Song Xu Yi, yet for so many years before, defeating Song Jun was the only obsession that kept Zhao Qingyu going...


Sure enough, the unblessed are born with a curse for the rest of their lives.


It's just that she's been living too complacently for a while!


She wants nothing more than to be with Xu Yi, but not even the heavens see that, setting up this situation to make things difficult for her...


Zhao Qingyu had never felt like a coward, she had always gone ahead, after all, a bare footed person would never be afraid to get their shoes dirty, yet this time...

she chose to run away.


She dared not contact Song Xu Yi more often and redoubled her efforts in filming in an attempt to numb herself with busyness, but her inner emotions were getting more and more anxious day by day, and her longing for Song Xu Yi was driving her crazy...


And while Zhao Qingyu was feeling painfully anxious, Song Jun, who had just returned to China, was feeling no better.


He looked at his grandmother, who was cowering in her room, shouting "Retribution, the ghosts are coming..." over and over again, and his brow furrowed deeply.


In fact, his grandmother's illness had originally gotten a little better during the past two years or so abroad.

However, one day she overheard an actress called Zhao Qingyu on TV, and suddenly fell off her chair in fear, shouting in terror that 'there was a ghost'...


Even though he was far away from the country, Song Jun had heard of Zhao Qingyu, a beautiful actress with good acting skills who had become a hit both at home and abroad in a short time after her debut, and it was a film starring her that his grandmother had seen.


For a long time after that, his grandmother became overwhelmed with fear whenever she saw a video or poster of Zhao Qingyu, whose endorsed a major international brand, and nowadays there are large posters of her everywhere, and it seems that the actress is everywhere...


Occasionally, when she was sober, his grandmother would only sigh with tears on her dull face, "It's all retribution!" But she never told Song Jun why.


Song Jun was brought up by his grandmother, so naturally he couldn't bear to let her go on like this.

Thinking that the heart's illness must be cured by medication, he took her back to the country.


His grandmother's symptoms are inextricably linked to Zhao Qingyu, and Song Jun has found someone to investigate the relationship between Zhao Qingyu and His grandmother, Zhao Qingyu's past is very difficult to trace, it seems that someone has deliberately erased her origins, however, the information of the person behind that...


Why did his mother secretly finance and erase Zhao Qingyu's past


Song Jun remembers a time when his mother was extremely loving when he was a child, and then his grandmother asked his father to take his mother home, and the impression is that his mother loved his father very much, but his father never smiled at this mother and son, yet suddenly one day, his mother moved out and began to refuse to see him, and then his father died...


He worked hard to become good, thinking that one day his mother would approve of him, only to find that all these years she would rather focus on and support an orphan girl than care about her own son!


What a joke!


Song Jun sneered out and unconsciously lit up another cigarette...


"Don't smoke it." The female lead, Sun Wan, could no longer watch and threw away the cigarette from Song Jun's hand, her face full of anxiety, "What’s going on"


Song Jun, however, said nothing and gently hugged Sun Wan back.


Sun Wan frowned tightly, looking at the inexplicably weak looking Song Jun, then at the shivering grandmother and the stunning actress on TV, before taking a deep breath and making up her mind.


When Zhao Qingyu was told that a girl wanted to meet her, she did not want to do so.

There were too many fans visiting her, and for security reasons, Zhao Qingyu had always declined any visits, but the girl was unexpectedly very clever, and the call came to her mobile phone shortly afterwards.


"Hello, my name is Sun Wan, may I ask...

do you know a man called Song Jun"


Zhao Qingyu met Sun Wan in the dressing room.


It was the first time Sun Wan met Zhao Qingyu, but it was not the first time Zhao Qingyu met her.

She knew that Sun Wan was Song Jun's girlfriend and had been fond of him since she was a child.

She also knew that she was the young lady of a famous film group in the industry, and because she came from a very good background, the old woman who liked to divide people into categories of three, six and nine had allowed her to follow Song Jun since she was a child.


"I've heard of Song Jun's name." Zhao Qingyu raised an eyebrow, revealing another smile that seemed plainly approachable, "I heard that Song Jun is a young talent who has just returned to China, an internet entrepreneur, what do you want to see me about..."


The woman in front of her was too beautiful, and every smile had a special charm, as if it would glow and attract people's attention.

Sun Wan's family owned a film and television company, and she had seen many stars in and out of the company since she was a child, but she had never seen a woman as dazzling as Zhao Qingyu.


When she smiled, Sun Wan couldn't help but blush.


"Do you have any grudges with Song Jun's family" Sun Wan pursued, "To be honest, I'm Song Jun's girlfriend, Song Jun has been very unhappy lately, and when Song Jun's grandmother saw you, she panicked and shouted that there was a ghost, and when I asked Song Jun, he wouldn't say why, he just smoked cigarettes, so I took the liberty of asking you..."




Zhao Qingyu smiled faintly and raised her eyebrows.


So, the old hag can still be scared...


But all this is just the beginning.


Zhao Qingyu hung her head, her heart surging with a burst of dark pleasure, her eyes gradually darkening: the old woman would watch with her own eyes as Song Jun, who had made her proud, plummeted to the bottom, never to turn back...


"I'm sorry, I was just recalling a script," a thousand emotions welled up in her eyes, but the smile on Zhao Qingyu's face when she raised her head was still gentle: "Perhaps you shouldn't have come to me, although I know some things, it's not for me to reveal the privacy of the previous generation..."


"But there are things I am not at liberty to reveal, whereas you can find out for yourself," Zhao Qingyu coaxed without moving, "The authorities are confused, and as a bystander you may be able to enlighten him..."


Sun Wan also started to become anxious, did he know something


Was he afraid to tell Sun Wan the truth because he was afraid that Sun Wan would know that he was not the perfect man she had in mind and be afraid


She was going to let Sun Wan get into this mess!




Looking at Sun Wan's persistent expression of "I must find out everything" as she left, Zhao Qingyu curled her lips in pleasure——


A good show, which has only just begun.




It was already the end of the month when Song Xu Yi learned of Song Jun's return to China.


Song's father came back from a dinner party and patted Song Xu Yi's shoulder with emotion, "My daughter has a good eye, she recommended that boy Song Jun to me at that time.

I've just signed a contract with him, and I'm confident that his company will be a huge success in the industry..."


It was only then that Song Xu Yi learned of Song Jun's return to China.


When it became clear what Song Jun's company was about, Song Xu Yi fell silent.


In a roundabout way, everything went back to the original trajectory and Song Jun still went back to his home country to open his own company.


What about Zhao Qingyu


Song Xu Yi opened WeChat and the last contact with Zhao Qingyu was still fifteen days ago.

Originally, Song Xu Yi thought that Zhao Qingyu was busy with her work, but now Song Xu Yi realized everything: according to Zhao Qingyu's focus on Song Jun, she must have known the news of Song father's investment in Song Jun's company, which is why she deliberately distanced herself.


Is Zhao Qingyu still preparing for revenge now


Song Xu Yi sighed silently.


"Xu Yi, what are you going to do" The system's voice was a little muffled.


Song Xu Yi could not understand it, but the system knew Zhao Qingyu's love for Song Xu Yi.

The system concealed Zhao Qingyu's heart from Song Xu Yi because it thought that Zhao Qingyu might change because of Song Xu Yi.

But now, it seems that Zhao Qingyu has no intention of giving up her hatred...


Song Xu Yi did not reply, she looked out the window at the dark sky and opened the chat window with Zhao Qingyu in her mobile phone.


"Recently, the temperature has dropped in the mountains where you work, wear more clothes.

The scented bags sent to you should be arriving soon, two of them have insect repellent properties and are specially marked out for you.

There are many snakes and insects in the mountains, remember to carry them on your body..."


Zhao Qingyu did not reply, and it was not clear whether she was busy or deliberately trying to be distant.


Song Xu Yi turned off her phone.


What can she do now, despite the storm


"What's done is done!"


Song Xu Yi opened her textbook and worked on the homework assigned to her by Huang Shuo.


She is not in a position to persuade Zhao Qingyu to give up her hatred, after all, Sun Wan and Song Jun are now in a good relationship and there will be no more falling off a cliff...


As to how the future will unfold, she can only take one step at a time.


The Author has something to say:



Regarding the small worlds, some are HE and some may not be so happy, but the grand finale is HE anyway.


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