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To prevent further accidents, Song Xu Yi closed the door of her room as soon as she returned to the Song family mansion and received the body's memory.


Perhaps because the original body is the only girl in the Song family's generation, the original body is considered to be a favorite in the Song family.

Unlike her two brothers, who were told every day to inherit the family business, her parents were much more relaxed in their expectations of her: they named her Song Xu Yi, which means "to allow all wishes", hoping that she would grow up happily and without worries.


Growing up under such a pampering environment and the flattery of people around, the original body's nature inevitably grew crooked——now just a bit willful, and later became reckless: because of the crazy obsession with the villain Zhao Qingyu, after knowing the news that Song Jun likes Zhao Qingyu, the original body decided to let Zhao Qingyu marry into the Song family to become her nominal sister-in-law, and began to pick on the female lead Sun Wan at every turn, which is a direct push to make Sun Wan discouraged and run away with the ball later in the plot...


Fortunately, things have not developed to that point yet...


After receiving the body's memories, Song Xu Yi sighed with mixed feelings.


She picked up the make-up remover and first removed the messy make-up on her face, revealing the lovely features of the original body, then she took out her textbook and saw the various small pictures of Zhao Qingyu, remembering the memory of her original body's crazy support for Zhao Qingyu, Song Xu Yi had a headache, and after a moment of hesitation, she finally found a box and stuffed the pictures in it...


"Aren't you afraid of straying from your personality" The system popped up once again.


Song Xu Yi remembered a certain part she saw in the original body's memory, her eyelashes trembled and she shook her head, "They won't suspect."


Since becoming obsessed with Zhao Qingyu, who participated in a talent contest three months ago, the original body has done the unthinkable during this period of time:


For example, in the name of her father, she asked all the employees of the Song Group to vote for Zhao Qingyu, secretly drove the family helicopter to the competition site to support Zhao Qingyu, emptied her pocket money to be a sailor for Zhao Qingyu, and even forced her family company to develop cheating glasses because of Zhao Qingyu's daily encouragement of "Xu Yi should study hard and get into a good university"...


All kinds of crazy acts of the original body eventually went so wild that even the most doting parents of the Song family could not see past it, and for the first time in their lives, they restricted her pocket money and sent drivers and bodyguards to keep a close eye on her.


Therefore, according to the Song family's bottomless doting on Song Xu Yi, Song Xu Yi did not feel that her tossing and turning would make the Song family notice anything different.


And what happened afterwards also confirmed Song Xu Yi's suspicions.


Not long after, the old butler came knocking on the door and invited Song Xu Yi to go down for dinner.

Seeing Song Xu Yi after removing her messy makeup, the old housekeeper did not suspect as Song Xu Yi expected, but looked at her with admiration: "Miss, you look as beautiful as Madam when she was young..."


"Is that so" Song Xu Yi blinked and curled her lips into a smile, "I also hope I'll be as beautiful as mom is now in thirty years."


The smile on the old butler’s face was stifled, and he quickly put a smile back on his face, but hung his head and didn't speak again, silently leading Song Xu Yi downstairs.


During this period of time, the Song Group is working with a big project abroad, Song's father and mother went abroad, and the two brothers are also busy with their own careers, so only Song Xu Yi is eating alone at this meal.


Song Xu Yi also did not have the heart to enjoy the food, and soon finished eating and returned to the room.


With no memory of her past, and only a system and a plot summary to rely on, Song Xu Yi sorted out her situation and quickly settled on her future arrangements: to break up the contact between the male lead, Song Jun, and the villain, Zhao Qingyu, as much as possible, and to find out why Zhao Qingyu is hostile to Song Jun and find a way to resolve Zhao Qingyu's hatred.


After all, in the plot, Zhao Qingyu did not like Song Jun and repeatedly rejected his advances.

Later on, it is impossible that she set up Song Jun's company out of love and hatred, but it must be for other reasons.


After discussing the plan with the system, Song Xu Yi blocked the system and went to bed to get ready for sleep.


She had expected to toss and turn and find it difficult to sleep, but to Song Xu Yi's surprise, she soon fell into the realm of dreams.


The dream was tumultuous and Song Xu Yi dreamed of herself at the age of eighteen.


At eighteen, she had only one grandmother by her side, and even though she suffered from Alzheimer's and a serious heart condition and could no longer recognise her granddaughter who was close by, she still remembered that her granddaughter's favourite food was the sweet and sour pork she made with her own hands.


In her dream, Song Xu Yi cannot afford her grandmother's high medical bills, so she asks for money from relatives and is rejected by all of them, fortunately, Song Xu Yi was spotted by an agency: She struggled to continue her studies while undergoing various training and performances arranged by her agency...


With the high intensity of work and training, her grandmother's condition continuing to deteriorate, and running between hospitals, companies and schools, Song Xu Yi's grades continue to drop, from the top five in her class down to the top ten, and then to twenty...


Although she was dreaming, Song Xu Yi could still experience the sad, suffocating feeling she felt at that time.


And at the end of the dream, the scene suddenly changed and a weeping face appeared——the weeping original was wearing inappropriately heavy make-up, but her expression was not as flighty as written in the plot, she sobbed and looked at Song Xu Yi with sad eyes, "You can understand me can't you, you must help me..."


Song Xu Yi sighed and nodded gently.


“Ding ding ding!”


The alarm clock sounded suddenly, and everything in the dream world was still fresh in her mind, Song Xu Yi opened her eyes, and there were still tears in the corners of her eyes., the sun shone through the window, and something that had been coiled in her heart dissipated for a moment, merging into the dancing sunlight.


——The consciousness of the original left this body completely at this moment.


There was a knock at the door from the old butler, "Miss, it's time to get up."


Song Xu Yi dried her tears, stood in front of the mirror and looked at the small red birthmark on her wrist, averted her eyes, put on her school uniform and went downstairs.


"Grandpa Chen," Song Xu Yi quietly finished her breakfast and also made up her mind.

She pursed her lips, looked up at the old butler at the side, and spoke softly, "Can you hire some tutors for me as soon as possible"


"I want to study hard and in the future...

I want to be a doctor."


This was not only the dream of the eighteen year old Song Xu Yi, but also a wish that the original hid in the bottom of her heart, not daring to think of it again.


The old butler froze for a moment.


And quickly smiled as accommodating as ever, "Of course, I'll report it to Master and Madam."


"It's been a long time since Miss has said that since she was a child and always yelled that she wanted to be a doctor!"




Song Xu Yi then started an intense revision of her life.


When Song Xu Yi crossed over, it was the second round of exams and the college entrance exams were three months away.

The education system in this world was similar to that of Song Xu Yi's own world, if not simpler, and knowing the poor foundation of the original, Song Xu Yi studied almost night and day, making rapid progress that made several tutors tsk-tsk in amazement, but those who were even more shocked were Song Xu Yi's family: they originally thought that Song Xu Yi was just playing around for a few minutes, but they did not expect that this time she had really taken the initiative and had almost changed her entire personality.


Simultaneously, the big project abroad that Song's father and mother were working on was finalised, and Song Xu Yi duly recommended Song Jun to be the foreign executor of this project.


Song Jun is nominally a member of the Song family, but in fact has no blood ties to the Song family.

Song Jun's great-grandfather was an orphan who accidentally saved the then head of the Song family and was adopted by the family and took the name Song.

Over the generations, Song Jun's family became more and more distant from the head of the family, and later on, Song Jun even left the Song family in anger because he was unhappy with the original family's interference in his marriage with Sun Wan.


Song Jun in the plot summary is extremely competent and naturally qualified for the job.

Moreover, better medical treatment is available abroad and more convenient for Song Jun in treating his grandmother.


The female lead, Sun Wan, happens to be studying in the same country where Song Jun went.

According to Sun Wan's fondness for Song Jun, there is no worry that nothing will develop between them...


Even though they were a bit confused by Song Xu Yi's sudden recommendation for Song Jun, after investigating Song Jun's resume and knowing his capabilities, the Song family complied with Song Xu Yi's proposal and gave the project to Song Jun.


On this trip abroad, Song Jun will not be in the country for at least two years, so naturally he will not cross paths with the villain Zhao Qingyu, who has gained notoriety in the entertainment industry.


As Song Xu Yi expected, even though he didn't know why this project, which everyone was fighting for, would fall into his lap, Song Jun still took the project and took his grandmother out of the country.


Song Xu Yi was relieved to hear the news that Song Jun had left the country, and after that, she devoted herself to her studies day and night.

As for the villain, Zhao Qingyu, the brightest of the contestants, defeated her rivals by an overwhelming number of votes and won the lead role in the film, and has now entered the closed production.


Anyway, Zhao Qingyu can't reach Song Jun now, and Song Xu Yi shudders at the thought of how she acted in front of Zhao Qingyu that day, and although she is still voting for Zhao Qingyu during this period, Song Xu Yi herself has not appeared in front of Zhao Qingyu again...


This intense state of studying continued until the end of the college entrance exams.


This time, Song Xu Yi was no longer as desperate as she had been in her dreams.

She scored a surprisingly good result in the college entrance examination and made it to the score line of a famous local medical school.


Song's father and mother were so distressed by their daughter's hard work during this period that they insisted on organising a grand banquet, despite Song Xu Yi's resistance, to let the world know that the Song family's untalented youngest daughter had reformed herself and achieved good results in her exams.


Song Xu Yi was forced by Song's mother to pose upstairs for half a day.


Looking at the little girl in the mirror with snow-white skin, slender waist and bright eyes, Song's mother, who is known as the Iron Lady of the shopping mall, unconsciously wiped her tears after being amazed: "My Xu Yi has become a big girl all of a sudden, I really hope you wouldn't ever grow up..."


Song Xu Yi pursed her lips, not knowing how to comfort Song's mother, but fortunately at that moment the old butler knocked on the door, "Madam, Miss, the guests have arrived!"


Song Xu Yi sighed with relief and helped Song's mother dry her tears, and the two of them went downstairs together.


The hall was bustling with conversation and drinks, and Song Xu Yi's face held up a smile as she dealt with the congratulations of the guests who came and went, either sincerely or falsely, but in her heart she was extremely uncomfortable with such an occasion, and after a round of toasts, she was about to find an excuse to leave, when her father suddenly and mysteriously came over and pulled Song Xu Yi to the door.


"Xu Yi, Daddy has a surprise for you..."


Song Xu Yi's heart jumped and an ominous feeling welled up in her heart as she subconsciously looked towards the courtyard——a nondescript car was parked behind a row of luxury cars.


As if to confirm Song Xu Yi's suspicions, the system, which had been silent for a long time, also emerged at this time, speaking with a sense of awe, "Your father is really a strange man, to think that this is a surprise..."


In the hazy light of the street lamp, the door of the car was pushed open and a slender figure stepped out.

The person got out of the car and looked over, her skin was white as snow, her hair was dark and her lips red, she smiled faintly at Song Xu Yi, and for a moment the scenery was even more dazzling than the bright moon behind her...


"Long time no see, Xu Yi."





The author has something to say:


Song Baba ^ _ ^: Surprised or not


Song Xi Yu: … T _ T


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