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Villainous Scientist (2)



Jiang Qian Yu did not know that Song Xu Yi already knew the truth about her.


She saw that the drug had really transformed the Alpha into an Omega, but even though she had expected it, Jiang Qian Yu was still a little excited.

She watched carefully as the once unbelievably powerful test subject now sat on the ground groaning...

The distance between them was getting closer and closer...


Song Xu Yi looked away in embarrassment.


As Jiang Qian Yu's approaching peach scent is getting stronger and stronger, Song Xu Yi also does not know why, probably because Jiang Qian Yu's potion has just been developed with flaws, Song Xu Yi can still smell Jiang Qian Yu's pheromones, obviously the sweetest and thick, non-threatening peach fruit fragrance which seems to be mixed with a hint of crisp pressure, like a cunning fuse slowly pulling out a person's heart to lose and submit.


This villain is really...



Looking at Jiang Qian Yu, who was close at hand, for a moment, Song Xu Yi was in a trance and had a desire to break the indifference on Jiang Qian Yu's face and move over to kiss the attractive red mole at the end of Jiang Qian Yu's eyes and bring her neck to Jiang Qian Yu's lips...


"Shit, how do they look so much alike"


Fortunately, the system in her mind came out at the critical time, the system's voice contained shock: "Xu Yi! Come to your senses!"


"You help me with the suppressant..."


Song Xu Yi did not understand who the 'look alike' the system was referring to, but with the system's near howling voice reminding her of this, Song Xu Yi also came to her senses.


Song Xu Yi gritted her teeth and leaned back in an effort to avoid Jiang Qian Yu's touch: "The suppressant is in the bedside cabinet..."


As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Song Xu Yi realised that her voice was so delicate that it seemed to be dripping with water.

However, the glands at the back of her neck were flowing uncontrollably with a sticky, aromatic fluid that filled the room with the scent of citrus and orange.


What an...



Song Xu Yi closed her eyes in shame.


The citrus scent of the room seemed to mobilize all the violent genes in her subconscious, and the originally unbeatable little marshal lay on the floor in disarray, biting her lower lip to death, her pale, thin skin already blotted with pink...


Jiang Qian Yu's eyes fell on the glands at the back of Song Xu Yi's neck and her throat moved unconsciously.

For a moment, she even forgot about the test subject observation plan in her head.


But soon, Jiang Qian Yu's eyes regained their clarity.


Her eyes cast a dark glance at Song Xu Yi's neck, a touch of mockery on her lips as she slowly stood up and walked to the cabinet, taking out a tube of suppressant...


A cold sensation flowed down her bloodstream to the veins of her body, as if she was suddenly in winter, the burning desire in her body faded away like a tidal wave, Song Xu Yi lowered the needle and let out a long breath...


The setting of this world is just awful!


Song Xu Yi slumped to the ground, dripping wet, feeling as if she had just been fished out of the water.


The strength in her body gradually returned, Song Xu Yi sat down holding the edge of the bed and slowly lowered her head.


Even with her head down, Song Xu Yi could still notice Jiang Qian Yu's eyes falling on her.


Song Xu Yi was almost certain that Jiang Qian Yu had something to do with the original owner turning into an Omega.


It's just that Song Xu Yi originally thought Jiang Qian Yu would take advantage of her confusion to kill her, but she didn't expect Jiang Qian Yu to actually throw the suppressant to her.


What is Jiang Qian Yu's intention




Song Xu Yi frowned: in fact, no matter what Jiang Qian Yu's intentions were, since Jiang Qian Yu had left her alive, she should not harm herself again for the time being; what was more important now was to solve the problem of how to live afterwards——


The world of Alpha is a world where the weak are the strong, and the original owner has offended many people with her recklessness, but because of the strength of the previous top Alpha, the rest do not dare to trouble the original owner...


The Omegas of this world are, to put it nicely, are under the protection of the entire empire, but in reality they are considered a noble reproductive tool.

In this empire, the need to be subservient to the Alpha is instilled in both the Omega and Beta from an early age, and the most important task in an Omega's life is to bear children, and in this world the Omega does not have the right to marry a Beta or Omega, and even those of age without a mate are forcibly assigned to an Alpha...


Once those people knew she has now lost her strength and become Omega...


Song Xu Yi shuddered at the thought of that situation.


After thinking again and again, Song Xu Yi finally decided to run away.


It's not possible to stay on the Imperial Star, this is the center of power and wealth, everyone is an expert, and as an Omega in heat, one mistake could lead to someone noticing something unusual...


Yet where can she run to


Song Xu Yi searched quickly for the memories of the original owner, and she really found a suitable place.


The original owner’s mother was an extremely weak Omega, who became ill after giving birth to the original owner, and died when the original owner was three years old.

Because of the wealth of her father's family, the original owner never cared for her mother's inheritance.

Only now did Song Xu Yi remember that the owner had a few small planets left behind by her mother, scattered at the very edge of the star field, which was considered the poorest and most backward part of the star field.


The Emperor's scorn for the original owner has been evident over the past two years, and Song Xu Yi feels that if she wants to run away, there should not be much of a problem with the Emperor, after all, the Emperor wants more than anyone else to see the original owner relieved of her military power...


As for running away after...


Song Xu Yi subconsciously raised her head to look at Jiang Qian Yu at the side, and happened to meet Jiang Qian Yu's eyes looking at her.


That kind of look again!


Seemingly dispassionate, it in fact conceals scrutiny and evaluation, like looking at a research subject in a glass jar...


According to the world line, the current Jiang Qian Yu has just developed a drug to turn an Alpha into an Omega.

It is estimated that Jiang Qian Yu has not been able to find anyone to experiment with after she has developed the drug, and the original owner  has been so lustful that she wants to plot against her, and has just run into Jiang Qian Yu's gun.

She became her first test subject...


When she met Song Xu Yi's gaze, Jiang Qian Yu did not avoid it as she had done in the past, she curled her lips and her voice even contained a bit of concern: "Are you feeling better Is there anything uncomfortable"


Had the original owner been here, it is likely that she would have been bewitched by Jiang Qian Yu's rare tenderness.


However, Song Xu Yi knew that Jiang Qian Yu was only trying to collect more experimental data at this time, and not only did she not feel moved, she even felt a chill down her back.


But in front of Jiang Qian Yu, Song Xu Yi could not show her fear——


"That's not a question you should be asking!"


Song Xu Yi tried her best to mimic the reaction that the original owner should have, she used the remaining strength in her body, pretending to be vicious and strangling Jiang Qian Yu's neck with a cold laugh, "You know my secret, now you are given two choices——"


"One is that I will strangle you now! The other...

I am short of servants to look after around me at this time, and if you are willing to follow me to the border to serve me later, I will let you live——"


Song Xu Yi said this on purpose.


According to Jiang Qian Yu's scheming personality, if she didn't want to, she could definitely find a way to escape from Song Xu Yi.

On the other hand, Song Xu Yi is in a difficult position to protect herself, so she doesn't want to force herself to stay with a dangerous person; and if Jiang Qian Yu wants to stay with Song Xu Yi, then it will be convenient for Song Xu Yi to carry out her mission afterwards...


Whether Jiang Qian Yu decided to stay or not, Song Xu Yi had a plan to deal with it.


Jiang Qian Yu did not reply immediately.


She stared thoughtfully at Song Xu Yi's hand around her neck and slowly furrowed her brow.


"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone," as she raised her eyes again, Jiang Qian Yu sighed softly, her expression becoming extremely soft, matching her slim body, like a small white flower about to fade in the rain, as if she was pitiable: "After all, Marshal, you warned me just a while ago——"


"I was born to be yours, and I can only be your ghost when I die..."


It's not surprising that Song Xu Yi believes Jiang Qian Yu's bull**.


It must be because Jiang Qian Yu saw that she was still able to suddenly burst out and choke her, and felt that the drug was not perfect enough, so she wanted to stay by her side to further observe the effects of the drug.


But no matter what Jiang Qian Yu's thoughts were, and whether she would find a way to leave afterwards, Song Xu Yi could not care about her for the time being.


In order to survive, Song Xu Yi began to claim illness and plotted with all her might to resign from her position as Marshal.


Because of the drug, Song Xu Yi's strength was less than a tenth of what it was before.

No one suspected her disguised sickness, and her application for resignation was quickly submitted to the Emperor.


The Emperor's reputation has always been mixed among the people, he was extremely suspicious and almost all the important ministers before Song Xu Yi did not end well.

Nevertheless, the Emperor has a secret research facility that has developed a drug  that allows the Alpha to explode into battle several times over...


Such a drug is a life-saver on the battlefield, and with the Emperor firmly in control of the formula and never revealing it, the rest of the Alphas have to tolerate the Emperor's suspicions and doubts in order to increase their chances of survival on the battlefield...


Now that the Emperor is old, his suspicions is becoming more and more serious, and he is becoming more and more dim-witted.

When Song Xu Yi resigned, he did not even pretend to hold back, but simply accepted Song Xu Yi's Marshal's token and approved Song Xu Yi's application for resignation and a pass.


"Xu Yi ah! These planets are mountainous and beautiful, just right for you to go and take an Omega to heal and rest, and later give birth to a new marshal for the Empire..."


Song Xu Yi looked at the unconcealed smile on the old Emperor's face and smiled as she laughed with him, but in her heart she quietly sighed.


Luckily, the original owner didn't see this scene.


Although the original owner was reckless, she really respected the Emperor as a father because of the early death of her biological father.

She knew that the Emperor was jealous of her and did her best to prove her loyalty by fighting for merit, but she never expected that the Emperor would still have no love for her...


But compared to the important officials whose families had been destroyed before, she had ended up in a good place.


After receiving the pass, Song Xu Yi, on the principle that the longer she stayed, the greater the danger, immediately contacted the ship handling company and prepared to move her family to the small, remote planets under her command.


It was only then that Song Xu Yi had the presence of mind to consider Jiang Qian Yu's affairs.


Song Xu Yi had given Jiang Qian Yu plenty of opportunities to leave during this period of time, yet Jiang Qian Yu seemed extremely peaceful and stayed quietly in the Marshal's residence, not really leaving.


This being the case, Song Xu Yi also began to pretend to trust Jiang Qian Yu, treating her as one of her "own".

In order to legitimize Jiang Qian Yu's identity and enable her to operate outside, Song Xu Yi helped Jiang Qian Yu make a fake identity, and since Jiang Qian Yu did not reveal her real name, the system assigned her a random name called "Wang Liu".


Soon, the day of the move arrived.


Song Xu Yi did not take anyone with her, except for a few trusted old servants and Jiang Qian Yu.


Everything else went into the cargo bay and Song Xu Yi led a few people into the VIP room at the front.

The VIP room is unmanned and the doors have an automatic sensor system that releases data based on the person's ID card and age notification.


As soon as Song Xu Yi entered, the machine rang out with a mechanical female voice.


"Song Xu Yi, female, 24 years old."


"Wang Liu, female," the machine paused when it detected Jiang Qian Yu behind Song Xu Yi and continued to ring for a long time, "20 years old, 35 years old...

drip drip drip, system malfunction, system malfunction——"


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