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Villainous Scientist (5)


Song Xu Yi quickly reacted——Huang Fu meant to let her fake her own death.


As long as Song Xu Yi is alive, she will be a thorn in some people's side and will be attacked and killed in endless ways.


The best way to resolve this situation is to let Song Xu Yi "die".


The fact that Song Xu Yi is "dead" means that everything is over and her enemies will no longer come after her, and for Song Xu Yi herself, it will mean a new beginning.


"Thank you Uncle Huang." Song Xu Yi sincerely thanked Huang Fu.


Song Xu Yi originally thought that she would have to pass the test before the people of Blue Star would accept her, but now it seems that this is not the case...

Huang Fu had already planned everything when she boarded this ship...


No wonder the ship that was set to be such a dilapidated craft was suddenly turned into such a shambles, as the ride was destined to be blown up.


"You don't need to be polite," Huang Fu accepted Song Xu Yi's thanks frankly, smiling as he handed her a cup of tea, with the intention of having a long talk: "You are your mother's child anyway, your mother sacrificed her life for Blue Star, of course Blue Star won't leave you behind when you want to go home——"


"But at the same time you have yourself to thank," Huang Fu's tone was full of admiration, "We had originally planned to wait until you arrived at the Blue Star and keep you in semi-confinement in a random place because rumours had it that you were short-sighted, withdrawn and brutal, and likely to bring disaster to the Blue Star...

but after contact we found that you were not what you were rumoured to be, and that's why we gave you the test..."


"You've taken your chance and even shown great talent and intelligence...

There's a military branch of our Blue Star that was designed for you, and you're bound to be even better than you were before you joined..."


The original owner that Song Xu Yi remembers was brutal, but its power was real.

As a top Alpha, the original body was almost unstoppable in battle, and Song Xu Yi cannot think of any way to make herself more powerful than the original owner...


Song Xu Yi felt that Huang Fu's words were exaggerated, but Song Xu Yi was still extremely impressed: after all, her mission was extremely difficult and involved a change in the empire's royal family, all the more so as she needed a strong force to back it up.


One had the intention to recruit, the other needed strength, and the two talked extremely well.

Huang Fu also engaged in a conversation, not telling Song Xu Yi exactly what the secret weapon of the Blue Star was, only saying that she should go and see for herself, and that she would surely be able to detect the surprise when she arrived at the Blue Star.


After the tea was finished and their chat had come to an end, Huang Fu handed Song Xu Yi a few extremely unusual looking black plates to distribute to people she trusted and informed Song Xu Yi of the purpose of these plates.


There are spies on the ship, Huang Fu has locked these people, and when they go through the wormhole, only those who have the token will be awakened by the system robot, and these people have ten minutes to transfer to another ship, and this ship will be operated by the system to send the unawakened people back to the wormhole and crash into a meteorite...


Each ship has a specific box to record its location, and information about the accident is returned to the Empire instantly after the ship hits a meteorite, and no one who has had an accident in the middle of a wormhole throughout history has ever come out alive, and the entire ship is declared dead.


"It's strange that the suspicious Emperor didn't send someone to keep an eye on me..."


"There are two old servants around you who have been spies for many years, the rest of them have relatively innocent origins." Huang Fu told Song Xu Yi the names of these two, and after a moment's hesitation, gave her another plate, "And that beloved Omega of yours, she actually married you as a replacement.

The strange thing is how we couldn't find out where she came from, she seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, the first place she appeared was a sea area of the Imperial Star, she was rescued by an Omega called Zhou Sui on the beach, later Zhou Sui was captured, the Emperor wanted to give Zhou Sui to you, but he0 secretly let her go and let her marry you in his place..."


Song Xu Yi didn't expect Jiang Qian Yu to know the male lead, Zhou Sui, and seemed to have a very close friendship with him...


This is really unexpected for Song Xu Yi.


"This Omega of yours may be more powerful than you think," Huang Fu weighed his words and studied Song Xu Yi's expression, "but we are not at liberty to interfere in your relationship matters, and you are the one who has the most contact with her, so it is up to you to decide..."




Song Xu Yi took the plate and went downstairs.


She first found a reason to go and see a few servants alone who had no problems and gave them the plates.

These servants were trained by the original owner militaristically and without any explanation from Song Xu Yi, they hid the plates close to them and promised not to let anyone else see them.


Finally, Song Xu Yi returned to the room with the remaining piece of plate.


Song Xu Yi returned early and Jiang Qian Yu had not yet gone to bed.

She sat wrapped in a blanket in front of the window, silently looking out at the space outside.


Song Xu Yi also didn't understand why Jiang Qian Yu enjoyed the sight of space so much and didn't get bored of it for so long.


She gripped the plate in her hand, her brow furrowed slightly, unsure of the method she should use to give it to Jiang Qian Yu.


The system gave Song Xu Yi an idea: "Why don't you give it to her as a gift"


"What kind of gift can this plate be" Song Xu Yi frowned tightly, "And the original owner had given her many expensive things before, Jiang Qian Yu didn't even look at them..."


The system sighed sadly, "Then why not...

just don't give it to her!"


"If she is gone, there will be no one to overthrow the emperor, then the female lead, Zhao Man, will not die in battle, and maybe your mission will be accomplished..."


"How could it be that simple" Song Xu Yi hung her head and spoke softly, "If one Jiang Qian Yu falls, there will be countless other Jiang Qian Yu who will rise up, and the one who overthrows the Emperor is not actually Jiang Qian Yu, but the millions of Omega and Beta behind her..."


The system listened with seeming understanding, but understood that Song Xu Yi still wanted to leave Jiang Qian Yu alive: "Then what do you plan to do"


Song Xu Yi pursed her lips, her eyes narrowed as she looked towards the hibernation pod where Jiang Qian Yu rested at night.


"Attention all cabins, attention all cabins, the ship will be arriving at the wormhole in half an hour, please enter the hibernation pods as soon as possible..."


The robot's mechanical announcement sounded in every room of the ship.


Song Xu Yi got into the hibernation pod, before closing the hatch Song Xu Yi glanced out, Jiang Qian Yu had already entered the hibernation pod, the hatch was slowly closing...


Song Xu Yi breathed a sigh of relief, remembering the plate she had tucked inside Jiang Qian Yu's pillow, and closed her eyes in peace...


Huang Fu's plan is so elaborate that Song Xu Yi cannot tell Jiang Qian Yu about his plans, so she can only use this method.


Little did she know that shortly after she closed her eyes, the hatch of Jiang Qian Yu's hibernation pod was about to close when Jiang Qian Yu suddenly opened her eyes, frowned and fished something out of her pillow, glanced at Song Xu Yi's hibernation pod in an unpredictable manner, hesitated for a moment and finally dropped the object outside the pod...


Staying asleep in the hibernation pods can reduce the consumption of human functions.

During the two-day wormhole voyage, Song Xu Yi had a long dream: she seemed...

to dream once again of her own memories.


It was a memory that was both happy and painful.


Song Xu Yi sees a little girl who had a wonderful family and loving parents, but when she was nine years old, everything came to an abrupt end...


After the death of her parents in a car accident, her grandfather suffered a heart attack and died of a debilitating illness, leaving her with only a grandmother to take care of Song Xu Yi.


Every year, Song Xu Yi's grandmother would take Song Xu Yi to the cliff where her parents had an accident to pay respects, and when Song Xu Yi's grandmother became ill when she was 15 years old, Song Xu Yi went to the cliff alone.

The weather was gloomy and it seemed to be raining heavily, and Song Xu Yi was about to go home after burning paper money when she found a bloodstained hand climbing up the cliff...


The dream came to an abrupt end at that moment.


Song Xu Yi was suddenly struck by an electric shock, her body was sore, along with the system sound of "Hatch open, please leave the ship as soon as possible...", Song Xu Yi opened her eyes, the hatch of the hibernation pod above had gradually opened...


Remembering that she only had ten minutes to spare, Song Xu Yi hurriedly climbed up from the hibernation pod and was about to run out of the room when she suddenly stopped in her tracks...


——Jiang Qian Yu's pod hatch is still closed.


What happened


Song Xu Yi frowned and ran to Jiang Qian Yu's hibernation pod, through the translucent glass, inside Jiang Qian Yu was sleeping peacefully, like a princess in a fairy tale...


And a black plate was dropped on the ground next to the hibernation pod...


Song Xu Yi's heart went cold and she hurriedly ran over and manually switched on the hibernation pod.


The hatch slowly opened, however, Song Xu Yi called Jiang Qian Yu several times but Jiang Qian Yu did not wake up...


Seeing that time was running out, Song Xu Yi gritted her teeth and simply picked up Jiang Qian Yu on her back and ran in the direction of the deck——


Jiang Qian Yu is not heavy, if the original owner was here, even one hand could easily lift Jiang Qian Yu, however, the current one is Song Xu Yi who has transformed into an Omega...


The passage between the two airships was located on the ground floor, everyone had already gone to the opposite airship, and only Song Xu Yi was left awake on this side of the airship.


The sound of "tick-tock" above her head sounded like a life sentence, and Song Xu Yi was sweating profusely as she desperately ran forward, the only sound that could be heard in the whole space was the "thud" of Song Xu Yi's strenuous running.


The "thud" sound was like a trembling drumbeat, pounding heavily on one's eardrums, even penetrating the sound of the waves that haunted the dream world, awakening the sleeping Jiang Qian Yu...


Jiang Qian Yu opened her eyes: the bright star in the distance emitted an ancient light, the orange light shone on the dark hair of the person in front of her, the tips of her hair tickled a little on her face, the faint fragrance of citrus orange lingered beside her, a smell she had long been accustomed to...


Looking at the lofty and beautiful new airship not far ahead, Jiang Qian Yu thought clearly about the circumstances leading up to it in an instant.


She originally thought that the plate that was put into the hibernation pod was Song Xu Yi's attempt to trap her...


Jiang Qian Yu looked at the sweat on Song Xu Yi's cheeks with a complicated gaze and pursed her lips.


Little did anyone know that Jiang Qian Yu was actually extremely fond of the smell of citrusy orange pheromone.


It's a very different kind of pleasure from doing research.


But she knew that Song Xu Yi was not happy when she was half forced to make research observations on her.


Why would Song Xu Yi save her




And in a wobbly moment, Song Xu Yi finally ran through the passage.


At almost the same moment she stepped onto the deck, there was a loud bang behind her, the passage broke in the middle, and the abandoned ship with the broken passage and the dying people on board, like a bird with only one wing left, flew towards the depths of the wormhole, about to collide with a dazzling spark...



And a new life, too, unfolds in such bright sparkling celebration...


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