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Villainous Scientist (6)


Once on board the new ship, which was still about three or four days away from the Blue Star, everyone had their own cabin because of its size, and Song Xu Yi's room finally had the appearance of a VIP cabin with much better facilities.


Not long after boarding the new ship, an obituary notice was sent to the entire Empire on the AI computer: former Marshal Song Xu Yi had died in an interstellar accident.


The people of the Empire had long since seen such things and few of those who had reached high positions under the current Emperor had ended up in good health.


No one knew that Song Xu Yi, who had been pronounced dead, was overjoyed that she would no longer have to share a room with Jiang Qian Yu.


Jiang Qian Yu was put in the room next to Song Xu Yi.


Song Xu Yi happily followed the crew to her room, not noticing the ambiguous glances of the crew member leading the way, who was looking at a certain part of the wall...


After the crew left, Song Xu Yi relaxed completely, humming happily, drawing the curtains, taking a bath in the large bathtub in her room, and then lying down on her bed in a happy mood and falling happily asleep——


She finally no longer had to sleep to the sound of lapping waves every day, and she no longer had to fear that she would wake up tied up by Jiang Qian Yu...


Unbeknownst to Song Xu Yi, a door opened silently in the middle of the night, and a small figure walked through the door and into Song Xu Yi's room...


Everyone saw the picture of Song Xu Yi carrying Jiang Qian Yu to the airship despite his life and death and it left an impression in everyone's mind that Song Xu Yi loved Jiang Qian Yu so much that the crew specially arranged for the two to be in the couple's suite and gossiped about how Jiang Qian Yu could repay Song Xu Yi: the wall of the room was just a decoration not only was it not soundproof but there was a secret door in the wall and Jiang Qian Yu could definitely please Song Xu Yi if she snuck through at night…


Jiang Qian Yu did not pay attention to the crew member's words at first.


She entered the room and went to sleep, but somehow she was restless and couldn't even think about her drug data, and her mind kept going back to Song Xu Yi's face when she was carrying her.


All these years, all humans, be they Alpha, Beta or Omega, male, female or young, were no different in Jiang Qian Yu's eyes, she only had her own research and goal in mind——to make the high and mighty Alpha fall into the mud and suffer the humiliation that the Omega's had endured.



However, Jiang Qian Yu finds herself thinking about Song Xu Yi's face.


That face was very fair and tender to the touch, like a freshly shelled egg, with beautiful almond-shaped eyes, a small nose and rounded cheeks, and even when she frowned in anger, she carried a bit of innocent cuteness.


Jiang Qian Yu could not help but recall the rumours she had heard in the past: because she was too young and beautiful, in order to establish her authority in the army, Song Xu Yi was very brutal in her fighting methods, harsh to her subordinates, and ruled the army completely by brutal means.


However, Song Xu Yi's behaviour during this period was completely different from the rumours.

She was gentle but extremely resilient, never frustrated even when she was bullied to the extreme, and always smiled at people...


Jiang Qian Yu had almost forgotten what Song Xu Yi looked like when she first came into contact with her.


When did she start thinking about Song Xu Yi


Perhaps it was the night she tried to mark her, but she was turned into an Omega by her own drug, perhaps because of the interference of pheromones, Jiang Qian Yu touched this woman whom she had always hated...


And since then, her own eyes have been drawn more and more to Song Xu Yi...


"La la la la..."


An off-key voice suddenly rang out next door, breaking Jiang Qian Yu's contemplation.

As the crew had said, the two rooms were soundproof like nothing, and Jiang Qian Yu could clearly hear the activities next door.


Jiang Qian Yu frowned, listening to the sound of water and singing from next door, and wanted to interrupt the singing which was not in tune, but listening to the obvious cheerfulness in Song Xu Yi's voice, Jiang Qian Yu's eyebrows jumped, but finally held back.


As she lay in the hibernation pod with her eyes closed, she counted the number of times Song Xu Yi's song was out of tune, and her depressed mood dissipated a little, her mind becoming more peaceful than ever...


Jiang Qian Yu doesn't know when she fell asleep.


For the first time, her sleep was not accompanied by the sound of the waves.


Yet it didn't take long for Jiang Qian Yu to awaken from her sleep again, staring wide-eyed in the darkness——


Jiang Qian Yu did not expect to have that familiar yet unfamiliar dream again.


Many times Jiang Qian Yu woke up from her dreams with a hidden pain of longing in her chest.


It was not long ago that Jiang Qian Yu dreamt that she had fallen off a cliff while teaching in the mountains...


Jiang Qian Yu scoffed at the one in her dream, her life had only ever believed in strength, only the weak would die for someone...

After finding out that her dream self had fallen off the cliff, Jiang Qian Yu thought that the dream that had tormented her for so long had come to an end, and indeed as she had expected, she had not had any dreams related to it all this time ...


Yet just now, Jiang Qian Yu had this dream again.


In the dream, Jiang Qian Yu miraculously perceived the last memory of her dream self before she died: she was pushed down on the road and fell into an embrace, she tilted her head up and met a pair of beautiful eyes...


Jiang Qian Yu recognised them at once: they were Song Xu Yi's eyes!


Jiang Qian Yu didn't know why she recognised Song Xu Yi's eyes.


However, after waking up, Jiang Qian Yu could no longer sleep, her heart was filled with anxiety, a sense of something out of control, and when she reacted, she had already arrived at Song Xu Yi's room.


Jiang Qian Yu looked at Song Xu Yi for a long time in the darkness.


The sleeping Song Xu Yi looked extremely gentle and quiet, she seemed to be like this at all times, gentle and soft like dough without edges, but underneath the gentle surface, there was an indescribable warmth in her body...


Jiang Qian Yu raised her hand, but at that moment, she was inexplicably afraid to reach out and touch Song Xu Yi's cheek...


The other day, when she was studying Song Xu Yi's glands, she dared to recklessly bring tears to Song Xu Yi's eyes, but now she had to be careful even when touching her...


Why does this emotion arise


Jiang Qian Yu could sense that something was changing, something beyond her perception, but what people in research are best at is seeking truth and analysis, Jiang Qian Yu pursed her lips and tried to analyze the reason for her change of heart.


At the beginning, Jiang Qian Yu really had no intention of staying with Song Xu Yi.


Jiang Qian Yu gave Song Xu Yi the drug, partly to test its effectiveness, and partly because she was disgusted by Song Xu Yi's coveting and wanted her to stop pestering her, and to remove a powerful opponent for her plan to subvert the Alpha, but clearly she had fallen from the top to the bottom, and in the face of her own experimentation, Song Xu Yi's eyes were not sullen, but vibrant like the rising sun in the morning ...


This even caused Jiang Qian Yu to feel confused, thinking that the drug had lost its effectiveness on Song Xu Yi.


So Jiang Qian Yu followed Song Xu Yi onto the airship, desperate to verify whether Song Xu Yi had turned into an Omega or not, and had planned to leave after researching the problem with Song Xu Yi——


However, it turns out that Song Xu Yi has really turned into an Omega——



Only, she had turned into an Omega that would interfere with Jiang Qian Yu's emotions.




Is it the pheromones


Jiang Qian Yu tightened her eyebrows in the darkness: driven by instinct because she liked the citrus-orange pheromones in Song Xu Yi's body, she began to be distracted by Song Xu Yi...


But Jiang Qian Yu vaguely felt that this was not the case.


Yet exactly what it was because of, Jiang Qian Yu couldn't say...


But what was certain was that Song Xu Yi could no longer be used as a test subject.


Jiang Qian Yu pursed her lips: remembering that she would no longer see Song Xu Yi looking at her with tears in her eyes, her heart inexplicably felt some regret.


However, Jiang Qian Yu thinks she is not a good person, but she always repays favours.

Because Zhou Sui's parents were kind to her, she entered the Marshal's residence instead of Zhou Sui, and now Song Xu Yi has saved her...


Jiang Qian Yu can't think of anything she can do for Song Xu Yi, who seems to be lacking in everything...


But just because it's like this now doesn't mean it will be like this in the future.


"Then let's stay by Song Xu Yi's side for now!"


Jiang Qian Yu finally made a decision, silently hooking her lips in the darkness, the inexplicable anxiety in her heart abruptly dropped, and her mood suddenly became pleasant: "There will always be a day to repay this kindness that saved my life..."


Song Xu Yi was unaware of this turn of events during the night.


The system did know that Jiang Qian Yu had been here, but because Jiang Qian Yu was always studying Song Xu Yi's glands, Song Xu Yi was afraid that the system would see these shameful images, so she set the system to automatically go into a small dark room when she saw Jiang Qian Yu, so the system did not know what had happened after coming out of the small dark room, and according to experience, it automatically thought that Jiang Qian Yu was studying Song Xu Yi's glands, and for the sake of Song Xu Yi's dignity, the system thoughtfully did not mention this  matter...


Song Xu Yi had a good sleep and woke up the next day without seeing Jiang Qian Yu, so her mood became better.

She happily sang and changed her clothes and went out for breakfast, but she happened to run into Jiang Qian Yu just after she opened the door...


"Good morning." Song Xu Yi greeted dryly.


However, Jiang Qian Yu did not do anything else, but just gave Song Xu Yi a light glance before walking ahead of her.


Song Xu Yi was relieved: Jiang Qian Yu had always acted with a strong sense of purpose, and when they had lived together before, if she hadn't wanted to conduct research, Jiang Qian Yu had always treated her as if she were air...

This should be a coincidence...


However, in the following days, Song Xu Yi would run into Jiang Qian Yu during meals.


Once or twice is a coincidence, so many times is just too much of a coincidence!


Song Xu Yi began to doubt her judgment somewhat, until the day the ship arrived at the Blue Star -


Across the room, Jiang Qian Yu seemed to have accidentally dropped a cup while packing her luggage.


It was only after hearing the crisp "clang" across the room that Song Xu Yi realised that the sound insulation in these two rooms was so poor...


Thinking about her off-key singing in the past two days, Song Xu Yi was so embarrassed that she wanted to burrow into the ground...


At that moment, the ship landed on the Blue Star.


The first thing that came into view was the large mech statue that towered into the clouds, its silvery white battle armour shining in the sunlight...



"Welcome to the Mecha Capital!"


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