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Villainous Scientist (7)


The Empire also had mechs however, the Empire's mechs were not able to withstand the slime corrosion of the insects and were heavy and slow to operate.

They were not used on a large scale on the battlefield and relied mainly on the Alpha to manipulate heavy weapons to attack the insects.


There was a suspicion in Song Xu Yi's mind: perhaps it was to limit the rise of Beta and Omega and to maintain the absolute power of Alpha that the combat weapons of the Imperial Star were so primitive...


But the Blue Star's mechs didn't look the same.


The materials used in Blue Star's mechs seemed to be extremely light and thin, allowing them to be relatively agile, and the joints were designed to be as dexterous as a human being...


"This is the secret of the Blue Star that your mother guarded with her life.

Blue Gold is a metal that only we have on the Blue Star, and it can resist the insects' slime and is extremely resistant to corrosion..." Huang Fu knocked on the arm of the mech and introduced it to Song Xu Yi with pride in his eyes.


Song Xu Yi tilted her head and looked at the majestic mecha in front of her, and all of the previous questions came together, no wonder Huang Fu wanted her to answer the questions: manipulating the mecha required a certain amount of physical strength, even though her strength was greatly reduced, her physical strength was considered outstanding among the Omegas.

For example, you have to anticipate the point of impact of the mech's joints, determine the limit of the mech's force and use the smallest movement to inflict more damage on the enemy...


Huang Fu was right, she was the best person for this particular combat!


And the mechs can also make Song Xu Yi more powerful than before, with the power of the mechs as a backing...


Song Xu Yi was so enthusiastic that she didn't even have time to go to the house Huang Fu had arranged for her, and followed Huang Fu to the military school to register.


The military school is specially designed to provide talents for the army, the most important of which is the mecha major, the mecha major students will be trained in the school for two years and then go to the battlefield to deploy a mecha battle team.


Huang Fu had already told the Mecha Academy about Song Xu Yi's previous studies and the Mecha Battle Team arranged an examination for Song Xu Yi in accordance with the usual practice.

Song Xu Yi completed the theory paper with a perfect score and received a "good" rating on the physical examination.

She was soon awarded a certificate of admission to the Mecha Academy and was admitted to the school with the rest of the new students a week later.


"It's up to you how far you can get in school in the future," Huang Fu patted Song Xu Yi's shoulder hard, "In two years, I look forward to seeing you in the army and showing me the might of my Blue Star's Marshal Song Xu Yi..."


Unlike the Empire, where the Emperor was a dictator and the Alpha families held the upper echelons of the hierarchy, the position of Marshal of Blue Star had been vacant since the death of Song Xu Yi's mother, and had been handled by a few admirals chosen by Song Xu Yi's mother who deliberated on all matters of the planet and were monitored by the people...


It was only then that Song Xu Yi learned that Huang Fu was one of the admirals of the Blue Star, responsible for the selection of military personnel.


"There will come a day like that."


Song Xu Yi stood at attention and saluted, her mind passing through the memories of the original owner's Omega locked up in the backyard, the hideous insects on the battlefield, the smoke that never seemed to dissipate...

A feeling of pride suddenly arose in her heart——


During the years of war, they used their blood as the brush and their indomitable ink to hold up the backbone of the nation and write a bloody romance amidst the gunfire and smoke.


In her original world, Song Xu Yi would have had many concerns...


However, she is now in a mission world...


Song Xu Yi squinted her eyes at the mecha sculpture in the middle of the mecha school and slightly narrowed her eyes.


A good wind often lends strength to send me to the clouds!


With her admission certificate in hand, Song Xu Yi happily took Huang Fu's flying vehicle back to her home in Blue Star.


Huang Fu arranged a two-storey villa for Song Xu Yi, and in order to conceal Song Xu Yi's identity, he declared that Song Xu Yi was his long-lost niece.


When they finally returned to Blue Star, Huang Fu's heart settled and he arranged a table of good wine and good food for Song Xu Yi.


Even though she had become an Omega, some of Song Xu Yi's body's qualities remained the same, such as her ability to drink——


After three rounds of wine, Huang Fu's face was red and his eyes were scattered as he pulled Song Xu Yi into a sobbing rant, while Song Xu Yi's cheeks were slightly red but she was still very conscious.


Huang Fu was only a teenager when Song Xu Yi's mother married her father and went to the Imperial Star.

The teenager took on the responsibility of his family and country overnight and had to take the weak planet to the road of strength, his thin shoulders became a little stronger, and after countless trials and tribulations, he finally lived up to Song Xu Yi's mother's wishes and created a strong Blue Star together with his companions...


During this process, fearing that his sudden death would deter her marriage, Huang Fu never married all these years, and spent all his energy on handling the affairs of Blue Star...


Huang Fu must have been holding these words in his heart for many years, so he couldn't stop talking about it.

Song Xu Yi didn't get impatient at all, and listened quietly to Huang Fu's words until he finally collapsed on the table and was carried home by his adjutant...


It was already late at night and after sending Huang Fu away, Song Xu Yi returned to her room and was about to clean up the mess on the table when she saw a figure already standing next to the table.


Jiang Qian Yu was hanging her head and carefully cleaning up the cups and plates on the table.


——Why was Jiang Qian Yu at her house


For a moment, Song Xu Yi thought she was hallucinating, but only after a long time did she come to her senses and hurriedly went to help...


"I'm going to school now, so I may not have much time to look after you," Song Xu Yi said softly as she cleaned up the cups and dishes, even though she knew that Jiang Qian Yu was scarier than anyone else, she could only pretend that she knew nothing about it and continued: "What I promised you some time ago is still true.

If you find someone you like, I'll send you off with a beautiful wedding, if you don't find someone you like, it's okay, I have a lot of properties under my name, the last thing I need is money, I can support you in all your preferred activities..."


Song Xu Yi hopes immensely that Jiang Qian Yu will develop an interest other than the study of drugs.

Perhaps after feeling the beauty of the world, Jiang Qian Yu will gradually reconcile with it...


"Then, thank you, Marshal!"


Song Xu Yi originally thought that Jiang Qian Yu would not pay attention to her, however, to Song Xu Yi's surprise, Jiang Qian Yu turned her head and looked at Song Xu Yi, her gaze swept past Song Xu Yi to look at a certain place on the cabinet behind Song Xu Yi, and slightly curved her lips: "I will think about it——"


Song Xu Yi originally wanted to say something else, but did not expect Jiang Qian Yu to agree so quickly, Song Xu Yi choked and could only change the subject: "Also, now I am a dead man in the hearts of the people of the Imperial Star, and the Blue Star does not have such a strong hierarchy, we will be friends from now on, you should not call me Marshal anymore, call me...



"——Xu Yi," before Song Xu Yi could finish the sentence 'call me by my name directly', Jiang Qian Yu had already turned her head in a serious manner and looked at Song Xu Yi seriously: "My name is Jiang Qian Yu."


This is the first time Jiang Qian Yu has revealed her name...


Song Xu Yi's eyes widened as she tried to restrain her shock, her heart was in shock, yet meeting Jiang Qian Yu's gaze, Song Xu Yi could only squeeze out a smile on her face: "Your name is beautiful."


"This is the first time I've heard someone say that, maybe someone said it before and I don't remember," Jiang Qian Yu arched her eyes and touched Song Xu Yi's face, "Everyone who knew my name before has died..."


"But don't be afraid," Jiang Qian Yu curled her lips, no longer deliberately putting on a soft face in front of Song Xu Yi, and raised her head proudly, "Since you said we are friends, of course I will try to protect you..."


Song Xu Yi had very mixed feelings about being declared a friend by Jiang Qian Yu: she vaguely guessed that the reason why Jiang Qian Yu declared so was because she had saved her, which proved from the side that Jiang Qian Yu's villainous personality was not irredeemable, at least she was someone who knew how to repay her kindness.


However, Song Xu Yi was more regretful afterwards: for when Song Xu Yi was about to fall asleep after her bath that night, Jiang Qian Yu knocked on the door of Song Xu Yi's room and carried her quilt into Song Xu Yi's room.


Jiang Qian Yu said that she was afraid of the dark at night, and as a friend, she wanted to sleep in the same room with Song Xu Yi.


Song Xu Yi didn't believe her——if she was afraid of the dark, she wouldn't have been able to live in the dark container of the black ship in the past...


Subconsciously, Song Xu Yi tried to refuse.


After Jiang Qian Yu's research, Song Xu Yi was extremely sensitive to the smell of Jiang Qian Yu's pheromones.

If Jiang Qian Yu slept in the same bed with her, Song Xu Yi was afraid that she would be influenced by her pheromones and do something unforgivable...


However, before Song Xu Yi could say the words of refusal, Jiang Qian Yu had already carried the quilt in and walked straight around Song Xu Yi's bed, putting the quilt pillow in the bedroom's closet.


Because she had just moved in, Song Xu Yi's closet didn't have any clothes in it, so Jiang Qian Yu seemed to have targeted this place long ago, sat in and left the closet open a door, curled up to sleep and closed her eyes: "Good night, Xu Yi!"


"Good night."


Jiang Qian Yu hated the Alphas and the Emperor so much, was there any connection to this


Soon, the sound of Jiang Qian Yu's breathing in the closet gradually became even...


As she listened to Jiang Qian Yu's breathing, Song Xu Yi's mind also gradually flushed with sleepiness, she vaguely felt as if she had overlooked something, but could not recall it, and finally a deep sleepiness came over her, and Song Xu Yi also fell into dreamland.


But Song Xu Yi didn't know: Jiang Qian Yu abruptly opened her eyes in the middle of the night, she took out a drug and stabbed it into her own arm with no expression in the hazy moonlight...




The next day when she got up, Song Xu Yi found that Jiang Qian Yu was no longer inside the closet.


Song Xu Yi looked at the empty closet and remembered after the fact that Jiang Qian Yu hadn't listened to the sound of the waves while she was sleeping last night!


Was it because Jiang Qian Yu had gotten rid of her dependence on the sound of the waves, or was she afraid of disturbing her


If it was the first possibility: Song Xu Yi remembered some of the psychological knowledge she had learned in the last world, that some psychological traumas could be healed through specific treatments.


If Jiang Qian Yu's psychological trauma was cured, perhaps she would not do the things she did in the plot summary afterwards...


Song Xu Yi changed her clothes, washed up and went downstairs.

When she had breakfast, she was told by the old maid that Jiang Qian Yu had already left early in the morning.


Did Jiang Qian Yu know someone on the Blue Star


But at present, Song Xu Yi did not have the strength to spy on Jiang Qian Yu's movements.


Since she was new to Blue Star, she had to go through all kinds of formalities and was out for a day, but when she returned in the evening, she found that Jiang Qian Yu had not yet returned.


If she had been at the Imperial Star, Song Xu Yi would have been worried about Jiang Qian Yu's late return, but this day at the Blue Star, she had seen Omegas walking around the streets, and remembering Jiang Qian Yu's strength, Song Xu Yi was not worried about those who dared to trouble her.


Through these encounters with both Alpha and Omega, Song Xu Yi had also determined: she seemed to have completely turned into an Omega.


She could not smell the pheromones of other Omegas, and probably because she was once an Alpha, Song Xu Yi was not attracted to Alphas, and even vaguely repelled the other's pheromones...


Only Jiang Qian Yu's pheromones could give Song Xu Yi an irresistible urge, which was a good thing for Song Xu Yi: at least she could avoid being suppressed by an Alpha...


As for Jiang Qian Yu's side, Jiang Qian Yu is still relatively disciplined these days, and she is about to start school, and the boarding school only has summer and winter vacations, so maybe by the time she goes on vacation, Jiang Qian Yu will have lost interest in her...


This night, Jiang Qian Yu came back close to 9pm, Song Xu Yi thought Jiang Qian Yu would go back to her own room, however, just after closing the door, there was a knock at the door, Jiang Qian Yu, who had just washed her hair, hugged the quilt pillow and slept in Song Xu Yi's closet once again...


The week passed quickly.


Jiang Qian Yu seemed to be having fun at Blue Star, leaving early and returning late every day, and invariably sleeping in Song Xu Yi's closet every night, but never playing the sound of the waves again.


On the morning of the first day of school, Song Xu Yi woke up early in the morning.


When Song Xu Yi was leaving, Jiang Qian Yu was still sleeping in her closet, and Song Xu Yi didn't want to disturb her, so she left a card for the housekeeper to give to Jiang Qian Yu, and then went to school alone.


At the start of the new year, the main road of the academy was filled with various welcome stations for the new students, the coolest of which was the mecha major, which released a shiny silver mecha directly from its capsule, attracting the attention of everyone passing by.


Each year, the mecha majors have the lowest enrollment and receive the best elite education on Blue Star, each one is almost an important talent for the future of Blue Star, so when Song Xu Yi walked up to the line of mecha majors, she immediately welcomed the attention of a large group of people.


This girl was so young and pretty, could she handle the heavy and boring mecha training




Song Xu Yi, however, ignored the stares of these people.

She received her campus card and dormitory key without being condescending, thanked the seniors for accompanying her, and carried her luggage into the dormitory building.


The dormitory building was divided according to attributes, with the Alpha in a separate building and the Omega and Beta in a single building.

The rooms were two-person rooms, with two small single beds side by side, two closets and a small vanity, but nothing else.


Song Xu Yi's ID card showed that her status was Alpha, and even though she had now been changed to Omega by Jiang Qian Yu's drug, the properties of her ID card had not changed, so Song Xu Yi was still classified as an Alpha.


In any case, the pheromones of the other Alpha's have no effect on Song Xu Yi, so Song Xu Yi is not at all afraid to mix with the rest of the Alpha's.


Song Xu Yi quickly packed up her bed, and at that moment footsteps came from the door, Song Xu Yi thought to greet her new roommate to leave a good impression, and looked up with a smile, "Hello, I'm Song——"


The next words were stuck in her throat——


Jiang Qian Yu was standing in the doorway with her suitcase in tow, smiling and looking towards Song Xu Yi——


"I know, you're Song Xu Yi..."


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