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Villainous Scientist (8)


"What are you doing here"


Song Xu Yi's entire body was dumbfounded as she watched Jiang Qian Yu walk in with her suitcase in full view and sit on the bed next to hers.


"I'm here for school," Jiang Qian Yu's smile looked extremely natural: "I've got an identity card from Blue Star in the past few days..."


She blinked her pretty eyes and looked very innocent as she handed her ID and admission letter to Song Xu Yi with a small look of anticipation in her eyes, "I don't know what happened.

I somehow became an Alpha, and then I found myself in this dormitory just after registration..."


"What a coincidence, Xu Yi, I'm in the same dorm as you!"




Song Xu Yi tugged at her lips and didn't think it was a coincidence at all: so many irrational things had piled up together, and she had to be brain-dead to think it was all a coincidence!


She looked at the notice with "medical school" written on it handed over by Jiang Qian Yu with complicated eyes, and then looked at the room card in Jiang Qian Yu's hand and felt nothing but despair for a while.


"System, I really...

have never seen such a brazen person!"


"It's okay, Xu Yi, you have to believe that you can get through this," the system's voice sounded extremely optimistic, "We have to look on the bright side, now that she's in school, she definitely doesn't have that much time to research those harmful drugs...



"Besides," the system's voice gradually lowered, "it's not the first time you've encountered someone so brazen..."


Song Xu Yi didn't clearly hear the words that followed the system because Jiang Qian Yu across the room didn't know how to restrain herself at all, she even had the face to poke her head over and ask Song Xu Yi, "Are you happy that we will be in the same dormitory in the future, Xu Yi"


Song Xu Yi pulled the corners of her lips and looked at her flawless face for a moment and wanted to put a pillow on Jiang Qian Yu's face...


Song Xu Yi has not been in such a grumpy mood for a long time.


The smile on the corner of Jiang Qian Yu's mouth gradually faded away as she looked at the silent Song Xu Yi and opened her mouth, just about to say something——


The sound of hurried footsteps came from outside, and a group of people pushed open the door of the room and sauntered in.


"I was told there was a woman in this dorm of yours who ranked number one on the Alpha list of physical ability tests"


"Heh, so crazy right after entering the school, dare to come out and compete with me"


The leader was a tall woman with arrogant red dyed hair, the woman had prominent black tattoos on her arms, nose piercings, and released aggressive Alpha pheromones in a highly unfriendly manner as soon as she entered.


Song Xu Yi felt the pressure of her opponent's pheromones and frowned slightly: the original owner was the number one Alpha in the ranking, but now Song Xu Yi's strength was only the strength of the most ordinary Alpha, which was considered powerful compared to Omega and Beta, but compared to the powerful Alpha, Song Xu Yi's current strength was not enough.


Although the woman in front of her looked unsuspecting, her raging pheromones showed that her strength was not weak.


Who revealed her information


In the past few days, Song Xu Yi had studied the laws of the Blue Star.

The Blue Star had extremely harsh restrictions on the Alpha, forbidding the Alpha from bullying the Beta and Omega in all aspects, but not restricting the Alpha from provoking another Alpha...


Song Xu Yi wasn't prepared for a fight, but she didn't expect this provocation to come so suddenly!


A moment of silence fell.


When the red haired woman saw that no one was paying attention to her, she glanced left and right at the two people in the room, and when she saw Song Xu Yi's appearance, she visibly froze, and when she saw Jiang Qian Yu on the side, the woman's eyes instantly brightened up, and she put away the boisterous expression on her face, and a blush appeared on her cheeks that was visible to the naked eye.


"My name is Chen Xi, I'm your second year senior, a student of the Heavy Blade Department, and currently the Alpha of the overall ranking goes to Song Xu Yi", her tone had become much more polite: "I heard that you're the most powerful in this entering freshman class, so I thought I'd come and meet you a bit——"


"How about this! I'll let you have ten moves," Chen Xi's eyes fell back on Jiang Qian Yu, her eyes dodging a little as she coughed dryly, "But if you lose, I...

I'll switch dormitories with you..."


Song Xu Yi's eyes widened, she didn't think there was such a good thing!


Jiang Qian Yu's strength was unpredictable, against an Alpha of Chen Xi's strength, if the two of them lived together, Song Xu Yi could already anticipate their life after sharing a room...


Song Xu Yi could barely hold back her laughter at the thought of such a scenario...



She looked up at Chen Xi and was about to admit defeat and move out of the dormitory, when a voice rang out from the side——


"I think you're probably mistaken about one thing——" Jiang Qian Yu's face sank at some point, and she stood up slowly, her eyes narrowing as she stood in front of Chen Xi, who was a head taller than her, and lifted her eyes expressionlessly.


"The one who ranked first in the Alpha list of physical fitness when she enrolled, it's me!"


Song Xu Yi had never thought that the soft and sickly looking Jiang Qian Yu was that strong.


Not only Song Xu Yi, but also almost all the Alpha's who had watched the whole fight had a chill in their hearts when they saw Jiang Qian Yu's fighting style: she didn't even release her pheromone pressure, but her speed and strength were almost beyond human capabilities, so fast that it was like a streak of shadow.


Song Xu Yi was staggered: even if the original owner was here in her prime, it would have been a fierce battle against Jiang Qian Yu, and she would probably have lost.


"Still want to fight"



By now her opponent had fallen, but Jiang Qian Yu had no intention of resting.

She crouched down, ignoring the panic in Chen Xi's eyes, and with one hand, she choked the neck of Chen Xi, who was already unable to move, and slowly lifted the person up with narrowed eyes——


"That's enough!"


Seeing that Chen Xi had already rolled her eyes, and fearing that someone would die, the people around her did not dare to step forward, Song Xu Yi could only walk into the battle circle and pull Jiang Qian Yu's hand.


Jiang Qian Yu turned her head to look at Song Xu Yi, released her grip on Chen Xi's neck, and threw Chen Xi to the ground like a rag.


Fearing that things might get too big, Song Xu Yi hurriedly looked down to see Chen Xi's condition.

Chen Xi was lying on the ground, coughing desperately, her face completely devoid of blood, without a trace of her previous overbearing appearance...


But Chen Xi was not seriously hurt except for the shock, so Song Xu Yi was relieved and turned back to look at Jiang Qian Yu, only to find that the crowd had spread out and Jiang Qian Yu had already walked down to the dormitory building...


Song Xu Yi realised after the fact that Jiang Qian Yu...

seemed to be angry.



hadn't she been fine before




This is Song Xu Yi arriving at the dormitory.


It had been almost an hour, Jiang Qian Yu's anger should have almost subsided, right


However, when she pushed open her dormitory door, Song Xu Yi realised that she had optimistically estimated the situation——from the cool glance Jiang Qian Yu gave her, Song Xu Yi could conclude that Jiang Qian Yu was still angry.


Song Xu Yi could only try to reduce her presence, and walked into the dormitory and sat down on her bed with her eyes and nose on the ground.


The bed sheets were being made by Jiang Qian Yu, perhaps because she had never made a bed before, Jiang Qian Yu's blanket was tossed about by her, and her movements carried a hint of vicious anger, and the sheets seemed to be on the verge of being torn by her...


Song Xu Yi looked at the bed that was about to be demolished by Jiang Qian Yu, sighed, and finally could not resist speaking softly, "Let me do it!"


Jiang Qian Yu's vicious movements stopped for a moment, glanced at Song Xu Yi and stood aside with pursed lips.


Even though she knew that Jiang Qian Yu was terrifying, Song Xu Yi had to admit that an angry Jiang Qian Yu looked extremely cute: her pretty face softened the hostility on her face, and Jiang Qian Yu looked like a puffy little wolf cub, making people want to poke her puffy cheeks...


Of course, even if Song Xu Yi was beaten to death, she wouldn't dare to be so reckless.


Song Xu Yi quickly made the bed.


Feeling that Jiang Qian Yu seemed to be in a better mood, Song Xu Yi was relieved and sat back on her bed, turning on her AI computer.


"You go wash up first, I'll look at the map of the school to familiarize myself with the layout..."


The sound of moving suitcases came from the side.


But after a long time Song Xu Yi did not hear any movement, Song Xu Yi looked sideways: Jiang Qian Yu was sitting on the edge of the bed pulling the suitcase without moving...


Song Xu Yi's eyes fell on Jiang Qian Yu's tightly closed suitcase and instantly understood: Jiang Qian Yu might be carrying something in her suitcase that she couldn't let her see...


Song Xu Yi withdrew her eyes and coughed dryly, "I'm a bit tired and want to sleep first, I'll go in and wash up..."


Song Xu Yi deliberately slowed down her bathing speed, and when she came out, Jiang Qian Yu had already packed up her things and entered the bathroom with a basin.


Listening to the sound of water rustling in the bathroom, Song Xu Yi began to browse the map of the school, after memorizing the layout Song Xu Yi looked at the class schedule for the next day, after getting everything ready, Song Xu Yi turned off the AI computer and lay down on the bed.


She felt that she had forgotten something, but she couldn't remember it for a while.


It didn't take long for Jiang Qian Yu to come out of the bathroom.


Because of the steam, Jiang Qian Yu's cheeks took on a hint of red, and her expression looked a little more relaxed than before, but she still pursed her lips and didn't say anything.


Jiang Qian Yu lay down on the bed and turned off the light, the room quickly darkened.


Song Xu Yi heard a rustling sound coming from the next bed: it was the movement of Jiang Qian Yu lying down.


Between lightning and fire, Song Xu Yi suddenly remembered what she had forgotten...


Jiang Qian Yu was angry.


It was Song Xu Yi who had said that she was her friend.


After being rescued by Song Xu Yi, Jiang Qian Yu had always wanted to reconcile with her and tell her that she would never bully her again, but somehow, probably because she had never said anything soft, Jiang Qian Yu waited for Song Xu Yi to go to dinner with her every day on the airship, but could not open her mouth to say what was on her mind.


Jiang Qian Yu knew that she had mishandled some things, but in the past years, no one had ever taught her how to deal with people, and she used to not care: after all, only the weak needed to maintain relationships through human kindness.


Then Song Xu Yi took the lead and said that she would treat her as a friend.


Jiang Qian Yu had never had a friend until she was so old, and was really happy when she heard Song Xu Yi's words, so she told Song Xu Yi her real name and told her that she would protect her...


There was something Jiang Qian Yu did not say: Song Xu Yi was a miracle to her.


The more she looked at Song Xu Yi, the more she felt that she was to her liking.

When she slept in the same room with Song Xu Yi at night, she could fall asleep without even listening to the sound of the waves.


Jiang Qian Yu wants to keep her promise to protect Song Xu Yi, thinking of giving her a surprise, so she secretly enrolls in the military school and even forcibly uses a heightening drug to catalyse herself for a short time into the most loathsome Alpha...


She thought Song Xu Yi would stop rejecting her and happily move into the dormitory, but instead Song Xu Yi wanted to push her to someone else.


God knows how angry Jiang Qian Yu was!


But what made Jiang Qian Yu most furious was that even though she was angry, she could not touch Song Xu Yi's finger, so she could only sulk by herself...


She had planned to stop talking to Song Xu Yi, the liar, but the liar came over to help her make the bed sheets...


How could there be such an infuriating and hateful person like Song Xu Yi!


Jiang Qian Yu gritted her teeth and rolled over slightly in the darkness: there was no confined space in the dormitory for her to sleep, and sleeping in the dormitory bed at this time, Jiang Qian Yu only felt uncomfortable and uneasy everywhere...


However, Song Xu Yi was probably already asleep and Jiang Qian Yu didn't want to wake her up...


Jiang Qian Yu bit her lower lip, suppressing her discomfort to death, and many thoughts passed through her mind at once:


Maybe she shouldn't stay around Song Xu Yi anymore: the two of them weren't meant to be together, and Song Xu Yi was in this situation because of her own drug...

If she knew the truth, there would be no end of trouble...


However, Jiang Qian Yu suddenly realises that she doesn't want to live in the solitude of her old life: the Blue Star is a completely different planet, vibrant and orderly, and Jiang Qian Yu used to think only of overthrowing the Alpha-ruled Empire, but never thought that there was a place like the Blue Star in the Empire...


Even though she didn't want to admit it, Jiang Qian Yu found that the one she couldn't let go of was Song Xu Yi.


If she had been like this when she first met Song Xu Yi, would she still have gone after her


However, Jiang Qian Yu would prefer that the Song Xu Yi at this time be as delusional as she was at the beginning and trying to mark her, rather than her trying to push her to someone else now...




Never before had she encountered such a moment of mixed emotions.


Jiang Qian Yu curled her body in the darkness, covering her head and biting her lower lip, the aggression and violence in her heart growing like wild grass, she was in a trance as if she was back in the darkness of those years, as if there was no end to it, her body was stiff and cold...


And at that very moment, Jiang Qian Yu heard a low sigh, a small movement came from the other bed, a hand reached out from the bed next door and gripped Jiang Qian Yu's cold and stiff fingers.


"Don't be afraid, Jiang Qian Yu," Song Xu Yi's sleepy voice came from next to her, her warm palm moved, her ten fingers interlocked to hold Jiang Qian Yu's hand tightly, her head turned towards Jiang Qian Yu's direction to sleep, her warm breath sprinkled on Jiang Qian Yu's ear: "You are so strong, you must be able to overcome all obstacles ..."


Jiang Qian Yu wanted to retort and tell Song Xu Yi that she wasn't scared at all, but the words were stuck in her throat and she couldn't say them...


Song Xu Yi began to ramble and sing.


Jiang Qian Yu wanted to scoff, not a word of Song Xu Yi's song was sung in tune, yet Song Xu Yi's song had an inexplicable power of trance, and Jiang Qian Yu fell asleep without realising it...


The dream was still of a dark, deep sea, where time passed silently in the depths of the sea, and all that could be heard was the ever-repeating sound of the waves...


Jiang Qian Yu became desperate: perhaps she would meet her death in the deep sea.


She frowned and subconsciously tried to wake up, but suddenly the sea broke open and the sky was flooded with a thousand rays of light...


The light was so bright!


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