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Hahaha is this a secret


Are you kidding me They both live in the same dorm and everyone knows they're friends...


Stay out of the thread, the owner is obviously fishing...




Jiang Qian Yu looked at the messages in the thread with a tightening frown.


These people don't get it at all!


Song Xu Yi was her only friend and the "friend" they were talking about was completely different...but for Jiang Qian Yu to say, she couldn't describe exactly what was different for a moment.


She was angry at the replies for a long time and finally thought that she had gotten the answer she wanted anyway so she just quit the forum and started searching for other information.


Jiang Qian Yu's unobtrusive behaviour of desertion naturally caught the teacher's attention.


Almost the same moment Jiang Qian Yu turned off her AI computer, a beam of light shone on Jiang Qian Yu, a 5D screen displaying a granular medicine, the teacher on the podium pointed to the screen and looked at Jiang Qian Yu with a cold face: "This student has been looking at her AI computer in class, so she must have a good idea of the curriculum, so why don't you tell us what kind of medicine this is!"


Jiang Qian Yu had never been in school before, and did not understand the need to stand up when answering the teacher's questions, nor did she realize that the teacher was angry with her sitting in her chair and lazily raised her eyes to look at that medicine, and answered almost instantly, "This is Pu Luo granules!"


The teacher was stunned and did not expect Jiang Qian Yu to answer, and seeing that the student was sitting in her chair and did not even stand up when answering the question, she wanted to teach Jiang Qian Yu a lesson so she continued to ask with a cold face, "What are the functions of the Pu Luo granules"


Although this student seemed to have studied the knowledge points to answer the question but the introduction of the function of Pu Luo granules has already


However, Jiang Qian Yu answered the question as easily as though she had just come up with it.



She replied almost without thinking, "Puro granules are mainly used to stop bleeding and regenerate broken bones...

The dosage of Puro granules is proportional to the weight of the person 1g of Puro granules per 10kg...

In other pharmacological aspects Puro granules combined with Monk's Guillotine can numb the pain of a wound however with Black Flower granules, 1g is can poison an adult Alpha..."


Jiang Qian Yu's words were very fast and her tone was very calm, but it sent shock waves through the teacher's mind.


Even the textbooks did not give as detailed an answer as Jiang Qian Yu's, and the derived pharmacology afterwards...


Can Pu Luo granules with black flower granules really poison an adult Alpha


The teacher did not know about this derivative pharmacology, and for a moment even thought that Jiang Qian Yu was making it up, but the previous pharmacology was answered by Jiang Qian Yu without a hitch...


The teacher thought about it and decided to let it slide, but secretly made a decision in her mind: after work, she must go to the lab to verify if what this girl said was true!


But in any case, this girl had left an extremely deep impression on the teacher.


Who the hell was she


After the teacher pointed out that Jiang Qian Yu's behaviour of looking at the AI computer in class and not standing up to answer questions was extremely rude, Jiang Qian Yu 'vainly' corrected herself in the following half of the lesson and started to listen 'seriously', at least sitting up with a straight spine and her eyes looking towards the podium ...


However, the teacher could not help but feel that Jiang Qian Yu was lost in thought.


In fact, the teacher himself was a little distracted: he couldn't wait for the class to be over so he could go into the lab and see if what the girl was saying was true.


Finally, the bell rang.


The teacher walked out of the classroom almost impatiently...


Jiang Qian Yu looked at the teacher's hurried back and curled his lips slightly.


The discovery that Pu Luo granules with black flower granules could cause the death of an Alpha was actually an effect that Jiang Qian Yu had researched, and there was no second person in the world who knew about it other than Jiang Qian Yu, who had deliberately made this discovery known.


Blue Star's medical development is just too backward!


So backward that Jiang Qian Yu couldn't even imagine: if Xu Yi had been injured on the battlefield and fallen into the hands of these people...


After Jiang Qian Yu had set her goal of becoming a military doctor, she looked up that it took four years to graduate as a military doctor on Blue Star, while Song Xu Yi's mech specialty only took two years, which meant that there were two years in between, and if Song Xu Yi was injured on the battlefield, the rest of the military doctors would help treat her...


How could Jiang Qian Yu dare to let Song Xu Yi fall into the hands of such a low level military doctors


Jiang Qian Yu also learns that Blue Star is in desperate need of good military doctors, and the teachers are also serving in the military...


So Jiang Qian Yu made up her mind: to teach these teachers more about pharmacology in these two years, not to make them excellent military doctors, but at least not to hold Song Xu Yi back...


Of course, apart from Song Xu Yi, Jiang Qian Yu had another reason for teaching these teachers: Jiang Qian Yu knew the emperor's nature better than anyone else, and once the emperor knew that Blue Star was so developed and rich, conflict would break out sooner or later in the future.

The stronger Blue Star is, the more threatening it will be to the emperor, who is so desperate for control...


Jiang Qian Yu was willing to do anything that would make the emperor unhappy.


With this thought in mind, Jiang Qian Yu arrived in the morning


"Our class is 'History of Pharmaceuticals', a total of thirty hours, mainly to introduce you to the process of the formation of pharmaceuticals and the outstanding predecessors who studied pharmaceuticals...

Today we will learn the first lesson..."


"I'm sure you all know about the Jiang family, a monument in the history of pharmacy, we will spend fifteen credit hours to learn about this outstanding family..."


Jiang Qian Yu did not expect this.


Looking at those familiar faces on the 5D screen, Jiang Qian Yu's body was cold, biting her lower lip tightly, reason told her that everything had already passed, yet the cries and struggles of those on the verge of death still kept appearing before her eyes...


Her mother was chewed alive by the insects, her sister-in-law was two months pregnant when she died...

One by one, the Jiang family rushed forward, the young died, the middle-aged went on, and finally it was the turn of her ninety-year-old grandfather who was stabbed through the heart by the insects, waving his walking stick...


And the culprit in all this...


Jiang Qian Yu looked up in the direction of the Imperial Star, her eyes reddening a little.


At lunchtime, the sky was cloudy and it was raining heavily.


Song Xu Yi went back to the dormitory for her lunch break and found that Jiang Qian Yu hadn't returned for the entire noon.


Song Xu Yi originally planned to take the opportunity to chat about the Jiang family and test Jiang Qian Yu's attitude towards the Jiang family, but when Jiang Qian Yu did not return, Song Xu Yi could only put the plan on hold.


At first, Song Xu Yi did not take Jiang Qian Yu's failure to return for her lunch break to heart, and was preoccupied with studying for tomorrow's lesson until a group of Alpha's from the Student Affairs Office flocked to Song Xu Yi's dorm room in the evening.


"Where is Jiang Qian Yu now She didn't go to all of her afternoon classes!"


The Military Academy also practiced military management and was very strict with its students, missing an afternoon class would usher in harsh punishments.


Only then did Song Xu Yi notice that something was wrong.


It had been raining heavily all day, where could Jiang Qian Yu have gone


Song Xu Yi joined the student office in searching for Jiang Qian Yu.


However, after searching every classroom in the medical school, Song Xu Yi could not find Jiang Qian Yu, according to the feedback of Jiang Qian Yu's classmates, Jiang Qian Yu had disappeared.






Thinking of the table of contents of the "History of Pharmaceuticals" that she had studied in advance;


Song Xu Yi's heart vaguely understood something.


The first thing she did was to turn around and go to the school's laboratory building.


There were eight laboratories in the medical school, and Song Xu Yi went to the first few without finding any trace of Jiang Qian Yu, until she reached the last one.


A lightning bolt as thick as a child's arm cut through the sky, illuminating the dimly lit room: a single light in the room was the size of a bean, and a thin figure was standing in front of the lab table, adjusting a drug.


Jiang Qian Yu's condition looked bad.


Her whole body was wet as if she had just been fished out of the water, and her clothes were still dripping.

A strange flush appeared on her pale cheeks, her normally rosy lips had lost their blood, and her eyes staring at the test tube were covered with a coldness like ice.


Seemingly sensing something, Jiang Qian Yu looked up at the door, after seeing clearly that it was Song Xu Yi, Jiang Qian Yu pupils shrunk, the ice in her eyes suddenly shattered, and subconsciously shielding the drug behind her...


"Xu Yi," she spoke in a mute voice, as if she wanted to explain something, and took two steps forward, but her body collapsed limply...



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