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Villainous Scientist (11)


Jiang Qianyu sinks between hot and cold.


She recently used more drugs to stimulate her body's potential to make her sexuality look like an Alpha but this drug is not completely stable and has caused damage to Jiang Qian Yu herself, plus because of past events, her heart was in turmoil and drenched in rain, all the old hidden illnesses in her body burst out all of a sudden and Jiang Qian Yu immediately developed a fever.


Song Xu Yi found Jiang Qian Yu when Jiang Qian Yu was adjusting the A to O drug, through the previous period of time, to Song Xu Yi's observations, Jiang Qian Yu removed several unstable ingredients in the drug after being transformed into A to become entirely O.


Like Song Xu Yi, Jiang Qian Yu has always been absorbed in experimental research when doing what she likes, Jiang Qian Yu completely forgot about her body's abnormalities and the passage of time in the outside world and was intent on getting the drug ready as soon as possible.


She heard from the Omega Zhou Sui, who had saved her, that there were already many Omega underground organizations in the empire, and that these organizations were considered by the emperor to be a major problem, and that with her own drug, it would be like a tiger with wings for those organizations...


If she hadn't followed Song Xu Yi to Blue Star, Jiang Qian Yu originally intended to join those organizations.


However, Jiang Qian Yu did not expect Song Xu Yi to find her.

The moment she met Song Xu Yi's gaze, endless panic rose in Jiang Qian Yu's heart: how would Xu Yi feel about her after she found out she could develop drugs Will she suspect that she has turned her into an Omega, and will she still care about her in the future...


The hatred that was holding her research together dissipated for a moment, and Jiang Qian Yu anxiously tried to explain, but as soon as she moved, a wave of dizziness came over her, and Jiang Qian Yu spilled the drug and passed out completely——


The dream was a tumultuous one in which Jiang Qian Yu's life was in chaos.


Jiang Qian Yu is a member of the Jiang family who has been engaged in medical research for generations and is an authority on this line of work, having produced countless geniuses and a genius in Jiang Qian Yu.


But probably because the heavens were jealous of her talent, Jiang Qian Yu was born with a strange disease that caused her to sleep for a month every year, and her family could not cure this strange disease by all means.


When Jiang Qian Yu was born, her father was competing for the position of Marshal of the Empire.

In order to prevent political enemies from attacking the Jiang family for Jiang Qian Yu's illness, the family concealed Jiang Qian Yu's existence.

Later, Jiang Qian Yu's father's position gradually became more secure, but Jiang Qian Yu showed great talent in research, and there were several precedents in the history of the Jiang family in which outstanding Omegas were forced to marry and then ran out of talent, so the family planned to continue to conceal Jiang Qian Yu's existence until she was separated.

However, when Jiang Qian Yu became an Omega at the age of 16, the Jiang family planned to conceal Jiang Qian Yu's existence for the rest of her life in order to preserve this genius of geniuses and for Jiang Qian Yu to be able to do research freely in the future...


These decisions were made only after asking Jiang Qian Yu.


Jiang Qian Yu herself did not feel aggrieved by these matters, but the Jiang family felt ashamed because of this incident and treated Jiang Qian Yu with extra affection, even the strictest grandfather of the Jiang family was willing to put down his cane and give Jiang Qian Yu a ride...

objectively, Jiang Qian Yu's unfriendly nature was cultivated.


The Jiang family desperately tries to cure Jiang Qian Yu's strange illness, but no one expects that Jiang Qian Yu's strange illness will eventually be cured by herself.


As a genius among geniuses, Jiang Qian Yu developed her first medicine at the age of eight, and researched several medicines before she was sixteen.

And when Jiang Qian Yu researched a medicine to solve her sleeping sickness, the then emperor secretly gave the Jiang family a task: to research a drug that could enhance the fighting strength of an Alpha.


With his heart set on serving his country, Marshal Jiang thought that such a drug would be able to better protect his family and help humanity win in the battle against the insects, so he persuaded the Jiang family's old master to let the Jiang family agree to the task.


Jiang Qian Yu's sleeping sickness needs to be completely solved by taking a drug and lying dormant in a cold place for three months, while the emperor has ordered the Jiang family to research the drug within a year, which Jiang Qian Yu is the backbone of, so Jiang Qian Yu can only temporarily put aside her plan to solve her sleeping sickness and help the emperor research the drug first.


At the end of the year, a major battle broke out between the Insect Race and the Imperial Star.

Two days before the war, Jiang Qian Yu finally researched the drug and although there were still some flaws, it could be released for use urgently.


Jiang family gave the formula of the drug to the emperor, Jiang Qian Yu thought that the Alpha Enhancement Drug already had a prototype, and wanted to solve to sleeping sickness as her seventeenth birthday gift, after researching the drug then lay into the hibernation pod.


Jiang Qian Yu also did not expect that her seventeenth birthday present, apart from a complete solution to her sleeping sickness, would be the news that her entire clan had been wiped out except for her.


Jiang Qian Yu woke up in an old servant's house.


The old servant wiped his tears and told Jiang Qian Yu that two days earlier, Marshal Jiang had died in the service of his country, and even earlier, the entire Jiang family had been killed by the insect race...


The insects rely on their breath to determine whether a human is alive or not.

Jiang Qian Yu, who was being treated in a cold storage room, almost lost her vital functions and was placed in the most secret laboratory under the ground by Jiang's family, but she escaped by accident and was secretly saved by Marshal Jiang to the old servant's house.


"Live, live with the hope of the Jiang family!" These were the last words Jiang Qian Yu's father left for her.


Jiang Qian Yu doesn't know how she got through that time.


Jiang Qian Yu even thought about dying, but sometimes choosing to live was harder than dying because the old servant told her over and over again——her father had died to protect her and hide her existence.


There was something fishy about the death of the Jiang family; the insects had bypassed the usual interstellar orbit and taken a small passage to the Jiang family's planet, and this small passage was an Imperial back-up escape route that no more than 50 people in the whole world knew about.


However, the Jiang family is gone, and Marshal Jiang has lost his biggest backing.

He will not be able to defeat the person who did this to him, so instead of being watched by that person as a thorn, and eventually even finding out about Jiang Qian Yu's existence, Marshal Jiang decides to take the initiative and die in exchange for a heroic name to divert the attention of those people...


In the month following her awakening, Jiang Qian Yu watched the satellite footage of the Jiang family being slaughtered by the insects over and over again, and a monstrous hatred grew in her heart...


Her face, however, grew more and more subdued.


A month later, the old servant handed Jiang Qian Yu a fake identity ID, and Jiang Qian Yu entered the Emperor's private research institute incognito.


Later, Jiang Qian Yu thought that her father probably guessed who the person who killed the entire Jiang family was, and that's why he chose to die with the insects so desperately.

However, at that time, Jiang Qian Yu was not aware of her father's suspicions, and she listened to the old servant's words and covered up her sharpness to work secretly at the institute for three years.


Even though she kept her edge, some people are born to be the centre of attention.

Jiang Qian Yu was transferred to the core research lab and became the assistant to the chief pharmacist at the time, the Alpha chief pharmacist was already as old as Jiang Qian Yu's father, and Jiang Qian Yu was so immersed in her research that she didn't notice the deeper covetousness in the chief pharmacist's eyes as he looked at her day by day.


The emperor's ambition comes in handy for Jiang Qian Yu, who is extremely aware: the man who has harmed her entire clan is bound to be someone in a high position of power, and all the people at the center of power are Alpha.


The work assigned by the research laboratory is not difficult for Jiang Qian Yu, who, after completing the tasks of the research laboratory, calls upon the resources of the laboratory under the guise of work, and initially researches a drug to turn A into O and a drug to bring her physical ability closer to that of an Alpha...


It was not until Jiang Qian Yu was 20 years old.


In order to get more resources to perfect her drug, Jiang Qian Yu helped the chief pharmacist research a drug that would make an Alpha lose his power and appear to die naturally within five years, the emperor was overjoyed to hear this news and came to the lab privately a few days later.


After receiving the resources she wanted, Jiang Qian Yu worked day and night to research and finally developed these two drugs.


Jiang Qian Yu was so eager to study the effects of the drugs that she didn't notice the strange silence around her and left the lab with the drugs.


The laboratory was cleared and Jiang Qian Yu overheard the conversation between the Emperor and the Chief Pharmacist in the corner.


"After all this time, you've finally satisfied me for once!"


"But you can't go back to your old ways, you should know that three years have passed and you have never worked out a solution to the defective Alpha Enhancer left behind by the Jiang family..."


The Chief Pharmacist's voice sounded terrified, "Your Majesty, it's really because the Jiang family is too gifted...

I'm not going to lie, if the Jiang family were alive, any one of them would be much better than me..."


"The Jiang family is actually so powerful" The emperor let out a low sigh, his voice taking on a hint of regret, "If I had known this day would come, I would have prevented their clan from being exterminated back then, and left a few alive first..."





it was the emperor who had harmed the Jiang family!


When the truth of the family's annihilation dawned on her, Jiang Qian Yu felt a thunderstorm in the sky and her mind went blank.


Until the Emperor in front of her suddenly let out a soft laugh, "Have you heard enough, little Omega mouse in the corner"


The emperor released a powerful Alpha pheromone pressure that pressed Jiang Qian Yu into an instinctive fear, kneeling on the ground and barely able to move...


She bit her lower lip, feeling the humiliation of being an Omega for the first time, her heart filled with despair...


Was she going to die here, unable to resist for the rest of her life


Jiang Qian Yu was so disgusted with the pheromones that were oppressing her at this instant!


——If she survived, apart from seeking revenge on the Emperor, one day she would make these damned Alpha's taste the pain she felt today!




The Emperor's eyes were at first filled with murderous intent, but the Chief Apothecary fell to his knees and begged for mercy: "Your Majesty, this Omega has exceptional talent, I could not have developed this drug without her help...

and anyway, she is only an Omega..."


The killing intent in the Emperor's eyes faded, he almost immediately understood the Chief Pharmacist's highly suggestive subtext, after glancing at Jiang Qian Yu waved his hand unnecessarily: "You have taken great credit for researching the drug this time, this Omega will be rewarded to you, you mark her before it's too late, after all, she can't get out of this institute, in the future you will have a few more children with good talent, in the future you will be the new Jiang Qian Yu.

When that happens, you will be the new Jiang family..."


The Chief Pharmacist kowtowed repeatedly, and the Emperor laughed, withdrew his pheromones and walked out of the room in a happy mood, even closing the laboratory door.


Jiang Qian Yu had already run to the corner and shrunk.


The Chief Pharmacist squeezed out a kind smile, released his pheromones additionally, and approached the curled up Jiang Qian Yu as if he was a cat catching a mouse.


"Little baby, you should be grateful to me, I saved you——"


However before he could finish his words, he was choked by Jiang Qian Yu who stood up and was barely able to resist...


How could that be


The Chief Pharmacist stared into Jiang Qian Yu's icy eyes: why was this Omega unaffected by him, why did she suddenly burst out with such power...


However, he never had a chance to get an answer——Jiang Qian Yu broke his throat bone.




As early as the moment the Emperor withdrew his pheromones, Jiang Qian Yu shrank into a corner and had secretly injected herself with the Alpha enhancer she had just researched.


At this moment, taking care of the Alpha Chief Pharmacist who had coveted her was just the beginning.


The research institute is guarded at every level, and at this time the Emperor is still outside, people will soon know that the Chief Pharmacist is dead, and it is necessary to escape as soon as possible...


There was no way to escape from outside.


Jiang Qian Yu had come up with a nine-way solution:


The laboratory was built next to the deepest ocean in the Empire, and anyone who died doing experiments in the laboratory would be thrown into the depths of the ocean through a passage...


Some precious pharmaceutical materials need to be kept frozen, and the laboratory has ready-made cryo-sealed chambers the size of a coffin.


Jiang Qian Yu used her Alpha power at this time to move the cryo-sealed chamber to the entrance of the passage, then slept in the coffin and took all the drugs for sleeping sickness back then in one breath.


One drug is capable of dormancy for three months, and Jiang Qian Yu did not know how many she had taken, nor did she know if she would wake up later, let alone if this sealed frozen chamber would last until she was rescued...


But this is Jiang Qian Yu's only way of escape.


Jiang Qian Yu adjusted the parameters of the cryopod, closed the hatch of the sealed cryopod, and with a stomp of her feet, the cryopod slid down the long passage into the depths of the ocean...


Jiang Qian Yu thought she would be in the deep sea for many years, and would even be prepared to perish in the deep sea, but she never thought she would be there for 15 years.


During these 15 years, Jiang Qian Yu slept in the depths of the ocean, sometimes she would be awake for a moment, the coldness of the freezing chamber penetrating her bones, the endless loneliness and regret eroding her will, only the everlasting sound of the waves above her head reminding her that she was still alive...


The hatred in her heart festered day by day.


Jiang Qian Yu hated the Emperor, but she also hated herself.

The Emperor was certainly the original sin, but the Alpha enhancer she had researched had also inadvertently hastened the demise of the Jiang family...


It was not until 15 years later, when Jiang Qian Yu was almost giving up after a long wait, that a rare hurricane swept Jiang Qian Yu's rusty cryo-sealed chamber up from the bottom of the sea and threw it ashore...


Jiang Qian Yu, in a feverish coma, felt like she was back under the deep sea.

All that remained around her was the cyclical sound of the waves, her body sinking deeper and deeper, the boundless loneliness and remorse pulling her a little into the abyss...


Suddenly a little warmth appeared in her hands, as if someone was trying to pull her down...


And suddenly there was a song in the deep sea.


The song was hard to hear, not a word of it was sung in tune, but Jiang Qian Yu drew life and strength from the sound...


The song was full of hope, like the dazzling sunlight that Jiang Qian Yu had not seen for 15 years when she opened her eyes on the shore.


Song Xu Yi did not know about Jiang Qian Yu's dream.


At first Song Xu Yi was a little embarrassed: because the unconscious Jiang Qian Yu did not allow anyone else to come near her except for her, if not for the fact that her body temperature showed that Jiang Qian Yu's forehead temperature was at 40 degrees, Song Xu Yi almost thought that Jiang Qian Yu was pretending to be sick.


The wet clothes of Jiang Qian Yu had to be changed, and the rest of the people were afraid that Jiang Qian Yu would wake up and settle the score later, so Song Xu Yi could only close her eyes and change Jiang Qian Yu's clothes with a red face, because of the high body temperature, the smell of peach emanating from Jiang Qian Yu's body became stronger and stronger...

It took almost all of Song Xu Yi's will power to restrain the instinctive urge.


It was hard to change her, Song Xu Yi was sweating...


After that, Song Xu Yi began to take care of the sick Jiang Qian Yu.


She thought that Jiang Qian Yu would wake up soon, but she didn't wake up until the next night.


The girl, who was usually so strong, was suddenly weak.

Looking at Jiang Qian Yu, who was curled up in a ball, even in her sleep, she was still frowning and biting her lower lip, Song Xu Yi was a bit distressed.


The school doctor had already come over to take a look.

After giving Jiang Qian Yu medicine, Jiang Qian Yu's fever had already subsided.

The reason why she remained unconscious was that Song Xu Yi guessed that perhaps it was related to Jiang Qian Yu's past experiences.


She tried her best to get Jiang Qian Yu to release her tightly bitten lower lip, but the unconscious Jiang Qian Yu seemed unable to hear any sound, and Song Xu Yi did not dare to use brute force, so she could only use a cotton swab with water to keep moistening Jiang Qian Yu's dry lips.


From time to time, Jiang Qian Yu would murmur in her dreams, Song Xu Yi could not hear what Jiang Qian Yu was saying, but she could roughly tell that Jiang Qian Yu was extremely sad, Song Xu Yi did not know how to help her, but could only hold Jiang Qian Yu's hand and try to give her strength...


And the next night the school gave Jiang Qian Yu her punishment.


The school's punishment for Jiang Qian Yu was also unexpectedly light: Jiang Qian Yu was made to copy the school rules ten times and the matter was considered over.


The reason for this is that the teacher went back and worked all day in his lab, and finally confirmed that the Pu Luo granules with the Black Flower granules were really highly toxic!


However, that teacher could not find any reference to it in any literature.


The teacher was so surprised that he reported the discovery to the leaders of the academy overnight.


The leaders of the academy has heard Jiang Qian Yu's name several times in the past two days.


Jiang Qian Yu was sent to the political education department for unintentionally hurting an Omega, missing classes...

The academy leaders had long been fed up with this student, especially now that the new students were starting school, it was all the more necessary to make an example of her, and when the teacher called the academy leaders just as they were about to give Jiang Qian Yu a big demerit, they didn't expect that this student was actually extremely talented in pharmacy...


What exactly is the origin of this student


The leaders of the academy called and asked the headmaster, who was not sure for a while, but the nail in the coffin was certain: Jiang Qian Yu was probably the future star of the medical school.


Blue Star's medical treatment is really too backward!


Not only the academy, but also the whole army was suffering from the lack of good talents.


And what Jiang Qian Yu had done was not a big deal when you look into it.

It was even said that Jiang Qian Yu was doing research on drugs when she was found at night, and she was not doing anything bad...


So the academy leaders thought twice about giving Jiang Qian Yu a symbolic punishment to get rid of the matter.


Song Xu Yi did not know the reason why the academy had given a lighter punishment to Jiang Qian Yu, and was relieved to receive the result.

Thinking that Jiang Qian Yu would not wake up for a while, Song Xu Yi was also very tired after two days of care, and planned to wash herself first.


Song Xu Yi hummed a song to get rid of her fatigue while taking a shower, but the soundproofing of the same dormitory was not good, and Song Xu Yi did not expect the unconscious Jiang Qian Yu to hear her song...


When Song Xu Yi came out of the shower, Jiang Qian Yu's tightly bitten lips and tightly locked brow were relieved...


Song Xu Yi sighed with relief and finally put her heart down, while sleepiness also came over her at this time, Song Xu Yi yawned and couldn't help but lie down on Jiang Qian Yu's bed and take a nap.


Song Xu Yi's sleep quality is relatively good, and she was tired for the past two days, so she didn't wake up when the alarm went off, but she woke up Jiang Qian Yu in bed completely.


Jiang Qian Yu turned off the alarm almost immediately, she glanced at Song Xu Yi who was lying on the bed with complicated eyes, carefully carried Song Xu Yi to the next bed, then pursed her lips and lay down on her own bed again...


Her body had a feeling of weakness after a high fever, and Jiang Qian Yu felt sleepy consciously, but she always felt empty inside and beside herself, unable to sleep.


Those tragic images began to haunt her mind once again, and Jiang Qian Yu involuntarily curled her body up...


Yet it didn't work.


The cold seemed to seep into her bones, and she was like a ghost that had fallen into the abyss and was walking on earth, unable to find a moment's peace——when she closed her eyes, she saw the bleeding eyes of Jiang's family.


The room was so quiet that only the shallow breathing of Song Xu Yi could be heard in the room.


Tossing and turning, Jiang Qian Yu recalls the warm hand that pulled her out of the abyss in her dream, a hand that conveyed unprecedented strength and hope amidst the cold, just like Song Xu Yi...


And yet...


Jiang Qian Yu pursed her lips and suddenly felt a bit of soreness in her nose.


Xu Yi had seen her working on the drug, and she had guessed by now that she had made her into an Omega, right


She would definitely hate her when she woke up tomorrow morning...


Why could she never keep the person she wanted to protect the most


This was the case with the Jiang family, and this was the case with Xu Yi.




Jiang Qian Yu's heart was filled with an unprecedented sadness.


She bit her lower lip and sat up abruptly in the darkness...


"I'm sorry," she murmured in the darkness, "I don't deserve to be your friend."


The night was as cold as water, Jiang Qian Yu quietly got out of bed, reverently and humbly, curled up on the edge of Song Xu Yi's bed, burrowed into Song Xu Yi's arms, and quietly hugged her tightly.


If the sunlight is to be followed by an eternal night, then let her draw the last bit of warmth to spend the rest of her cold and cruel life.


Jiang Qian Yu rubbed her neck against Song Xu Yi's and closed her eyes in pain and satisfaction.


 Song Xu Yi had a dream.


In the dream, a cold dark cloud suddenly appeared on her bed, the cloud was soft, but it weighed a thousand pounds and fell heavily on her...


Song Xu Yi subconsciously tried to push the cloud away, but a warm moistening suddenly appeared at her neck, as if the cloud had turned into rain, or like...

a cloud's tears.


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