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Villainous Scientist (12)


Song Xu Yi was awakened by the blinding sunlight.


With it came a sight that could not be ignored from the next bed.


"You're awake!" Song Xu Yi yawned and was about to care for Jiang Qian Yu's body when the system's voice came into her head: "She woke up last night and then secretly squeezed into your bed in the middle of the night to cuddle with you!"


There was too much information in these words that Song Xu Yi was in a trance, and her mind was in a state of shock for a moment.


After sleeping with Jiang Qian Yu in a dormitory, Song Xu Yi changed the system settings so that the system would pay attention to Jiang Qian Yu's abnormalities, but she did not expect that Jiang Qian Yu would take advantage of the situation and squeeze into her bed...


Song Xu Yi couldn't help but think of the cold cloud that pressed against her body in last night's dream...


Thinking of the excessive things Jiang Qian Yu had done to her on the airship, Song Xu Yi's face turned red.


However, she couldn't explain how she knew what had happened in the middle of the night.

She could only glare at Jiang Qian Yu in annoyance, get out of bed and turn around to go into the bathroom.


Jiang Qian Yu had been watching Song Xu Yi's movements.

When she first saw Song Xu Yi greeting her, she thought that Song Xu Yi had not found out about her research on drugs and had some faint hope in her heart, but then Song Xu Yi's face changed...


Looking at Song Xu Yi's back, Jiang Qian Yu hung her head and clenched her fist, her nails almost digging into her palm.


It's suspicion, isn't it What could be done to make Xu Yi forgive her...


Yet there was no other remedy than to make Song Xu Yi turn back into an Alpha.


But if she let Song Xu Yi turn back into an Alpha, her personality would change back, right


When she thought of how Song Xu Yi had looked two months ago when she was an Alpha, when she was so arrogant and rude that she even tried to forcefully mark her, Jiang Qian Yu resisted from the bottom of her heart...


It seemed that no matter what she did, she was stuck in a rut...


As Jiang Qian Yu lay dejectedly back on her bed, she suddenly thought of the old man at home.


In the post-interstellar era, technology has solved almost every problem, filling mountains and moving seas to explore space, and human development has reached unprecedented heights, but the old man still has some simple habits, such as a strong belief in the existence of gods in this world.


The gods are not specific beings, but a kind of reverence for life and nature.


In the ABO world, power is paramount, and Jiang Qian Yu does not understand this simple wish of the old man, who believes in her own power more than in the gods of nothingness.


The old man always recites to Jiang Qian Yu that Jiang Qian Yu is good at everything, but she is too conceited and does not believe in karma.


Because Jiang Qian Yu's identity could not be leaked, the old man would secretly donate to a large group of Beta people on a poor planet in Jiang Qian Yu's name every year, convinced that giving would bring blessings to Jiang Qian Yu.

Jiang Qian Yu once scoffed at this behaviour of the old man, and when she perceived the heart that lay behind it, the old man was no longer there.


The destruction of the Jiang family made Jiang Qian Yu understand once and for all that even if she is strong, some things are beyond her control.


Jiang Qian Yu has always known that her road to revenge would be treading on the blood of countless people, but she has always treated it with indifference.


However, at this moment, Jiang Qian Yu began to knock on her own heart: if she did this, what difference would there be between herself and the emperor of the Imperial Star


The lives of Jiang's family are lives, and the lives of innocent people are lives too.


At that moment, Jiang Qian Yu suddenly broke into a cold sweat, and for the first time she questioned herself so soberly...


Perhaps Xu Yi was a gift from the gods, allowing her to find a moment of clarity in the midst of the raging killing intent, to see the wider world, to know that there was still a place like Blue Star where everyone was equal...


There was nothing left for her!


Something trembled in her heart, as if she was about to sink into the darkness of eternal night, and something was slowly being born out of the silence, Jiang Qian Yu bit her lower lip and lifted her head slightly, her eyes seemed like a burning fire...


Since the gods had allowed Xu Yi to come into her life, she naturally had her will...


Jiang Qian Yu made a devout wish in her heart: if the gods could really hear her, if she could keep Xu Yi as a friend after today, she would try to be merciful in the future as the gods wished, and reduce the bloodshed in the process of revenge as much as possible...


On the other hand, Song Xu Yi did not find any abnormalities in her glands when she checked in the bathroom, nor did she have the soreness after Jiang Qian Yu had observed her glands before, and after thinking about it, Song Xu Yi asked the system with some confusion, "Did you see the mosaic last night"


Once a slightly out-of-bounds image appeared, the system would have a mosaic in front of its eyes.


The system understood Song Xu Yi's words almost in seconds and immediately denied it, "No! Jiang Qian Yu was hugging your neck, like an abandoned puppy, crying so pitifully..."




Jiang Qian Yu is crying


Song Xu Yi was stunned, unable to imagine what Jiang Qian Yu looked like when she was crying, yet there was no need for the system to deceive her...


In that instant, Song Xu Yi remembered many things: she remembered what she had learned yesterday about the tragic history of the Jiang family, she remembered that the reason for Jiang Qian Yu's perversity was to study the Jiang family part of Pharmaceutical History, she remembered Jiang Qian Yu's hatred towards the emperor in the plot summary, she remembered the 'Birds of a Feather are Hidden' script that was often found in history books, she remembered the Alpha Enhancer in the emperor's hands...

Alpha Enhancer...


If it was just a guess before, then at this point Song Xu Yi was probably already sure of Jiang Qian Yu's identity.


The entire Jiang family had been destroyed, and Jiang Qian Yu, an orphan girl, must have gone through a lot of pain and hardship that cannot be told.


"I'm really lucky to have left the Imperial Star alive." Song Xu Yi sighed lowly as she remembered the emperor's scorn for the original body.

With these precedents, it was a miracle that the emperor hadn't sent someone after her to kill her this time...


"What did you say" The system did not hear Song Xu Yi's words clearly.


"Nothing," Song Xu Yi returned to her senses, remembering Jiang Qian Yu who was crying in the dark night, and raised her volume, "I think our wish to persuade Jiang Qian Yu to give up her revenge might not come true this time..."


Thinking about it differently, if her whole family had died at the hands of the emperor, she would certainly be just like Jiang Qian Yu and would seek revenge no matter what.


To Song Xu's surprise, the system had adapted extremely well to the situation, and it picked up almost immediately, "It's okay, things will always take a turn for the better."


Song Xu Yi didn't know why the system was so optimistic, but for the time being, she could only take one step at a time.

After all, what she had to protect was the male lead, Zhou Sui, and the female lead, Zhao Man, and it didn't have much to do with the emperor.


Thinking of this, Song Xu Yi also picked up her spirits and went out of the room.


Jiang Qian Yu was lying on the bed with her eyes open, her eyes wandering, unsure of what she was thinking about.


The girl was already delicate and thin, and after her illness, her cheeks were thinner, so her eyes looked bigger and bigger, and she looked like she had a little bit of pity in her eyes, and she didn't look at all like the bully she was when she was bullying her.


Song Xu Yi, who had suffered from Jiang Qian Yu's face, couldn't help but feel a little sad when she saw Jiang Qian Yu's appearance——in modern times, according to Jiang Qian Yu's age she was still a college student, and the hatred of the extermination of her family should not fall on her...


"I'm fine!" Song Xu Yi hid the emotion in her heart and gave a smile, pretending as if nothing was wrong as she came up next to Jiang Qian Yu: "Are you going to wash up for school now Or do you plan to rest in the dorm for another day today"


Jiang Qian Yu seemed to take a long time to react to Song Xu Yi's words.


Her eyes gradually drew together, finally settling on Song Xu Yi's face, a faint spark in her eyes gradually lighting up, then the spark gradually expanded, and Jiang Qian Yu's eyes suddenly became incredibly bright.


"Xu Yi, are you...

are you talking to me" Jiang Qian Yu looked at Song Xu Yi expectantly, her voice was hoarse and seemed to take on some disbelief.


"What's wrong" Jiang Qian Yu seemed a little strange, Song Xu Yi touched Jiang Qian Yu's forehead somewhat uneasily, however Jiang Qian Yu did not have a fever.


Jiang Qian Yu looked very good, hanging her head and letting Song Xu Yi touch her forehead and observe her face, but the moment Song Xu Yi's hand left her forehead, she hugged Song Xu Yi.


Song Xu Yi subconsciously wanted to push her away, but the smell of Jiang Qian Yu's pheromone at this time was extremely soft and did not imply coercion.

Remembering Jiang Qian Yu's past experiences, Song Xu Yi sighed and finally patted Jiang Qian Yu's back in a soothing manner.


This time, it was Jiang Qian Yu whose body stiffened.


She seemed flabbergasted for a moment, then she spoke softly, faster and quicker, and her whole tone suddenly became cheerful——


"Xu Yi, I will listen to you from now on."


"I won't force you to do anything you don't like anymore."


"I will help you to achieve your wishes."


"I will be the best kind of friend in the world..."


Song Xu Yi didn't know why Jiang Qian Yu was so happy, like a puppy wagging its tail happily.

Seeing Jiang Qian Yu getting rid of her low mood, Song Xu Yi also felt some happiness, yet hearing Jiang Qian Yu talking endlessly, Song Xu Yi still pushed Jiang Qian Yu away with one hand.


"You're going to be late if you don't go wash up!"


Song Xu Yi's force was very light, but Jiang Qian Yu was pushed down on the bed, her face was a little red, and when she noticed Song Xu Yi's eyes, she suddenly covered her face with her hands and laughed happily, Song Xu Yi had never seen Jiang Qian Yu laugh so happily!


Unconsciously, Song Xu Yi's lips also followed with a smile.


The early morning sunlight was perfect, illuminating the two laughing girls at the head of the bed.


Song Xu Yi thought that Jiang Qian Yu was happy because she had let out her stress and was making progress in her experiment.


However, she did not know that this morning, Jiang Qian Yu had completely believed in the existence of the gods.


The two went to the cafeteria for breakfast, and Jiang Qian Yu first went to the classroom to finish copying the school rules in a disciplined manner, and then sent them to the dean's office.


The dean's office was not the only place where the dean was present, even the headmaster and some other leaders were here.


No one knows what they talked about, but after they came out, Jiang Qian Yu had the right to miss class at will.


And shortly afterwards, everyone knew that a mysterious teacher had suddenly appeared in the medical school, no one knew who she was except for a few teachers, but almost all of them felt admiration when she was mentioned.

At the same time, the medical school's teaching materials and drug stocks were quickly prepared, and the quality of the military doctors improved dramatically.


Some people also noticed that in almost every class thereafter, all the teachers avoided Jiang Qian Yu's questions.

The students thought that Jiang Qian Yu's previous arrogant performance had caused the teachers' collective disgust, but only the teachers themselves knew what the truth was.


Although she had the right to miss class at will, Jiang Qian Yu usually only missed one class, Pharmaceutical History.


Most of the time, Jiang Qian Yu usually used the class time to go to the laboratory to research medicine.


As in the original plot, Jiang Qian Yu still secretly contacted several Omega groups, but unlike the radical Omega groups in the original story, Jiang Qian Yu contacted the moderate Omega groups through Zhou Sui, who was one of these moderate Omega groups.


At the same time, Jiang Qian Yu has once again improved the effect of the A to O drug, and researched a short-lived drug that only lasts for a week of transformation.


Zhou Sui asked Jiang Qian Yu for this short-lived drug, he wanted to make an effort for himself and use it on his Alpha lover to change the Alpha's superior posture.

Jiang Qian Yu instructed Zhou Sui about the effects of the drug, and as for who Zhou Sui's lover was, Jiang Qian Yu had no love for any Alpha, so she didn't ask, let alone want to know.


Before his death, Marshal Jiang transferred all the wealth of the Jiang family to Jiang Qian Yu's name.

After an absence of 18 years, the poorest planet Beta, located many galaxies away, once again received new assistance, however this time the name of the helper became Song Xu Yi.


And occasionally, when she skipped some classes, Jiang Qian Yu would sneak off to the mech department to watch Song Xu Yi practice.


The actual practice session of the mecha class was the star class of the whole school, and many students would skip class to watch the students of the mecha department maneuver the mecha, Jiang Qian Yu hid in the crowd, originally thinking that Song Xu Yi would not find herself, but every time she would be seen by Song Xu Yi.


Whenever this happened, Song Xu Yi would manipulate the mechs like a big sister and carry Jiang Qian Yu out of the training ground, lecturing her at length: "Children should study hard and not skip classes."


Jiang Qian Yu wanted to say back that no one in the world was better at pharmacy research than her, and all those teachers were begging for her to teach them...


She also wanted to tell Song Xu Yi: if she had not slept for 15 years, she would have been 35 years old and much older than Song Xu Yi.


She didn't know why, but she hated the way Song Xu Yi treated her as a child...


But when she remembered that she had promised Song Xu Yi that she would listen to her, Jiang Qian Yu could only return to class sullenly every time.


Later, however, Jiang Qian Yu had another way to watch Song Xu Yi's drills——Chen Xi secretly broadcasted the drills to Jiang Qian Yu.


After being defeated by Jiang Qian Yu in a few moves, Chen Xi became Jiang Qian Yu's fan girl after she recovered and came to pester her every day, calling her boss.


Jiang Qian Yu naturally hates the Alpha.

In order not to break the school rules and alarm Song Xu Yi, Jiang Qian Yu resisted the urge to violently beat up Chen Xi, ignoring her various attempts to please her every time, until one day, when Chen Xi saw Song Xu Yi manipulating the mech to carry Jiang Qian Yu out of the drill ground once again, Chen Xi had a bright idea and called a junior to Jiang Qian Yu's side, deliberately turning on the broadcast.


Looking at the sight of Jiang Qian Yu watching the broadcast, Chen Xi knew she had finally succeeded in pleasing Jiang Qian Yu, and thereafter bought more professional equipment and diligently began to broadcast...


Many years later, after losing a hand in the war, Chen Xi became a war correspondent and won the highest journalist award.

At the award ceremony, Chen Xi, whose temples were stained with frost, held the trophy with a look of nostalgia in her eyes.


"I first came into contact with the broadcast industry because of two people I admire the most, and I'm sure you all know their names.

Back then, I was a muddlehead, a school bully, childish and ridiculous in my thinking, and all I wanted to do was to please my boss and become more powerful, but I never thought that from them I would learn justice and commitment, and know the power of belief..."


"There are always people who, when they meet in the dark, will change your life..."




However, these are stories for later.


At this time, Chen Xi was still a student who had just started to sneak in a broadcast for Jiang Qian Yu.

Because of her height, she was able to film farther and wider, and with the power of an Alpha, Chen Xi was able to squeeze in at the front of the line, and even though Jiang Qian Yu didn't want to admit it, Chen Xi was indeed one of the best live vicarious filmers.


And Chen Xi comes to squat for mecha training every session because she wants to please Jiang Qian Yu on the one hand, but also because she loves watching mecha performances herself, especially since every drill has a Song Xu Yi who is keen to set new records.


At the beginning, people were not optimistic about Song Xu Yi, who is an Alpha.

Alphas are naturally powerful and it is difficult for an Alpha to master their power, whereas the manipulation of mechs requires a rigorous thinking logic and precise manipulation ability.


During the first training session Song Xu Yi was the first to complete the mecha drill, and everyone thought it was luck at first.


However, the second time Song Xu Yi scored full marks in the drill, she manoeuvred a thread through the eye of a needle intact and set the record for the shortest needle penetration ever.


The third time, Song Xu Yi manoeuvred her mech to walk a hundred metres with an egg on top of her, during which the egg fell several times, but Song Xu Yi was able to hold on to it precisely without letting it fall to the ground, something that many mech warriors with years of training could not do...




After many times, everyone has already agreed that Song Xu Yi is the Number 1 among this year's mech warriors.


What is even more impressive is that even though she seems to be able to do the best she can, Song Xu Yi never gives up a single minute of training time and works harder than anyone else!




Jiang Qian Yu particularly enjoyed watching Song Xu Yi's face when she got off the mech.


With her helmet on, Song Xu Yi was both handsome and beautiful; she was entitled to be proud of herself, but there was always a polite smile at the corners of her lips...


Every time she saw such a Song Xu Yi, Jiang Qian Yu's heart would beat so fast that it would even jump out of her chest.


She didn't know what kind of feeling it was, but whenever this happened, Jiang Qian Yu, who was usually cold and didn't communicate with others, would always hold her head high and tell everyone around her with some pride, "Song Xu Yi is my friend!"


"The only friend!"


Jiang Qian Yu doesn't know when her own mentality changed.


Especially when she heard so many men and women shouting "Xu Yi, Xu Yi, I love you" and other shameless words after watching the mecha practice, Jiang Qian Yu would feel extremely angry: Xu Yi is not their friend, why are these people so...



Not only on the training ground, but also on her way back to the dormitory and on her way to the canteen, she often saw people coming up to her, either to give her small gifts, or to confess their love for her, or to say they wanted to be her friend...


Jiang Qian Yu felt like she was going to die from anger!


Especially when she finally found out that Song Xu Yi had made another friend in the mecha class.


Jiang Qian Yu knew she shouldn't be angry, Song Xu Yi had never promised her that she would only have one friend, but she was still extremely upset that day and unprecedentedly skipped all her classes and ran off to a remote part of the school to blow off steam...


Jiang Qian Yu thought no one would come to this remote area, but then she heard two footsteps approaching.


Through a wall, Jiang Qian Yu heard that annoying Chen Xi's voice.


Chen Xi's voice sounded as if she was a little nervous, repeatedly urging, "The money has been transferred to you, hurry up and pass the resources over..."


"Aiya, this amount of money is not enough! This is the latest resource to come out of the empire, it concerns the secret of the royal ninth princess' years of infertility, and the love-hate tangle between the dead former Marshal Song and the Omega her family hid away and never saw, all of these were transferred at great risk...

yes, there are also plenty of your favourite videos...



"Traitorous businessman!" Chen Xi cursed indignantly, "Make up the money! Time to pass the resources on to me!"




Chen Xi received the resources, watched the other party gradually walk away, and was preparing to go back to the dormitory to watch properly, when she turned her head and saw a figure standing behind her.


"Which one doesn't have eyes..."


"——Bo, boss"


Chen Xi hurriedly lowered her head, her heart incomparably panicked: the boss originally did not care for her, so she had easily taken the opportunity of the live broadcast to get close to her, and then she saw her buying that kind of resources...


It's over, it's over!




"Send me what you just received..."


After passing the item to Jiang Qian Yu, Chen Xi ran away with a blue and red face, as if something was chasing her behind.


Jiang Qian Yu didn't care about Chen Xi's antics and opened her AI computer to check the resources Chen Xi passed over.


Jiang Qian Yu didn't worry about why the Ninth Princess wasn't pregnant, she quickly flipped through the document that said "Top Secret: The Story the Ninth Princess and Her Beta Maid Had to Tell" and opened the one that said "The Omega Hidden in Marshal Song's Rear House All Those Years Ago"...


This document was long, yet the Song Xu Yi described in the document and the one Jiang Qian Yu knew seemed like they were not the same person.




The document says that Song Xu Yi has a crush on a noblewoman, and every time she sees her, she feels overwhelmed.

The document focuses on Song Xu Yi's heartbeat when she faces the woman, and finally her entangled psyche when she suddenly realizes that she likes women.


Jiang Qian Yu looked at these descriptions of "being sad with someone else, wanting to be with her forever, thinking of her when eating, thinking of her when sleeping..." and so on, and froze for a moment, it seemed that she was suffering from these symptoms recently...


But what she cared more about was who the noblewoman was that Song Xu Yi had a crush on!


Jiang Qian Yu only felt as if a piece of her heart had been ripped out when she read these words, her heart ached for a moment, she never thought Song Xu Yi would have a crush on someone!


Jiang Qian Yu bit her lower lip, holding back the pain and continuing to read.


Later in the story, the noblewoman Song Xu Yi had a crush on died——


Jiang Qian Yu was inexplicably relieved, but at this point the document was only a third of the way through...


After that, it was all about how Song Xu Yi forcibly marked the noblewoman's Omega daughter, and then how the noblewoman's daughter resisted time and time again only to be forcibly marked by Song Xu Yi with all sorts of tricks, and even depicted the union between Song Xu Yi's pair of Beta maids...


The various marked scenes last for the entire half of the book, and finally the author hastily gives an ending: Song Xu Yi dies, and the noblewoman's daughter finds out that she is in love with Song Xu Yi and follows her death...


The book ends with a paragraph—— [The plot is purely fictional, and any renaming is purely coincidental.]


As soon as she saw the appearance of the noblewoman's daughter in the book, Jiang Qian Yu understood that it was a fantastical erotic book, which was pure nonsense, yet Jiang Qian Yu somehow managed to read it...


She had always been a researcher and had a deep-seated aversion to Alpha, and in some ways she was terribly simple.

She had thought that biting through a gland and injecting pheromones meant marking, but she had never imagined that there were so many different ways to do it, that it was not only between men and women, but also between women and women, that the mouth could actually...


In a trance, Jiang Qian Yu flipped backwards and a video appeared in her AI computer: two women with invisible faces, hugging each other...


Something suddenly exploded in her mind, and Jiang Qian Yu switched off her AI computer with a 'snap'.


Jiang Qian Yu was a little distracted the whole day after that and went to bed early at night...


Jiang Qian Yu dreamed of herself and Song Xu Yi, with Song Xu Yi lying submissively beneath her, looking at her with her eyes like silk...


Jiang Qian Yu woke up with a start from her dream, the room was full of peach scent, looking at Song Xu Yi who was disturbed by her pheromones and frowning in her sleep, Jiang Qian Yu gritted her teeth and rushed into the bathroom and took a cold shower.


However, a cold shower can wash away the body's desires, but not the memories that keep replaying in the mind...


Jiang Qian Yu took a deep breath and covered her face.


Her chest burst into flames, and a certain thought emerged from her mind with unmistakable determination.


It seemed that she...

was not satisfied with being Song Xu Yi's friend, but wanted to be her...


Her only lover!


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