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Villainous Scientist (13)


Song Xu Yi has noticed that Jiang Qian Yu has become very strange these days.


In the past, Jiang Qian Yu never studied in the dormitory, but recently, when Song Xu Yi returned to the dormitory, she would find Jiang Qian Yu watching her AI computer seriously.


Then Song Xu Yi found that Jiang Qian Yu began to peek at herself from time to time, sometimes her eyes would be inexplicably filled with sadness, and sometimes when she met Song Xu Yi's eyes Jiang Qian Yu would actually...



This is really too strange.


What's wrong with her


Song Xu Yi felt a little troubled by the fact that even the suppressors seemed to be unable to control Jiang Qian Yu's pheromones, and several times in the middle of the night Song Xu Yi suddenly woke up and the entire dormitory was filled with the rich smell of peach...


Song Xu Yi is a little suspicious that Jiang Qian Yu's research has had an accident, after thinking about it again Song Xu Yi finally decided to talk to Jiang Qian Yu in case Jiang Qian Yu encountered a dilemma she could help to enlighten her.


"Have you recently experienced some...

irregularities in your health" Meeting Jiang Qian Yu's confused eyes, Song Xu Yi hesitated for a moment, but politely stated her suspicions: "Your glands...

seem to be a bit uncontrollable in the middle of the night recently..."


Jiang Qian Yu froze, then her face slowly flushed, her eyes wandered and she dropped her head, not daring to meet Song Xu Yi's gaze.


Perhaps it is because recently, her life is no longer chaotic, Jiang Qian Yu's face has more blood, she was born beautiful and exquisite like a doll and recently her temperament has become more and more mature, especially the red mole at the corner of her eyes, looking at her original youthful temperament brought a few unspeakable charm to make people's hearts flutter.


At this time, carefully looking at Jiang Qian Yu, Song Xu Yi realized only after the fact that these changes in Jiang Qian Yu's body involuntarily tightened her throat.


Song Xu Yi looked away from her, her cheeks also quietly reddened.


"Why does she look prettier and prettier" Song Xu Yi and the system muttered softly.


The System replied after a moment, somewhat hesitantly, "Probably because she's grown up"


In fact it knows a bit more than Song Xu Yi, for example it can see clearly that Jiang Qian Yu is reading books like "How to pursue and please Omega" and "How to attract your beloved" on her AI computer.

Thinking about the recent change in Jiang Qian Yu's attitude towards Song Xu Yi, the system can easily come to a certain conclusion.


But if Song Xu Yi didn't ask, the system wouldn't take the initiative to say anything, but just once again reminded Song Xu Yi: "Xu Yi, the first rule of the mission code is "no love"."


Song Xu Yi didn't hear the system's words, as Jiang Qian Yu had already raised her head again at that moment.


"Xu Yi, I'm fine." Jiang Qian Yu's eyes contained emotions that Song Xu Yi did not understand, she bit her lower lip and looked at Song Xu Yi motionlessly, "If...

I mean if, there is someone who has caused you irreparable harm and that person now realizes the mistake and wants to undo it, would you...

consider ...

forgiving her"


After realizing her feelings for Song Xu Yi, Jiang Qian Yu originally tried to pursue Song Xu Yi with all her might.

Knowing her own flaws in dealing with people in the world, she began to consult relevant books, but after reading the first book, Jiang Qian Yu's hot heart felt like a sudden splash of cold water that instantly cooled her down: under the sky, only she was least likely to pursue Song XuYi.


The foundation of a comfortable relationship requires honesty and openness, while she herself is full of secrets, even...

once caused Song Xu Yi to fall from heaven to the bottom, and even once studied Song Xu Yi's glands semi-compulsively because of her ignorance...


How could such a person be qualified to pursue Song Xu Yi


However, even though she knew she was not worthy, Jiang Qian Yu still did not want to give up:


She really liked Song Xu Yi, so much so that the thought of leaving her made her feel like the world had lost its color...


So, when she saw that Song Xu Yi still cared for her, Jiang Qian Yu couldn't help but ask the question that was in the back of her mind.


Hearing Jiang Qian Yu's words, Song Xu Yi frowned tightly.


She had always treated Song Xu Yi as a villain bent on revenge, and the first thing that came to mind after hearing these words was the hatred between Jiang Qian Yu and the Emperor, could it be that the relationship between Jiang Qian Yu and the Emperor had taken a turn for the worse


But she didn't have the position to say forgiveness in place of Jiang Qian Yu.


The emperor in Song Xu Yi's memory is suspicious, cunning and sinister, and Song Xu Yi is worried that Jiang Qian Yu will fall into his trap, after all, although Jiang Qian Yu is also considered to have the means, but compared to the emperor who has been scheming for many years, Jiang Qian Yu is still a bit inferior.


After thinking about it, Song Xu Yi decided to politely advise Jiang Qian Yu: "Whether or not to forgive depends on the circumstances.

But if you want to undo a mistake, you need to at least be sincere and ask for forgiveness without any coercion or bullying.

You can't look at what people say, but what they do.

A lot of people say nice things, but most of them still make the same mistakes when they come back..."


Jiang Qian Yu's face went white: "What if that person sincerely promises not to hurt her again in the future"


"That depends on the specific situation," Song Xu Yi thought about it, even though she thought it wasn't possible, but in case the emperor really changed his suspicious and paranoid nature it would be a good thing for the commoners, so Song Xu Yi didn't say the words to death: "How much a person has given, time is the best answer, it will always be seen..."


Jiang Qian Yu hung her head thoughtfully.

Song Xu Yi sighed and stroked the top of her dark hair, "There's no need for you to worry so much, as a friend, in case you encounter something, I will always help you."


Jiang Qian Yu, however, pursed her lips tighter and tighter.


Xu Yi simply didn't know that what she wanted wasn't a friend...


She wanted to hug and kiss Song Xu Yi and do everything she wanted to do to her in her dreams.


Yet it was already a gift for Xu Yi to treat her as a friend these days.


"I know."


Jiang Qian Yu suppressed all her longing and lifted her head, remembering the way to please her beloved in the book she had read, and gave a good smile towards Song Xu Yi: "Let time prove everything."


She would spend the rest of her life trying to make up for it, gradually becoming what Xu Yi liked...


One day, Xu Yi will understand her feelings.


Song Xu Yi looked at Jiang Qian Yu's smile and thought she had let go of the big stone in her heart, and was a little happy in her heart, smiling likewise.


However, she did not see the darkening gaze in Jiang Qian Yu's curved eyes as she looked at her.


In the time that followed, Song Xu Yi was pleased to find that Jiang Qian Yu looked more and more cheerful.


Before, Jiang Qian Yu was like an unbloomed flower that had closed itself off in a small space, but now she was like a rose in bloom, a rose that was full of charm.


Song Xu Yi notices that Jiang Qian Yu's face is smiling more and more, she is learning to greet the teachers on the way, she is no longer so hostile to Alpha, and even seems to have become friends with Alpha Chen Xi...


Apart from Jiang Qian Yu's still uncontrollable pheromones and seemingly increasing penchant for clinging to her, everything seems to be going in a good direction.


And while Song Xu Yi was working hard on her mecha, there was also a lot of turmoil over at the Imperial Star:


Six months after the 'death' of former Marshal Song Xu Yi, the Emperor appointed the female lead Zhao Man as the new Marshal.


Everyone was surprised by this decision of the Emperor.

Because the Emperor had not liked Zhao Man, his daughter, in the past, and had always ignored her, Zhao Man was able to occupy a high position in the army purely because she herself had strived for success and made a mark in the army.


Is the Emperor's promotion of Zhao Man a sign of his intention to pass on the throne to Zhao Man


For a while, the Imperial Star was in turmoil, and the major powers began to secretly reassert themselves...


Song Xu Yi also froze for a moment when she heard the news.


In the original plot, the position of Marshal had been in the hands of the original owner until Jiang Qian Yu led her team to break through the Imperial Star.


After Zhao Man came to power, she changed her silent demeanor and issued a series of directives: for example, she asked the combat troops of the major planets to inform the Imperial Star of their troop strength, and she proposed to gather the best interplanetary forces to attack the Insect Race a year later, and at the same time, she issued new training methods to all troops and developed several realistic battlefield field training...


These directives had many merits, indicating that Zhao Man had not been perfunctory over the years and was really doing something practical.


As these directives were issued, Zhao Man's popularity among the people grew.


However, in Song Xu Yi's view this was not a good thing: the Emperor was already suspicious, and the better Zhao Man performed, the greater the threat to him.


At the end of the year, Zhao Man suddenly fell ill for a while.

After recovering from her illness, Zhao Man suddenly submitted a new plan to the Emperor, which provoked his anger.


——Zhao Man proposed that the army should be "open to all talents" and that both Omega and Beta should be able to enter the army and be promoted if they had sufficient skills.


The Emperor was furious with this plan and ordered Zhao Man to go into seclusion for a few months, also causing resentment among the Alpha class.


This is also something unexpected from Song Xu Yi.

In the original plot, although Zhao Man would pity the Omega's suffering because of Zhou Sui, she would not express her support for the Omega group so bluntly.


And the ruling class of Alpha is, after all, a minority.

Somehow, the reason for Zhao Man's imprisonment also got out, and on the rare occasion that a powerful person appeared to speak up for Beta and Omega, many Beta planets and Omega groups secretly turned over to Zhao Man's cause.


Huang Fu even approached Song Xu Yi once to ask her what she thought of Zhao Man because of this news.

The original body did not have much contact with Zhao Man, and only knew that Zhao Man was stubborn and had a ruthless streak of not giving up until she achieved her goal, but Song Xu Yi suggested that Blue Star should not get involved and it was better to choose to wait and see.


After all, this is an eventful time, with the insects outside and the political situation inside in constant turmoil, with the Emperor being so suspicious and cunning that there is no telling what he might do before things are settled.


Song Xu Yi's consideration seems to have made her a Blue Star citizen, Huang Fu was extremely pleased to hear this, and had a big drink with Song Xu Yi.

After getting drunk, Huang Fu said that the military department had contacted the planets to set up the battlefield, and Song Xu Yi would need to participate in the actual battle drills in a few months.


Soon Song Xu Yi was a sophomore, and the news that this year's class would be going out for combat drills spread to several combat academies.


Blue Star is adjacent to the border, the planet for the actual battle exercise is not far from Blue Star, called Insect Egg Star, a long time ago Insect Egg Star used to be a colony of insects, then for some unknown reason it was deserted, this time the army deliberately went to the battlefield and captured a batch of insects to drop into Insect Egg Star, asking these students who are about to go to battle to familiarize themselves with the operation against the enemy.


After all, with the interstellar political turmoil, weak planets are likely to become political casualties, and it is time for the Blue Star to show its power.


These students had been training for a year, and when they remembered that they were going to start the real fight against the insect race, their hearts were incomparably excited.

The smile on Chen Xi's mouth opened up to between her ears, and she patted her chest and gave her word to Jiang Qian Yu: "Don't worry, Boss, when the time comes, my broadcast equipment will be installed on my head, I will try to fight as close to Sister Song as possible, and I will definitely broadcast all of Sister Song's bravery to you! ..."


She didn't notice that Jiang Qian Yu had recently been in a hurry, being pressed by the military doctors to refresh her knowledge of battlefield survival.


After all, a good medical researcher is much more valuable than a warrior on Blue Star.

Even though she knows that Jiang Qian Yu is the Alpha who has defeated Chen Xi, the battlefield is ever-changing and no one knows what will happen, and if something happens to Jiang Qian Yu, Blue Star will lose the chance of medical advancement that has come so easily.


However, neither the dean nor the headmaster could resist Jiang Qian Yu, so they could only send her to the airship worriedly.


Unlike the teachers at the medical school, who looked as if they had lost their parents, the students who had gone to war were overjoyed.

Chen Xi had dutifully squeezed a few compartments forward to the cabin where the mecha academy was located, and was about to report to Jiang Qian Yu on Song Xu Yi's condition when she saw Jiang Qian Yu, who seemed a little dizzy and lying on Song Xu Yi's shoulder, and almost dropped her jaw!





Song Xu Yi naturally saw Chen Xi, and seeing that she left without looking back after exchanging a greeting, she spoke with some confusion, "What's she doing here"


"Who knows" Jiang Qian Yu spoke in a soft voice, dissatisfied that Song Xu Yi was losing her attention to Chen Xi, she huffed fiercely and hugged Song Xu Yi's waist, "Xu Yi, it's probably because it's been too long since I've been on an airship, my head is getting dizzy, can I lie on top of you for a while"


This year Song Xu Yi has been treating Jiang Qian Yu as a sister, Jiang Qian Yu rarely shows such a vulnerable moment, Song Xu Yi can not help but feel sorry for her, how could she think that Jiang Qian Yu has hidden some other thoughts


The two looked different to the eyes of the others.


The beautiful, imperious girl had a girl on her shoulders, and Song Xu Yi occasionally looked down and asked about the girl's condition, speaking in intimate and gentle tones...


Song Xu Yi has become famous in the school over the past year, her mecha manipulation skills are amazing, but even after becoming famous, Song Xu Yi is not arrogant, not impatient, and treats people gently, so she has many fans and admirers.

Although everyone knows that Song Xu Yi and Jiang Qian Yu are close, the post-star era is only for Omegas, but there is no restriction on Alpha, many of them have many partners.

Originally, those who were so intent on getting close to Song Xu Yi or confessing their love for her had to leave in dismay when they saw the girl lying on Song Xu Yi's shoulder...


Jiang Qian Yu watched the backs of these people leaving, smelling the smell of citrus oranges on Song Xu Yi's body, and quietly curled her lips.


Sometimes, she really wanted to hide Xu Yi from anyone, Xu Yi was too beautiful and too good at attracting butterflies, however, Xu Yi was open and honest, her wish was to ride and fight in the army, not wanting Xu Yi to hate her, Jiang Qian Yu could only restrain her desire and use other means to drive away those who coveted Xu Yi...


Soon the ship arrived at the Insect Egg Star.


The insects will gnaw at all living things, as the planet was once populated by insects, and all that remains of the planet are endless stretches of gullies and hills, with no trace of grass or living things to be seen, and nothing else can be heard on the entire planet except the whistling wind.


After disembarking from the ship, the group went to the garrison first.


A row of capsule dormitories had already been built in the compound.

The capsule dormitories were originally for people from a single academy to live together, but Song Xu Yi, looking at Jiang Qian Yu who still seemed very uncomfortable, took the lead in asking the teacher to arrange for her and Jiang Qian Yu to be placed in the same dormitory.


Every soldier wanted to have a good relationship with the people of the medical school, so naturally the teachers would not refuse Song Xu Yi's request.


It is an ancient human tradition to celebrate the journey to a location with a bonfire, and this custom has been maintained in the interstellar era.

As night falls, people pile up flames with fuel and leave the capsule dormitory with all kinds of ingredients.


Song Xu Yi originally planned to stay in the dormitory with Jiang Qian Yu, however, Jiang Qian Yu looked a little better, so she took Jiang Qian Yu out with her to the bonfire.


By the time they went out, the rest of the group had almost all arrived.


Jiang Qian Yu, who was rumored to be proud and arrogant and to have missed classes at will because of her talent, looked extremely humble when facing Song Xu Yi's teachers and supervisors, and was polite and proper when socializing, a complete contrast to the rumored arrogant and proud Jiang Qian Yu.


Jiang Qian Yu ate quietly next to Song Xu Yi as if she hadn't heard the whispers about her from the people around.


——The books say that almost all people like to hang out with upbeat, positive people, and that negative energy will eventually annoy people.


The old Jiang Qian Yu didn't even care about herself, so naturally she didn't care about what others thought of her.


So Jiang Qian Yu disguised herself as this.


And Jiang Qian Yu's disguise proves to be extremely effective, as Xu Yi seems to have gradually forgotten the self that offended her, and begins to gradually accept her proximity and tolerate herself acting pampered...


Moreover, Jiang Qian Yu had made a special discovery: Xu Yi seemed to be extremely fond of her face, and occasionally there were times when she would involuntarily blush when looking at her.


How strange!


A long time ago, when Xu Yi coveted her beauty, she was only bored and wanted to gouge out her eyes, but this time when she saw Xu Yi blushing because of her, she was only happy...


Jiang Qian Yu sat beside Song Xu Yi and ate the food she baked and handed over, her heart was warm and she felt better.


At this time, the feast also gradually reached its climax.


The night was a little chilly on the Insect Egg Star, but with the bonfire burning higher and higher, everyone didn't feel the cold at all, the hustle and bustle lit up the silent land, and everyone had a big smile on their faces, Jiang Qian Yu, who has never been one to make a scene, couldn't help but show some genuine laughter on such an occasion.


Gradually, the students began to drink, and when they were full of wine, some of them were so overcome with alcohol that they hugged and kissed their lovers on the spot amidst the uproar of the crowd...


Jiang Qian Yu's eyes fell on the kissing couple, turned her head and glanced at Song Xu Yi who was 'not to be seen in a rude manner', her eyes deepened: if she had done it herself, she would have kissed better than this couple! She had already learnt enough theoretical knowledge from the AI computer, and if Xu Yi didn't know how to do it, she would teach her...


Unfortunately, there is no telling how long it will be before Xu Yi accepts her...


And at this time, another group of people from other academies came over to give Song Xu Yi a toast.


Song Xu Yi could drink extremely well and Jiang Qian Yu wasn't worried that she would get drunk, while Song Xu Yi was worried that Jiang Qian Yu wasn't up to it and helped Jiang Qian Yu to block all the drinks.


Jiang Qian Yu was in a happy mood, enjoying Song Xu Yi's care and eating, when a voice came from above her head, "I'd like to toast Miss Jiang!"


"Miss Jiang wouldn't be afraid to drink the wine I offered"


Jiang Qian Yu raised her head and saw a familiar girl's face, remembering that this person had stopped Song Xu Yi three times and insisted on giving Song Xu Yi a gift, Jiang Qian Yu's eyes also sank.


She was about to pretend to be weak and fall on top of Song Xu Yi like she did before and ask Song Xu Yi to help her drink, when she saw a touch of jealousy lurking in the girl's eyes, Jiang Qian Yu's eyes blinked and changed her mind.


Ignoring Song Xu Yi's resistance, Jiang Qian Yu took a sip of the wine in her cup, deliberately choking and coughing violently, her face instantly turning red.


The girl seemed to not expect Jiang Qian Yu to take the glass, and froze as she glanced at Song Xu Yi who was patting Jiang Qian Yu's back, gritting her teeth and standing to the side with red eyes.


"Qian Yu, how are you feeling You must tell me if you don't feel well!" Song Xu Yi didn't pay attention to the girl standing aside, and was preoccupied with Jiang Qian Yu: Jiang Qian Yu seemed to have never had a drink before, and now she was dull and silent afterwards, which was really worrying...


At that moment the rest of the place was once again up in arms, Jiang Qian Yu looked at the couple kissing across the area and quietly clenched her fists.


It was time!


She held her breath and turned her head to look at Song Xu Yi...


The girl was already beautiful, but at this moment, because of the wine, her cheeks and nose were covered in red, and her eyes were wet as she looked over, she looked increasingly gorgeous.


At first glance, Song Xu Yi's breath caught in her throat as she was confronted with such a beautiful shock, and her eyes were moistened by Jiang Qian Yu's gaze...


Jiang Qian Yu...

how come she's looking prettier!


Song Xu Yi's heart was beating faster, Song Xu Yi was so engrossed in the shock of her beauty that she didn't notice the familiar smell of peach getting closer to her, but suddenly there was another uproar around her, this time louder than before, as if someone had shouted Song Xu Yi's name...


Song Xu Yi turned her head in shock and her lips touched a soft, slightly cool surface, like the soft petals of a rose...


"Kissed, really kissed..."


The uproar was overwhelming!


This is...

the lips of Jiang Qian Yu!


Song Xu Yi's eyes widened——


She met Jiang Qian Yu's gaze: Jiang Qian Yu's beautiful eyes were filled with a hot and intense, unmistakable affection that she hadn't had time to hide...




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