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Villainous Scientist (14)


"Does she...

like me, System"


Jiang Qian Yu fell limply into Song Xu Yi's arms after giving her a kiss.


Song Xu Yi did not know if Jiang Qian Yu was really drunk or pretending to be drunk, she stiffly hugged Jiang Qian Yu and sat next to the fire, her heart beating so fast that it seemed to jump out of her chest, her face almost turned as red as the Jiang Qian Yu in her arms.


However, even though Jiang Qian Yu's eyes were emotionally dull, they also gave away that something was wrong, and considering the fact that Jiang Qian Yu had been clinging to herself for some time——Song Xu Yi found out after the fact that she and Jiang Qian Yu had indeed gotten a little too close recently.


Although Jiang Qian Yu is the villain, Song Xu Yi has given up on her plan to persuade Jiang Qian Yu to let go of her hatred after guessing that Jiang Qian Yu is a member of Jiang's family.


All Song Xu Yi wants to do now is to get a firm foothold on the Blue Star, build up her strength and finally use her power to protect the male and female leads from death.


Because she is a bit sad about Jiang Qian Yu's situation, and because the current Jiang Qian Yu has not made the same mistakes as she did in the plot summary of slaughtering Alphas, Song Xu Yi has been paying more attention to Jiang Qian Yu this time, trying to minimize Jiang Qian Yu's hostility...


But Song Xu Yi only treated Jiang Qian Yu as her sister in her own heart, but she never thought that Jiang Qian Yu would have other thoughts about her.


"Probably!" The system took a moment before humming out, "It's not surprising that she likes you..."


Song Xu Yi pursed her lips.


It was clear from the sidelines.


Even the system has said so, whether Jiang Qian Yu meant it or not, her feelings for her have indeed reached a point where it would be misunderstood.


However, this is already the case, not to mention that the system stipulates that taskers cannot fall in love in the small world, and even though her heart is moved by Jiang Qian Yu's beauty, Song Xu Yi can be sure that she does not have other thoughts about Jiang Qian Yu.


Perhaps it is because Jiang Qian Yu has less contact with people in the past and has not encountered someone like her, which is why she is attracted to her, between the two separated by a distance, and after Jiang Qian Yu knows more people, her feelings for her should slowly cool down.


With this in mind, Song Xu Yi also made up her mind.


Jiang Qian Yu, who was being held in Song Xu Yi's arms and pretending to sleep, was also in a very complicated mood at this time.

She was afraid that Song Xu Yi would find out her feelings, but at the same time, she had some expectations if Song Xu Yi really found out that she liked her: how would Xu Yi feel about her feelings Will she also accept her...


After another hour or so, the surroundings gradually quietened down and the bonfire finally dispersed.


Song Xu Yi carried Jiang Qian Yu to the capsule dormitory.


When she picked up Jiang Qian Yu, Song Xu Yi paused for a moment, her mind in a trance: her strength seemed to have declined again recently.


She used to be able to carry Jiang Qian Yu without feeling overwhelmed, but lately Song Xu Yi has been feeling a little weak, and she usually feels less energetic when manoeuvring the mecha...


Is it a side effect of the drug Jiang Qian Yu injected her with


In the plot summary, Jiang Qian Yu's drug will turn an Alpha into an Omega completely, and it does seem a bit counterintuitive that she is only half transformed like this...


Song Xu Yi decided to undergo a medical examination when she returned to Blue Star.

After living on Blue Star for so long, it was time to reveal her identity as an Omega to Blue Star.

Besides, the Mecha Academy was recently studying mechs that were more suitable for Omega, so maybe she could participate in such a study.


Song Xu Yi carried Jiang Qian Yu back to the capsule dormitory, a short journey, Song Xu Yi rested several times.

Jiang Qian Yu did not wake up during this process, Song Xu Yi also did not want to probe whether Jiang Qian Yu was pretending to sleep or really sleeping, she just did not know how to face Jiang Qian Yu at this time, Jiang Qian Yu was better off asleep.


After putting Jiang Qian Yu to bed, Song Xu Yi was relieved and was about to sleep on the other bed when she inexplicably remembered how Jiang Qian Yu's pheromones had gone out of control at night, and then when she thought of certain aspects...


Song Xu Yi's cheeks reddened, but she quietly put on her coat, closed the door and walked out, interrupting the night with the students who were keeping watch...


Unbeknownst to Song Xu Yi, Jiang Qian Yu opened her eyes almost at the same time as she closed the door to her room.


She stared fixedly at the ceiling for a long time before her lips curled expressionlessly and she murmured softly, "Seems like...

a bad gamble!"


From the next day onwards, Jiang Qian Yu finds that Song Xu Yi starts to alienate from her.


Although she appeared to look as normal when talking to her, Song Xu Yi began to deliberately avoid physical contact with her, and did not want to meet her eyes again...


Jiang Qian Yu understands the reason for Song Xu Yi's change of attitude in her heart, but on the surface she seems not to notice Song Xu Yi's distancing and treats her as she always did.


Looking at Jiang Qian Yu's attitude, Song Xu Yi even became a little confused after a few days: perhaps she was being paranoid, Jiang Qian Yu was just a little overly dependent on her, and didn't actually have that kind of heart for her...


However, Song Xu Yi had little time to spend with Jiang Qian Yu these days, as the battle with the insects had officially begun.


Insects are terrifying not only because of their poisonous, corrosive slime, large size and hardness, but also because some of them are intelligent and have the ability to take on human form, infiltrating human settlements and inflicting damage from within, making them a major problem in the hearts and minds across the empire for years.


This was just a drill.

To protect the soldiers, tracking instruments were installed on every insect on the Insect Egg Star, which alerted the soldiers when they came within a hundred meters of them.


Seeming to know that the situation was not good, the insects began to take advantage of the terrain and split into scattered groups of three or two to hide.


After a few people were wounded in the bloody and brutal struggle, everyone shed their initial novelty and arrogance in the face of the insects and got into the right frame of mind to begin the battle against them.


Song Xu Yi's mech unit was the backbone of the defence against the insects and the unit that killed the most insects, and Song Xu Yi was the leading mech warrior, personally eliminating the most insects in the army.


Although the battle was brutal, at least the humans had the upper hand, and those who were injured were lightly wounded, so everyone was in a lighter frame of mind when they returned to their quarters at night after the battle.


However, on the fifth day of the exercise, the garrison suddenly sounded the alarm at dinner time——


"Attention all personnel, attention all personnel, we are missing a shape-shifting insect from the insect population and it is suspected that it has lost its tracking device and infiltrated our base..."


The shrill alarm sounded three times, signalling the seriousness of the matter.


At once, the relaxed atmosphere of the base was swept away and everyone became alert, the base was put on lockdown, students and teachers went to bed armed and began to identify each other by iris and pheromone scent, lest someone they knew suddenly turn into an insect...


This time, everyone experienced the cruelty of the battlefield and its rapid changes.


Song Xu Yi, who had been finding excuses to sleep in the mech during the night, was also driven back to her dormitory.


Song Xu Yi was a little embarrassed at first, but Jiang Qian Yu acted very calmly and naturally, and at night Song Xu Yi didn't smell the pheromones anymore, so she gradually calmed down.


Only the system knew that every night after Song Xu Yi went to sleep, Jiang Qian Yu would open her eyes and look inexplicably in Song Xu Yi's direction, with a complex emotion in her eyes that could not be dissolved.


A few days later, the missing insect had not shown up, and the vigilance of the base had gradually loosened a bit.


Song Xu Yi received a notice from one her Beta instructors in the dormitory saying that Song Xu Yi's reward had arrived and that Song Xu Yi should go and collect it immediately.


Because Song Xu Yi had hunted many insects during this period and set the highest record, the military department gave some rewards to the top three students in terms of number of kills.


The teachers had already informed her about this matter, so Song Xu Yi did not doubt it and went straight to her instructors' quarters.


After Song Xu Yi left the dormitory, Jiang Qian Yu also went to the makeshift infirmary to check on the injured students: she didn't really care about other people's lives, but Song Xu Yi liked kind and sunny people, so Jiang Qian Yu disguised herself and tried to lean in that direction.


However, in the tent at the base, Jiang Qian Yu sees the Beta instructor who is having a good conversation with the injured student...


Jiang Qian Yu's face changed instantly!


She subconsciously took out her AI computer to tell Song Xu Yi, but if Song Xu Yi picked up, it might cause the insects to sneak in...


Jiang Qian Yu gritted her teeth and told the school's leader, then injected herself with a tube of Alpha Booster and ran towards the Beta instructor's room at an unprecedented speed...


When Song Xu Yi arrived, the Beta Instructor was the only person in the room.


"You're here," the Beta Instructor smiled extremely warmly after seeing Song Xu Yi, and opened up a chair for Song Xu Yi to sit on, and poured a cup of tea for her, "You drink your tea first, the other two will be here soon..."


Song Xu Yi took the cup of tea and sat on the chair, but did not drink the water in the cup.


Somehow, Song Xu Yi felt something strange in her heart: her instructor, he...

seemed a bit odd.


"Why don't you drink it yet This is warm water, it's not hot, try it, it's the latest good tea, one tael is worth a thousand gold.

You should drink it before the others come, I can't give it to the others..." the Beta instructor started urging.


Song Xu Yi squeezed her cup tightly.


This Beta instructor had a sick person at home to take care of and was usually in financial straits, not to mention good tea, he even had to save on food on a regular basis; moreover, he was an upright person and had never served water evenly, so there was no way he would have behaved in a biased manner...


Song Xu Yi made an instant decision and immediately took the cup of tea and splashed it in the direction of the 'Beta instructor'.


The tea fell to the floor with a 'zippy' sound, corroding a large area of carpet.


"——heh, worthy of being the number one mecha warrior," The 'Beta instructor' dodged, his voice gradually becoming odd as his muscles began to swell, his clothes expanding away and instantly turning into an enormous insect with a human mouth, spitting out a large pile of slime towards Song Xu Yi: "I wanted to kill a few more, but now it seems I can only take care of you..."


It was really an insect!


Song Xu Yi had already prepared for this and immediately rolled to the side to avoid the slime, however, when Song Xu Yi entered the door, the insect had already locked the door, the room had limited space to hide, Song Xu Yi's physical ability was no match for this green insect...


Song Xu Yi could only try to hide and stall for time, praying that the rest would notice the anomaly, while the cunning insect obviously knew this and attacked Song Xu Yi frantically...


The insect's movements brought about a huge pressure, the objects in the Beta instructor's quarters shattered, a metal plate bounced up and hit Song Xu Yi's leg as she was running away, she heard the door fall down, but she had no time to pay attention to what was happening there, because the insect's huge tail had already thrown itself at Song Xu Yi's head——


Song Xu Yi's eyes widened.


A violent gust of wind swept past, accompanied by a blunt 'pop' sound, and Song Xu Yi's heart seemed to stop beating for an instant.


She saw a familiar face, which looked as delicate as ever, yet the red mole at the corner of the girl's eye looked as red as blood due to the incomparable paleness of her face.


Jiang Qian Yu smiled at Song Xu Yi and raised her hand to touch the tears running down from the corner of Song Xu Yi's eyes:


"——It's good that you're okay."


Song Xu Yi opened her mouth: at this moment, she suddenly dared not meet Jiang Qian Yu's bright star-like gaze.


Song Xu Yi no longer wanted to recall how Jiang Qian Yu had torn that insect in half.


Jiang Qian Yu fell into Song Xu Yi's arms after killing the insect.


Jiang Qian Yu used to test the drug on herself in a messy way, and this time many hidden illnesses came up all of a sudden after taking a heavy blow, this time helping Song Xu Yi block the full force of the insect's blow and almost dying.


By the time Jiang Qian Yu woke up it was already three days later.


"Don't be so reckless in the future!"


Seeing Jiang Qian Yu wake up, Song Xu Yi's suspended heart finally fell.

During these three days of taking care of Jiang Qian Yu, Song Xu Yi felt guilty every moment: if she had taken a weapon with her when she went out, she would not have caused Jiang Qian Yu to fall into this situation...


"I don't think it was reckless," Jiang Qian Yu curled her lips and reached out to touch Song Xu Yi's face, "If I were given another chance, I would still choose to save you."


"Xu Yi, you saved my life before, this time I'm just returning the favor, you don't need to feel too guilty."


Subconsciously, Song Xu Yi wanted to turn her head to avoid Jiang Qian Yu's touch, but when she thought of the way Jiang Qian Yu had stood in her way before, she restrained the urge to turn her head.


"Xu Yi, now that I've returned the favor to you, can you tell me what kind of person you like" Jiang Qian Yu stroked Song Xu Yi's eyebrows and spoke in a soft voice.


Her voice was so soft that it seemed to be a careless question, and if Song Xu Yi hadn't been sitting by her bed, she would have been almost inaudible.


However, Song Xu Yi knew that she was serious.


Song Xu Yi froze, a little surprised, yet seemingly expected.


How could she reply


Jiang Qian Yu had actually made everything clear.


Song Xu Yi bit her lower lip, trying to find a reason that didn't seem so hurtful: "When I was an Alpha, I liked Omega's who looked soft and cute, and you fit my aesthetic in every way, so I couldn't help but almost force myself on you.

But now that I'm an Omega, I know how hard it is to be an Omega and I feel guilty about it, and I never thought I'd like anyone.

All I want to do now is prove to the world that Omega's can do something, that Omega's can go to war to defend their country in addition to having children..."


So it's not that you're not good enough, it's that I don't have the time or ability to like people right now.


Song Xu Yi knew that Jiang Qian Yu was able to understand the subtext of her words.


Because after Jiang Qian Yu's dark eyes looked at her for a moment, she suddenly smiled, "I'm glad you can say this to me..."


"Xu Yi, can you swear to me," Jiang Qian Yu looked straight into Song Xu Yi's eyes, "swear that no matter what you look like in the future, you will be as good as you are now, and you will not change back to the old you..."


"I swear." Even though she didn't know why Jiang Qian Yu was feeling so unsettled about her, Jiang Qian Yu had woken up after a serious illness, Song Xu Yi didn't want to argue with her, after all, she and the original owner were two completely different people, it was herself in this body now, and time would always tell.


"I know, as long as you stay the same," Jiang Qian Yu curled her lips and smiled anew, her smile seemingly somewhat relieved, "Don't worry, I'll do my best to let go of my feelings for you in the meantime..."




Song Xu Yi originally prepared a belly full of words to persuade Jiang Qian Yu, but did not expect Jiang Qian Yu so easy to open up, her heart is a little surprised, but the thought of Jiang Qian Yu, such a proud child at school is not lacking in outstanding suitors, there is no need to hang herself to this rejected crooked tree, so her heart also believed her words.


Seeing Song Xu Yi's secretly relieved look, Jiang Qian Yu's eyes deepened, but her face still wore a smile as she thoughtfully cooperated with the doctor's examination and took her medication, then looked at the blue and black under Song Xu Yi's eyes and tried her best to persuade Song Xu Yi to go to the nearby companion bed to take a rest.


Song Xu Yi had not closed her eyes for the past three days and fell asleep as soon as she lay down on the bed.


She was unaware of Jiang Qian Yu's gloomy gaze as she looked at her sleeping face after she had fallen asleep.


Xu Yi is like an extremely wary kitten, after revealing her own vulnerability, if she forces herself to insist on getting closer, she will only end up pushing Xu Yi further and further away.


So she could only retreat and temporarily numb Xu Yi's judgement, making her think she had already started to try to let go.


But how could she let go of Xu Yi Jiang Qian Yu had a clear understanding of herself: if she let Xu Yi go, she would never find someone she liked so much again in her life!


In the dream she had grown up with, that silly Zhao Qingyu had never dared to confess her love and ended up regretting it for the rest of her life, but she was different.


Jiang Qian Yu curved her lips: she only said she would try her best, but she never promised that she would definitely let go...


She was too cautious now, but only because she had brought Xu Yi to this point.



Xu Yi had promised: even if she turned back into an Alpha, she would not turn back into her old self.


Then she would trust Xu Yi for once and gamble again!


Once she had gotten her revenge, and when the status of the Empire's Omegas began to rise, she would start researching the drug that would convert an Omega back into an Alpha again.


By then, Xu Yi would have no more reason to reject her!


And if the Alpha who is marking her is Xu Yi...


Jiang Qian Yu bit her lower lip, remembering how Xu Yi's glands had looked when she had turned them over and over, and her throat tightened:


She's willing to be marked by her.


But even then...


Jiang Qian Yu was confident: even if Xu Yi had marked her, the one at the bottom would definitely not be her.



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