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Villainous Scientist (15)


After this one was killed, it was much easier to deal with the insects that followed.


Not long after Jiang Qian Yu woke up, all the insects on the planet had been wiped out.


It is worth mentioning that even though she spent most of the time afterwards looking after Jiang Qian Yu, Song Xu Yi was still the one who killed the most insects in the team.


The elimination of all the insects meant that the exercise came to an end.

The group returned to the Blue Star in the same ship as they had arrived.


There were injuries, but fortunately no fatalities and the students had had the best possible training from the exercise.


The atmosphere on the way back was relaxed but not as jumpy as when they arrived.


There is a change in the brow of those who have been through war, a resilience tempered by blood and fire and a reverence for life.


The battlefield is the birthplace of heroes and blood, but more often than not, it is the harvesting of lives.

And life should not be a stepping stone to merit.


They set out as childish students, they return as half soldiers, and less than a year later, they will be real soldiers.


It is then that one realises how valuable the student years are.


Unfortunately the most precious time is often the time that passes the fastest.


The spaceship soon arrived at the Blue Star.


Jiang Qian Yu is now regarded as the hope of Blue Star medicine, and several teachers at the medical school almost fainted when they heard the news of her injury!


They arranged a high class ward for Jiang Qian Yu at the school hospital and said they had to have her admitted.


If it was before she left, Jiang Qian Yu would not have agreed to go to a separate ward from Song Xu Yi, but she had to temporarily numb Song Xu Yi and pretend that she no longer liked her, so after thinking about it for a while Jiang Qian Yu still stayed in the ward arranged by the teachers.


The conditions in the ward were much better than the dormitory which included a large wardrobe, Song Xu Yi sent Jiang Qian Yu into the ward and was satisfied with everything else, but frowned when she saw the large wardrobe.


After the two of them shared a dormitory, under Song Xu Yi's deliberate guidance, Jiang Qian Yu no longer needed to sleep in a claustrophobic space, but that was only if the two of them were sleeping in the same room...


Although Song Xu Yi had slept outside for a few days while she was on the Insect Egg Star, Jiang Qian Yu had to get up in the middle of the night to go to the infirmary for the night shift on those days, and Song Xu Yi did not know whether she had slept or not.


After much thought, Song Xu Yi finally asked someone to move the wardrobe out.


Jiang Qian Yu didn't have a problem with this, she liked seeing Song Xu Yi busy for her.


By the time Song Xu Yi had moved the wardrobe out and returned to the ward, a large group of teachers from the medical school had already come running over and were fussing over Jiang Qian Yu.


These teachers are Alpha, Omega and Beta, but all of them are full of concern when facing Jiang Qian Yu.


Song Xu Yi leaned at the door of the ward, looking at the unconscious smile on Jiang Qian Yu's lips that appeared to be full of dislike, and also smiled along with her.


Even though Jiang Qian Yu did not notice it herself, but from Chen Xi to the Alpha teacher, she had actually begun to gradually accept Alphas.


This was a good change for Jiang Qian Yu.


Next, there is a need to further change her mind.


Perhaps not Jiang Qian Yu's personal thinking, but the thinking of most people in the entire galaxy.


Song Xu Yi had analysed: Jiang Qian Yu would develop the A to O drug, presumably inspired by the Emperor's use of Alpha enhancers to control Alpha.


This actually reflected Jiang Qian Yu's subconscious contradictions on the side: Jiang Qian Yu hated Alpha, but acquiesced that A was stronger than O.

That was why she experimented on herself to make her physical ability the same as Alpha; that was why she thought that turning Alpha into Omega was the greatest torture for Alpha...


In this way of thinking, Jiang Qian Yu believes that strength is supreme, but forgets that talent and hard work can also work miracles in addition to strength.

In a truly excellent society: everyone can find their own place in society, and what people want is where society and civilization are headed.


This is what Blue Star advocates now, and this is what Song Xu Yi wants Jiang Qian Yu and the millions of civilians to understand.


With this in mind, Song Xu Yi signed up for a medical check-up within a few days of her return.


The results of Song Xu Yi's medical report came out and shocked a lot of people.


Song Xu Yi's body functions were extremely normal.


However, Song Xu Yi was actually an Omega!


But...how was this possible


While others didn't know, Huang Fu knew Song Xu Yi's previous identity, how could someone who had made it to Marshal in a place as cruel as the Imperial Star be an Omega


Researchers had repeatedly studied and found that Song Xu Yi's body had undergone a specific change and her sexuality had become 98% Omega.


What is going on here




The researchers were incredibly confused, but Song Xu Yi, who is the person in question, was extremely calm.


"This is the real reason why I resigned as Imperial Marshal," Song Xu Yi had prepared her speech long ago: "I woke up to find that I had become Omega and my power had dropped drastically, so I left far away to Blue Star in order to escape the fate of Omega oppression in the Empire ..."


She suggested to Huang Fu, "Perhaps you could investigate some of the Alpha's who were in high positions of power or who have done a lot of evil, but have recently begun to hibernate, and maybe you'll find some people like me..."


Huang Fu did go to investigate.


Song Xu Yi didn't know what they had found, but after a while the researchers stopped studying Song Xu Yi, and the blue gold intensified the process of training and research, even though everything seemed extremely peaceful, Song Xu Yi smelled a storm coming across the galaxy under the surface of peace.


It wasn't long before the creation of a Mecha Institute more suited to the Omega physique began, and while Song Xu Yi had lost her Alpha body and become an Omega, she was still the undisputed number one in the Mecha team.


Song Xu Yi took the initiative to join the project.


And during this time, Jiang Qian Yu was equally extremely busy.


Jiang Qian Yu's existence was the hope of medicine for Blue Star, and she had made a secret agreement with Blue Star's medical research institute: she would provide the institute with the most advanced research methods, and in return, the institute had prepared a tremendous laboratory for her.


And it seems to Song Xu Yi that Jiang Qian Yu has put aside her feelings for Song Xu Yi just as she said she would.


Jiang Qian Yu began to enter the laboratory after she had gotten a little better, leaving early and returning late most of the time to stay in the lab.

Although Jiang Qian Yu told Song Xu Yi that she was only helping her teacher in the lab in order to conceal her pharmaceutical strength, Song Xu Yi understood that the entire lab was actually led by Jiang Qian Yu.


This is a top-level secret that only the dean, the headmaster and the empire's admirals in charge of medical research can know about, several admirals are in charge of different fields, even Huang Fu does not know Jiang Qian Yu's true identity.


Jiang Qian Yu guessed that Song Xu Yi should more or less know something, after all, she really revealed too many unexplainable flaws, but Song Xu Yi didn't pick it out, Jiang Qian Yu naturally won't be the first to say it.


Jiang Qian Yu struggled to control her desire to be close to Song Xu Yi and worked overtime to make the drug she had researched specifically for revenge.

Only after she had resolved her hatred for the dog emperor could she focus on pursuing Song Xu Yi...


However, while Jiang Qian Yu is trying her best to control her manners and not let Song Xu Yi feel her affections, the rest of the world is beginning to acknowledge that the two of them are a couple.


The image of Jiang Qian Yu sacrificing her life to save Song Xu Yi on the Insect Egg Star was recorded on video by someone who came over later, and later spread throughout the school, causing numerous shocks: how many people could be as righteous as Jiang Qian Yu in defending her beloved against the full force of the Insect Race If this was not love, what else could it be...


Many people secretly got high on Song Xu Yi and Jiang Qian Yu's CP.


The first thing that happened was that there were some people who wanted to pursue Song Xu Yi, but after seeing the photos of Jiang Qian Yu and Huang Fu on Jiang Qian Yu's social media platforms, and then the news that Song Xu Yi was an Omega and the warnings from Chen Xi, the rest of the people gave up on that idea.


After all, an Omega can only be marked by one person in a lifetime, and to get rid of the mark would be a huge price to pay.

Now that Jiang Qian Yu has already met her parents, everyone feels that it is only a matter of time before Jiang Qian Yu marks Song Xu Yi.


Although Song Xu Yi was confused by the decrease in the number of people pursuing her, it was also a good thing for Song Xu Yi, it meant that afterwards Song Xu Yi could concentrate more on her training, so Song Xu Yi did not take it to heart.


Huang Fu's impression of Jiang Qian Yu has now become extremely good.


Huang Fu also watched the video and was shocked at how Jiang Qian Yu was more skilled than most Alpha's in the video.

Song Xu Yi could only help Jiang Qian Yu by telling him that she had been her own person for a long time and had actually been an Alpha all along, and that she had deliberately disguised herself as an Omega before to secretly protect herself.


Huang Fu believed Song Xu Yi's words and was very touched by what Jiang Qian Yu did for Song Xu Yi.

He even patted Jiang Qian Yu's shoulder one time when he ran into him and lamented, "Fortunately, there are still people like you who stay by Xu Yi's side and never leave..."


"When the interstellar strife is over, I will give you and Xu Yi a grand wedding..."


Song Xu Yi almost choked on her mouth when she heard this at that time, subconsciously wanting to change the subject, Jiang Qian Yu's eyes on the other side darkened and she was already the first to speak, "What happens between Xu Yi and I depends on Xu Yi's arrangements, she is only thinking about building her career right now..."


"Most of the other families have the Alpha leading the outside and the Omega leading the inside, but I didn't expect it to be the other way around between you two," Huang Fu laughed loudly, very satisfied with Jiang Qian Yu's attitude of putting Song Xu Yi first in everything, and turned his head to give Song Xu Yi a few lectures in a pretentious manner, "I heard that many people have confessed to you at school, you don't want to be confused by other people.

You mustn't let other people charm you into becoming a scum girl, these days, it's hard to find a girl as devoted as Jiang..."


Jiang Qian Yu's words were actually a solution, but after she said that, Song Xu Yi couldn't say anything to deny it, so Song Xu Yi could only play it off, thinking that she would probably become the scum girl who abandoned the 'infatuated girl' as Huang Fu said, but she didn't notice Jiang Qian Yu's smiling eyes ...


In March, the approval for Song Xu Yi to join the mecha research project came through.


The newest and most important thing is that it is a very important part of the program.


As Song Xu Yi will graduate at the end of June, it is likely that Song Xu Yi's graduation ceremony will take place as soon as she leaves the Institute.


Before entering the institute, Song Xu Yi went to see Jiang Qian Yu.


Jiang Qian Yu's laboratory had a lot of oranges, and the air was filled with the fragrance of mandarin oranges, Jiang Qian Yu seemed to like the smell of mandarin oranges very much.


After hearing the news that Song Xu Yi was about to enter the research institute, Jiang Qian Yu didn't show any difference: "What a coincidence, I recently had to leave the Blue Star for something, it will take about three months too..."


Song Xu Yi glanced at Jiang Qian Yu, always feeling that such a coincidence was a bit odd.

But Jiang Qian Yu has promised to let her go, and Jiang Qian Yu has not shown any difference recently, so Song Xu Yi was too thin-skinned to ask if Jiang Qian Yu had deliberately arranged the time period.


Song Xu Yi actually knew that Jiang Qian Yu had contacted the private Omega organizations just like in the original plot, and that this time she was going out to secretly provide medicine for these organizations.


But Song Xu Yi didn't know where the confidence came from: perhaps it was because of the gentleness Jiang Qian Yu had shown over the past few days, perhaps it was because of the vague love Jiang Qian Yu had shown for life on the Blue Star, or perhaps it was simply her trust in Jiang Qian Yu herself, Song Xu Yi always felt that Jiang Qian Yu wouldn't go down the same path as in the original plot summary of making the interstellar population bleed.


"I'll bring you a gift and come back in time for your mecha graduation."


These were the last words before the two ended their conversation.


Both of them thought it was an ordinary promise, and no one expected that the situation in Interstellar would change in that treacherous way afterwards:


The second imperial princess, Zhao Man, was grounded by the emperor for a few months for proposing the entry of Omega and Beta into the army, and after the grounding was lifted the emperor assigned two lieutenants to Zhao Man, who were called auxiliaries, but in reality were monitoring Zhao Man's movements.


Zhao Man knew it very well but could do nothing about it, so she took the two lieutenants to the front line with her.


The two lieutenants knew nothing about the battlefield but tried to guide Zhao Man in the battle.

Fortunately, Zhao Man was experienced in battle and ignored them, and achieved several victories, and the call for Zhao Man to become the successor of the Emperor grew stronger.


In the midst of a battle against the insects, Zhao Man never thought that the two lieutenants would withdraw the army they had prepared and leave her alone in a siege by the insects.


The two lieutenants had been arrested and had revealed Zhou Man's status as an Omega.


The Emperor took this as an excuse to kill Zhao Man and even exiled her to the intergalactic zone——a zone where the insects could also enter and leave, with the clear intention of killing her by the hands of the insects.


Zhao Man was then completely dead to the Emperor.


In April, two special guests quietly arrived on the Blue Star.


As one of the leading figures of the young generation, Song Xu Yi, who was testing new mechs, also met the guests.


The two generals who were once the most loyal to the Empire met on the Blue Star, looking back at each other's past glory and comparing their current downfall, they smiled at each other and were filled with emotions.


"You've changed a lot." Zhao Man's gaze was complicated as she looked at Song Xu Yi, "I heard that you turned into an Omega."


"I heard that Your Highness the Second Princess had turned into an Omega once as well."


Song Xu Yi curled her lips, "But I didn't find it hard to adapt after I got used to it, because Blue Star is very nice."


"Yes, Blue Star is good," Zhao Man let out a laugh, then her eyes deepened and she extended her hand towards Song Xu Yi, "Would Marshal Song be interested in joining me and building a thousand Blue Stars"


"I am willing to serve Your Highness!"


In the month of May, Zhao Man disappeared after encountering star bandits in the Three Regions.


At the same time, the Alpha of the planets suddenly received a large amount of Alpha enhancers from unknown forces.

With an alternative source of drugs, the leading Alphas who had long been dissatisfied with the Emperor no longer began to listen to the Emperor's orders.


Overnight, the entire situation on the Imperial Star changed forever.


The Left Chancellor - the Emperor's most trusted Alpha Chancellor——staged a rebellion, placed the Emperor under house arrest, and installed the Crown Prince as a puppet Emperor on the throne.


Then somehow, the brutal and lustful Left Chancellor, who had taken over a dozen Omegas by force, died at the hands of the Omegas in his backyard, and overnight, all the Omegas in the Left Chancellor's backyard were missing.


With the loss of the Left Chancellor's support, the Crown Prince soon died in an assassination attempt, and the Third Imperial Princess took the throne again...


In just over a month's time, by mid-June, the emperor's seat had been filled by several people, but on average, these people had not sat on the throne for a week before they died at the hands of Omega or Beta.


At the same time, all the Alpha's who had done so much wrong on the various planets suddenly died on a single day at the hands of the Omega's or Beta's who had suffered so much at their hands and were defenceless...


The laws of the Empire could not bring justice to these weak suffering people, so they raised their swords and began to seek justice for themselves...


It was then that the arrogant and insolent Alphas realised the power of Omegas.


They did not know where the Omegas had gotten the power to kill Alphas, and the unknown was even more frightening, as the Alpha rulers of the planets began to fear for themselves, blockading the planets and seeking to protect themselves.


For the Omegas, it was a freedom they had never known before!


They began to move out of their small homes, they were free to walk the streets without veils and hoods, without fear of being suddenly taken away from their homes again...


There was a mysterious person behind them.


The mysterious person gave them the most excellent drug that could make the high and mighty Alpha weak, that could give them the power to dominate their lives...


Thousands of years of imperial rule, where the Alpha had a monopoly on the ruling class, began to collapse...


The planets began to blockade themselves, yet this still did not stop the death of the Alpha.


Interstellar routes are disrupted, pirates continue to roam the land, the Empire is in chaos, and the insects on the borders are on the move...


It was at this moment that the Second Imperial Princess, who had been declared dead on the most remote planet of the Empire, suddenly appeared, leading a well-equipped Blue Star team in an attack on the Imperial Star rebels in the name of "rescuing the Empire", like a rising star, bringing new hope amidst the ruins.


It was an almost perfect team, especially the mechs in the front, who were unstoppable and unbeatable, all the way to the imperial capital!


And people were surprised to find out that many of the fighters in this excellent mecha unit were Omega and even Beta!


It turns out that Omega and Beta can really go into battle with their own abilities...


And not only can Omegas go into battle, they can also perform extremely well.


In particular, the beautiful mecha fighter Omega, who is always at the front of the line, has a gentle smile that contrasts sharply with her fierce fighting style, an example that will be followed by countless mecha fighters even after millions of years...


Time marches on, but the pursuit of certain things will never change: justice, equality...


In a conference room on a planet far away, Jiang Qian Yu was silent for a long time after hearing the news.


Her side was divided into two factions, as was her incomparably torn heart.


One faction, Omega, had suffered so much that they hated the Alpha and insisted on overthrowing Alpha rule to allow Omega to rule and enslave the Alpha and sweep away the hatred of being bullied and humiliated by the Alpha for years.


The other faction of Omega, mainly Zhou Sui, wanted to submit to the Second Imperial Princess.


Zhou Sui gently advised, "Qian Yu, we will not force you.

I am only telling you what I know: the Second Imperial Princess is my mate, she promised me that she would build the whole empire into a galaxy like Blue Star in the future, I trust her, and I hope you trust me too..."


For a moment, the crowd was in a trance for a moment.


Jiang Qian Yu's eyes fell on the gentle but dangerous Song Xu Yi at the front of the group.

After the battle was over, Song Xu Yi shut down her mech and carefully soothed each of the injured warriors...


It turned out that...

it had been over two months since she had seen Xu Yi.


What does the best, most powerful and resilient force look like


Not to be discouraged by falling into the depths, nor to be proud of being back on top, trying to save destiny in your own hands, always striving for progress, always moving up...


Just like the same——what Song Xu Yi looks like.


This is perhaps what attracted Xu Yi to her!


There is an inexplicable tiredness in the heart, and some relief.


Jiang Qian Yu hung her head, looked in the direction of Zhou Sui, and gently said "Good!"


She didn't believe in the Second Imperial Princess, but in Song Xu Yi.

She wanted to see more people in the world living like Song Xu Yi.


The Blue Star's team invaded the Imperial Star.


The Imperial Star's palace was already almost empty, the people in the palace had already fled after hearing the news that Zhao Man's team had attacked in.


Zhao Man's adjutant stopped the rest of the people outside the palace and followed Song Xu Yi into the inner hall.


The once unbeatable emperor was curled up in a corner with his arms and legs broken, with a few expired nutrients in front of him...


"Who is it" The emperor stared wide-eyed in the darkness at the two people coming against the light, and after seeing Song Xu Yi, he shrank back in fear: "It's you, aren't you supposed to be dead"


Seemingly remembering something, the emperor's eyes glared and he looked at Song Xu Yi and laughed strangely, "Marshal Song...

you're about to die, only if I live can you possibly live..."




Song Xu Yi froze.


The emperor seemed to want to say something else, but Song Xu Yi pulled out the blade in her hand.


During this journey of conquest, although Song Xu Yi had manipulated her mecha to injure some people, she had never killed anyone with her hands, in her words, "Force should be used to defend against foreign enemies, not towards the people of our empire..."


This time, however, meeting the stunned gaze of the adjutant who had come over deliberately for fear that Song Xu Yi would not be able to lay a hand on him, Song Xu Yi stabbed her sword into the emperor's chest.


"——I will take revenge on you for one person, for the ten million unjust souls of her family's clan that cried out!"




Song Xu Yi exited the inner hall.

She heard herself speak softly, "We are too late, His Majesty has perished at the hands of the rebels..."


No one questioned Song Xu Yi's words, for Song Xu Yi had previously been the most loyal marshal to the emperor, and some of the resourceful ones did guess something, but so what The emperor had done much evil, and he deserved to die...


With the Emperor dead, the only one with royal blood, Zhao Man, was rightfully the new Emperor, and Blue Star's army began to reclaim the palace...


It is foreseeable that following Zhao Man's struggle all this way, Blue Star will become the most prominent planet within the empire.


Song Xu Yi sat on the city walls, her eyes open as she stared at the crimson red evening sun in the sky, and certain images crossed her mind, all strung together in a single thread...


No wonder! Song Xu Yi had always wondered why the emperor hadn't sent someone after her when she had fled from the Imperial Star, thinking that it was because the emperor had some kind of old love for the original owner, but she never thought that the emperor had already made his move...


The adjutant thought that Song Xu Yi was having a hard time because she had killed the Emperor, and thoughtfully did not bother Song Xu Yi, placing two certificates next to Song Xu Yi.


One was a certificate of graduation from Song Xu Yi's military school, and the other was a new letter of appointment, appointing Song Xu Yi as the new marshal.


Song Xu Yi had earned herself an extremely good graduation certificate through all the wars she had fought along the way.


Today was Song Xu Yi's graduation day.


"Xu Yi! Xu Yi!"


It was not known how long it had been, but as the sky grew darker, the system's voice rang out excitedly in Song Xu Yi's mind, "We've completed our mission!"


Song Xu Yi was stunned.


During this attack on the Imperial Star, Jiang Qian Yu had never shown up, Song Xu Yi had originally thought that Jiang Qian Yu might be hibernating, yet the system's broadcast had revealed a possibility——Jiang Qian Yu had given up on establishing her ideal Omega regime.


Her heart was filled with mixed feelings, but more than that, she felt happy for Jiang Qian Yu...


"Xu Yi, you really are the best tasker! I really didn't follow the wrong person..."


"So happy," Song Xu Yi echoed the system's excited vocal line, listening to the system's rambling, Song Xu Yi figured that the system was probably drunk, lying on the city wall and chatting with the system in a casual manner, "System, have you ever met the Lord God"


"No, I haven't."


"System, the last time you mentioned an unknown attack, did you find out what it was"


"Found out, but the Lord God seems to have had an accident recently, and I suddenly can't contact him..."


"System, why would it be stipulated that taskers cannot fall in love in the small world"


"I don't know, it's stipulated by the Lord God." Seemingly afraid that Song Xu Yi would dislike its incompetence, the system added, "Each tasker has a different task rules, and your task rules only have one, that is, you cannot fall in love..."


"Then, what is the consequence of disobeying the Lord God"


"Xu Yi, why do you have such a dangerous thought" The system's voice became agitated, "Taskers who disobey the Lord God's orders often end up regretting it immensely..."


That is, even if they disobeyed the Lord God, the system didn't know the exact consequences...


Song Xu Yi's eyes blinked as she got the information she wanted and changed the subject before the system continued to blow up, "System, can I stay here for a while longer"


"Of course you can!"




A lot of people gradually appeared under the city walls, cheering loudly!


Along with the establishment of the new dynasty, many of the military people from the Blue Star had likewise celebrated their graduation certificates on this day, the battle that marked the post-star era across the epoch, the most meaningful graduation ceremony for them.


Song Xu Yi also joined the celebrating crowd, following the people as they made their way to her former marshal's house, which had not changed, and was well taken care of by a few old servants.


Song Xu Yi walked into the courtyard and entered her former bedroom.

It was like yesterday, when she was here and saw Jiang Qian Yu, who was more exquisite than a doll, for the first time...




The door was opened with a creak in a trance.


Someone, covered in wind and frost, walked in in a hurry...


Song Xu Yi blinked.


Under the dim light, a delicate and beautiful girl was holding a bouquet of flowers: an extremely bright bouquet of flowers, and one that Song Xu Yi was extremely familiar with.


In the dream that Jiang Qian Yu had once had, the woman called Zhao Qingyu had wanted to use this bouquet to confess her love to the girl she loved.


Jiang Qian Yu had travelled several planets to find this flower called rose.


"Happy graduation," Jiang Qian Yu heard herself speak softly, trying to curl her lips to squeeze out a smile, "It's good that you made it in time for your graduation ceremony."


She wanted to be happy.


It was just that...

hearing that the emperor had died at the hands of the rebels, not having killed the emperor, was like a fist swinging on cotton with an incomparably stifled heart, how could she not be happy...


"Thank you for the gift!"


"In return," she heard her beloved girl speak softly, taking the flower from her hand and coming close to her ear to whisper, "I'll help you——"


"Kill the Emperor!"




At this moment, Jiang Qian Yu's mind went blank.


So...Xu Yi knew everything.


She wanted to cry, she wanted to scream, all sorts of emotions were boiling in her blood, seemingly about to pop out of her chest...


The actual fact is that Jiang Qian Yu could only bite her lower lip and control her emotions to the death, not daring to reveal the slightest bit of love.


How can Xu Yi be so cute


It was as if every inch of it grew out of her own blood and bones, proper and gentle to the core...




However, to Jiang Qian Yu's surprise, Song Xu Yi took the initiative to hug her.


"Qian Yu, you must live a good and happy life..."


It was an embrace with a slightly cool citrus orange scent.


At that time, Jiang Qian Yu thought it was Song Xu Yi's blessing to her, she happily nestled in Song Xu Yi's embrace, imagining a happy life with Song Xu Yi in the future, but never thought it was Song Xu Yi's farewell.


Jiang Qian Yu returns to the Blue Star, imagining a happy life with Song Xu Yi, and enters the laboratory with excitement to research the drug that will turn Song Xu Yi back into an Alpha...


As Song Xu Yi led her army out to fight the insects who were waiting to take advantage of the Empire's civil unrest, the army led by Song Xu Yi was as usual a very good team.


As always, Song Xu Yi's army was invincible, driving the Insects out of the Empire and capturing several planets under her command.


In the final battle, the bodies of the insects were piled up like mountains, the sky was filled with smoke, and looking at the cheering soldiers who greeted her, Song Xuyi smiled and stepped down from her mech, falling to the ground and never waking up...




The autopsy of Song Xu Yi was normal, so people thought it was an accident and mourned the empire's marshal.


No wonder the emperor didn't send anyone after Song Xu Yi when she left the imperial star earlier, because the emperor knew that Song Xu Yi wouldn't live long...


When the news spread, all the people spat on the emperor's ruthlessness.


The closest person to Song Xu Yi in life, Jiang Qian Yu, went back to the laboratory without expression after hearing the news.


No one knew that Jiang Qian Yu was sitting in the lab with a pale face, injecting herself with the O to A drug she had just developed and intended to offer to Song Xu Yi, and then almost immediately, she took the chronic drug that would cause the Alpha to lose its power and appear to die a natural death within five years, wiping the blood from the corners of her mouth.


She would suffer all the pain Xu Yi had endured.




Two years later, Jiang Qian Yu developed an insecticide that targeted the insect genes and was contagious.


The problem of insects, which had plagued humanity for thousands of years, was solved...


"After solving the insect problem, she should be able to forgive me, right"


Jiang Qian Yu watched the live video of the battlefield and curled her lips, smelling the citrus-orange aroma in the laboratory, as if she was seeing Xu Yi's face again when she fought in battle...


Jiang Qian Yu had never imagined that the chronic drug she had developed to deal with the emperor at the time to make the Alpha lose its power and appear to die a natural death within five years would end up being used on Song Xu Yi...


Jiang Qian Yu pressed the button, destroying all the recipes for the sex-transformation drugs she had researched.


Jiang Qian Yu had understood——the change in power could not save humanity; the only one who could save humanity was themselves.


Xu Yi's ambition was right: the empire now has a clear division of labour between the ABO and the rule of law, and everything is developing for the better...

Jiang Qian Yu never thought that this once decadent empire would become this good...


However, even if it is beautiful, this world doesn't have her.


Jiang Qian Yu closed her eyes: now, she was going to meet her...


Countless memories swept through her mind: there was her own, there was Zhao Qingyu's in her dreams...

fiercely as if a black cloth had suddenly been torn away, memories that had never existed before erupted in her mind...


"So it was like this!"


Jiang Qian Yu sighed softly and completely let go of her worries.


"Xu Yi, you and I will meet again eventually..."


Jiang Qian Yu curled her lips and fell into eternal darkness...


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