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Villainous Poor Student (1)

When Song Xu Yi woke up again, she found herself sitting on her knees next to a mound of graves.

In front of her were three new graves side by side, the earthen soil had only just been covered over, and the ground was littered with yellow banknotes.

The sun was already in the west and the sky was covered with thick clouds as if it was about to rain.

There were mountains on all sides and a river stretched out from the middle of the mountains into the distance.

Along the banks of the river is a small village of about a hundred families.

A winter mourning, an old village at dusk.

This was all the information Song Xu Yi had been able to extract so far.

Another moment passed before the system came online again.

“Xu Yi, I’m sorry!”

Song Xu Yi felt that things were not good as soon as she heard the system’s familiar opening line.

As expected, the system continued immediately afterwards, “This time we still encountered an unknown attack…”

The system seemed to be about to say something else, then paused for a moment and stopped.

“You arrived in this small world more than ten years earlier than expected.”

Better to be ahead of schedule than to be delayed!

Song Xu Yi breathed a sigh of relief in fact there was more room to spare if it was ahead of schedule.

It was just that…

“Didn’t you say earlier that you found out the cause of the unknown attack Why did we encounter an unknown attack once again…”

It seemed that in every world Song Xu Yi visited, unidentified attacks would follow her, once or twice was fine, however, it couldn’t be more than three times, but now it was already the third time.

The system was silent for a long time to the point where Song Xu Yi thought the system would not answer, but then the system spoke in a hesitant voice.

“Xu Yi, prepare yourself for the many difficulties we may face in the future——”

“Because I found out that the unknown attack seems to have come from none other than the Lord God…”

This was indeed bad news for Song Xu Yi.

Why would the Lord God employ an attack to deal with her

Song Xu Yi had just become a tasker and was already like meat on the chopping block, so there was no need for the Lord God to use such tricks…

However, now that Song Xu Yi has lost her memories, she doesn’t know what kind of agreement she has made with the Lord God, and even if she senses something different, it won’t help.

“I will try to keep my contact with the Lord God to a minimum until I understand everything,” the system reassured Song Xu Yi, “Perhaps I have imagined everything too badly, and that the Lord God only had a momentary systemic problem, everything will be fine in the future… “

The system transmits the plot summary to Song Xu Yi:

Song Han, the daughter of the chairman of the Song family, falls in love with Xu Feng, the prince of the Xu family, because of a valiant attempt to save her.

Xu is a large nationwide company and naturally does not care for local companies like the Song family, not to mention that Song Han is not even the Song family’s biological daughter, but only the adopted daughter of the Song family.

Xu Feng’s father is adamantly opposed to the two being together and does everything he can to break them up, creating a huge obstacle for the couple.

Not willing to give up her lover because of her family’s background, Song Han strives to start her own business and becomes a budding entrepreneur in the area, and even provides the latest technology to help Xu’s family through a crisis.

In the end, Xu’s father is impressed by Song Han and agrees to her marriage to Xu Feng.

The two are about to get married and embark on the perfect ending arranged by the Lord God, but to their surprise, the news comes that Xu’s technology has malfunctioned in the middle of production, causing major casualties.

As the first person responsible for the project, Xu Feng was imprisoned.

Xu’s father hated Song Han for bringing disaster to Xu’s family and renounced the marriage on the spot.

Song Han went around trying to get Xu Feng out of jail, but unfortunately had a car accident and died in hospital after a failed medical treatment.

The villain in this story is not obvious at first glance, but Song Xu Yi, who stands in God’s perspective, knows the root of everything: the one that caused the disaster, the new technology, came from Xu’s competing company.

The villain, He Siyu, is the youngest director of research and development of that company, and this new technology comes entirely from her hands.


As per usual, the identity the Lord God has assigned to Song Xu Yi this time is not bad——the daughter of the Song family.

In the plot summary, this true daughter of the Song family is arrogant and rude, oppressing the female lead Song Han at every turn, and is one of the reasons that pushes Song Han to move out of the Song family to start her own business.

However, at the same time, she is a member of this group, and is not a good situation…

Song Xu Yi looked at the patched cotton clothes this body was wearing, the hands that had frostbite… and frowned as she accepted the body’s memories.

The original owner was eleven years old at this time and had been living in this village for six years.

When she was five years old, she was lost in a shopping mall with her mother and was taken by traffickers and sold to this small village.

The people who bought the original owner were a couple with a mentally handicapped son and they wanted to prepare a child bride for their child.

Life in the village was extremely poor, and the original owner was forced to fetch fodder, cook, and take care of the mentally handicapped child…

The original owner could not bear this poverty and always remembered her home address and her parents’ names.

She tried to run away several times, but the heavy mountain forest was so deep that every time the original body escaped, she was caught back by the couple who knew the terrain well.

After a few severe beatings, the original owner also gave up her desire and resigned herself to her fate.

Until five days ago, when their mentally handicapped son suddenly developed a high fever, the couple locked the original owner in a woodshed and took their son out to seek medical treatment, but to their disbelief, they ran into a flash flood and died in the middle of a mountain road…

The original owner had just been forced by the people of the village to finish taking care of the funeral of that family of three.

Then Song Xu Yi crossed over…

At this moment, the original owner is like a piece of property without an owner in the village, and the old village chief is already planning to let her marry his nephew who cannot get a wife after the original owner has developed in a few years.

But Song Xu Yi knows that the original owner should be in good hands because the plot summary mentions that when the female lead, Song Han, was in her second year, her lost sister was found.

Song Xu Yi estimated that it was still probably less than a year before she was found.

However, the original owner did not know her fate as well as Song Xu Yi did, and she was incomparably frightened at this moment, even wanting to slam her head on the tombstone…

Song Xu Yi sighed softly as she felt the remaining panic in her body.

By now the dark clouds in the sky had moved closer, the village below the mountain was filled with the sound of barking dogs, and the villagers were returning from the fields in twos and threes, carrying hoes.

Fearing that it might rain if she stayed any longer, Song Xu Yi also took advantage of the afterglow of the setting sun to return from the hills to her house.

This was a time when the country began to develop at a rapid pace, and it was also a time when the gap between the rich and the poor widened.

For example, in Huacheng, the original owner’s hometown, the first wave of development had been seized because of the coast and numerous entrepreneurs had been born, but the spring breeze of development did not blow into this poor mountain village deep in the mountains, and most of the people in the village were still in the era of digging food out of the ground and barely getting enough to eat.

Everything that was valuable in the house was looted by the couple’s relatives.

Fortunately, the original owner was smart enough to hide a few sweet potatoes and a few catties of brown rice in the cellar before those people came.

Song Xu Yi was hungry and did not dare to eat too much, so she quietly built a fire and steamed two small sweet potatoes.

After the fire was started, her frozen body finally warmed up a little, and the rain fell outside.

The rain was heavy, the wind was blowing, and there was no electricity in the village, so Song Xu Yi sat by the fire and ate the sweet potatoes in small bites while thinking about her future…

Now that winter has arrived, it is even more dangerous to escape.

Although the original owner is already eleven years old, she looks like a child of seven or eight years old due to lack of food and clothing, and is malnourished, moreover, the village chief has also given the word that he will have the original body married to his nephew in a couple of years, the village chief is like the emperor in the village, and with the village chief’s words, she believes that the bachelors in the village will not dare to harass Song Xu Yi during this period of time…

Even though she felt a little bit aggrieved in her heart, staying in the village and waiting for the Song family to come to her was the best option for Song Xu Yi at this moment.

Song Xu Yi slowly finished her sweet potato and was about to get another one when she heard some noise from the wind and rain…

The girl’s cries were unmistakable, and even the pounding rain could not mask the desperation in her voice.

Song Xu Yi furrowed her brows.

She knew——He Biao next door was beating his daughter again!

If the original body was an outsider in the village, then He Biao’s daughter was a subject of much disdain in the village.

He Biao was an old bachelor who had never married until he was thirty.

A woman in the village had a relationship with a city man who went to the countryside for a trip and fathered a girl, but the city man, who was full of promises, never returned, and in order to get a wife, He Biao tried desperately to please the woman.

The woman had difficulty raising her daughter on her own, and seeing that He Biao was sincere, she took her daughter and married him, and the girl she gave birth to also took the surname He.

The first two years of marriage were fine, but when the woman was unable to conceive again because of the injuries she suffered during the birth of her daughter, He Biao’s attitude towards the mother and daughter changed.

The woman died six months ago due to illness and He Biao’s anger was vented on the girl she left behind.

The village people knew that He Biao was abusing the child, but no one came out to seek justice.

In their opinion, this was He Biao’s family matter, and it was a rare kindness for He Biao to give this unrelated wild child a bite to eat…

The cries from next door continued…

Song Xu Yi’s temples were ‘thumping’ as she listened.

The original owner actually liked the young girl next door very much.

When the original owner arrived in the village as a child, the whole village wanted to confine her there, and only that sister would quietly bring her wild mulberries and hazelnuts from the mountains when the original body was crying…

——The original body could not do anything about what was happening next door, but Song Xu Yi was different, she had the highest education and could not stand by and watch a child being abused in this way.

Biting her lower lip, Song Xu Yi put on her heavy straw coat and rushed into the rain, barefoot and shivering.

The system seemed to say something in a daze, however the sound of the rain around her was too noisy and Song Xu Yi did not hear it.

The wind blew against the door frame ‘snapping’ and He Biao’s scolding continued to come through:.

“You’re just like your mother, a stinking bitch and a dirty woman!”

“Cry cry cry cry! You cry again…”

“If you can’t give me a son in a couple of years, I’ll send you to the ground to meet your bitch mother…”

Song Xu Yi was horrified and shocked, she didn’t think that He Biao had such dirty intentions, she stood outside the window watching the drunken He Biao pulling the girl who was cowering in the corner, her heart straightened into a line…

Fortunately, He Biao didn’t do anything else next, he covered his nose, slapped the girl and cursed “stinky” before lying down drunkenly on the bed and snoring…

However Song Xu Yi did not let go of the weight on her heart.

The girl was older than the original owner, estimated to be around thirteen years old at this time, having survived this time, the next time…

The girl did not have time for another year like Song Xu Yi.

“I’m going to take her and escape!” Song Xu Yi immediately made up her mind.

As the door was not closed, Song Xu Yi easily pushed it open, and the girl in the corner immediately looked up warily, and by the dim light of the paraffin lamp, Song Xu Yi saw a pair of wolf-like fierce eyes…

Song Xu Yi was startled for a moment, but when she looked over again, the girl’s eyes were red and swollen, and the look in her eyes was only questioning.

She was probably mistaken.

The girl’s face was covered in dirt and it was impossible to see her face, and there was a distinct stench on her body as she approached…

She never said a word, her eyes were somewhat vacant, but she always kept an eye on Song Xu Yi’s movements.

Outside the window lightning flashed, the storm raged, and the rain ‘clattered’ as if to drown heaven and earth…

The girl watched as the little girl from beyond the mountains, wearing a much larger straw coat, carefully pushed open the door and awkwardly squatted down in front of her, she seemed to be suppressing something and trembled as she held her hand…

The little girl’s dialect was not proficient, soft and strange, but it was the most beautiful voice the girl had ever heard in her life.

“——Sister, I’ll take you away.”


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