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Villainous Movie Queen (4)


As Zhao Qingyu is not well known at present, Song Xu Yi is afraid that she will be given a hard time at the banquet, so she immediately goes back to look for Zhao Qingyu after socialising.


However, after searching the entire banquet hall, Song Xu Yi couldn't find her.


"Is Miss looking for Miss Zhao"


The old butler smiled and handed Song Xu Yi a small black velvet box, "Miss Zhao said she had to leave first and asked me to pass the gift to you..."


Song Xu Yi took the gift and subconsciously sighed in relief.


She can face everyone in this world with ease, but probably because she knows that Zhao Qingyu will be the big villain in the future, Song Xu Yi can't help but feel nervous when facing Zhao Qingyu.


Song Xu Yi opened the gift.


Song Xu Yi had already received many gifts this evening, and the guests naturally did not dare to treat the young princess of the Song family perfunctorily, with a wide range of exquisite and expensive gifts, Song Xu Yi originally thought she would not be moved, but when she saw Zhao Qing Yu's gift Song Xu Yi was stunned for a moment.


It was a small necklace with a scalpel-like pendant, the workmanship of which was exquisite, and the turquoise core looked like it was glowing in the light.


Song Xu Yi had to admit that this was the favourite gift she had received on this night.


Everyone, including the original family, thought that Song Xu Yi was studying medicine on a whim, but only Song Xu Yi herself knew her determination.


She is a tasker, and there may be countless tasks ahead, so far she only remembers her memories of being eighteen years old.

Under such disadvantageous circumstances, in order to increase her survival rate afterwards, Song Xu Yi desperately wants to learn some skills, and medicine, without a doubt, is one of the most practical skills to survive.


What's more, it was the wish of her eighteen year old self.


Song Xu Yi, however, did not expect that in this world, only Zhao Qingyu believed that she really wanted to study medicine.


"The villain is so scary!"


The system once again spoke out, interrupting the mixed feelings in Song Xu Yi's mind, "This necklace looks like it was prepared in advance, she probably kept an eye on the Song family's news, that's why she knew about your volunteer application so quickly, tasker you must be more wary..."


It would not be difficult to find out about Song Xu Yi's medical school entrance exams as long as they were careful to ask around, after all, Song's parents wanted the whole world to know that Song Xu Yi had gotten good grades.


It's just that Zhao Qingyu's ability to read people's minds and hearts...


Song Xu Yi pursed her lips and squeezed the necklace in her hand with mixed feelings.


The system's words were not wrong, and this was the scary thing about Zhao Qingyu - she was like a poppy.

Even though she knew that Zhao Qingyu was not a good person, Song Xu Yi still liked the necklace she gave her very much.


The system's words were not wrong, and this was the scary thing about Zhao Qingyu——she was as attractive as a poppy.

Even though she knew that Zhao Qingyu was not a good person, Song Xu Yi still liked the necklace she gave her very much.


Summer vacation has passed quickly.


Song Xu Yi has changed from her previous lively nature and has been staying at home all this time to study for her college course.

She doesn't know if it's just her own misconception or something else, but the knowledge in the books are almost instantly clear to her, and Song Xu Yi even has the feeling that she has studied it before, but it all seems impossible, after all, in the memories that Song Xu Yi remembers from the age of eighteen, in order to earn money for her grandmother's treatment, under the arrangement of her agency, she enrolled in an art school.


When the Song family saw Song Xu Yi's attitude towards learning, it was only then, with the benefit of hindsight, that they realised that Song Xu Yi really wanted to study medicine.


Having understood this, the Song family's attitude towards Song Xu Yi became more and more careful, as if Song Xu Yi was as fragile and breakable as a glazed doll.


However, Song Xu Yi insisted that she "wanted to live like a normal person" and, despite her family's objections, refused to be followed by her driver and bodyguard, and stayed in the school dormitory with her simple luggage.


Many people in this class know Song Xu Yi, after all, her face is one of the best among the medical students in this class, but it wasn't her face that started Song Xu Yi's reputation, it was an incident that happened shortly after school started.


The first semester of the first year of medical school usually does not involve corpses, the first semester is to study the basic common courses to build a good foundation, but unexpectedly Song Xu Yi's class ran into the teacher Huang Shuo, known as the "Old Black Mountain Demon".

Huang Shuo is a clinical medicine specialist who is sought after by all major hospitals, but he has been staying in the school's affiliated hospital for decades and never moved.

specialists like him usually only teach postgraduates or doctorates, but this year Huang Shuo somehow thought about it, and took the initiative to become a teacher of undergraduate students.


Huang Shuo is a strict person, within a month of the beginning of the school year, the new students have been tormented, because he is dark and thin, the students have secretly called him "Old Black Mountain Demon".

Huang Shuo's classes were animated and unconventional, and he took a large number of students to the dissection room on a whim when he was teaching Histology in the second semester.


/// Histology - the study of the microscopic structure of tissues


That day, even the big, bold, tall man in the class couldn't help but throw up, and there were even girls who didn't want to eat red meat for the next six months afterwards.


However, there was a soft and delicate looking girl who stood at the front of the queue when everyone else was backing away, her face straight as ever, watching Huang Shuo's actions almost as if she was mesmerised, and answered the few questions Huang Shuo asked right on the spot.


That day, not only Huang Shuo, but almost everyone remembered this girl's name——Song Xu Yi.


How can a monster girl not be remembered for not being reprimanded by the irritable Huang Shuo and even getting a "good" rating from him


Moreover, it was later discovered that Song Xu Yi's entrance exam scores were among the last few in the entire college, which greatly stimulated the group of young students with an overwhelming desire to succeed.

Inspired by Song Xu Yi's objectivity, the group of students were plunged into another round of arduous study before they could experience the 'freedom' that their high school teachers spoke of.


Every teacher likes to tell their students, "You are the worst class of students I have ever had," but when it came to this class, the teachers were amazed: they had seen many students who worked hard during their junior year exams, but they had never seen a class that worked so hard in their freshman year!


However, even with a collective effort, everyone lost to the 'monster' Song Xu Yi in the mid-term exam.


"Xu Yi how on earth did your head grow How can you memorize so much information" On the day the results came out, her roommate Huang Juanjuan put her arm around Song Xu Yi and sighed: "In order not to let the gap between us and you get too big, the group has given me a difficult task and told me to drag you to our group activity tomorrow no matter what! This is the first class group activity, so don't stand me up..."


Huang Juanjuan is the deputy head of the class, a bright and enthusiastic person who has a good relationship with everyone in the class.


Song Xu Yi really didn't want to go to the activity that much, she cherished the opportunity to study and was almost fully immersed in it, studying medicine was not only for her education, but also her hobby and enjoyment.


In addition, Song Xu Yi not only studied foreign medical theories systematically at school, but also found an old traditional medicine doctor to study traditional medicine through Song father's connections, and she often went to the old man's pharmacy on weekends as a junior apprentice to learn from him.


But Huang Juanjuan had said so at this time, Song Xu Yi did not want to be separated from the group, so after thinking about it, she nodded: "Then I will call and tell my family..."


This group activity was scheduled for the weekend.


The class has long had the intention of playing outside as a group, but with heavy school work and the 'Old Black Mountain Demon' watching, they have not been able to find the time to do so, and it was only because Huang Shuo was out of town that they were able to squeeze in two days of weekend time.


As time was limited, the group didn't intend to go far and planned a trip to the film and television base in the next city.


Song Xu Yi didn't expect her body to be so delicate, probably because she had never been on a bus before, and she actually threw up on the bus, which really stunned the group of students who were travelling.


When Song Xu Yi arrived at the hotel next to the film base, the hotel manager arranged by Song mother was shocked to see Song Xu Yi's pale and frail appearance caused by motion sickness, and was mindful of the fact that Song Xu Yi had been hiding her family background, and could only send a bunch of medicines and tonic products to Song Xu Yi's room on the pretext of caring for her customers.


This action really shocked Huang Juanjuan.


Huang Juanjuan blamed herself the whole way, feeling that it was because of herself that Song Xu Yi had to go out, handing her water and carrying her bag along the way, taking care of her in every way.


Song Xu Yi did not want Huang Juanjuan's time to be spent taking care of her, so she kindly asked Huang Juanjuan to go out with the group first.

Only when Huang Juanjuan saw that the hotel manager had been incredibly attentive to Song Xu Yi did she put her mind at ease and went into the film city with the group.


Song Xu Yi stayed at the hotel and slept for a while, and when she woke up, the dizziness had almost dissipated and the sky was dark just as Huang Juanjuan called to ask about the situation, so Song Xu Yi made an appointment with Huang Juanjuan to go into the film city and find the group to see the night scene together.


The manager thoughtfully arranged for a foreman to take Song Xu Yi into the film city.


The film and television base is huge, and Huang Juanjuan's location is in the inner part of the city, so it would take a long time to walk according to the regular route, especially as some of the film crews are filming at the base recently, and there are detours in between to avoid the crews, which would delay a lot of work again.


But Song Xu Yi had no such worries.

This film and television base happens to be the property of the Song family, and under the guidance of a foreman who is familiar with the route, Song Xu Yi has almost unimpeded access to the film and television city.


Song Xu Yi had indeed seen many crews filming along the way, including many famous actors and actresses.

The foreman had heard that the young princess of the Song family had been a fan of a certain actor, so he deliberately slowed down his pace, and when he saw Song Xu Yi's lack of interest, he put away his thoughts and dutifully began to lead the way.


However, during the second half of the walk, Song Xu Yi was caught off guard and suddenly stopped.


Following Song Xu Yi's line of sight, the foreman saw a brightly lit crew.


It was a martial arts scene: a woman in a wet ancient costume was fighting with several men in the water.


The light from the set shone on the woman's bright and striking face.

The woman's fighting movements were clean and crisp, and even though she didn't say any lines, her stubborn and cold demeanour was portrayed extremely well in her movements...


The foreman stopped unconsciously: they had passed several crews along the way, but had never found anyone who made people want to stare as much as this woman...


The scene had seemed flawless to the foreman.


Somehow, however, the director of the scene did not seem satisfied, frowning and shouting 'cut' five or six times in a row without pointing out what was wrong with the woman's performance.


The group fighting with the woman has changed for another round, but the woman is still standing in the water in her wet clothes...


Looking at the woman standing in the water and the smug-faced director, Song Xu Yi frowned.


It was already mid-December and the weather had chilled down to a few degrees at night.

The foreman was afraid that Song Xu Yi would freeze and had long since thoughtfully prepared a down jacket and hand warmers, while the woman had been standing in the water...


If it were a normal shoot, Song Xu Yi would understand the work of an actor, but in front of her is a blatant workplace bullying...


What's more, this person is Zhao Qingyu.


Song Xu Yi glanced deeply at Zhao Qingyu, took a deep breath to calm down her complicated feelings, and walked in front of the director with a sober face to block the camera.


The foreman saw the situation and rushed to make the call...


"What kind of wild girl..." the director was about to get angry, but after receiving the phone from the foreman, his eyes widened a little...


Zhao Qingyu had no idea how long she had been standing in the icy water.


She had always known that the director had ulterior motives towards her, but having heard that the young princess of the Song family was extremely fond of her, the director had curbed those dirty intentions and directed her in a single-minded manner.


However, in the past six months, the young princess of the Song family seems to have forgotten about Zhao Qingyu after she went to university, and when the director noticed this, he started to explicitly implicate Zhao Qingyu...


Naturally, Zhao Qingyu would not agree.


The director openly laughed it off, but secretly he began to spite Zhao Qingyu in every possible way.


The cold seemed to seep into her bones through the icy river water, but Zhao Qingyu was instead relieved that she had been living in a dark and haunted world, and had long been used to such calculations...


Zhao Qingyu was also deliberately defiant this time.


She was taking a risk.

Betting that the director wouldn't dare make a scene.


This director is not only lustful but also ambitious.

Although Zhao Qingyu is a newcomer, she has accumulated a huge fan base from her previous auditions.

The director definitely doesn't want to get the reputation of ‘beating up the actress to the point of coma and serious illness’, so he won't continue to mess with her after this...


Everything was just as Zhao Qingyu had predicted, the director saw that she would not give in and made things difficult for her over and over again.


It's about time.


Zhao Qingyu was in a trance when she heard someone calling her name from the shore, shook her blurred vision and took two steps forward——


Sure enough, the expected dizziness came crashing down.




Zhao Qingyu did not fall to the ground as expected, she fell into a warm and fragrant embrace.


"Zhao Qingyu! ..."


Why the anxious voice


Zhao Qingyu strained to open her eyes, a familiar scalpel-shaped pendant fluttered in front of her...


So it was her!


Zhao Qingyu let her body lose its strength and let the darkness drown her, but the corners of her lips unconsciously curled up slightly——


The one who is afraid but still wants to be close to her, the one who is delicate and sweet, innocent as a white sheet, that kid!



The author has something to say:


Note: The knowledge about medical students is from the author's Baidu, and there is a discrepancy with reality, so please read it as an overhead.


I was caught up on a business trip and didn't have time to write ~~~~(>_

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