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Villainous Movie Queen (5)


Zhao Qingyu's head was still a little dizzy when she woke up.


Gentle pressure came from both temples, the faint scent of herbs lingered beside her as someone gently massaged her acupuncture points and lowered her head and asked, "Better"


Zhao Qingyu recognised the voice.


Remembering everything that happened before she fell into a coma, Zhao Qingyu's eyelashes twitched and she nodded gently, "Much better! Thank you, Xu Yi."


Song Xu Yi looked at Zhao Qingyu, whose pale face added to her fragile beauty, and faintly pursed her lips.


Even though she had reached this point, Zhao Qingyu was still the polite and gentle person Song Xu Yi was familiar with, this woman had already carved her disguise into the marrow of her bones.


Zhao Qingyu's agent had already told Song Xu Yi everything that had happened to Zhao Qingyu recently.


Listening to the agent, the system in her mind also fell silent in a rare moment.


This is not stated in the plot summary.

In the summary, Zhao Qingyu is a movie queen who has rejected the advances of countless others, as graceful and elegant as a black swan.


Yet the Zhao Qingyu in front of her...


Unlike the male lead, Song Jun, who was born into a privileged family, Zhao Qingyu has to undergo a lot of hardship to become a villain who has the strength to compete with the male lead's company.


And the director's spying on Zhao Qingyu is to some extent related to Song Xu Yi's neglect of Zhao Qingyu during this period of time.


The original's affection for Zhao Qingyu continued for many years, and in the beginning of Zhao Qingyu's career, the affection of the spiteful and capricious Princess Song did help Zhao Qingyu avoid many disputes in an invisible way.


After knowing the reason, Song Xu Yi felt a bit guilty: during this period of time, she was so busy with her studies that she had indeed neglected Zhao Qingyu.


Fortunately, there is still a chance to make amends.


Song Xu Yi sighed and pressed Zhao Qingyu's acupuncture points for a while, then took the millet porridge handed over by the foreman and carefully scooped a spoonful and brought it to Zhao Qingyu's lips, "It's my first time making porridge, how does it taste"


Even though she asked this, Song Xu Yi knew that the porridge she made should taste good.

Although the original had never been in the kitchen, in the memories that Song Xu Yi recalled, in order to take care of her grandmother who had a bad stomach, the eighteen year old Song Xu Yi used to make all kinds of porridge.


This is what Song Xu Yi feels she can do for Zhao Qingyu at the moment: she really can't put on the frenzied expression that the original had when she saw Zhao Qingyu, but she can show that she cares about Song Xu Yi in some other things.


Zhao Qingyu looked up at Song Xu Yi.


Song Xu Yi's expression was extremely calm, fading away from all the pretentious nervousness and excitement, Song Xu Yi's eyes seemed to carry a bit of regret...


What is she apologizing for


Zhao Qingyu's eyes glanced over the foreman behind Song Xu Yi, who could no longer control the jaw-dropping expression on his face.

Through the half-open door of the ward, Zhao Qingyu saw the flickering eyes of the director outside the ward...


"Thank you Xu Yi."


Zhao Qingyu's eyes flickered slightly as she smiled and hung her head to take a sip of porridge.


In the privacy of her heart, she did not want to have anything to do with the Song family, but if she was given the opportunity, there was no reason not to take advantage of it.


It's just that...


Zhao Qingyu lifted her head and looked at the few red dates placed in the millet porridge, pursing her lips: the porridge made by the young princess of the Song family was surprisingly sweet.


After feeding Zhao Qingyu the porridge spoon by spoon, Song Xu Yi also sighed with relief.


Song Xu Yi had also thought things through during the time that Zhao Qingyu was in a coma: she didn't have much confidence in persuading Zhao Qingyu to give up on the matter of attacking the male lead, but in order to successfully complete her mission, Song Xu Yi decided to take the next best thing——to get close to Zhao Qingyu and understand Zhao Qingyu's dynamics.


What's more, Zhao Qingyu, who was drinking her porridge with her head down, looked far too well-behaved and harmless...


This appearance of Zhao Qingyu gave Song Xu Yi courage.


"Sister Qingyu," Song Xu Yi squatted in front of Zhao Qingyu, bravely looking Zhao Qingyu straight in the eyes amidst the system's "Go Xu Yi" encouragement, "We've met so many times, isn't it time to add our contact information"


"Do you scan me or do I scan you..."


Zhao Qingyu lifted her head.


The girl's voice was clear, her face still had an unfading baby fat, and the way she looked over...


The kid had gotten bold all of a sudden, what was she up to again


A smile crossed Zhao Qingyu's eyes, and those extremely beautiful eyes shone because of this smile, making the red moles at the end of her eyes seem to come to life, and her whole person was instantly full of charm...


The kid's face...

seemed to be red again.


Zhao Qingyu narrowed her eyes.


In fact, Song Xu Yi had also asked for Zhao Qingyu's contact information in the past, yet for some reason, probably because she was more relaxed after her illness, Song Xu Yi's arrogance and obsession only made Zhao Qingyu feel bored in the past, yet this time Zhao Qingyu did not felt any disgust in her heart...


"You can scan me!" Zhao Qingyu heard herself speak softly, took the phone handed to her by a manager and opened the QR code——


Song Xu Yi took a deep breath, hastily scanned the QR code, hung her head not daring to look at Zhao Qingyu again, trying hard to bring down the heat on her cheeks, yet she couldn't...


How can Zhao Qingyu smile like that!


If Zhao Qingyu's smile before was a mask, Song Xu Yi is sure that the Zhao Qingyu just now removed her disguise in front of her and was smiling sincerely...


That smile caused Song Xu Yi's heart, which she thought had calmed down, to 'thump' violently once again.


Song Xu Yi spitefully cursed her own lack of resolve in her heart, forcing herself to collect her thoughts as she lowered her eyes to look at Zhao Qingyu's WeChat on her phone.


It was only after she asked that she remembered that the original had also asked for Song Xu Yi's WeChat, but after hitting a soft nail several times and being pushed back by Zhao Qingyu, she didn't expect that she had actually managed to add Zhao Qingyu this time.


Zhao Qingyu's WeChat name is a simple 'Zhao' and her avatar is a picture of a back——a back of a woman holding a little girl among flowers.


"Is this you as a child"


Song Xu Yi's eyes flashed, nodding her head like she was pointing at the little girl's back to pry without a trace: "This little girl is very cute at first glance."


This photo of the back looks old and Song Xu Yi has a hunch that it has a special meaning for Zhao Qingyu.


Zhao Qingyu looked at the photo in Song Xu Yi's phone and nodded, as if she was suddenly stung by something, the smile in her eyes instantly faded away, but her voice still carried a note of laughter when she spoke, "You can tell 'cute' from a back"


Yet by default, she acquiesced to the fact that the little girl was her.


"Because you look so beautiful now, you must have looked beautiful as a child too," Song Xu Yi forced herself to explain, glancing at Zhao Qingyu, and seeing that Zhao Qingyu didn't seem to resist, she pointed to the woman next to her and then spoke, "Auntie must have been a great beauty too! "


"I really want to know what auntie looks like now and compare her to sister Qingyu to see who’s prettier…”


"Someone said I looked like her," Zhao Qingyu looked towards the slender back in her phone, her eyes dimmed and she once again put on that flawless mask of gentleness, "I forgot what she looked like too, she must have been pretty back then..."


"——she's been dead for years."


"So… Sorry."


Song Xu Yi did not expect this answer, she froze for a moment and then could not help but look up to observe Zhao Qingyu's expression, the smile on Zhao Qingyu's face faded a bit, she dropped her slender neck, her eyes looked like a pool of stagnant water with no ripples...


It is a disguise that anyone can see.


Song Xu Yi's heart suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.


"What do you have to apologise for" Song Xu Yi heard Zhao Qingyu speak softly, "All of this, is my fate.

Just like you are the little princess of the Song family's all-important family, this is also your fate..."


Song Xu Yi was stunned, she did not expect such words to be spoken by Zhao Qingyu, but on closer examination, they seemed unsurprising.


Only, is it really impossible to overturn the so-called fate


Thinking about the memory of the secret that the original hid in the bottom of her heart and did not dare to talk about, Song Xu Yi pursed her lips.


Song Xu Yi stood up a group of classmates, including Huang Juanjuan, because she had sent Zhao Qingyu to the hospital.

Although she made the excuse of getting lost in the film city, she naturally could not miss the classmates' gathering again the next day, so she accompanied a group of classmates to stroll around some small attractions next to the film city all morning.


Because of the motion sickness from the bus, Song Xu Yi did not return with her classmates and set aside some time in the afternoon to visit Zhao Qingyu in the hospital, who looked much better already.


Perhaps Song Xu Yi's arrival had shocked the director, or perhaps the director didn't want to make a big deal out of it, so the director gave Zhao Qingyu three days off this time.


Once again, Zhao Qingyu resumed her gentle and considerate appearance.

In just one day, the attitude of the doctors and nurses in the ward towards Zhao Qingyu became extremely good.

After seeing this, Song Xu Yi could not help but feel that Zhao Qingyu was really good at buying people's hearts.


Although Zhao Qingyu still did not let down her guard, Song Xu Yi felt that this time it was not fruitless, at least she had added Zhao Qingyu's WeChat.


She said goodbye to Zhao Qingyu, after which she got into the car sent by Song mother and went back to school.


Unbeknownst to Song Xu Yi, shortly after she left, Zhao Qingyu was also discharged from the hospital.


She greeted the patrolling nurses along the way and walked familiarly through the wards, finally stopping in front of a single ward.


There is a woman sitting in the ward.


The woman was already skeletal, like a living skeleton, with only her tawny, turning eyes to show that she was still alive.


Zhao Qingyu pushed open the door of the room and greeted the nursing staff at the side before looking at the woman in the hospital bed, "Mum, it's Qingyu, I'm here to see you."


"Qing Yu!" The woman, however, seemed to be greatly stimulated and stood up violently, shivering as she picked up the plastic cup of water next to her and falteringly handed it to the lips of the rag doll on the bed, "Good girl, Qing Yu, drink the water, drink this water and all your troubles will be gone..."


Immediately afterwards the woman dropped the rag doll again and cried out, clutching her head, "Why did you run away People like us should have resigned ourselves to our fate long ago...

I should never have had you..."


"Qing Yu," the nurse sighed as she looked at Zhao Qingyu's still smiling face, "Don't worry about it, the doctor said...

Madam may not last much longer..."


"I didn't take it to heart."


Zhao Qingyu shook her head and watched as the woman stood up once again, her face changing from her previous miserable look to a sarcastic one, "Zhao Fang, I have checked five generations back in your family and almost all the girls in your family died from 'sleeplessness' before they reached the age of thirty...

You are a bitch who is destined to have a short life, why did you come to plague my son..."


Seeing that the nurse seemed to want to say something else, Zhao Qingyu finally put away the smile on her face and her eyes deepened: "I never blamed her..."


Her once beautiful and gentle mother had died at the age of thirty.


What survives is the painful ghost of a past that cannot be undone, and her——a vicious spirit who will do whatever it takes and is about to take revenge.


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