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Villainous Movie Queen (6)


When Song Xu Yi returned to school, she had an exam.


"Old Black Mountain Demon" Huang Shuo probably already guessed the students' reaction after his business trip, so after returning to school, the students who had just finished their midterm exams had not yet gotten over it, and once again were welcomed with Huang Shuo's test papers.


After completing the difficult professional questions, the last question on Huang Shuo's paper was surprisingly easy——a 20-mark question and answer.


"What is your reason for studying medicine"


Not only Song Xu Yi, but the rest of the class froze in their hearts when they saw the question.


This was a time when material civilisation was already relatively plentiful.


In many people's minds, studying medicine is a way to get a decent job.

After all, most people come from ordinary families, and a doctor is a job that pays well, satisfies their hero complex and provides them with a high social status.


But this body of Song Xu Yi has already enjoyed all the resources that the rest of the people do not have.


Song Xu Yi gripped her pen tightly, and only after a long time did she write on the paper:


"Because I want to save others as well as myself." She quoted a passage from the oath that every medical student takes when enrolling in medicine: "I am determined to do my utmost to remove the diseases of mankind, to help the improvement of health, to uphold the holiness and honour of the medical profession, to save the lives of the sick and the injured, to pursue with perseverance, and to strive for the development of medicine and health in my country and the physical and mental health of mankind for the rest of my life."


Song Xu Yi knew that such words sounded a bit fake and empty.


But her whole body trembled as she wrote.


It's like something has been lifted from her heart, and she's become so enlightened, or like drinking a glass of ice water on a summer's day, her heart is full of joy...


Although she was a tasker, she was more herself and she didn't want to lose herself to get the mission done.


What's the point of living for the sake of living


But when the papers were handed out, the results were unexpected——Song Xu Yi lost the first place in this class for the first time.


Song Xu Yi scored 0 marks on the last question.


The people around were extremely puzzled, as such a subjective question would by definition be scored regardless of how people wrote it, Song Xu Yi's answer was not outrageous and would not have received a 0 mark in any way.


Song Xu Yi couldn't understand it herself.

She was very calm in other aspects, but once her major was involved, Song Xu Yi couldn't calm down, she took her papers and went into Huang Shuo's office after school, full of confusion.


When Song Xu Yi entered, Huang Shuo was consulting patients.


In front of him stood two people, a young woman in rags holding a child, sitting in front of Huang Shuo and sobbing softly.


The "Old Black Mountain Demon", who was usually extremely irritable and strict with students, treated the patient like a different person, with a calm and gentle expression, talking softly to the woman while handing her a tissue.


"I know your family's situation, don't worry, the child's father doesn't care, the state and society won't."


"You should first hospitalise the child, the child's tumour is not necessarily malignant, put the money aside, it's best if you can get it together, if you can't, I'll help you think of a way..."


Under Huang Shuo's gentle reassurance, the crying woman slowly lifted her head and looked gradually more determined.

She gave Huang Shuo a few kowtows in spite of his resistance, and then went out with the child in her arms to go through the hospital procedures.


"This woman's husband disliked her for having a girl and was unwilling to send the child for treatment, so she resolutely divorced her husband and made many enquiries before coming here.

Before that, the furthest she had travelled was to the provincial capital where they worked..."


Huang Shuo lifted his head and looked at Song Xu Yi who was standing aside, "I know why you are here."


"I think highly of you, you're smart and hardworking, you have a great future in this path of medicine..." Huang Shuo gazed into Song Xu Yi's eyes, "I've met several students like you, young geniuses who come with a passionate heart..."


"But medical research is a lonely and selfless warrior's path." Huang Shuo looked sharply at Song Xu Yi: "In times of crisis doctors have to rush to the front, face the patients' disbelief and even resentment, suffer the frustration of being unable to do anything to save people from their illnesses, and constantly introspect and ask questions over and over again..."


"Those who succeed will be famous, those who fail will be unknown.

You will dedicate your life to millions of families, rich or poor, while your own closest relatives and friends will continue to pass away in the process..." not knowing what came to mind, Huang Shuo's eyes flooded with tears: "Eventually, you will be able to save millions of people, but you will not be able to recover your closest relatives, and you will forever live in regret——"


"This path, it's too painful!" Huang Shuo looked at Song Xu Yi: "I'm not asking you to go on forever on this path, but even if you remain in this profession in the future, one point less cannot be considered doing your best..."


"Song Xu Yi, I've inquired about your family background, you've never been interested in medicine before, and suddenly you want to study medicine on a whim.

And with a family like yours, you are destined to face more temptations and have a lot of self-interest..."


"So that's why you're angry." When Song Xu Yi heard this, she had understood the reason why Huang Shuo had given herself 0 marks: "Because there were so many seniors who did their best on this path, you felt that I was not destined to do as much as my seniors did, and my answer on the paper was a slur in your opinion, because you felt it was a blasphemy and felt that I had desecrated the holiness of medical arts...



Huang Shuo did not say anything, clearly acquiescing to Song Xu Yi's words.


"I can't give you a definitive answer at the moment, because no one can say what the future holds."


Song Xu Yi took a deep breath, straightened her spine, looked Huang Shuo straight in the eyes, and bowed, "But I will keep this test paper forever."


"——One day I will make you change this mark willingly."


The next day, the Song Group's charity foundation sent medical funds to the little girl with a tumour.


The little girl's mother tearfully led her to the door to thank Huang Shuo, only to see him in a daze at the window.


"I'm not the one who helped you." Huang Shuo gave the little girl a deep look, "The person who helped you was a girl."


"Who is she" The little girl's mother was full of gratitude, "My daughter and I must thank her personally."


"She is..." frowned Huang Shuo, the professor who had met countless people paused for a moment, seemingly weighing his words, "She is someone who...

seems to be shining at the moment."


"You don't need to know who she is now," Huang Shuo took a sip of his tea and gazed ahead with a bit of anticipation in his voice that he didn't even notice: "As long as she is as she says she is, her light will shine brighter and brighter, and within ten years, her fame will resound throughout the medical world, and you will always know her name..."




Song Xu Yi was unaware of this conversation in Huang Shuo's office.


She bought a frame on the way back and actually framed the test paper.


As for donating to that little girl, the last thing Song Xu Yi lacked in this world was money.

It was only after seeing the little girl that Song Xu Yi discovered the best use for her personal treasury: donating to the Song Group's foundation to help millions of people in need.


Amidst Song father's and mother's mixed feelings of "my Xu Yi has finally grown up", Song Xu Yi returned to school and once again plunged into a frenzy of study.


She absorbed medical knowledge with hunger and thirst, completely isolated from the hustle and bustle of her former life, and lived a monotonous life like an old scholar, running around the dormitory, the school building, the library and several other places, leaving early and returning late.


It is a formidable perseverance that can be sustained for a day or two, but for a long period of time, rain or shine...


Song Xu Yi's hard work even sparked some rumours: although Song Xu Yi usually dresses decently, she wears clothes without tags, eats frugally, uses skin care products without any packaging and the only jewellery she has is a small scalpel pendant around her neck, most likely because her family is poor and that's why she needs to study hard to get a scholarship.


Huang Juanjuan is a straightforward person, and after hearing these rumours she directly asked Song Xu Yi for confirmation, but Song Xu Yi just smiled, "I'm not poor."


"I work so hard because it's a hard-won opportunity for me to learn, and I'm not the only one who works hard, our profession is special, it's directly related to patients' lives, I have very little time and I want to have a more solid body of knowledge..."


Huang Juanjuan did not expect it to be because of these reasons, yet Song Xu Yi's expression did not look like she was being facetious.


Huang Juanjuan was silent for a long time, but she also got up early the next morning and consciously followed Song Xu Yi to the library together...


The students were not sure why Song Xu Yi was working so hard, but a fully focused Song Xu Yi had a different kind of charm that people could not help but want to imitate, and many were driven by Song Xu Yi to start planning their own classes and rushing to catch up.


Naturally, such a hard-working and beautiful girl was liked by everyone, and many boys at school wanted to court Song Xuyi, but she refused all of them.


In the midst of the busy schedule Song Xu Yi herself has set for herself, Song Xu Yi has not forgotten her mission, taking half an hour every morning and evening to keep up with the progress of her task.


The male lead, Song Jun, and the female lead, Sun Wan, have indeed reunited abroad and are now together.

Moreover, Song Xu Yi discovers that Sun Wan is actually studying medicine and is quite talented in it, and is recently helping Song Jun to take care of his grandmother who has Alzheimer's disease.


And it's even easier to find out what's going on at Zhao Qingyu's end, as you can find out about Zhao Qingyu's schedule by simply wandering around in Super Talk.


At the end of this semester, Zhao Qingyu had also finished filming her movie and had already entered another production.

As she felt that Zhao Qingyu was unpredictable, Song Xu Yi felt that she did not have the strength to play psychological warfare with her, so she decided to see what would happen afterwards, but in order to consolidate her fan status and prevent Zhao Qingyu from being bullied again, Song Xu Yi would ask her old butler to send a bouquet of flowers to the production every week on a regular basis.


As for Song Xu Yi herself, Song Xu Yi would send WeChat messages to Zhao Qingyu every morning and evening.


However, Song Xu Yi felt that Zhao Qingyu should have blocked her.


In the beginning, Song Xu Yi only sent similar messages like "Good morning, mua-da" and "Good night, take care and rest" in order to fulfill her KPI and to build her image as an ardent fan, but when she saw that Zhao Qingyu did not reply, Song Xu Yi also relaxed and began to use Zhao Qingyu's WeChat window as a tree hole.


How many English words she memorised today, how bad the food in the canteen was today, what jokes she heard...


This went on until the winter holidays.


As soon as Song Xu Yi went on winter vacation, she joined the traditional medicine doctor's pharmacy as an apprentice.

The old man was well known in China and countless people came to see him, so Song Xu Yi squatted for more than ten days and learned a lot about traditional medicine, and her life was so busy that she didn't remember some things so well, and her daily clocking with Zhao Qingyu was interrupted for several days.


It was not until New Year's Eve came that Song Xu Yi returned to the Song family mansion for the Chinese New Year.

The various relatives who came to the house were really too rowdy, so Song Xu Yi hid upstairs and on a whim took a video of the children setting off fireworks downstairs, however, after taking the video Song Xu Yi remembered that she had been hiding her family situation and the video could not be sent to her friends at school, so after thinking about it, Song Xu Yi sent it to her 'tree hole'.


After sending the video Song Xu Yi felt that it shouldn't be so monotonous, so she added another sentence and sent a transfer of '8888' to Zhao Qingyu.


【Happy New Year's Eve, Qingyu! Here's your New Year's Eve money for you to eat some delicious food.

Tomorrow your movie will be released, you will definitely be a huge hit!】


Even with this blessing, Song Xu Yi knew that Zhao Qingyu would become more than a hit.

She turned twenty one this year, and for the next nine years, until the end of the plot and the death of the female lead, Zhao Qingyu was the brightest star in the film industry, a guaranteed box office success and a powerhouse idol that countless fans would go crazy for.


After Song Xu Yi finished sending the message, she put her phone down and went downstairs to have a reunion dinner with her family.

After Song Xu Yi gave her family the gifts that she had prepared long ago, and looked at their faces that were so happy that they were about to cry, Song Xu Yi sighed in her heart and found an excuse to go back upstairs.


She received a large amount of cheques for New Year's Eve tonight, and although she had to donate to the charity fund again the next day, it did not stop Song Xu Yi from being in a happy mood to receive red envelopes today.


Song Xu Yi happily took another picture and sent it to the 'tree hole', only after sending it did she remember that Zhao Qingyu's avatar, which had never been lit up before, seemed to show an unread message "3" when she clicked it.


【Happy New Year's Eve, Xu Yi.】


【You haven't messaged me in 5 days, I thought you were climbing the wall [smile]】


【I'm so glad you remembered me.】


Song Xu Yi only felt a shiver run down her back, and she didn't know if it was her own immagination, but she felt that Zhao Qingyu's smiling expression carried a murderous intent.


【I was very busy some time ago and didn't mean not to send you any.】


【I'm definitely not climbing the wall!】


Song Xu Yi scrambled to explain, and when she thought of her miscellaneous daily routines being watched by Zhao Qingyu, her heart felt overwhelmingly ashamed, and once again, she couldn't help but blush.


And immediately after a 'ding-dong', the dialog box updated and a new message was sent in, accompanied by a 9999 transfer.


【I'm glad that Xu Yi is still my little fan.】


——【A New Year's Eve gift to Little Xu Yi.



The author has something to say:


This quotation of the oath to study medicine is taken from Baidu's oath to study medicine.



It seems like some schools have students read this as their first lesson at the beginning of the school year.

It feels super ritualistic.


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