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Villainous Movie Queen (8)


Song Xu Yi ended up accepting the money in a daze.


She had another dream that night.


The dream seemed to be her own memory, but it also seemed to be just a misty dream in which she clung to a pair of hands in the darkness, drawing strength from them and constantly sending her courage to them: "We all have to keep going, everything is going to be fine..."


The next day, Song Xu Yi woke up to the system's " Happy New Year, Xu Yi! Congratulations on the progress of your mission on the first day of the new year..."


Song Xu Yi was a little confused by the system's sudden congratulations to her until she remembered, afterwards, what had happened to her yesterday after she had been drinking.


She showed Zhao Qingyu the fireworks and Zhao Qingyu smiled, smiling beautifully more than ever before, and then Song Xu Yi couldn't help it then, completely immersed in beauty...


When she thought back on her appearance at that time, Song Xu Yi wanted to bury herself in the ground.

She was almost certain that if Zhao Qingyu had asked her to jump off a building, she would have run and jumped...


But Zhao Qingyu only coaxed her into accepting the 'New Year's Eve money' she sent over, then expressed her gratitude for her persistence in clocking in all this time, and finally was even happier: their relationship had changed from that of fan and star, and advanced to become friends.


If Song Xu Yi had been sober, she would have noticed the difference, but at that time, she was so compelled by Zhao Qingyu's smile that she agreed without thinking, and even sent Zhao Qingyu a text promise that she swore to when Zhao Qingyu smilingly asked her "Xu Yi won't regret it tomorrow".


【I, Song Xu Yi, would like to be Qingyu's friend, and I will remember to care about her every day, share my daily life with her, and be her fan for life... 】


Song Xu Yi looked at this promise she had sent out at the first moment of the New Year, her intestines were turning blue with regret, and for a moment, she even wanted to live in a different world.


It's truly embarassing!


She was not convinced that Zhao Qingyu could not see that she was drunk last night, but Zhao Qingyu had still cunningly coaxed her into making such a promise.


What is she trying to do


Song Xu Yi really could not guess Zhao Qingyu's intentions.


But now that the words have been spoken, Song Xu Yi can only act on her promise.


It was the first day she was asked to 'clock in' as a friend of Zhao Qingyu, what should I send her


Song Xu Yi was too embarrassed to use Zhao Qingyu as a tree hole again, so she thought for half a day and finally found someone to use Zhao Qingyu's name to donate all the red envelopes she had received the day before.


Song Xu Yi took a photo of the donation voucher and sent it to Zhao Qingyu, and searched the internet for a piece of chicken soup for the soul.


【Sister Qingyu, a gift for you in the new year. 】


【Giving makes people happy, and kindness and sincerity are the most valuable virtues.

May Sister Qingyu always be kind and sincere.

[happy]. 】


After sending the message, Song Xu Yi was taken by her parents to each family to pay their respects.

As the Song family has many relatives with various connections, the family was divided into two groups, the two brothers went the other way and Song Xu Yi and her mother and father went the other.


Song Xu Yi also did not understand the business talk of the elders, so she stood by and acted as a docile front doll, not speaking easily except to exclaim and smile.


However, Song Xu Yi, whose appearance is very different from previous years, is very popular with the elders, and more than one family has been trying to introduce Song Xu Yi to excellent matches.


Whenever such a topic came up, Song Xu Yi would smile and excuse herself, "No, I'm still young."


"All I'm thinking about now is studying..."


Song father and mother at the side, however, had a complicated look in their eyes and did not speak up to help.


On the way back, Song father and mother's interest dropped significantly, and they looked at Song Xu Yi, wanting to say something but not doing so.


"Mom and Dad, I really don't have any idea of falling in love right now," Song Xu Yi could only take the initiative to speak up, her heart was a bit uncomfortable but she smiled innocently on the surface: "In case I can't get married in the future, don't dislike me for being an old girl..."


"Look at the way you say that——"


Song father didn't say anything, and Song mother's eyes fell on the red birthmark on Song Xu Yi's wrist, her mouth angry, but she could barely control the tears in her eyes.


Song Xu Yi sighed in her heart and simply asked the driver to drive the car to the cinema.


It was difficult to book a cinema on the first day of the Chinese New Year, but Song father and mother were not people with burdens, so they bought their tickets and entered the cinema with Song Xu Yi.


After the lights dimmed, Song Xu Yi could clearly hear subtle sobs beside her, her father patting her mother's shoulder in a silent and soothing manner, Song Xu Yi glanced at them and then withdrew her eyes, pretending not to see anything as she began to watch the film with 'full attention'.


Zhao Qingyu on screen is familiar yet unfamiliar.


The female lead, played by Zhao Qingyu, was originally a beloved junior sister of a declining sect, but unexpectedly the sect was slaughtered by masked men overnight, and her childhood senior brother died at the hands of the enemy to protect the female lead, thus the female lead grows up overnight and is determined to find out the truth about the destruction of the sect to avenge her family and friends.


The innocent and happy smile of Zhao Qingyu as a junior sister reminded Song Xu Yi of the photo on Zhao Qingyu's WeChat avatar, and she wondered how Zhao Qingyu had been as a child, and whether she was also this happy.


It's not that Song Xu Yi didn't have the idea to look into Zhao Qingyu's background in private.

After all, the formation of a person's character is inseparable from his or her family, environment and society, and it's likely that Zhao Qingyu's family had something to do with Zhao Qingyu's plan to set up the male lead, Song Jun, for many years in the plot.


However, Song Xu Yi's parents are watching her very closely, so if Song Xu Yi finds someone to investigate Zhao Qingyu, it is likely that she will also attract the attention of Song father and mother, and Zhao Qingyu is very vigilant, so it is easy for her to detect her.


Therefore, Song Xu Yi also gave up on this idea.


The movie continues.


From the discovery of her parents' true identity to the discovery that the person who killed her family and friends was the current emperor, she experienced a series of betrayals, twists and turns, a series of nine deaths, the female lead who gazed into the abyss finally became the abyss, she was in power and killed the emperor to replace the supreme position, but many years later was faced with the same choice as the former emperor: loyal subjects and generals hold the secret that can overthrow the whole country, to kill or not to kill


The movie comes to an abrupt end here.


In the final scene, the heavy palace door closes and the female lead, her gaze deep in concentration, enters the dark palace with the decree, the hooded guards rustle out of the darkness and prostrate themselves beside the female lead, her gaze fixed on the throne, the symbol of the pinnacle of power, which is both a muddy sludge and a haven for rest...


No one expected such an open ending.


After the movie ended, there was silence in the theatre, and it took a long time for some people to say something about it.


"I thought Zhao Qingyu just had an empty face when I voted for her back then, am I blind"


"It broke my heart when she cried!"


"I thought she was going to kill me when she looked at me afterwards, scared out of my wits..."




These discussions were proof enough of Zhao Qingyu's strength, even Song father and mother, who were in a low mood, were later taken in by the plot, and finally Song father took a long breath and patted Song Xu Yi’s shoulder, "You have a good eye, your idol has excellent acting skills and has a promising future..."


Song Xu Yi hung her head and smiled, didn't look up at Song father, continued to send a message to Zhao Qingyu: "I've finished the movie, it's really super good, Qingyu your acting is great, you'll definitely be famous..."


At the same moment, Zhao Qingyu was in the ward with her mother watching her movie which only had an audience of two.


The withered-looking mother watched the images in the movie, her eyes glowing, and danced and performed along with the lines in the film.


Her whole face seemed to glow during the performance, and she was in a trance, regaining the beauty of her youth.


Her mother was once the most beautiful and talented film school student, and would have had such a bright future...


If she hadn't met that man...


Zhao Qingyu turned off her phone and sat in the shadows, looking at her mother who was crying and laughing like a madman, letting the dark emotions that grew in her heart gradually drown her...


She knew that her movie was going to be a hit, and at this point there were probably countless messages pouring into her phone, and she was on the path she had planned...


Who would have thought that the person who should never have been born would have come to this position.


And she herself will fly higher and higher day by day with their curses and her mother's heartfelt wishes.


What a pity!


Probably karma: the heartless man died some years ago and the old hag has gone demented.


But the old hag's precious grandson and daughter-in-law are still alive and well...


It was not until the movie ended that Zhao Qingyu turned her phone back on.


Sure enough, as soon as the phone was switched on, it was flooded with countless missed calls and messages from friends.


This circle is that realistic: once it is on fire, the fire burns and the flowers bloom, and overnight you have countless 'friends' and can get wealth that ordinary people cannot earn in a lifetime.


But Zhao Qingyu does not lack money.


Zhao Qingyu looked at her phone with cold eyes, returning messages one by one until she saw an unread message in Song Xu Yi's chat window.


That's right, she was the one who coaxed the fake fan into promising to share her daily routine with her last night.


Zhao Qingyu herself didn't even notice that when she saw Song Xu Yi's message, her hostile aura was unconsciously restrained.

The mad mother ran over to her bare feet and carefully squatted down beside Zhao Qingyu, stroking her thin back: "If my daughter is happy, mother is also happy..."


"I'm not happy."


Zhao Qingyu retorted with a stern face.


She looked at the photo of the donation certificate sent by Song Xu Yi, saw the large amount of money on the donation certificate, her eyebrows arched, and then saw the Chicken Soup for the Soul sent by Song Xu Yi, she couldn't help but sneer out: to persuade her to be good, it would be better to persuade a wolf to go vegetarian...


Did this fake fan sense something


Yet a question was asked of her after.


Was the female lead happy when she reached the pinnacle of power


When acting, Zhao Qingyu feels that the female lead is unhappy, how can she be happy when she has lost her family and friends and sits alone on a high throne


But inexplicably she did not want to type those words, it was as if they were a prophecy of what her life would be like after her revenge.


Zhao Qingyu pursed her lips and typed slowly, tapping the screen loudly as if to prove her inner determination——



【Only those who got what they want will know whether they are happy or not!】


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