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Villainous Movie Queen (9)


After the three day holiday, Zhao Qingyu went back to the set.


Everyone knows that Zhao Qingyu has become popular: her name has made it to the top of Weibo's hot search dozens of times, countless people have started praising her acting skills, and her followers are growing by hundreds of thousands every day.


Zhao Qingyu's face is a recognisable beauty, and she has such acting skills even before she turns 22, so if she continues on this path with determination in the future, one can imagine the bright future she will have.


Zhao Qingyu herself is also extremely low-key and pragmatic, and is stationed on the set at all times except when she has to cooperate with the production's publicity.


As for Song Xu Yi's side of things, her life has been equally busy.

After the first day of the New Year, she dived into the old man's pharmacy, and then there was the hectic school schedule that followed...


In the months that followed, until Song Xu Yi had her midterm exams, the two didn't see each other again, and Song Xu Yi only saw Zhao Qingyu in hot searches and Super Talk.


There is always a sense of trance whenever Song Xu Yi sees Zhao Qingyu on the screen, as they are in contact almost every day.


Unlike Song Xu Yi's previous one-sided clocking, Zhao Qingyu would reply to Song Xu Yi from time to time after New Year's Eve, only that their timelines did not match up, often when Song Xu Yi sent a message in the morning, Zhao Qingyu would not reply until midnight, sometimes even delaying it until the next day, and what made Song Xu Yi feel more strange was that she and Zhao Qingyu actually chatted with each other like this...


Zhao Qingyu's reply gave Song Xu Yi some false confidence that it might be possible to try to untie Zhao Qingyu's knot, so she started to think of ways to send Zhao Qingyu chicken soup or various philosophical short stories to try to enlighten her.


Every now and then, Zhao Qingyu's replies would become particularly brief.


Once Song Xu Yi felt that 'Zhao Qingyu's heart was like a needle in the deep sea' and wanted to find an excuse to quit clocking in, Zhao Qingyu would say something like 'kindness is a beautiful virtue' or show Song Xu Yi her donation record, so that Song Xu Yi would continue to have the vain thought that 'the villain is not hopeless, maybe I should try harder'.


It was only after a few times that Song Xu Yi realised, after the fact, that the dreadful villain Zhao Qingyu seemed to be playing with her!


It was not so much that she was sad, because she had prepared herself for failure, but Song Xu Yi still felt frustrated: Zhao Qingyu was really too difficult to approach, and she had probably sensed that she wanted her to give up her hatred, so she had been teasing her so much.


Frustrated, and with the midterm exams approaching, Song Xu Yi simply unilaterally stopped clocking in and devoted herself to studying for the midterm exams.


The temperature has already started to rise in May and Song Xu Yi is in a coastal city where you can already wear short sleeves in May.


Song Xu Yi will turn nineteen in a few days, and Song mother, who is really not used to her non-dressy nature, has forced a lot of clothes on Song Xu Yi: she is wearing a long white dress this day, with black hair reaching her waist and a pretty face, and has attracted the attention of many people as she walks around the campus.


The exam was not difficult and Song Xu Yi and Huang Juan Juan were the first to leave the examination hall.

Huang Juan Juan had to go to the toilet and pouted and asked Song Xu Yi to help her with her books, Song Xu Yi smiled as she watched Huang Juan Juan run into the toilet in a frenzy, when someone tapped her on the shoulder——


"Xu Yi."


The person was wearing a wide, unrecognisable T-shirt, a duck-tongued hat and mask, and carrying a shopping bag, and Song Xu Yi could only see a pair of smiling eyes beneath the brim of her hat.


Yet based on the red mole at the end of her eye and her voice, Song Xu Yi had recognised her——


Zhao Qingyu...

is she crazy


She is popular at the moment and has countless fans, even a few of her dorm mates are her fan girls, how can she dare to come into the university campus so boldly!


Song Xu Yi was so shocked that she hastily pulled Zhao Qingyu and tried to walk outside the school——


However, Zhao Qingyu may looked thin, but Song Xu Yi could not pull her...


"I want to eat the lemon chicken feet at your school," Zhao Qingyu's voice came somewhat muffled from under the mask, her eyes curving up again as her eyes fell on the two of them holding hands together, "I've been wanting to come and try them ever since you told me about them a few times..."


Song Xu Yi was stunned, not expecting Zhao Qingyu to risk coming to school because of this reason.


What was even more unexpected, however, was that Zhao Qingyu seemed to be afraid that she would not say yes, and immediately afterwards she took her arm and shook it, calling out in a pampered manner, "Xu Yi..."


When Song Xu Yi met Zhao Qingyu's eyes that were pretending to be pitiful, her heart fluttered and she was completely defeated.


She knew that Zhao Qingyu had seen the way Huang Juan Juan pouted to her, so she was using it now, but...

no one in the world could resist Zhao Qingyu's pouting...


Song Xu Yi gritted her teeth and saw her classmates starting to come out in twos and threes after their exams, handed Huang Juan Juan's book to another classmate and took Zhao Qingyu's hand and darted into the dormitory building immediately.


Song Xu Yi was relieved only after she locked the door to her dorm room, she gritted her teeth and called the campus errand boy to order a lemon chicken feet and another snack before glaring at Zhao Qingyu furiously, "Sister Qingyu, you..."


"I was wrong, I shouldn't have lied to you!"


However, before Song Xu Yi could finish her words, the female villain opposite her had already apologized in kind: "I was actually more interested in coming to see you..."


"You've been ignoring me lately, making me think you want to climb the wall," Zhao Qingyu took off her mask, her voice sounding serious, if you ignore the laughter in her eyes: "I think it's time for me to secure my fan, so I rushed here overnight after I finished my work..."


"Xu Yi, are you happy to see me"






Song Xu Yi pulled the corners of her mouth stiffly: she had never seen anyone as shameless as Zhao Qingyu!


What is she up to again


Song Xu Yi looked at Zhao Qingyu warily, however, Zhao Qingyu only smiled at her, Song Xu Yi did not understand why she was smiling so happily at her, however, her face still involuntarily blushed.


Song Xuyi really hated herself for this attribute of a face dog at this moment.


"I didn't climb the wall." Song Xu Yi was the first to give in in defeat, trying to get the treacherous female villain opposite to leave her alone, yet Zhao Qingyu didn't seem satisfied, still staring at her with a smile and a 'kind' reminder, "Your roommate will be back soon, right"


Song Xu Yi closed her eyes and turned red.


"I promise I'm not climbing the wall and I'll be sure to send you messages on time from now on."


Song Xu Yi surrendered her territory and made reparations, uttering these words with what felt like almost a lifetime's worth of breath.


"Then it will be hard for Xu Yi!" Having received a satisfactory answer, Zhao Qingyu's voice that contained a smile finally came out, "I'm so happy."


Song Xu Yi smiled bitterly and breathed a sigh of relief, once again spitting at her drunken, misguided self a hundred times in her heart.


She and the system in her head agreed that Zhao Qingyu's arrival had another purpose, and kept a tight rein.

However, after waiting for more than ten minutes, until the errand boy brought the food over, Zhao Qingyu did not even make the next move:


She just sat quietly on a chair in Song Xu Yi's bedroom, looking around as if she was curious, occasionally meeting Song Xu Yi's eyes, she would curve her eyebrows and look extremely happy, this smile was different from her usual gentle fake smile, Song Xu Yi could not describe this feeling, in short, once she met Zhao Qingyu's eyes, Song Xu Yi felt a tingling in her chest...


It was the system that revealed the truth: "How come this Zhao Qingyu is getting prettier and prettier after being in the entertainment industry, like the vixen that seduces people in books..."


Song Xu Yi is convinced.


The vixen Zhao Qingyu stayed for less than half an hour in total.


When the errand boy arrived, Zhao Qingyu did not make as much trouble as Song Xu Yi had imagined, she patted Song Xu Yi's head, retracted her hand when Song Xu Yi did not react, smiled and took the lemon chicken feet downstairs, and actually left the school...


Song Xu Yi and the system looked at each other, "Could she really have come here on purpose...

just to secure a fan"


Song Xu Yi has always been more open-minded and no longer thinks about things she can't understand, and is fully engaged in the revision for the afternoon exam, and it wasn't until the afternoon exam was over that Song Xu Yi found the WeChat sent to her by Zhao Qingyu.


"Did you like the gift"




…Zhao Qingyu seems to have put a bag on her dormitory desk.


It was only at this time that Song Xu Yi remembered that her birthday will be in a few days.


Did Zhao Qingyu come over here to give her a gift


Song Xu Yi subconsciously dismissed this suspicion, but her heart still inevitably beat two beats faster...


She went back to her bedroom, found the bag and opened it.

Inside the box was an exquisite kitten doll: amber eyes, pointed ears, a fluffy tail and a wonderful little expression.


Song Xu Yi had to admit that the kitten doll looked very cute and was about to reply "like" to Zhao Qingyu when she saw a certain part of it and couldn't help but stare in disbelief.


Around the kitten's neck hangs a small, delicate card with two words written in an elegant script:


—— “like you~”





Like you


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