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Chapter 101: Imprisonment

There was a ray of spotlight before me but the rest was darkness.

I raced after the light, I could hear my heavy breathing but the dark path seemed endless.

I was tired and my legs were leaden.

Suddenly I tripped and I crashed into the endless darkness and the spotlight fell on me.

My eyes flew open and saw a lamp shining into my eyes.

So that was where the light came from.

“Youre finally awake.” A voice rang on my left side.

I punched without hesitation, my action faster than my brain.

The drip on my left hand detached from my action.

Then the rack that held the drip clashed to the ground.

My blood flowed immediately but I had no register of it.

My brain told me, Kill this man… Even though I had no idea who he was.

My fist was blocked.

I turned and launched a right kick sending the comforter flying.

However, the man used the comforter as a binding, slowing both my force and speed.

I leaped out from bed and swung my right fist but my opponent reacted very quickly.

I was too weak and was ultimately apprehended.

“Girl, you are a Violent Lolita!” A chuckle.

I turned around and was stunned because it felt like I was looking at my little uncle.

“Who are you” I asked but my throat was sore and I started to cough.

He let go off me and I immediately slumped to the ground.

He bent down to help me but I rolled away.

I knocked into the bed and groaned in pain.

He raised his hands in surrender.

“Fine, I wont touch you, but you have to get back in bed.

You cant win me in a fight.

If you continue to resist, Ill have the nurse shoot you with sedative.”

I looked at him and after some thought decided not to risk my chances any further.

I slowly got back into bed.

Then the man came over.

I glared at him with alertness.

He smiled.

“Theres no need to do that, I wont hurt you!”

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Yea, right.

“Im going to call the nurse in to come clean your wounds.

Dont move or Ill have her inject the sedative instead.”

Another threat! I didnt want to be knocked out so I complied for now.

The man smiled and pressed the bell near my bed.

“Right, let me introduce yourself.

Im Tong Lin, Im your cousin.”

I looked at him in shock, “Wait, youre a member of the Tong Family”

“Surprised” He smiled.

The nurse walked in and bowed, “Young master!”

Tong Lin nodded.

“Help the miss with her wounds.”

“Yes!” The nurse didnt even look at me as she cleaned my wounds and readjusted my drip.

I continued to stare at Tong Lin.

“Why” I asked.

“Why what” he asked me back.

“Why am I here” I didnt feel any closer to him simply because he was my cousin.

“Do you remember how you got here” He asked instead.

I was stunned.

Then my brain started to spin. How did I get here “Nanxing! Go!” “Nanxing! Im sorry!” “Nanxing! This is all my fault!” “Nanxing!” My ears buzzed and my breathing turned rapid.

My head pounded with intense pain.

I pushed away the nurse who was injecting me with a shot.

The needlehead scratched the back of my hand and the blood oozed out.

Looking at the crimson flow, my headache lightened and my mind cleared.

I looked at Tong Lin and I was angry.

Why am I here I was threatened by this man! He used Jing Ni and Auntie Bai Rui as well as Su Shen to threaten me!

My eyes landed on my wounded arms.

And I am the Violent Lolita my uncle mentioned! Why is that I was lost.

I was not like this in my previous life and this Tong Lin was not featured in my previous life either.

Cousin My little uncle did say that my eldest uncle had a son and he was killed when my eldest uncle went missing.

So this is him

The nurse looked at me with fear.

She asked in a shaking voice, “Miss, please let me deal with your wounds.”

I looked at him and said slowly, “Please give me a shot of sedative.” The nurse turned to Tong Lin.

Tong Lin smiled.

“Help the young miss dress her wounds first.”

The nurse turned back to me in fear.

I slowly reached out my left arm in cooperation.


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