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Chapter 103: Memory

Translator: Lonelytree

This was a large building built along the sea cliff, the land was huge but the building had only 3 storeys.

I turned back to look and my room protruded beyond the cliff.

So from my window, I could only see the sea and not the land.

I shivered.

M City was close to the sea or else I wouldnt have chosen the sea to claim my life in my previous life.

However, M City didnt have such a building along the shore so I believed I wasnt in M City anymore.

“Where are we” I asked the maid casually.

“This is Wang You Island.” Tong Lins voice came from behind me.

I turned around and the man was dressed in a white Tang outfit.

Despite the smile on his face, he had that sinister aura about him.

He ordered the maid, “Go and have the kitchen prepare lunch.

Make sure they fit young miss taste..”

The maid obliged.

He walked towards me and I retreated.

He stopped and smiled at me.

“Theres no need to be so afraid of me.

I already told you I wont harm you.”

I didnt answer.

It was my instinct who told me to be guarded around him.

He bowed and said, “Come, let cousin take you on a tour, see if your childhood memory can be jogged.”

“Childhood memory” I was shocked.

Tong Lin nodded, “Yes, this is where you lived when you were 4 and 5 but clearly you have forgotten everything about that.

Nanxing, you have lost a part of your memory right”

Maintaining this safe distance, I nodded and answered, “Yes, I cant remember some of them.”

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“Looks like everything youve forgotten is related to your parents.” Tong Lin said easily.

But it startled me greatly.

He was right, how could I have not noticed that before! I was so focused on remembering the kidnapping of me and Jing Tian that I didnt notice the other blanks in my mind.

Not only my interaction with Jing Tian, I couldnt remember anything about my parents.

Tong Lin walked for a few steps.

When he noticed I wasnt following, he turned around and smiled.

He pointed at a cobblestone path not far away.

“Do you know how much your father loved you One day you said cobblestones look very pretty and he immediately had people build this path for you.”

I walked over with hesitation.

This was a well hidden cobblestone path and the cobblestones were multi-colored.

I bent down to touch the smooth cobblestones.

Images flashed across my mind but they quickly flitted away.

I removed my shoes and walked on the path.

The cobblestones were cold and uneven but for some reason I was happy.

“Nanxing, put on your shoes, youre going to catch a cold!”

“Nanxing, be careful.

Dont cry if you fall!” A voice echoed in my ears.

I was shocked, it was not Tong Lin.

Tong Lin was looking at me with a smile, he hadnt said anything so who was that

My heart started to race.

I suddenly ran down the path, the sea breeze howling in my ears.

“Nanxing, dont run so fast, youll trip!” “Nanxing, slow down! Be nice!” “Nanxing, if you continue to act like this, daddy is going to be mad!”

I immediately stopped.

Daddy That voice belonged to my father

I looked around.

The house, the beach, the cobblestone path, my fathers voice, I fell into a time tunnel.

I saw a girl run down the cobblestone path happily, the man chasing after her was chuckling helplessly and with love.



The summons caused my heart to tear and my eyes to blur with tears.

I bent over from the pain.

The images disappeared.

I heard Tong Lin ask from behind me.

“Nanxing, did you remember something”

I shook my head.

“Nothing.” I silently moved away from the cobblestone path and put my shoes back on.

So that was my habit from childhood, running down the cobblestone path.

‘Mom, dad, Im here, can you hear me I wondered internally.

Tong Lin was patient with me, he didnt question my blatant lie.


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