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Chapter 106: Actions

This was a mainframe server room.

I looked at Yan Xin suspiciously, wondering if this was a test.

“Which one do you think we should use” Yan Xin asked excitedly.

My gaze was suddenly attracted to a computer at a corner.

The screen was playing a video on loop.

The person featured inside the video was me.

It was from the time when Jing Ni and I were kidnapped.

Because of Jing Nis injury, I lost control.

I grabbed the iron pipe and whacked our kidnapper.

After one was down, I chased after another.

It looked like I was possessed.

I had no idea I had this violent side within me.

My eyes widened.

Then my little uncle and Jing Tian arrived.

My little uncle was right, he did join the battle with my group of four.

My eyes fell on Jing Tian.

He held my head with both of his hands to force me to look into his eyes.

He shook me gingerly, “Nanxing! Nanxing!”

“He loves you a lot.” Yan Xin suddenly said.

I touched Jing Tians face on screen.

I had never suspected Jing Tians love for me.

“But he is now with Gu Yan.” Yan Xin added.

I whipped my head to look at her in surprise.

Yan Xin grabbed the mouse and pulled out several HD pictures.

Every one of them featured Gu Yan and Jing Tian.

Gu Yans eyes filled with admiration and joy.

My fingers touched Jing Tians emotionless face.

I asked Yan Xin evenly, “What is your point”

Yan Xin said with concern.

“Nanxing, please dont misunderstand.

I just dont want you to get hurt.

This man is lying to you, hes cheating on him.”

I smiled.

“Sowing discord requires tactics too.

Before you go around spreading rumors, you need to make sure that youve done enough research and there is no loophole in your story.”

Yan Xin looked wronged.

I still didnt look at her.

She said cautiously, “Nanxing, please dont hate me.

I really dont mean any harm by this.

I heard about this from Tong Lin so I only wanted you to be careful.”

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I shrugged and said, “Stop overthinking, I just got to know you, its too early for hate.

I thank you for your concern, but with regards to your intention, well, you can believe whatever you wish, I dont mind.”

Yan Xin was anxious.

Tears fell down her face.

She reached out to pull on my arms.

“Nanxing, please, you have to listen to me.

Why dont you believe me when the evidence is right there”

My body reacted instinctively.

I blocked her and that caused Yan Xin to lose her balance.

She cried out in shock.

She fell and overturned the table beside her.

The computer crashed to the ground.

It caused quite a commotion.

“Tsk.” I shook my head.

I looked at the terrified Yan Xin who sat on the ground.

I raised my hands in surrender.

“Please stand up by yourself.

I dont want you to accidentally get injured again.”

The door opened and Tong Lin barged in with his men.

I crossed my hands behind my head and admitted, “She fell on her own, I didnt even touch her.”

Yan Xin cried harder as she struggled up from the ground, “Tong Lin, I…”

Tong Lins face was dark, he roared at the people behind him, “Bring Miss Yan away.” Yan Xin was led away.

Tong Lin stood before me.

I crossed my arms and looked at him.

Tong Lin looked at the computer beside me.

“What have you done”

I shrugged.

“What do you mean” Tong Lin looked at me, he grabbed the keyboard and operated the computer quickly.

I looked at him calmly.

After a long while, Tong Lin straightened up and reverted to his gentle and refined face.

“Nanxing, I think its time for us to be frank with each other.”

I nodded.

“I think so too.”

Tong Lin gestured for me to leave.

We walked out together.

I turned around to take in the server room.

I followed Tong Lin to his study.

“I believe youve explored all there is to explore about this place.

Mind sharing with me your thoughts” Tong Lin asked.

His voice was gentle but his eyes were fixed on me.

“My thoughts” This man always spoke in riddles but two could play at this game.

Tong Lin sighed, “This is your childhood house.

Do you have no impression of it at all”

I shook my head.

“I really dont.

However I do find it strange that youre heavily invested for me to regain my childhood memory.

What happened to me when I was young that could have enraptured you so This is such a beautiful place, but you are such a serious person.

You do not fit in here so why are we here”


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