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Chapter 108: Taking the Bet

This Yan Xin, even though I have no idea where her loyalty lies and I have no idea if she is a good or bad person, she is definitely a green tea bitch and Im thankful for that.

The time was too short for me to really do anything.

However, now that Tong Lin went to work on his computer, the magic would soon happen… I smiled proudly.

As the main character, I found it quite sad that I didnt know anything.

However, everyone else assumed I knew everything.

I had no idea who had leaked this false information.

I believed Tong Lin would work on the computer for a while and I wished to go observe him.

However, as I exited the study, two guards stopped me, “Miss, please go back to your room to rest.”

So the imprisonments has started! I shrugged.

“Do you mind sending Miss Yan Xin over I want to have someone to chat with.”

Yan Xin was a very interesting person.

When I told her about the bet I had with Tong Lin, her eyes widened.

“Nanxing, are… are you really confident that they will come save you”

I shook my head.

“Of course not.” The light in her eyes dimmed.

“Whose side are you on” I asked her.

Yan Xin lowered her eyes.

“Nanxing, I have no idea what youre talking about.”

I nodded.

“Then I shall put it this way.

Who are you to Tong Lin Can we please talk frankly You seem to wish that I can be rescued but that is not what Tong Lin wishes.

Miss Yan, I dont like to play games, why dont you be honest with me”

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I played with the Rubiks Cube in my hand, I found it in a warehouse.

It should be a toy from when I was a child.

Yan Xins expression changed.

I glanced at her from the corner of my eyes and remained calm.

She walked over carefully biting her lips.

She stuttered, “Nanxing, I… I do not mean you any harm and I do not wish to lie to you.

Tong Lin, he really cares about you.

Can you please tell him everything you know We will appreciate you for life!”

I raised my brow. What is this little wife act

“Nanxing, are you really confident that they can come save you” She asked again.

“Did Tong Lin find me through the darknet” I asked my own question.

Yan Xin shook her head, “No, it was the 7 brothers who told him.” I did hear him mention Shi Fengs name. This 7 brothers sure is a chaotic mess.

Tong Lin stormed in aggressively.

I could tell from his expression that he hadnt discovered anything.

Hence I smiled, “So cousin, how about that bet”

Tong Lin glared at me.

Yan Xin carefully said, “Tong Lin, I was standing beside Nanxing at that time.

I didnt see her do anything on the computer.”

I glanced at Yan Xin.

I really had no idea which side she was on.

Was she helping me or helping Tong Lin

Tong Lin looked at me, “What makes you think little uncle and Jing Tian will come save you”

I tilted my head.

“My instincts tell me so!”

Tong Lins expression was interesting.

“Fine, I will take that bet.

If they do manage to find this place, Ill hand you back to them.”

“Without any fight or conflict.” I added.

Tong Lin hissed, “Fine!”

I smiled.


Can you please bring Miss Yan out now I wish to rest.”

“Nanxing, 3 days, not 2 day! If they dont arrive in the next 2 days, youll have to tell me where the thing that I want is.”

I nodded.

Tong Lin glared warningly at me.

I looked back at him without fear.

He retracted his gaze and ordered coldly, “From now on, do not leave Miss side for even a second.

Follow her wherever she goes!”

“Yes, sir!” His people replied.

I smiled indifferently.

After Tong Lin left, I ignored the 2 guards standing at the door.

I climbed into the bed to catch up on my sleep.

What I needed the most then was to recover my strength.

Two days were enough.

We might be on Mars, Jing Tian and my little uncle would come find me.

Even if Jing Tian and my little uncle were preoccupied, there were Gao Jing and Gao Da.

I was not worried.

And Tong Lin would never have guessed that it was him who had personally released the location of my prison.

And that was the most satisfying for me.

Those who underestimate me has to pay! Hmph!


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