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Auntie Kong looked at us and laughed, “Miss Nan, Fifth Miss, theres no need to be so nervous.

7th Master is not as strict as you think.

If you act so unnaturally nervous around him, itll only make him feel uncomfortable.”

Jing Ni rubbed her hands around her knees and stammered, “We… we are not nervous.”

Auntie Kong chuckled.

She left us be and walked out.

“Nan Xing, are you nervous” Jing Ni leaned over to ask me in a whisper.

I nodded, “A bit, after all, my results are not so good.”

“Me too.” Jing Ni smiled sadly.

Jing Ni then changed the subject to lighten the mood, “Nan Xing, I heard that youre going to be my future big sister-in-law

This was definitely not a topic to lighten my mood.

“Definitely not.” I said firmly.

Jing Ni was surprised and looked at me in confusion.

I sighed, “Im the weakest link in the Nan Family.

Why would your big brother skip over my better big sister and marry someone like me instead He might be blind but do you think your eldest aunt is as blind as he is”

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Jing Ni looked at me and said haltingly, “But youre so beautiful. Ive never seen a girl more beautiful than you.”

I smiled, “Thats because you havent seen much of the world.

Beauty is skin deep.

I dont want to rely on my appearance to win peoples hearts anyway.

Whats inside is more important than the outside.”

Jing Ni smiled, “Your inside is very beautiful too.”

I smacked her playfully, “Do you have X-ray eyes, how can you see my inside” Then I said in a serious tone, “But, regardless, Im not going to be your big sister-in-law.”

Jing Ni nodded.

“Thats not important.

The important thing is I want to be your friend.”

I smiled, “Okay, I want to be your friend too.

My name is Nan Xing.

Its a kind of poisonous plant so dont say I didnt warn you.”

Jing Ni laughed.

She looked so pretty when she did.

Yes, Nan Xing was poisonous but the antidote had been found and the name was Jing Tian.

Jing Tian had changed into his casual clothing.

He toweled his wet hair in one hand and held a stack of papers in another.

Jing Tians sexiness took my breath away.

I averted my eyes and tried to stop my heart from racing.

Jing Tian placed the papers on the large study table.

“Separate your own test papers out from the other.” Jing Ni and I hurried to do that.

Jing Tians presence was so domineering that one would subconsciously submit to him.

He placed the towel across his shoulders and then picked up the papers from two separate piles.

Jing Ni and I shared a look, we could see worry in each others eyes.

After what felt like forever, Jing Tian finally put down our papers and turned on the computer.

Moments later, two sheets of paper were printed out.

He handed each of us one.

“You still have 10 days left to your summer vacation.

This is the schedule for those ten days.

You will study and do your homework in the day, at night well do revision and lectures.

If you need to leave the house, have Auntie Kong arrange the transport for you.

Also youll have to notify me.

In this house, other than my bedroom and study, youre free to go anywhere.”

The both of us listened quietly.

Jing Tian then looked at us, “Is there any question”

We were stunned before shaking our heads.


“Then go to bed.

If sleep wont come, go out to the balcony and count the stars.” Jing Tians voice wasnt warm but it wasnt as impatient as it was when he was around others.

Thats it

Jing Ni pulled on my shirt and we hurriedly left his study.

Jing Ni patted her chest.

“That was such a fright.”

I looked at the schedule I was holding, “Didnt they say there will be many rules”

Jing Ni frowned.

“I heard from my cousin that they have been through hell under 7th uncles tutelage.

Theyre still having nightmares from it.

Perhaps 7th uncle did really take grandpas words to heart.” Jing Ni sighed and broke into a smile.

I turned to look at Jing Tians study door. O well, theres still time. 

At Jing Tians villa, I could finally study in peace.

There was no worry of Nan Yang coming to disrupt and annoy me.

She always had things for me to do so I wouldnt have time for my studies.

I sighed in relief and worked hard for my 3rd goal!

For the next 3 consecutive days, other than eating and sleeping, Jing Ni and myself studied hard.

We didnt see each other that much for fear of interruption but we were glad for each others company.

On the morning of the fourth day, Auntie Kong came to wake us up.

“Miss Nan, Fifth miss, 7th master wants you two to gather downstairs.”

Wait, what Jing Ni and I looked at each other with sleepy eyes.

We stayed up studying until 2 am the night before, and it was only 6.30 am.

“Young ladies, if youre late, the master might be mad.” Auntie Kong warned in a friendly voice.

Jing Ni and I jumped up out of bed immediately and washed up as quick as possible.

Auntie Kong walked into our room again with two sets of tracksuits.

“Master wants you girls to wear these.”


What is really happening Regardless, Jing Ni and I put on the clothes and went downstairs to gather.


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