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Chapter 120: Heartache

He pulled out a chair and sat in front of me.

He looked at me with a gentle gaze.

I reached out to hold his hand.

“Jing Tian, I miss you so much.”

Tears rolled down my cheeks.

He quickly took a tissue to wipe my tears away gently.

My tears wouldnt stop flowing, he said softly, “Alright Sister Xing, youve already made a name for yourself.

You shouldnt be crying like this anymore.

If others found out, they will laugh at you.”

I broke into a smile.

“Who cares about them I havent even gone to university yet, Im still young, I can cry if I want to.”

“Okay, but youll make my heart ache if you continue to cry like this!” He said softly.

I was startled.

The sudden words of love filled me with joy.

“Jing Tian!” I believed my eyes were glowing with stars.

Jing Tian rubbed my head.

“Be good and take a long rest.

I dont have the heart to be angry at you so Im going to take this up with Gao Jing and Gao Da!”

I was immediately nervous.

I grabbed his hand.

“Jing Tian, no, this is not their fault.

I asked them to do it.

They were not willing but I gave them no choice.

You cant blame them, because if you do, itll be so much harder to make them to listen to me next time.”

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“There wont be a next time!” Jing Tian interrupted me.

“Fine, no more next time.” I hugged his arm tightly and refused to let him go.

He sat down helplessly again and looked at me.

I said, “Jing Tian, please dont blame them.

If youre angry, then you can scold me or hit me…” I touched my body and I winced.

“But you have to wait for me to recover a bit first.

My body kinda hurts everywhere at the moment.”

He grabbed my hands and asked nervously, “Where does it hurt” My heart skipped a beat.

I decided to play along and said, “It hurts when I move.”

“But Lin Ran promised me that his medication is very good, you shouldnt be hurting anymore!” Jing Tian looked rather angry.

I quickly pulled on him and hugged him.

“It doesnt hurt that bad, Doctor Lin Rans medicine is very good!” I couldnt drag Lin Ran down with me.

I pouted, “Jing Tian, Brother Gao Jing and Gao Da are still recovering from their injuries, please dont blame them.

They were just trying to help me.

If you punish them, what if they become too afraid to help me next time I know you said there wont be a next time but what if… What if they hesitated to save me simply because they were afraid of the punishment next time”

“If they dare, Ill claim their lives!” Jing Tian said sternly.

“Of course, they wont.

However Master Qi, you will not punishing them but me!” I knelt in bed and leaned on him. O well, Ill have to use my ultimate!

I reached around his neck and kissed him.

Jing Tians body stiffened.

I knew this would work!

Eventually I fell asleep in Jing Tians arms.

I slumbered deeply after days of unquiet sleep.

When I opened my eyes, Jing Tian was gone.

There was another man in his place.

Even though he was equally handsome his face was dark.

It was my uncle, Mr.

Tong Le.

He was in a wheelchair and he was studying the laptop on his knees.

I summoned all the cuteness I could gather.

“Little uncle~”

He raised his eyes to look at me.

The hairs on my body stood on end.

Based on the fury in his eyes, it felt like he was going to leave me at Siberia to feed the wolves.

I quickly smiled at him, “Little uncle, I missed you so much! I even dreamed of you in my sleep!”

Tong Le snorted.

“Liar, you wanted me dead!”

I pouted, “Little uncle, how can you say that! I really, really, really missed you!”

He was unmoved.

I took a deep breath, “Little uncle, how are your injuries Thankfully the bandage around your head doesnt affect your handsome face.

If you ask me, the bruise around your eye makes you look even more manly!”

“Nanxing, quiet!” Tong Le was angry.

He was immune to my flattery.

I raised my hands in surrender.

“Little uncle, I was wrong.

Dont be angry.

Ill be obedient and listen to you from now on!”

There was no sound.

I peeked through the gap between my raised arms.

Ouch! Someone smacked me on my head.


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