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Chapter 121: Admitting My Mistake

“That might work on Jing Tian but it wont work on me!” He yelled at me.

Tong Le was truly angry this time.

“But Jing Tian doesnt even blame me anymore.” I said weakly.

“Theres more out of you” Another hit on my head.

I put down my hands.

“This is the last.” He raised his hand.

I lunged forward to hug his waist.

“Little Uncle, I was wrong.” The hand didnt fall.

I let him go and smiled at him.

“Little uncle, dont be mad.

Itll harm your body.

I still wish for a little aunt and cousins.

If I am too much trouble, just marry me off to Jing Tian.

Itll save you a lot of trouble!” I smiled brightly at him.

“In his dreams!” My little uncle huffed.

He turned to me.

“And dont you get any funny ideas too!”

I didnt mind because he was no longer as angry as before.

“Does it still hurt” He asked.

I was confused because I realized he was asking about my injuries.

I shook my head.

“Theyre all minor wounds, I got off easy compared to the rest.”

He studied my arm and ankle, “You call a gunshot wound minor injury”

I moved my left arm.

“Its really okay now.

I even used this hand to slap Yan Xin twice.

Her face was so red even though I didnt use much force.”

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“What about your feet” My little uncle glared at my leg.

“Ill just use the same model of wheelchair and crutches as you, little uncle!” I cheered.

He was speechless.

“Little uncle,” I began.

“What is it” He replied lazily.

“I must have created a lot of trouble for you,” I admitted.

“Hmm.” He answered nasally.

“Even though I have let Tong Lin and Yan Xin go, I have humiliated greatly and they do not seem to be the forgiving kind.

They would definitely complain to their families and they would come after you! This is my fault.” I apologized sincerely.

Ultimately it was indeed my fault.

By now, people already see me and my little uncle as one.

Even though I was the one who made the mistake, they would come to my little uncle for revenge.

My little uncle smirked coolly, “Dont worry so much.

Were already knee-deep in troubles so what is really one more”

My little uncle was always on my side even if it made no sense, even if I was in the wrong.

I looked at him and my eyes watered.

My little uncle leaned against the chair.

“The video has spread on the darknet, youre famous now.”

I was startled, “So soon”

He rolled his eyes at me.

“Isnt this what you want”

I shrugged, “Youre right but I didnt expect it to happen so fast.

O well, I want them to know that the money are all gone.

Little uncle, Im poor now, Ill have to rely on you.

Youll even have to prepare the dowry for me.”

My little uncle chuckled, “Who did you really resemble Your parents were never as reckless as this.”

I countered, “Its because I have a very powerful little uncle.

Even if the sky falls, my little uncle will there to support me!”

My little uncle finally smiled.

“Okay, youre right.

Your little uncle will always be there for you! You only need to learn to enjoy life!”

My eyes were a little moist.

“Little uncle, if I keep those money, itll only lead to more trouble.

I dont want any more people to get hurt from protecting me.

If you cant afford to support me anymore, just marry me off.”

My little uncle tapped my forehead.

“What nonsense! Even without your mothers money, I can support you for life! Get someone to marry into the family and have a few more children, I can support all of them.

Its not like we have no money anyway!”

My eyes smiled into crescent.

“My little uncle is the best!”

“But dont get ahead of yourself.

I believe not many people will believe the money youve burnt are real.

So the troubles will keep coming.” My little uncle yawned.

He said disapprovingly, “Do you think that the people on the darknet are as stupid as Yan Xin and Tong Lin”

He smiled again.

“But it doesnt matter, now that the name of Sister Xing has spread among the underworld.

Sister Xing is ruthless and takes after her mother, Sister Huan.

She is not someone to be trifled with.”


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