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Chapter 122: A Dream

I was a little dejected.

My little uncle stood up and patted my head.

“You said it yourself, what should come will come.

Perhaps youre not destined to live a normal life after all.

So be it, Sister Xing it is.

Its better than living a cowardly life among the Nan Family.”

I smiled.

“Youre right, the second daughter of the Nan Family was a famous useless floormat.

She was timid and cowardly but no more!”

My little uncle looked at me.

“Nanxing, did you really pretend to live like that just to survive Wasnt it tired”

My smile froze.

“Little uncle, you might not believe me when I tell you the truth.” My little uncle looked at me, waiting to hear me out.

I took a deep breath.

“I wasnt really pretending.

I was that cowardly… Until I had this unusual dream.

In the dream, I was married to Jing Ning but he cheated on me when I was pregnant.

He forced me to sign the divorce paper and chased me out of the house.

The Nan Family refused to let me go back so I chose to kill myself by jumping into the ocean.

It was Jing Tian who saved me.”

“So it was a dream that made you like Jing Tian” My little uncle snorted.

“In any case, after I woke up, that was why I worked so hard to break off the engagement with Jing Ning.

I continued to act stupid but I was secretly plotting.

I need to do everything within my power to make sure that the dream didnt become a reality.

Because I knew that Jing Ning would betray me and the Nan Family never wanted me to begin me.

By then, I would have no one else to turn to.

Of course, at the time, I didnt know about you.

So I needed to depend on myself.” I said seriously.

My uncle comforted me.

“Thankfully its just a dream.”

I looked at me and said slowly, “In that dream, Li Yuan and Nanyang drugged my food on the day of my university entrance exam and I only managed to get into a third-rate art school.”

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My uncle froze.

I continued, “Earlier, on the day of the exam, Nanyang came to deliver food to me and Jing Ni.

I knocked over Jing Nis portion and swapped my food with Nanyangs.

Jing Ni and I were spared but Nanyang failed half of the subjects because of diarrhea.

Jing Ni just told me that Nanyang only managed to claw her way into a third-rate art school due to her results.”

“Fuck! Im going to kill them!” My little uncle made to leave.

I pulled him back.

“Little uncle, Id rather believe that the dream was real and it was my mother who was behind it.

She wanted to give me a warning.

I shouldnt treat those people as my real family.

Therefore, if you didnt show up, my plan was to keep on faking it until after the exam and then I would move out from Nan Family.

To be honest, I think I would eventually walk the path my mother did, so you didnt need to blame yourself, it wasnt you who led me astray.”

I pointed out the concern he had.

He sat back down.

He scratched his head.

“Your father was a real gentleman, he would have wanted his daughter to be demure and graceful.

Im not saying that your mother is a bad influence but ultimately the Tong Family comes from a mafia background.

Furthermore, your mother…” Tong Le chuckled, “She can be quite demure when she wants to be.

But when she needs to get things done, trust me, you dont want to be in her way.”

His expression was pained.

I couldnt help but laugh.

“Theres nothing wrong with that.

I identify with her.

I even went out of my way to buy the same motorcycle outfit she had.”

My little uncles smile faded.

“But Im sure she also wouldnt want you to risk your life life this.”

I said seriously, “Honestly, I believe my parents only wish for me to live my life my way.

Little uncle, so let me do that.”

He nodded and said in a resigned tone, “Okay! No one can go against Sister Xings words! Tell me, what do you plan to do next”

I thought for a moment, and said seriously, “Little uncle, there are still some parts of my memories that I need to recover.

Memories like my parents accident, the kidnapping that involved me and Jing Tian.

I cant remember anything about them.

Perhaps my second persona originated from these suppressed memory.

I try so hard to remember them but it was to no avail.”

I was annoyed.

My little uncle nodded.

“Jing Tian has mentioned this to me.

We have you take a full body check when you were at the hospital before and there was nothing wrong with you physically.

He has consulted many psychologists and psychiatrists.

They all said that your case is very special.

Its like you have actively suppressed those memories yourself and outsiders wouldnt be able to unlock them.

Only when the timing is right and when youre willing, then the memory will be unlock.

Jing Tians intention is for nature to take its course.”


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