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Chapter 123: Going to University

I looked at my little uncle.

He spread his hands.

“Me Personally I have no objections.”

“Jing Tian has done so much for me He never told me about them.” I was extremely touched.

My little uncle looked annoyed.

He must have regretted telling me these things.

I was very happy, it washed away the other concerns.

Jing Ni and I got into M University as per our wishes.

She majored in economic management while I majored in computer science.

When the offer letter came, we hugged and jumped around, crying and laughing.

Auntie Bai Rui was also tearing up with joy.

Ever since my rebirth, this was the first goal I had achieved.

To be the best Nanxing starts from entering M University! Entering M University also came with its own bonus, I would be Jing Tians official student!

Initially I thought he was going to be a teachers assistant.

But when I was choosing my classes, I noticed my tutor was Jing Tian and his tittle was associate professor! He had been lying to me!

My little uncle sent me to school.

In his jeans, white t-shirt, and sunglasses, he looked about 20.

“So Do you think people will assume Im your boyfriend” He gloated at me.

I held his arm.

“If we go out like this, of course! Oh my dear future little aunt, youre disappearing further and further away.” My little uncle reached out to push me away.

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I laughed.

My little uncle actually looked very cute and handsome.

Jing Ni and I applied to live at the dorm.

Jing Tian and my little uncle were strongly against it.

Our reason was that we wanted to fully immerse ourselves in the university experience.

Plus living on campus would help our studies.

Jing Tian and my little uncles objection was naturally based on safety issue.

I was a ticking time bomb.

Even at campus, I wouldnt be 100 percent safe.

Jing Ni was always seen in my company so the bad guys might attack her to get to me.

And for that, I was really sorry.

However, Jing Ni didnt mind.

For her, we were best friends and she was glad to accompany me.

In the end, with Jing Ni and my strong persistence, Jing Tian and my little uncle caved.

However they did pull some strings so we would stay in the same dorm.

One dorm would fit 4 people.

The two of us were allocated the two innermost beds.

We arrived early.

Auntie Bai Rui as well as Sister Li came to help us unpack.

My little uncle looked around and frowned.

“You two must be crazy! Why would you stay in a dorm when you can stay comfortably at home”

Jing Ni and I arranged our school supplies.


Tong Le, can you stop calling us crazy I personally think this is not bad.

This is the university life that we wanted.


“Okay! Not okay! How is this okay This place is a dump compared to our home.” He was getting more and more agitated.

I raised my hands in surrender.


Tong Le, please, you need to stop rambling or youll chase all your potential girlfriends away!”

He glared at me.

“Stop changing the topic!”

Jing Ni smiled.

“Dont worry, Nanxings little uncle.

Well take care of ourselves!” My little uncle was too embarrassed to get angry at Jing Ni.

He grumbled, “You must have your phones and watches with you at all times, understood You mustnt disappear! Report your whereabouts to us 3 times a day!”

I saluted him, “Yes sir!”

At that moment, someone came in with her luggage.

“Hi, my name is Lu Yan.” A petite and pretty girl greeted us warmly.

Her bed was on my side.

Jing Ni and I quickly introduced ourselves.

Lu Yan came alone.

She quickly unpacked her things.

Our last roommate came late.

However, she came with an army to help her unpack.

They were well-trained maids.

My little uncle moved out from the room because it was getting too crowded.

However, the girl who came last walked out from the room and directly walked towards him, “Hello my fellow student, my name is Mai Qi.

Nice to meet you.” She was a beauty, bright and intelligent.

Her beauty would leave a mark on you.

She had a cold and elegant presence.

Jing Ni and I shared a look.

“I think the candidate for my future little aunt has arrived.” I whispered to Jing Ni.

Jing Ni shook her head.

“I dont think so.

Your little uncle doesnt seem interested.”

As she said, Tong Le didnt take the hand offered to him.

Instead he took 2 steps back and leaned against the window.

“Im sorry, Im not a student here.

Im one of the students family member.”

“Family member” Mai Qis expression changed.

Tong Le nodded.


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