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Chapter 129: A Spineless Man

Shamelessness was truly invincible.

Other than me and Jing Ni, probably no one present understood what Shi Feng and I were saying.

Nanyang raised a cup of drink to me and said timidly, “Nanxing, Jing ni, congratulations on getting into M University.”

I looked at the cup in her hand and raised my own.

“Thank you, sister! This is all thanks to the fruits that youve given me on the day of the examination! They do bring us good luck!”

Nanyangs face paled.

Jing Ni smiled.

“Thank you, Sister Nanyang.”

I added, “Oh right, I heard that big sister fell sick during the day of examination.

What happened Big sister must have worked too hard before the exam.

This is such a shame considering big sister has employed the best teacher and worked harder than most of us for the past 3 years!”

Nanyangs voice was shaking, “My current school is not so bad either.”

I pressed my lips and looked at her forced smile slowly disappear.

She took a deep breath and looked at Jing Ning.

“Brother Jing Ning already told me that my background doesnt matter, as long as I have given it my best and have no regrets.”

I nodded with big smiles.

“Young Master Ning does have a point.”

Jing Ning pulled Nanyang to sit beside him.

He said coldly, “I have to say Im impressed by 7th uncle for his ability to send you two into M University!”

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Gu Yan glanced at us.

“Jing Tian has the ability to make miracles.

No matter how difficult the problem, hell be able to solve it.”

Jing Yan piled on.

“Thats right.

I have seen how 7th uncle punished them.

This shows the importance of having a good teacher.

Without my 7th uncle, these numbskulls wouldnt be able to get into M University! My 7th uncle can turn even an idiot into a genius!”

I clinked Jing Nis cup.

Jing Ni grasped my meaning.

We finished our drinks and shared a smile.

Jing Yan was incensed.

“Hey! What are you two doing Are you making fun of me!”

I put down the cup and looked at her.

“Sister Jing Yan, why would you say that We shared a toast simply because we agree with you.

Is that wrong”

Jing Yan slammed on the table and stood up.

I leaned back to look at her as well as Lee Yang who sat silently beside him.

The man was looking down at the floor.

He said nothing and looked at no one.

What a spineless man!

“Nanxing! Who are you to put on airs! Dont forget how pitiful you were when you were at the Nan Family! You didnt even have the right to carry Nanyangs shoes! Even now, you are relying on my 7th uncle.

Plus this little uncle of yours, who knew where he came from! You two must have some kind of incestuous relationship! How dare you show your face around us! And that shameless bitch, Jing Ni…”

I raised my arm and the soup in my bowl spilled out.

“Ah!” Jing Yan screamed and jumped.

The soup was warm.

It also splattered on Shi Feng and Lee Yang beside her.

However, the two men only picked up the napkin to wipe at their clothes wordlessly.

Jing Yan continued to stomp and pointed her finger at me.

I grabbed her finger and then twisted it back.

She cried from tears.

I let her go and she collapsed to the ground.

I looked down on her.

Jing Ning was angry and tried to attack me.

Shi Feng stopped him.

“Young Master Ning, calm down!”

I turned to address them.

“None of you said anything when she insulted me but you intend resort to violence against me when she fell on her own And Im the one without good family upbringing This must be a joke.”

Jing Yan staggered up and growled at me.

“I will not forgive you!” Ye Qian pulled her back to stop her from jumping on me.

Nanyang added timidly, “Nanxing, since when did you become so violent Sister Jing Yan didnt really say anything insulting.

Weve grown up together as friends.

How can you be so rude to Sister Jing Yan”

Gu Yan sneered.

“How can you expect a bastard to not act like a wild child”

Jing Ning roared angrily, “Nanxing, you are such a disappointment!”

I regarded them with amusement.

“Then I apologize for disappointing you lot.

However, this is Jing Ni and my private booth.

We didnt invite any of you to come here.

So if you dont like it here, please leave.

Since you cant stand me, then the doors that way.”

Lee Yang was the first to leave.

He had not said a word from start to finish.


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