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Jing Tian said indifferently, “Thank you.”

Jing Ning put his hand on my shoulder.

“Nan Xing, you must be tired.

Tell me that you have given up and Ill bring you back home.”

I avoided his hand and replied, “Im fine, Im still not yet ready to throw in the towel.”

Jing Nings hand dangled in the air.

He grumbled with impatience, “Nan Xing, why have you gotten so stubborn recently You oppose everything I say.

Whats wrong with you”

I didnt say anything as I moved towards Jing Ni to maintain a distance from Jing Ning.

Nan Yang gently pulled on Jing Nings sleeve.

“Brother Jing Ning, dont be angry.

Its not like Nan Xing has ever shown sensibility and understanding for the things we do for her.

Theres no need to get yourself angered over her.”


I laughed internally.

Nan Yang managed to calm Jing Ning down.

And the man said resentfully.

“I really dont get it.

You two grew up in the same family but how come Nan Yang is so gentle and understanding but you are so willful and ornery”

That tickled me aplenty and I broke out laughing.

Everyone turned to look at me.

I silenced my laughter and turned to Jing Ning.

“Youre right, Young Master Ning, so what is it that you like about me anyway In terms of temperament, Im not as gentle and kind as my big sister.

In terms of intelligence, Im dumber than Li Tian and Tian Ting.

In terms of family background, I definitely do not fit into the Jing Family.”

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I listed out everything in one breath.

“If you want my honest opinion, I believe you dont really like me.

If you did, you wouldnt have compared me with my big sister so often.

In fact, you would have treated me like you did my big sister.

After all, you have been able to find something positive in everything she does.

In contrast, you are always able to find fault with everything I do.

Therefore, I conclude that you do not like me, instead you pity me.

You pity me because Im dumb, you pity me because my parents are dead, you pity me because no one would love me unless you do.

I do not need your pity so please stop telling everyone that Ill marry you.

I will not.”


My proclamation stunned everyone.

Nan Yang blushed as she hit me.

“Nan Xing, what are you talking about”

I turned to her sincerely, “Big Sister, lets be honest, youve liked Young Master Ning for many years, havent you In that case, you should be honest with your feelings and tell him how you feel.

Hell treat you better for it.

Girls, you can be my witness, theres no future between Young Master Ning and me so stop spreading the false rumors lest it ruins the possibility between Young Master Ning and my big sister.”

Nan Yang blushed like a red tomato.

I couldnt stand her whole act so I turned and walked down the steps.

Words couldnt describe how free I felt.

In this new life, I would never marry Jing Ning.

Since those two loved each other, I was more than happy to match them together.


Suddenly, I felt a strong push on my back.

My centre of gravity wavered and I slipped down the stairs.

“Nan Xing!” I heard Jing Tian exclaim and Jing Ni scream.

I knocked into the edges of the steps before landing on the ground.

I groaned in pain.

A pair of powerful arms picked my whole body up from the ground.

“Nan Xing, Nan Xing, are you alright”

It was Jing Tian.

This scene was so familiar that tears welled up in my eyes.

Jing Tian placed me standing on the ground.

The moment my right foot touched the ground, an excruciating pain shot through me.

I grimaced in pain.

Jing Tian immediately squatted down to examine my ankle.

He tried to pinch it gently and my face scrunched up from unimaginable pain.

Jing Tian stood up and announced, “We need to get you to the hospital.”

Jing Tian picked me into his arms again and walked away in large strides as he instructed Auntie Kong to prepare the car.

I nestled comfortably in his arms.

He smelled just like how I remembered.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed this unexpected surprise.

Jing Tian placed me carefully on the back seat.

He got into the car from the other side and sat beside me.

He pulled up the sleeve of my tracksuit to look at my ankle.

It had not been long but the ankle was already swollen.


Jing Tian looked worried and he roared for the driver to start the car.

I pulled on his sleeve and said in a comforting voice, “Teacher, its fine, it doesnt hurt that much.”

He glanced at me but didnt say anything.

His expression was frighteningly dark.

“Teacher, who was the person who pushed me” I asked.

Jing Tian sat upright and looked ahead.

After a long time, he answered, “It was Jing Ning.”


“Oh.” I heaved a sigh of relief.

Jing Tian suddenly turned to me and asked, “Why did you say those things”

I was surprised.

I looked at him.

There was searching in his eyes.

I pulled on the corners of my lips to reveal a faint smile, “Is there something wrong with what I said”

Jing Tian looked at me.

“You really have no feelings for Jing Ning The boy has liked you since he was young.”

I smiled as I looked deep into his eyes.

“That might be true at the start but that feeling has changed.

He doesnt like me, the feeling he has for me is pity, and possession.

I am merely a trophy for him to show off.”

I stopped to mimic Jing Ning, “Look, its that dummy, Nan Xing from the Nan Family.

Shell definitely marry me.

Aiz, shes pretty but shes as dumb as they come.

But theres no other option, weve been friends since we were young.

If I dont marry her, she wont be able to survive.

What will she do without me”

My mimicry was so lively that Jing Tian broke into a smile.


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