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Chapter 132: Professor

I smiled.

Sky City was officially in business.

Then we split up to work.

Brother Hus unit handled the offline business while I worked the online side of things.

Since my little uncle regained my custody, the money he originally gave Nan Feng now came into my account.

Even though I didnt really need the money, my little uncle insisted on it.

This was a promise he made his brother-in-law.

This became my startup funds.

I was already quite popular when I plied my services among the gaming community.

Now that I planned to start my business, I used that popularity to my advantage.

My business main focus was economic data collection and analysis.

My major was computer science and Jing Nis was economics.

This business would employ what we studied in classes.

Even though we just started university, thanks to Jing Tian, we already had a good foundation.

The work during the first year wouldnt be too hard.

Jing Ni and I walked the right path, protected by my gang of four.

Of course, I had my personal reason to do this as well.

My parents death was still a mystery.

My little uncle had to survive many attempts on his life and then he had to take over Dragons Gate.

He was an extremely busy man.

I knew he was investigating my parents and my two uncles deaths but he was stretched thin as it was.

So I would help him with that!

Entering university was a turning point in our lives, it marked a new beginning.

When everything was ready, the semester started.

I hadnt seen Jing Tian for a month already, not even on the phone.

I still sent him greetings every day but he would only reply in short messages.

At most he would remind me to rest early.

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I didnt mind because I would officially be his student soon!

Jing Tians class was packed.

Fortunately, I had the foresight to come to the classroom early and managed to snatch a front seat.

Mai Qi sat beside me.

I heard the girls behind me discussing.

“I heard that this professor Jing is very handsome!”

“Not only that, hes very rich too! Hes the 7th master of the Jing Family and Old Master Jing dotes on him the most.

Hell inherit the entire Jing Family in the future!”

“Most importantly, hes single!”

My face was almost green.

Mai Qi poked me and asked in a whisper.

“Nanxing, this person theyre talking about is Jing Nings little uncle”

I asked in surprise.

“You didnt know that”

Mai Qi was confused.

“Why would I know that”

I smiled.

I nodded and pointed at Jing Tians name.

“Here it is.

The 7th Master of the Jing Family.”

Mai Qi looked at me in shock.

“Wait, the same Jing Tian who rejected Gu Yan”

I nodded.

Mai Qi continued, “I heard that he was Jing Ni and your tutor.

He was very strict with you.”

I glanced at her.

“You sure have heard a lot of things.”

Mai Qi smiled.

“Of course.

Since I want to pursue your little uncle, I need to get to know you first.

As it happens, you are quite famous…”

“As for you, since everyone cant wait to get into your good book, they told you everything, yes” I interrupted her.

Mai Qi pursed her lips into a smile.

The classroom suddenly quieted down.

We raised our heads and saw that Jing Tian was already standing on the podium.

He was wearing a beige suit.

My heart burst out with a bang.

His face was expressionless as usual.

His hair was combed down.

His curly hair covered half of his face, he looked so handsome.

I didnt need to turn around to know the impact he had on the girls behind me.

Their silence had said a lot.

I was impressed Jing Tian managed to be so calm and collected with so many adoring eyes on him.

His voice was cold and clear as he listed out the rules for his classes, his homework requirements and his specialty.

I smiled as I sat there.

Mai Qi nudged me and I pulled my eyes away from Jing Tian.

“Hmm, hes quite handsome but not as handsome as your little uncle.”

I looked at her in shock. Is she blind

“Youre saying hes not as handsome as my uncle”I asked her again with uncertainty.

Mai Qi nodded without hesitation.

“Of course!”

“No way!” I was indignant.


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