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Chapter 133: Professor Jing Tian

“Nanxing!” I was startled when Jing Tian called my name.

I stood up instinctively.

The word Teacher was already on the tip of my tongue.

I forced it back and almost bit my tongue.

“Yes, sir!” I stammered.

My face was flushed red.

I didnt expect him for call me so suddenly! What a sneaky ambush!

“For my class, youll be responsible to take the attendance.

If you cheat on your friends behalf, then you will be take their demerit.

If you get 3 demerit from me, you will fail my class this semester!” Jing Tians voice was always cold and clear.

I nodded hurriedly.

“Yes, sir!”

“Before the start of every class, you will go to my office to get my computer and files.

After the classes, you have to bring them back.

You will also need to distribute any homework that I have to your course mates.

You will have to answer them and then come to me to have them checked.

Understood” His voice was imposing.

Those who didnt know better would assume that I had offended Professor Jing.

It was why he was treating me so harshly.

But internally my heart was blooming.

Jing Tian had handed me all the miscellaneous jobs so that only I had the chance to get close to him before and after classes!

I cleared my throat.

“Yes, professor!”

The girls around me complained, “Why does she get all the jobs”

“This is so unfair!”

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I didnt dare to gloat so I quickly sat down to hide myself.

The girl behind him stood up.

“Professor Jing, one student cant handle so many things.

I volunteer to help her!”

“Yes, professor, me too!” Another brave girl stood up.

Jing Tian scanned the class coolly before his eyes landed on me.

“Nanxing, can you handle that on your own If you cant, then you cant possibly survive in this field in the future, Ill help you change your major now!”

I quickly stood up and said timidly, “Yes, Professor, I can do it alone.

I dont mind the chores.” I gripped my fists tightly to stop myself to laughing.

A yandere Jing Tian is so cute.

Use me as your shield! I already have to block one Gu Yan, whats a bit more butterflies and bees!

Jing Tians sternness finally silenced the girls.

Mai Qi stuck out her tongue.

“Hes so harsh.

Nanxing, have you offended him You should ask you little uncle to put in a good word for you.

I heard that he is good friends with Prof Jing.”

I turned to smile at her.

“Its fine, Im already used to this.”

Mai Qi asked me, “Are you a masochistic”

I… I didnt explain the little sweet interactions between me and Jing Tian to Mai Qi.

The things Jing Tian did worked like a charm.

No one dared to surround the handsome professor and bombard him with questions after class.

I hugged Jing Tians laptop and files as I followed him to his office.

To hide my joy and pride, I lowered his face so that my curled lips wouldnt show.

From afar, I looked timid and helpless.

Jing Tian turned back to look at me helplessly.

I winked at him.

Jing Tian had his own single office.

It was spacious and bright.

Like the study back home, it was filled with books.

I put down his stuff and immediately exclaimed.


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