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Chapter 134: I Miss You

After Jing Tian closed the door behind him, I rushed over to hug him tightly.

I buried my face in his chest and took a deep breath.

“Were at university, anyone might come in.” Jing Tians voice came over my head.

It was soft yet resigned.

“I dont care because I miss you too much!” I rubbed against his chest.

He smelled of clean laundry detergent, a scent I was familiar with.

Hugging him, I felt at ease, I could live forever in his arms.

His hand landed on my head.

“You were the one who chose to live on campus.”

I looked up at him, “Is that an invitation for me to move in with you”

Jing Tian was stumped.

He pulled me off, walked to his chair and sat down to hide his discomfort.

“Go and ask Tong Le.”

I giggled as I trailed behind him.

I hugged him from behind and placed my chin on his shoulder.

“Perhaps you can take over his companies.

Ive already told him that if one day he cant support me anymore, hell have to marry me to you.” Jing Tian tapped me on my head.

I giggled harder.

This was such a perfect atmosphere.

Before he could react, I ambushed him with a kiss on his cheek.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door.

I quickly straightened myself, slithered to the front of Jing Tians desk and pretended to arrange his files.

Jing Tian chuckled seeing me like this.

He said, “Come in.” I could hear the humor in his voice.

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A student was there to send him teaching material.

Jing Tians voice became indifferent again as he instructed me.

“Nanxing, you need to come to my office after class and use that computer over there to organize these teaching materials.

Relate them to the curriculum and label them according to number.”

I listened to him obediently.

This was not a bad arrangement, I would have a private space to study after every class.

Mai Qi was waiting for me when I left Jing Tians office.

When she saw me, she asked, “So, did the Iceman bully you”


Mai Qi nodded.

I didnt know what to say, “Mai Qi, how did you come up with that nickname”

Mai Qi shrugged.

“I mean, just look at him.”

Well, whatever floats your boat.

“So did he bully you” Mai Qi pressed.

I smiled as I shook my head.

“No, why would he do that when he likes me”

Mai Qis mouth turned into an O.

“Nanxing, youre a real M!”

I pulled her along.

“Come on, were going to be late for class!”

I spent more time with Mai Qi than I did with Jing Ni because I shared more similar courses with Mai Qi.

When I got to know Mai Qi, I realized she was very innocent, some would say to the level of naive.

She reminded me of the old Jing Ni.

The new Jing Ni had started to change due to the burdens on her shoulders.

Lu Yan appeared like a monster among us.

She was a child from a normal family.

Unlike me and Jing Ni, she was not bullied by her family; unlike Mai Qi, she was not cherished since she was born due to the position of her father.

Lu Yan was very common.

We looked at her and felt appreciative of her presence.

With regards to money, Lu Yan was very cautious.

I could identify with that because I had been through poverty too.

However, it was relatively easy for me to earn money.

I never thought too much before making a purchase because I could balance out the expenditure easily.

However, Lu Yan was a budgeting monster.

The 3 of us were very generous to Lu Yan financially.

Lu Yan was a very grateful person and helped with the cleaning around the dorm.

She also noticed that the 3 of us were not familiar with household chores.

So, despite our wildly different background, the 4 of us shared quite a peaceful relationship.

We didnt get on each others throats due to our different background.

That was a pleasant surprise for me.

Jing Ni and I were busy with our own stuff.

Sky City was coming along nicely both offline and online.

Jing Tian seemed to notice what I was doing so he set up a special router in his office.

That way I could log into the darknet to acquire the things I wanted when necessary.

The first month of the semester was pleasant and happy.

My daily lecture with Jing Tian filled me with anticipation to start every day with a smile.

Our secret romance filled me with a secret happiness.

However, underneath all the harmony, there was a hidden undercurrent, we simply hadnt known about it yet.


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