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Chapter 135: Master Liu

Sky Citys first business came from the darknet.

Jing Ni and I were ecstatic and we began work immediately.

I dealt with the online stuff, Jing Ni the financial analysis and my group of 4 the offline stuff.

Since this was our first contract, we devoted our heart and soul into it.

We used half a month to complete the clients request.

After I uploaded the result to the client, the payment entered my bank account half an hour later.

Jing Ni and I shared a high five.

It startled Mai Qi and Lu Yan.

Mai Qi groused.

“Whats that for Have you two lost your mind”

I giggled with apology.

“Sorry, sorry.

Its just that we finally cleared the game that weve been stuck on for the past half a month.” Jing Ni nodded.

Mai Qi asked with surprised, “Ni Ni is also a gamer”

Jing Ni nodded excitedly.

“Im playing because of Nanxing.”

Lu Yan removed her glasses and rubbed the bridge of her nose.

“How did you two do it You already have such heavy homework and you still have time for games” Lu Yan studied law, so I could understand her complaint.

I took out my phone and ordered a bunch of food.

“As celebration, Ill treat everyone to supper!”

Jing Nis new home was coming along nicely.

We shared a smile.

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The next day, someone came to find me at the library.

During my free time, I were mostly at Jing Tians office.

When he was there, I would stare at him; when he was not, I would take in his scent.

However, I was at the library with Jing Ni that day because we had some research to do.

An unfamiliar student knocked on my table and passed me a paper note.

He told me there was a gentleman waiting for me outside the library.

My first thought was it was Jing Tian.

He probably was afraid of attracting attention should he walk into the library to find me.

Or it could be my little uncle.

But why didnt they call me

I touched my pocket and then looked through my bag. Oh, I forgot to bring my phone with me.

Or did I lose it Tsk!

I looked at Jing Ni who was buried in her sea of books. O well, Ill go meet them then.

Turns out I didnt even know the person outside the library.

This was a refined gentleman of indeterminate age.

I placed him between 20 and 40.

However, he did have a youthful air about him.

He reminded me of Jing Tian and Tong Le.

My heart rang with alarm on instinct.


Gu Nian” I asked softly.

Gu Nian was startled before he smiled.

When he did, he looked even younger.

“Miss Nanxing, you have a good eye.”

I smiled.

“Someone has mentioned you to me before.”

“Was it Jing Tian” Gu Nian asked.

I nodded.

“He has told me about the 7 Brothers so that I wouldnt make him lose face.

I only ventured a guess, I didnt expect to get it right.” To quote Jing Tian, Master Liu, Gu Nian might look young but he is extremely cunning.

You have to be careful when you run into him.

Gu Nian smiled.

“Jing Tian sure has thought of everything.”

“How can I help Master Liu” I asked.

Gu Nian answered, “I need help from Sister Xing.

Do you mind if we talk this over coffee” He pointed at the Starbucks next to the library.

I felt a little embarrassed.

“Master Liu, please call me Nanxing.

Sister Xing is just a random title they gave me for fun.”

Gu Nian corrected, “The Tong Familys Sister Xing, the lord of Sky City, that is your title.

Theres nothing funny about it.

In fact, Im impressed that youve done so well for yourself at your current age.

Your parents must be so proud of you.

In any case, since I am technically your senior, then you have to forgive me for calling you Nanxing directly.”

I was surprised.

The Tong Familys Sister Xing, the lord of Sky City.

Thats me When did that happen I felt like I had transmigrated into another book.

Gu Nian smiled.

“Nanxing, Im here to discuss business with you.” Since I didnt say anything, he continued, “The business analysis Sky City did earlier has greatly impressed me.

I wish to work with you more often.

So Are you interested”

I was startled again.

So the client of our first contract was Master Lius people I gasped.

“Master Liu knew that it was me who accepted your contract from the very start”

Gu Nian shook his head.

“No, business transaction on the darknet is always fair.

The buyer and seller are completely confidential.”

“Then how did you know it was me in the end” I asked with caution.

Gu Nian smiled.

“Thats my business secret.”


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