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Chapter 137: Interrogation

“I need to meet Nan Feng.” I said lightly.

Jing Ni understood my feelings.

With a worried expression, she said, “But he might not be willing to see you.

Even if he does, he might not tell you the truth.”

It was not hard to find Nan Feng.

My gang of four could do that easily.

I encountered Nan Feng at a nightclub.

He was dealing with a supplier and their booth was filled with ladies.

When he came out to use the bathroom, Ah Hu captured him and brought him before me.

He was drunk.

He was not surprised to see me.

I asked him directly.

“Uncle, who has been stealing the funds from the Nan Family”

He scoffed.

“Youre asking me You do have nerves! You and Nan Zheng have been hollowing out the Nan Familys funds.

If not for you two, I wouldnt have been targeted by those people!”

I was startled, he had mistaken me for my mother.

“Why would we be taking the money from you” I played along.

Nan Feng huffed.

“You are taking revenge on me for not taking care of your daughter.

You told me that if I didnt treat your daughter well, the wealth of the Nan Family will slowly collapse! I refused to believe it, you two were dying anyway.

What could you do to me So what if I bullied her Who could punish me” Suddenly he whimpered.

“But who would have known the Tong Family hasnt died out completely! Fuck that Tong Le! I knew this is my karma, after all, I have already personally sent my younger brother to his death.

However, I cant allow the Nan Family to fall when I am in charge.

How am I supposed to meet my ancestors otherwise Therefore, I found Master Shi and Master Gu Er.

I believe they would be able to deal with you.

They say the mafia are not afraid of the dead, after all.”

I was stunned.

Before I even asked anything, Nan Feng already confessed.

“How did you send Nan Zheng to his death” My voice was shaking.

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Nan Feng chuckled but he didnt answer.

His eyes were not focused.

I gritted my teeth.

“Give him more to drink.”

Tan Si took out a bag.

“Sister Xing, that will take too long.

We should use this.

Its more efficient.” The bag contained a towel dipped in hallucinogens.

I nodded in acquiescence.

Nan Feng continued, “This is all my dumb fathers fault for insisting on handing over his inheritance to my younger brother.

I begged him so hard but he wouldnt change his mind.

He believed my younger brother was more suitable to take over the family business.

I had no choice but to send that old man overseas and had my people watch over him.

Then I told my younger brother that our father had been kidnapped.”

Nan Zheng turned to his in-laws for help.

Since Old Master Nan was in danger, naturally the Tong Family lent their help.

However, Nan Zheng and Tong Huan ran into an accident along the way.

It was a 11 car chain accident.

The couples vehicle was in the middle of the chain.

Their car lost its shape, much less the passengers inside.

Tong Hui who went to rescue his sister and brother-in-law was ambushed.

His car was knocked out of the bridge.

Tong Hui and his son, Tong Zhou was in the car.

The water of the river was turbulent.

Their bodies were not found.

Old Master Nan was not found but tragedies kept happening to the Tong Family.

The next day, Tong Zhan was shot dead by an assassin when he was inspecting the car accidents crime scene.

The entire Tong Family was wiped out other than Tong Le who was studying abroad at the time.

The only survivor was Tong Huan and Nan Zhengs daughter, Nanxing.

The moment before the car crash, Nanxing was tossed out the car window by her mother.

My entire body trembled as I looked at Nan Feng.

Nan Fengs head was lolling about.

I was at a loss for words.

Jing Ni hugged me from behind and pressed the bit of rationality into my brain.

“Then why didnt you kill Nanxing since you hate her parents so much”

Nan Feng grinned.

His smile was as ugly as it could be.

“Because Nanxing is a living key.

Only when she is alive that I can get access to Nan Zhengs wealth.

Only when she is alive can I open Nang Zhengs treasure trove.”

“What treasure trove Where is it” My voice became shrill as it trembled uncontrollably.

“Nan Zheng, he has saved up a lot of money.

Its on an island.

Only Nanxing can find it and only Nanxing can open the lock.

Nan Zhengs mind had been wasted on all these nonsense.

I am his biological brother, I deserve the money! But he didnt even give me one cent, he rather gave it to an outsider.

After all, Nanxing is a girl and shell be an outsider after she gets married off!”

Nan Feng sobbed, lamenting his fate.

“Who else knew this secret” I asked.

“All the 7 brothers know about this.

Thats why Master Shi and Master Er have agreed to help me with the Nan Familys difficult finances.

However, they have also been keeping me on their chains!” Nan Feng wailed as he stomped his feet.


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