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Chapter 138: Invasion

My body froze like I had been dipped in ice.

The 7 Brothers, no, the 5 Brothers surrounded me like a pack of wolves.

So everyone was after the wealth and treasure my parents left behind.

It was as Jing Tian said, no one believed that I had burned off the real money.

Jing Ni held me as I sat back down on the couch.

I grabbed the water from the glass and splashed it over my face.

“Nanxing.” Jing Ni looked at me with deep concern.

I dug my nails into my palm, hoping the pain would keep me sentient.

“Its only natural that they dont believe the money is real.

After all, not everyone has the guts to throw away such fortune.

Like sharks smelling blood, theyve approached me to find out the truth.” I sighed.

“Nanxing, what do you plan to do” Jing Ni asked.

I leaned on the couch and arranged my thoughts, the things and people I had encountered.

Even though I had lived two lives, due to the changes I had done, the two lives could not have been more different.

For example, Jing Ni who was sitting before me.

In my previous life, she failed to get into M University.

One year later, she would be married to the capital by Jing Ning and then she would kill herself.

But the Jing Ni now was a completely different Jing Ni.

What about the rest Since my destiny had changed, so would others.

For example Nanyang and Jing Ning, Jing Ning and Ye Qian.

My heart suddenly pounded.

I turned to Jing Ni, “Ni Ni, we need to finish the contract by Gu Nian as soon as possible.”

Jing Ni nodded.


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“I also need to move back home for a few days.

What about you Ni Ni” I asked her.

Jing Ni hesitated.

“Nanxing, I wish to purchase a small studio near the university for my mother to stay.”

I nodded.

“I can loan you the money first.

Now that you are working, you can return me the money in stages.”

Jing Nis eyes brightened and she nodded sincerely, “Nanxing, thank you!”

I knew that Jing Nis biggest wish was to settle Auntie Bai Rui down in life.

“Remember to find a place that is not too small.

At least there has to be a space for a study because you will have more work in the future.” I told her.

Jing Ni nodded.

“Okay, before I make the purchase, Ill have you come see it.”

My sudden desire to return home brought Sister Li over the moon.

“Young miss, youre finally home.

I missed you so much!”

I hugged her with a smile.

“Sister Li, it hasnt even been a month since I went to university!”

Sister Li pulled me over and said, “Let me take a look at you.

Youve lost weight.

The food at campus cant be better than home-cooked meals.

I need to persuade Master Si to have you stay home.”

I changed the subject, “Sister Li, Im hungry~ Can you cook me something Also help me pack some snacks, Ill bring them for Jing Ni at campus tomorrow.”

“Okay, no problem!” Sister Li smiled and turned into the kitchen.

My little uncle wasnt home so I went straight to his study.

Hacking into his computer was a piece of cake.

I had studied a lot under Professor Jing Tian.

However, I had underestimated Mr.

Tong Le.

The moment I hacked into his computer, it set off an alarm.

Then the monitor and CPU switched off on their own.

At the same time, my phone rang.

I answered it and moved it away from my ears as my little uncle roared, “Nanxing, you brat, what have you done to my computer! Do you know how much effort it went into setting up that alarm What kind of stuff youve learned from Jing Tian anyway!”

“My dear uncle, Im sorry, I didnt mean to do it.” I apologized with barely noticeable sincerity.

“Go back to your dorm immediately! I dont want to see you there when I come home or Ill teach you a lesson for hacking into my computer! Just you wait and see…” He hung up.

I held my phone and tapped my ears.

My mind buzzed.

He was really angry this time.

I shook my head and sighed.

There was a message ping.

It was Brother Xiao Jing.

“Master Si is extremely angry.

He is coming home.”

I replied, “Get Master Qi to come save me!”

He replied with an Ok emoji.

After everything was done, I sauntered into the kitchen.

Since a lecture was imminent, I might as well satisfy my growling stomach first.


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