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Chapter 139: Lesson

Tong Le arrived as fast and as furious as lightning.

I pretended to not see the fury on his face.

I threw myself at him with my arms wide open.

“Little uncle, Ive missed you so much!”

I could feel his anger dissipating.

He was always powerless around me.

Then again, I could douse Jing Tians anger, so my little uncle who felt guilty towards me was a piece of cake.

For the sake of face, Tong Le pulled me off him and he reprimanded me sternly, “Stand properly! Do you have no bones”

I righted myself but still leaned towards him.

“My little uncle, I really, really miss you so much so that I regret living on campus.” I had achieved another victory.

The flame in Tong Les heart dwindled further.

“Its too late now! Even if you regret it, you have to stay there! Youre already old enough to take responsibility for your own decisions!”

I nodded reluctantly.

“Of course, my little uncle is always right!”

Tong Le was silent.

I cursed internally. That was the wrong thing to say!

Tong Le circled around me and scoffed.

“I am always right Then why did Sister Xing hack into my computer Who gave you the idea to do something like that Is it Jing Tian So now that youre in M University, my words dont matter anymore” He stood before me and roared, “So why did you hack into my computer”

His roar sent me stumbling back.

I tapped my ears and pleaded, “Little uncle, please dont be so angry.”

“Angry You have not seen me angry yet!” He rolled up his sleeves and stomped towards me.

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I hurriedly retreated to hide behind the couch.

“Little uncle, calm down.

Lets talk this over.”

“Talk Will you even listen to me” He growled.

“Of course, when have I not listened to you” A wise woman knew how to take her losses.

I continued to hide behind the couch as I pleaded for mercy.

“My little uncle, your words are like the imperial edict to me, I will always listen to them.

I might have not followed all of them in the past but I will in the future.

Little uncle, dont be angry.”

“Go and stand there!” He shouted.

I obliged obediently.

“Little uncle, Ill be good I swear!”

Tong Le gritted his teeth as he turned into the kitchen.

I heard him demand.

“Wheres the rolling pin” Then he came out with a long rolling pin.

“Little uncle, Ive really learned my lesson.

Ive admitted to my mistake.

Are you really going to hit me” I cried as I ran away from him.

He held the rolling pin and sneered.

“Finally I got you to reveal your true form.

Didnt you say youd listen to me So why did you move You never really wanted to apologize to me! Dont think Ill be placated by a few sweet words! Do you think Im as easily-fooled as Jing Tian”

“Am I that easily-fooled” Jing Tian appeared at the door.

I heaved a sigh of relief.

Thankfully the help was here, or else I would be in for a beating that day.

I had a feeling Tong Le was really going to beat me.

Of course, he would feel the pain as much as I did.

Tong Le turned to Jing Tian angrily, “How did you get here so quickly Who tattled to you No matter, dont even think of begging on her behalf today! Do you know what she has done

“What have you taught her in class You promised me she was taking her classes very seriously.

What kind of nonsense she has learned from you! To go around behind peoples back like that!

“She came back from campus and the first thing she did was to hack into my computer and database! This is the good student that youve taught.

Do you really think she doesnt deserve a beating If you dare to stop me today, Ill make sure that you wont ever see her again for the rest of your life! Try me!”

Facing Tong Les roars, Jing Tian didnt even raise his eyebrows.

“Who said Im here to stop you Feel free to beat some sense into her.

And after youre done, I have to teach her some lessons too!”

Tong Le was displeased.

“What Who said you can do that What has she done wrong Who are you to teach her any lesson Also what right do you have that youve come to my home to teach her a lesson Let me tell you, shes my only niece.

If anyone dares to touch her, Ill make them suffer.”

Jing Tian was still as calm as ever.

“What right do I have Im her teacher.

Is that not enough The mistake that she made is that she couldnt even hack into your computer without setting off the alarm.

That is hugely embarrassing to me as her teacher!”

Jing Tians statements were aimed at me.

Only I could see the gentleness in his eyes!

He knew my little uncles weaknesses too well.

He knew just the buttons to push.


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