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Chapter 140: Negotiation

I muttered, “I did manage to hack into the computer but I was kicked out.

And then the system self-destructed.

You cant blame me for that.

No one could stop the system from self-destructing.

I was only taking a look, I didnt do anything else.

Why did you have to destroy the system What a shame!”

Tong Le was furious.

“I… If I dont beat some sense into you, my name is not Tong Le.

You stubborn child, you.

Come back here!” He chased after me with a rolling pin.

I screamed and ran.

Jing Tian grabbed the rampaging Tong Le.

“Ill fix the firewall for you!”

Tong Le stopped and he turned to look at Jing Tian.

Jing Tian held him wordlessly.

Tong Le squeezed through his teeth.

“You have to repair the database! Recover the perimeter and then build an extra firewall!” He was negotiating terms!

“Deal!” Jing Tian nodded.

Erm, what is happening Thats all Jing Tian has saved me from a beating

“Nanxing, come over here!” Jing Tian waved at me.

I slithered along the wall towards him.

I stood behind him.

I was a distance away from Jing Tian and even further away from my little uncle.

He still glared at me.

Jing Tian turned to glance at me.

“Nanxing, apologize to your little uncle.”

I said, “I already did but he wont accept my apology.”

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Jing Tian glanced at me.

I quickly turned to Tong Le.

“Little uncle, Im sorry.” Jing Tian frowned.

“You call that an apology” Tong Le quickly piled on.

“See! I told you she didnt mean it!”

I bowed to Tong Le.

“Little uncle, I was wrong! I didnt mean to do you any harm.

Please forgive me! Please dont lower yourself to my level.”

My little uncle was speechless.

He looked at me and then asked Jing Tian, “You taught her this too”

Jing Tian rolled his eyes.

“Its self-taught.

I was never good at apologies.”

My little uncle shook his head.

“I was never good with apologies either.

This girl is so cunning! She knows when to attack and when to defend.

Where did she pick up all these from” I took that as a compliment.

Jing Tian pulled me over.

“Tell me, why did you hack into Tong Les computer”

I said hesitantly.

“I just wanted to find some info.

I didnt expect the computer to be so delicate.”

We sat down on the couch.

Jing Tian was not so easily-fooled.

He demanded, “Nanxing, the point!”

I sighed internally.

Jing Tian knew me too well to buy that bogus story.

I had no choice but tell him my encounter with Gu Nian.

Jing Tians expression darkened.

“What have I told you Be careful when you are around Gu Nian.”

I didnt argue.

“One of the projects Gu Nian had me do was to look into the Nan Corporation so I did.

I realized that the Nan Family has already been hollowed out financially.

So I captured Nan Feng and used some methods to make him confess.

He said…”

I looked at them.

Both of them looked at me with grim expressions.

I continued, “He said that I was a living key left behind by my parents.

It is why the 7 brothers are trying to get me.

Well, other than the two of you.

“However, there is no visible danger in my life.

I believe it is because you have been protecting me.

But I wanted to see who is looking for me and what do they plan to do with me.

Also that island mentioned by Nan Feng, I want to know where it is.

The only way to find out is to check little uncles computer.

After all, I know you wont tell me the truth if I ask! I was forced to do this!”

Neither of them spoke.

I looked at my uncle.

“Little uncle, do you plan to keep me protected for the rest of your left You wont even let me know the kind of danger Im going to face.

You tried your best to protect me, but what about you You have to have a life of your own too.

I cant expect you to exhaust your whole life on me.”

My eyes prickled.

My little uncle turned his head away uneasily.

I huffed, “Plus you cant expect me to be a fool forever, right Youve always protected me and plan to raise me like a strawberry in a greenhouse.

But Id rather you throw me out there to the wolves and let me fend for myself like my mother did.

That way, I can learn to be independent.

Which method do you think is better”

My little uncle stood up angrily and roared at me.

“Neither way is good! You are the Tong Familys only child.

It is my responsibility to protect you! You only need to focus on your studies.

Why do you have to care about the rest If anyone dares to come after you, they will have to step over my dead body first!”


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