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Chapter 142: Pimp

However, certain people would never let things go.

As soon as Jing Ni and I returned to the dorm, a classmate knocked on our door and said, “Jing Ni, someone is looking for you downstairs.”

Jing Ni and I shared a look.

Who would be looking for Jing Ni

I accompanied her because I was worried.

Jing Nis guest was Su Qing, Jing Nings mother and Jing Nis aunt.

When Su Qing saw Jing Ni, she immediately went to grab her hands.

“Ni Ni, Ive missed you.” She turned a blind eye to me even though I had greeted her out of politeness.

Jing Ni didnt want us to stand there in the lobby of the dorm so she invited her aunt to the cafe nearby.

I followed after them and sat down beside Jing Ni because I was worried to leave her with people from the Jing Family.

“Ni Ni, you havent returned home for so long already.

Yesterday, your grandfather even asked about you.” Su Qing was very friendly with Jing Ni.

This was very rare for Jing Ni so she was very uncomfortable.

I held her hand and gave her my support.

Because I knew Su Qing hadnt gotten to the main reason she was there yet.

Su Qing pursed her lips into a smile.

“Ni Ni, the Jing Family is going to welcome a few guests from the capital in the next few days.

One of them is a very handsome man.

If you are lucky enough to get his interest, Jing Ni, you and your mother wont need to worry about anything for the rest of your lives anymore.”

The alarm inside Jing Ni and my heads rang immediately.

“Auntie, are you trying to introduce me a boyfriend” Jing Ni asked uncomfortably.

Su Qing smiled.

“Of course, our Ni Ni is a big girl now, it is time to settle down.

Your mother is always worried about you.

You should get married as soon as possible to make her stop worrying.”

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Jing Ni pulled her hands back from Su Qings grasp.

“Auntie, thank you for your concern, but I am still young.

I dont want to worry myself about these things yet.”

Su Qing pulled Jing Nis hand back.

“Ni Ni, thats not true.

You are in university already, it is time to find a husband for yourself.

Auntie is doing this for your own good.

Child, you are only young for these few years so you have to hold onto them.

Marriage is something very important so Ni Ni, you have to listen to Auntie! Auntie will arrange everything for you!” Then she stood up and pulled Jing Ni with her.

I stopped her.

“Auntie, where are you going with Jing Ni”

Jing Ni struggled away from Su Qing and took a wary step back.

Su Qings face changed and she scolded me rudely, “Who are you to question me You are a slut and I wont allow you to influence our Jing Ni!”

Me A slut When was I a slut I was shocked.

At that moment, Mai Qi and Lu Yan returned and bumped into us.

Su Qings expression shifted again.

She smiled obsequiously.

“Miss Mai Qi, nice to meet you.”

Mai Qi eyed Su Qing suspiciously.

She had no idea who Su Qing was, but Su Qing definitely knew who Mai Qi was.

I said, “Mai Qi, this is Jing Nis aunt, Jing Ning and Jing Yans mother.” Then I shot her a look.

Mai Qi said plainly.

“Oh, hello.” Before Su Qing could say anything, Mai Qi turned to Jing Ni sullenly.

“Jing Ni, have you finished the speech draft for me”

Jing Ni was too stunned to speak.

Mai Qi grabbed Jing Ni.

“You promised that youd do it for me! If you havent finished it, what you are doing out here I need the speech tonight! If you cant finish it, Im going to make you pay!” Jing Ni was pulled away by Mai Qi so Su Qing had to let go.

Jing Ni looked at me with pleas as she was dragged away by Mai Qi.

Su Qing was embarrassed because Mai Qi didnt even look at her.

She commented, “Miss Mai Qi sure has a temper.

Does Miss Mai Qi often get Jing Ni to help do her homework”

I rolled my eyes and said nothing.

Su Qings face turned cold.

“Do you not hear me I am asking you a question! What is the relationship between Jing Ni and Miss Mai Qi You all share a dorm, right Does Miss Mai Qi often order Jing Ni around”

I turned to her.


Jing, I am just a slut so how would I know what is the relationship between Miss Jing Ni and Miss Mai Qi You are better off asking someone else.

However, at least I am not a pimp.

I am not going to sell another persons daughter away to help my own sons career.

How heartless can a person really”

I struck a nerve because Su Qing growled at me.

“What nonsense are you talking about I am only doing this for her own good! Her mother doesnt plan ahead for her so as her aunt, of course I have to step up to help her.

The Jing Family is a family of noble ideals unlike certain people who came from filthy money! No wonder they act like brats!”

She turned around angrily and left.

And that was my mother-in-law from my previous life.

She only had her and her own childrens interests in mind.

Everyone else was nothing more than tools.

What should come will come.

She had turned her eyes on Jing Ni.

But I would not let her have her way.

Jing Ni would not relive the nightmare that she did in her previous life!


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