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Chapter 148: Saved

Gu Nian always appeared unfazed no matter the situation.

“Nanxing, what happened”

I noticed how the guards and the front desk receptionist had sighed in relief.

From that, I understood Gu Nian had a special relationship with the Shi Family.

I said coldly, “Im sorry, Master Liu but I need to find Shi Feng.

He has kidnapped my good friend, Jing Ni.

He needs to return her to me unharmed, or I swear to turn his world upside down!”

Gu Nians expression turned serious.

He asked the receptionist, “Where is Young Master Feng”

The receptionist quickly shook her head.

“Master Feng is not here today!”

I glared at her.

“Tell me his room number!”

Gu Nian ordered.

“Do it!”

The receptionist stammered out the number and I rushed towards the elevator.

Su Shen and Su Qian followed me closely behind.

I closed the elevator doors before Gu Nian could get in.


I lowered my head expressionlessly.

Jing Tian had told me to stay away from Gu Nian.

When we arrived at the floor, a waiter was there to open the door for me.

I believed he was Gu Nians people.

Jing Tians room was an extremely luxurious porn-themed room.

The sex toys in the room were innumerable.

However, there was no one there!

The 3 of us backed out from the room.

We ran into Gu Nian who was chasing after us.

When he saw us, he said, “Nanxing, Shi Feng is really not here!”

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I didnt say a word.

I led the girls and ran into the elevator. Since hes not here, then Ill continue the search elsewhere.

Seeing Shi Fengs room made my heart squeeze.

As time passed, the danger on Jing Ni increased.

When I ran past him, Gu Nian reached out to grab me.

Su Qian moved to stop him.

Gu Nian pulled me to the side, causing Su Qian to miss.

Su Shen immediately followed up with her attacks.

Gu Nian raised his hands.

“I mean no harm!” He turned to me sincerely.

“Nanxing! Trust me! Tell me what happened and let me help you!”

I flung his hands away.

“If you want to help me, then help me find Shi Feng! I need to find Shi Feng now!” I was close to blowing up.

My gaze was sharp and frosty.

With his arms still raised, Gu Nian comforted me, “Okay, okay, theres no need to lose your cool.

Ill help you find him.” He took out his phone and made a call.

“Get me Shi Fengs location now!” He put down his phone and looked at me.

“Nanxing! Give me a moment, well have the news soon!”

I looked at him.

Su Qian and Su Shen stood beside me, guarding me.

Sure enough, Gu Nians phone rang one minute later.

Gu Nian answered the phone with his eyes fixed on me.

His hand slowly fell and he uttered, “Nanxing, Shi Feng is at Li Jing Hotel.”

I rushed to the elevator.

“Nanxing, wait a minute, Tong Le is already there!” Gu Nian shouted behind me.

My phone rang.

I answered it without checking the caller.


It was Brother Gao Jing.

“Miss, Master Si has found Miss Jing Ni.

Were hurrying to Central Hospital now!”

I staggered.

Su Qian held me before I fell.

I asked with shaking voice, “Brother Xiao Jing, how is Jing Ni”

“Dont worry, shes not in mortal danger!” Then he hung up in a hurry.

How could I not worry She might not have suffered physical danger but what about other kind of danger

The thought of the erotic displays in Shi Fengs room made me shudder.

We rushed to Central Hospital.

Along the way, I prayed to all the Gods I knew to protect Jing Ni.

Su Shen grabbed my icy hands.

“Dont worry, Miss Jing Ni will be fine.”

I hissed through my teeth, “I will kill that bastard, Shi Feng!”

Su Shen sighed and patted my hands.

“Calm down, Shi Feng dares to do this because of 2 reasons.

One is his background, and two is someone has given him the permission, or else he wouldnt have targeted Miss Jing Ni.”

I knew it was Jing Ning and Jing Yan who had given him that permission!

The car stopped at the entrance of the Central Hospital.

The moment I jumped out of the car, I heard the sound of the brakes screeching.

I looked at that direction and noted it was my little uncles car.

My little uncle came out hugging a person.

The persons head was leaning in my uncles chest and my uncles jacket was draped all over her.

My little uncles white shirt was stained in blood.

The person in his arms had a lot of injuries on her bare calves and ankles.

I immediately knew this was Jing Ni.

I ran over and it felt like my heart was about to explode.

My little uncle ordered, “Quick! We need to get her to the emergency room! She only suffered surface wounds, itll be fine!”

When Jing Ni was placed on the hospital bed, I noticed she was naked.

My heart sank.

The emergency room door closed.

Brother Gao Jing called a nurse over.

“Master Si, you need to bandage your wounds too.”

I immediately turned to my little uncle.

“Little uncle, youre hurt Where is it Let me see!”

My little uncle extended his hands to the nurse and said lightly, “Its nothing, just some surface wounds.”

There were several spots on his arms where the skin was torn open.


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